Dilma Rousseff calls for support to overcome crises governors

Dilma Rousseff calls for support to overcome crises governors -

President of Dilma Rousseff , sought help from the governors of the 27 federal states to address the call "agenda bomb", a set of measures contrary to the interests of the executive that Congress is preparing to discuss, in the context of the political crisis in the country over allegations of corruption that dot the government and . the delicate situation of the economy

"We know that economic stability is very important and is a responsibility of all, the Union (central government) should take that process and take their needs and conditions, and at the same time, we believe that, as some measures affect states and the country, governors must participate, "Rousseff told regional leaders.

" I have some legislative projects serious impact and in some situations assumed impact in public money vetoing (contrary to the policy of austerity laws); All these measures will impact on all states, without a shadow of doubt, "he said.

The" agenda bomb "will begin to be discussed in the first week of August, when the parliamentary recess ends today, and is composed by initiatives in which most lawmakers oppose the measures requested by the Executive in order to improve tax collection.

One is the return of taxes on wages, claimed by the government and whose approval was delayed and questioned by Congress.

Another is attempting to allow the repatriation of money Brazilians abroad that has not been declared to tax authorities. the idea of ​​Finance Minister Joaquim Levy, is that copper State fines and taxes by the recovery of money. This project has also been questioned.

Moreover, it is almost certain that Congress will approve a salary increase of up to 78 percent for Public Ministry officials (OTP), equal to sanctioned weeks ago to judiciary officials, which was vetoed by the president.

the Executive justified the veto which, if applied, the measure would have on the public finances equivalent impact about 7,570 million dollars until 2017.

Similarly, the vetoes helped erode the positive image of Rousseff, who fell to less than nine percent, according to recent surveys.

at that sense, a survey by Ibope released today by the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo indicates that the image of the Presidency institution declined in the last year from 44 to 22 percent and stood at the lowest level of the last seven years.

"I do not deny the difficulties, but said the federal government has all the conditions to face the difficulties, challenges and in a much shorter time than some think time, see the resumption of the Brazilian economy" ., said Rousseff before governors

In what was interpreted as a message to opposition groups that promote their political judgment, Rousseff said: "I personally know withstand pressure and even injustices, and that is something that any leader has to be trained and know that part of their actions. "

in this context, the opposition leader and former presidential candidate Aécio Neves, the party Social Democracy (PSDB), said a week ago that was broken dialogue with a government "dominated by corruption" against which called for a mobilization on August 16, which will have the flag the request for impeachment Rousseff ago.

However, his colleague Geraldo Alckmin , governor of the powerful state St. Paul, said today, before traveling to Brasilia for the meeting with . Rousseff, who did not share the idea of ​​promoting the impeachment of the president

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US reopens its embassy in Cuba in another step closer

US reopens its embassy in Cuba in another step closer -

The act of reopening the US embassy is a historical fact that complete the opening of the Cuban delegation in Washington.

the first step again, lifting the trade embargo was held on July 20, in a ceremony that was attended by over 500 guests and where the Cuban authorities claimed, that United States he enacted in the early '60s alignment Cuba with the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Since the US presidents Barack Obama , and Cuba, Raul Castro , announced last December 17 the restoration of relations, Washington revoked several restrictions, but only those who depended on the decision of the White House.

blocking was sanctioned by the US Congress and it is that power that you have to lift, which is not easy in the midst of an electoral process for the presidential elections of 2016, in which Democrats and Republicans use Cuba as a element of the campaign to succeed Obama.

Indeed, Republicans have abroquelado the refusal to lift sanctions, arguing that it would "validate the Castro regime, but there has been an opening democratic. "

while from the democratic Party, the frontrunner Hillary Clinton has raised end now with this block.

In fact, since it was announced defrost to this opening of embassies, one month away from one another, the most outstanding fact is the decision to remove Cuba from the list of enablers countries of terrorism, which Washington had included the argument had given refuge members of the Basque separatist group ETA and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), in addition to harboring fugitives US

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They find the missing plane crashed in the mountains

They find the missing plane crashed in the mountains -

The ATR 42-300 aircraft with 54 people -44adultos, five children and five members of his crew aboard the company Indonesian Trigana Air Service , which had disappeared from the radar in the vicinity of Papua New Guinea while covering the route between Jayapura and Oksibil, crashed into a mountain.

the aircraft it was individualized in Bintang region, in the district of Oksibil, remote region of Papua, where he had to land, reported in press conference the director general of the Indonesian air transport Suprasetyo quoted by the chain CNN . It is unclear if there are survivors.

Previously, on twitter service Indonesian emergency Basarnas had stated that the flight did not arrive at their destination and in the weather conditions were very bad, with rain, winds and fog

the aviation police base Sentani and other relief teams are performing tasks in place

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Shanghai Stock Exchange sank back and affects markets

Shanghai Stock Exchange sank back and affects markets -

markets in Asia experienced a new difficult session, especially Shanghai Stock Exchange , with a collapse of 7 , 63% at closing. For its part, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange lost 7.09% to 1749.07 points.

This level of points of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is the lowest since December 15 last year. The index of leading values ​​was also below the symbolic level of 3,000 points

Energy companies led the declines. PetroChina 10% of daily limit fell, to 8.56 yuan, like Sinopec, which ended at 4.49 yuan.

weight falls among banks like ICBC giant, 5.12% to 3.89 yuan fell, or Bank were also recorded of China, which closed 8.16% lower value at 3.49 yuan.

markets remain under pressure, worried about the progress of the Asian giant's economy and its consequences at the level world, the absence of convincing measures Beijing.

Europe up

major European stock markets opened session Tuesday upward, one day after the collapse of the international trading floors due to concerns about china's economic slowdown, which again sink the Shanghai stock exchange.

in London the FTSE index 100 main values ​​gained 1.49% and the CAC 40 in Paris 1.42%. In Frankfurt, the DAX 30 blue chips progressed 1.28% and in Madrid the Ibex 35, 1.22%.

Milan Stock Exchange also began the day in green numbers (+2,01 %). In Switzerland the SMI index of 20 blue chips progressed 1.24% and in Russia, the Moscow stock exchange was up 2.25%.

and European markets recovered a small part of the ground lost the day before, a black on international trading floors, with falls of around 5% in Europe on Monday.