Endangers Turkey-Europe relationship for Armenian genocide

Endangers Turkey-Europe relationship for Armenian genocide -

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said the resolution of the Parliament urging Turkey to recognize Armenian genocide is "ridiculous" and could damage relations between Ankara and the EU.

the resolution, adopted by the full European Parliament , "is ridiculous and reproduces literally cliches propaganda of Armenia against Turkey, "said the Ministry in a note that was broadcast by the NTV station, quoted by EFE today.

the European Parliament" exhibits selective and unilateral stance events 1915, contrary to its own values, and can damage relations between Turkey and the European Union, besides being far from bringing a solution to Turkey and Armenia, "advirte critically on the resolution.

" we do not take seriously those who accepted this text, which slaughters history and rights, "the Turkish statement.

for the Turkish government, the resolution" repeated errors not agree with international law the time and exceed the jurisdiction "of the European Parliament, expressed in the note.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdogan reacted against the decision by a message posted on his Twitter account.

"you can not take seriously this talk. If the European Parliament had a wise vision, let the historical nonsense and would handle what happens in our day, "said Akdogan.

Anticipating this text, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan , he had previously stated that "whatever the decision of the European Parliament on the claims by the Armenian genocide, come in one ear and out the other, because it is not possible for Turkey to accept such a crime." In addition had stressed that his government acts with "generosity by not deporting 100,000 undocumented immigrants (Armenian), but could if he wanted."

the repudiation of the Turkish government is the same that caused the statements of Pope Francisco last Sunday, when he said that the Armenian was "the first genocide of the twentieth century" and called on all countries in the world to recognize it.

His words provoked the ire of Erdogan, who he said the pontiff said "stupidities", and several members of his government. The last to attack the Pope was the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who accused him of "joining a conspiracy" driven by an "evil front."

Argentina concern for the environmental risk Malvinas

Argentina concern for the environmental risk Malvinas -

Chancellor issued a statement expressing concern about the malfunction of the safety valve exploration well which is being drilled in the area called " Isobel Deep " in Argentina continental shelf near the Falkland Islands by the platform Eirik Raude.

According to the press press companies FOGL and Rockhopper had to be suspended drilling 1,273 meters deep following the malfunction of the safety mechanism. A similar event was triggered the environmental catastrophe caused in the Gulf of Mexico at the hands of the company British Petroleum , another British company.

An oil spill of magnitude Malvinas area would have a significant impact on the ecosystem, which could last for decades. The waters surrounding the Falklands are widely known for its rich diversity. There in that area breeding and feeding areas for many species of mammals and seabirds, several of which are under international protection through specific multilateral agreements, because of its high vulnerability and fragile condition. Also, the waters are rich in species that are commercially, such as squid and toothfish exploitation.

According to the latest spill scenarios tested by companies themselves involved, one that happened in the well that these days is drilled in the basin north of the Falkland Islands have a high probability both reach the coast of those as the coast of the island of Tierra del Fuego.

This episode transpired a week later the criminal complaint that initiated the prosecution against the oil companies and their owners, having started mining activities without respecting national regulations

A strong aftershock rocked Nepal a week after the earthquake

A strong aftershock rocked Nepal a week after the earthquake -

According reported US Geological Survey (USGS) an earthquake magnitude 5 on the Richter scale occurred at 2.35 hours Argentina about 93 kilometers northwest of Kathmandu, capital of Nepal.

Despite this, the population began today to return to homes that were not destroyed or damaged by the quake that caused more than 6,0 dead and 14,000 wounded.

the Consortium for Risk Reduction in Nepal, an entity in which they participate UN agencies estimated that were destroyed some 0,786 houses and other 143,673 were damaged.

also estimated that the earthquake generated about 2.8 million IDPs, 10 percent of the total population of Asian country.

However, the World Health Organization, the "main concern" is the "disease control" as they expect outbreaks of diarrhea, pneumonia and other diseases associated with poor hygiene and rain.

The Vatican officially recognized the Palestinian state

The Vatican officially recognized the Palestinian state -

The Vatican State Wednesday formalized an agreement with State Palestine , giving the first official visit to this country entity.

Both agencies conducted a single agreement for the purpose of regulate the life of the Church in the land where Christianity was born, stands undersecretary Vatican . The Vatican representatives point out that the treaty deals with freedom of worship, places of worship, taxes, among others.

On Saturday, the Pope Francisco receive Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who will participate in the canonization of the two new holy Palestinian born in Ottoman Palestine nineteenth century: Marie Alphonsine Danil Gatthas, Jerusalem, and Mariam Baouardy (Mary of Jesus Crucified) of Galilee.


They look for more than 400 missing after shipwreck in China

They look for more than 400 missing after shipwreck in China -

At least 13 survivors and the bodies of five castaways were rescued so far the total of the 458 occupants of the ship sunk yesterday in the Yangtze river , China, while rescue teams trying to access the inside of the boat, where voices and noises are heard.

All the people who browsed in the Estrella de Oriente are Chinese citizens, especially tourists from this country aged between 50 and 85 years, while the youngest passenger is a child of only 3 years, according quoted by Chinese media list.

of the total occupant of the ship, 47 are crewmembers and five are employees of a travel agency, and 406 tourists there are 204 from the province of Jiangsu, while the rest are from other parts of China like Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Fujian and Anhui, newspaper Oriental Vanguard, according appropriated EFE .

At the moment, there are 13 survivors, including a woman of 85 years who was recently rescued and which is stable, said the Chinese TV channel CCTV .

released by state media Images Chinese show team members on the keel of the sunken ship, which protrudes from the surface of the river , trying to locate what part of the inside of the boat come the calls of possible survivors, and from which the voices and noises.

the ship, called Eastern Star (East), belongs to a shipping Chongqing, where he headed from Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, when it sank because of a cyclone

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A step forward for the democratization of Mercosur

A step forward for the democratization of Mercosur -

Saturday night different political fronts unveiled its candidates for positions in Mercosur Parliament , also known as Parlasur.

This is the legislative body that Mercosur created in 05 to replace Joint Parliamentary Committee . This was composed of deputies and senators elected from the Legislatures of each member country. While it had been established with the goal of being an institutional space that reflects the will of the citizens, it had restricted the possibility to elect their representatives.

In December 05, countries that were part of signed organism Constitutive Protocol of the Mercosur Parliament . Through this document Parlasur, which would consist of deputies elected periodically by the citizens of each state was created.

As expressed in the different institutional declarations, Parlasur is "a common space in which pluralism and diversity of the region reflects and contributes to democracy, participation, representation, transparency and social legitimacy in the development of the integration process and its rules. "

by the time is not expected that this body can create binding legal rules. Previously, the Parliamentary Committee had been established as an organ "harmonizer" between the standards created by the Mercosur and the domestic legal systems of each country, although in the background played a purely consultative role.

Currently, Parliament Mercosur is competent in certain areas and aims to deepen the institutionalization of these areas within the space of South American integration. In the words of the current deputy Parlasur Julia Perié among these competencies are:

  • Active participation in integration commercial. It has the power to issue opinions on such rules, when sent by the Council of the Common Market, and those opinions should be sent to local parliaments, which have to give preferential treatment. Thus, the Parlasur has a central role to accelerate the adoption of rules of Mercosur, which contributes to the consolidation of the regional bloc in its commercial dimension.
  • A significant and specific role in protecting rights humans. As the Parlasur strengthen, their human rights reports on the member states of the bloc will have more impact and visibility.
  • A mechanism for receiving individual petitions, whether natural or legal persons, related acts or omissions of the organs of Mercosur.
During the first stage, these deputies would be elected the same way as in the Parliamentary Commission. It was determined that from 2011 states should regulate and call elections for this purpose. However, so far only Paraguay and Uruguay held ballots to elect their representanters in Parlasur.

Therefore, from October, Argentina will become the third country in the Mercosur to elect their representatives in the legislative body based in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The seats at stake

in October they should choose 43 deputies who represent the country in the Parlasur. Due to the federal structure of Argentina, each of the 23 provinces plus the Buenos Aires elect their respective deputies.

The remaining 19 positions will be chosen taking the entire country as a single district and define proportionally through the sostema D'Hont (the same used for national deputies).

Regarding the latter, each party or front presented a single list for the whole country. On the side of the Front for Victory, will head Jorge Taiana (who signed the creation of Parlasur in 05 when he served as chancellor) Agustín Rossi Teresa Parodi Daniel Filmus and Milagros Salas .

The front Let's change (alliance between PRO, UCR and Civic Coalition) also presented a single list where they propose to Mariana Zuvic Fabian Rodriguez Simon and Lilia Puig de Stubrin .

The front UNA alliance leading Sergio Massa and Jose Manuel De La Sota, has as head of list Jorge Vanossi , who will be accompanied by Carlos Zaffore and Monica Lopez .

on the side of the Front Progressives, payroll is composed of Juan Carlos Zabalza Cristina Calvo Hector Polino and Martin Hourest . While Federal Commitment go with the former governor of Santa Fe, José María Vernet.

On the side of the left parties, the New MAS posits Alcides Christiansen ; the Left Front presents two lists will face in the PASO, one led by Marcelo Ramal and the other the metrodelegado Claudio Dellecarbonara ; the candidate of the MST-New Left is Luciana Echevarria .

Regarding the district of Córdoba, the citizens of the province should elect a candidate proposed by different parties or alliances. They compete for this position: Jorge Lawson (Union for Córdoba) Nestor Roulet (Together for Córdoba) Haydeé Giri (Córdoba Podemos) and Ezequiel Peressini (FIT).

Greece calls on Europe a new agreement to be financed

Greece calls on Europe a new agreement to be financed -

The news shook another day full of drama, with Greece plunged into financial chaos that forced her to impose a "corralito" to avoid a collapse of its banking system and having to print new currency, which would, in fact, leaving the euro.

While proposals and counterproposals succeeded, some 13,000 supporters of the "yes" in the Greek referendum stay in the euro gathered in the same square of Athens yesterday covered tens of thousands of supporters of the "no" and pro-government.

Just announced the request, the Dutch Finance Minister, Jeroen Dijsselbloem and head of the Eurogroup -made by the ministers of Economy and Finance of the euro area, announced that the forum will hold a special conference call today to discuss the Greek request that would be its third funding program in five years .

the conference was convened for tonight, Dijsselbloem said, after the Greek government will send the request with copies to the creditor institutions to sign a new program.

But the Slovak Minister finance, Peter Kazimir, reported on Twitter that the ministers of Economy and Finance of the euro area ruled today another extension of the rescue, unable to carry out the necessary formalities before the current program expires at midnight.

Michel Reijns spokesman Dijsselbloem, announced through the same social network that eurozone ministers will again hold another conference call Wednesday morning.

the office of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, did not elaborate on the agreement of two years set out to achieve with the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), an intergovernmental body set up to provide financial assistance to eurozone members and stabilize the euro.

However, the source of the office of Tsipras announced the request, and asked not to be identified, said the deal would "fully meet the financing needs and the simultaneous restructuring of debt," the news agency . EFE

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Cinematrogáfica leakage "Chapo" Guzman Mexican jail

Cinematrogáfica leakage "Chapo" Guzman Mexican jail -

Joaquin Guzman Loera, alias "El Chapo" elope again for the second time maximum prison security called "the Altiplano" in Mexico.

the leader of the criminal organization called Sinaloa cartel had been captured in February of the year. The same Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto was confirmed and held such an operation.

However, on Saturday July 11 at night, Guzman escaped through a series of tunnels. The leak included the use of a motorcycle adapted rail to give speed to escape.

One of the tunnels was at a depth of 10 meters, "had a ladder and in turn led to another tunnel with a approximate height of 1.7 meters and a length of more than 1, 500 meters, "the national Security Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido .

the commissioner explained that the corridor through which he walked the 'Chapo' had a lighting and ventilation, as well as a motorcycle fitted on rails for traction which may have transported the tools, according to reports the Mexican newspaper El Universal .

Mercosur presidents discussed the incorporation of Bolivia

Mercosur presidents discussed the incorporation of Bolivia -

is conducted the 48th. Summit of Mercosur in Brasilia with the Regular Meeting of the Common Market Council, comprising the foreign ministers of the regional bloc, as a prelude to the meeting of presidents will be held next Friday.

the activity will take place from 9 in the Itamaraty Palace, seat of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry and attended by the representatives of the States Parties Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay and Uruguay, and associated States Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Surinam and Guyana.

at the meeting, the foreign ministers will seek to advance the incorporation of Bolivia as a full member of Mercosur, which already has the support of all leaders.

in this sense, the Brazilian government, which said that "Mercosur must advance on the accession of Bolivia" was expressed yesterday.

"the full membership of Bolivia will occur when the congresses of the five countries have ratified "said ambassador Antonio Jose Simoes .

a first protocol and was endorsed by the Argentine, Uruguayan and Venezuelan parliaments.

But in this next meeting will be made the signing of the leaders a second protocol, said Simoes.

Meanwhile, the president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner traveled to Brasilia to attend the Friday of the Summit of Heads of State Mercosur, which also hold a bilateral meeting with his counterpart Dilma Rousseff , official sources said.

national Delegation. Cristina will travel accompanied by Economy Minister axel kicillof ; Minister of Industry Debora Giorgi ; Secretary of Public Communication, Alfredo Scoccimarro ; and Deputy Foreign Minister Eduardo Zuain , representing Hector Timerman, who is recovering from surgery.

Presidential Summit. activities Friday will begin at 9.30 in the Itamaraty Palace with a private meeting between the heads of state of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay (Tabaré Vázquez), Venezuela (Nicolas Maduro) and Paraguay (Horacio Cartes), to which later Associate States Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Surinam and Guyana are added together.

Then will take place the plenary session, in which the leaders will advance the accession of Bolivia as full member of the bloc, with the presence of Evo Morales, and the ceremony of transfer of the pro tempore presidency of Brazil to Paraguay for a period of six months.

Paraguay takes ownership of regional bloc after three years, since in July 2012 had been suspended in connection with the dismissal of Fernando Lugo, and then reinstated in August 2013, with the assumption of Horacio Cartes.

Finally, presidents official photo

Social Summit of Mercosur. will be taken and will share a lunch offered by the host president. on the other hand, it ends tomorrow in Brasilia social Mercosur Summit, which takes place at the International Convention Center of Brazil, bringing together organizations and social movements in the region.

in addition, yesterday was held in the city of Belo Horizonte V business Forum of Mercosur, which provided an opportunity to promote integration among the bloc's countries in the areas of trade promotion and investment attraction

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Paraguay: three policemen killed by guerrilla

Paraguay: three policemen killed by guerrilla -

Police autoacuartalada Paraguay is in a Safety Alert motivated by the deaths of three police officers in a rural area of ​​San Pedro department (north), in principle attacked by members of Paraguayan People's Army (EPP).

"the police will present their dependencies destination, immediately, to receive new directives "the note said police sent shortly after the discovery of three bodies of agents in a considered by the Government of influence of the guerrilla zone.

three policemen were found shot dead and burned truck in a town about 250 kilometers north of Asuncion, which has a total of 5 policemen killed in strange circumstances this week in the area where the EPP armed group acts.

the three bodies were found lying on the ground near the burning vehicle, according to the Paraguayan police.

the dead were circulating in the colony Yaguareté Forest , a town that belongs to the district of Santa Rosa del Aguaray, in the department of San Peter, because they had received a request for help.

the incident occurred less than 25 kilometers from where two policemen were gunned down last Sunday.
the Paraguayan Government attaches to the EPP fifty murders and several kidnappings since its founding in 08.

on the other hand, five military call Joint Task Force (FTC), dedicated to the fight against the guerrillas were wounded when traveling to the area.

the military truck in which they were were headed to help the colony Yaguareté Forest capsized and left five injured passengers, according to sources at the FTC.

the FTC is formed by police, military and drug enforcement agents dedicated to the fight against EPP and Armada group Campesina (ACA), a split of the first group.

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Colombia: mayor and 13 councilors arrested for corruption

Colombia: mayor and 13 councilors arrested for corruption -

The mayor of the Colombian city of Florence , capital of Caqueta, Susana Maria Portela , her husband and 13 councilors were arrested by the authorities denounced by corruption, police said.

Portela and her husband, Diego Luis Rojas "bought" the support of the council to expand the quota of debt the municipality "above the established parameters and fiscal capacity" according to a police statement.

the Deputy Attorney General Jose Fernando Perdomo , he confirmed the information, stating that what happened in Florence is "a serious episode of corruption." "What the prosecutor has established and has been shown is that through an agreement between the mayor, her husband Diego Luis Rojas and some advisors, agreed to illegally purchase the civil service of 13 councilors of Florence" said Perdomo told reporters.

the official added that the idea was "so manifestly contrary to the law, approve an agreement that would allow the debt of the municipality of Florence by a higher than financial amount and legally sleeps."

the investigation by the Attorney links mayor to the crimes of embezzlement by appropriation for third parties, conclusion of contracts without legal requirements and malfeasance by default.

This is the second time Portela is detained for administration. The first was in February 2014 for alleged irregularities in the conclusion of a contract for the construction of 79 homes for poor families in a neighborhood of the city.

Florence is a city of about 170,000 inhabitants in the Amazon region of Colombia and one of the hardest hit by the armed conflict by the activity of guerrilla groups and drug traffickers in the area

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70 years have passed atomic bomb US Japan

70 years have passed atomic bomb US Japan -

Thursday August 6 is the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings carried out by United States on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki .

the attacks were ordered by President Harry Truman and took place on 6 and 9 August 1945. they are about the only nuclear attacks in history of mankind. The bombs killed more than 240,000 people and still today the consequences are suffered. Exposure to radiation released by the bombs generates numerous cases of cancer

Seven decades after that is the worst pages written in the history of humanity, Hiroshima mayor Kazumi Matsui called on world leaders to remember the nuclear horror and invited them to visit the city so they can see up close the terrible injuries caused by nuclear weapons in Hiroshima .

United Kingdom supported the slaughter

documents declassified by the National Administration Archives and American Records certify that Britain supported the use of nuclear bombs against Japan about a month before the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

British representatives expressed support for this attack during a meeting of the Joint Policy Committee held in Washington on July 4, 1945.

Here the British supported the use of 'Tube Alloys' code name used to refer to nuclear weapons within a clandestine program of joint research between the UK and Canada which was later absorbed by the Manhattan Project

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Pope Francis will travel to Africa next November

Pope Francis will travel to Africa next November -

The official site of the Prefecture of the Papal Household Francisco confirmed that the pope will travel the last week of November to the African continent occasion which will visit the countries of Central African Republic, Uganda and Kenya .

This first trip Francisco to Africa will take place between the end of the Synod of Bishops and the beginning of the Jubilee year of Mercy , scheduled for December 8.

in September, Francisco visit Cuba and the United States , having gone in July Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay .

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Agreement between North Korea and South, low tension

Agreement between North Korea and South, low tension -

North Korea and South Korea agreed during a series of marathon talks measures to address escalating tension that had left the two neighbors and rivals to the brink of armed conflict countries.

the measures detailed in a joint statement, included a very unusual gesture of Korea North, who "expressed apology" by the explosion of two mines this month maimed two South Korean soldiers guarding the border area.

Meanwhile, South Korea agreed to stop transmission North Korean propaganda count the communist regime through loudspeakers located along the border, a practice that had resumed -after a break of more than a decade in retaliation for the explosions of mines.

the speakers will be off tomorrow at noon, and at the same time North Korea will lift the "state of near war" declared last week by its leader week Kim Jong-Un , the statement added, according to the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

the two Koreas also agreed to work towards a resumption next month of separated families by War Korea (1950-1953), and hold official talks in Seoul or Pyongyang on a date to be agreed.

the agreement was reached during intensive talks in Panmunjom, a town on the border between the two countries, which had begun on Saturday night.

secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon gave his "warm welcome" to the understanding and expressed hope that encourages a dialogue between the two countries.

"I am very grateful that the agreement maintains a regular inter-Korean dialogue and hope that this will serve as a mechanism to effectively manage problems that may arise in the Korean peninsula, "said the head of the UN in a statement.

United States, which has 28,500 troops deployed in South Korea since the end of the war between the two Koreas, welcomed the agreement and attributed much of that success to the "tireless efforts" of the South Korean president, Park Geun-hye.

"We support the tireless efforts of president Park to improve inter-Korean relations, supporting peace and stability on the Korean peninsula," said the spokesman of the State Department, John Kirby, quoted by the news agency EFE.

"Now North Korea must act, and not only provide guarantees for its own military along the border activities," said Kirby.

the dialogue was held with the backdrop of a dangerous military tension, which last week led to a rare exchange of artillery fire across the border, with both sides raising the tone of his accusations against another and flaunting their military capacity.

the tension continued to rise even during discussions with South Korea and the United States carrying out mock raids and reports that North Korea had deployed two thirds of its fleet of 70 submarines.

"I hope that from now on, the agreement is implemented and confidence is strengthened through dialogue and cooperation to build a new inter-Korean relationship that meets the expectations of the people, "said senior South Korean negotiator, National Security adviser Kim Kwan-jin told reporters.

Just hours before president Park had insisted that his country would not stop issuing propaganda unless North Korea apologized.

North and South remain technically at odds since the Korean War (1950 -53), which ended with an armistice never replaced by a final peace treaty.

As a legacy of that conflict, the United States maintains 28,500 troops in South Korea to support the commitment of defend its ally in the event of an armed conflict occur with the regime of Kim.

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Another 36 people died in Nigeria by Islamist attacks

Another 36 people died in Nigeria by Islamist attacks -

Suspected members of Islamist group Boko Haram again attacked with explosives bus stations in cities Nigeria , killing at least 36 people and wounding nearly 30 more, they reported hospital and security sources.
the first attack occurred at the station busiest groups in the town of Biu, in the northern state Borno, where a jihadist carrying a bomb blew himself up and killed at least 19 people and wounding 17, doctors at the news agency EFE sources said.
Another jihadist who was nearby was shot shot by security agents before exploding herself, security sources said.
Although so far the attack was not claimed, all suspicions fall on Boko Haram, author of numerous bloody attacks in the north African country where Islamists seek to establish a caliphate extending to other African countries.
in Jos, a city of Plateau state, central Nigeria, two explosions rocked another station bus, killing at least 17 people and wounds a dozen, sources of local security.
it is estimated that Boko Haram killed some 13,000 people since 09, when it began its armed campaign to create an ultra-conservative Islamic state in northern Nigeria, the area predominantly Muslim country richest and most populous of Africa.
in recent weeks, the Islamist group expanded its attacks on neighboring countries, raising fears of greater regional crisis.
two days ago, three young suicide bombers killed 51 people and wounded 60 in two attacks in stations groups, one in Kano, Capial namesake northern state, and the other in Potiskum, commercial capital of the northern state of Yobe.
police sources said today that the dead in the attack in Kano were 34, correcting the figure of 12 fatalities given the same Tuesday by hospital spokesmen.
Niger, Cameroon and Chad, neighboring Nigeria, suffer the violence of the Islamists, so they launched a joint military offensive against Boko Haram.
the Nigerian authorities are confident that the offensive of the four nations may contain violence before the elections on March 28, which were scheduled for February 14 but six weeks delayed due to Islamist violence in the northeast of the country

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They continue to seek Malaysia Airlines plane

They continue to seek Malaysia Airlines plane -

One year after the strange disappearance of flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines , the government Kuala Lumpur pledged today to continue the search for the remains of the ship carrying 239 people from that city Beijing amid growing criticism from relatives of the victims.

"there are no words to describe the pain of the relatives of those who were on board. the lack of answers and definitive proof, as the remains of the plane- it became something even more difficult to bear, "wrote the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak , in an official statement quoted by the news agency EFE.

" Together with our international partners, we followed the little evidence we have. Malaysia remains committed to the search and hopeful that MH370 will be found, "said the official, without adding anything really new to the official discourse that are listening to the families of the victims in the last months.

The search teams and swept 43% of the 60,000 kilometers, where international researchers believe that plunged the Boeing 777-0 in the Indian Ocean and expect to complete the raking in May. It is unclear what will happen if they find any trace.

Given the desperation of the families of the victims and the sustained interest of international public opinion, the authorities released today a preliminary report, in which the Malays members of the international research team revealed that battery system location of the black boxes had expired a year before the flight MH370 took off in Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing.

"the sole objective of the investigation is the prevention of future accidents and incidents and not blame, "said the report of over 580 pages, which represents the first official conclusion of international investigation that began weeks after the disappearance of the ship.

the authors also stated that the captain of the plane, Zaharie Ahmad Shah , did not suffer physical or mental problems, and stressed that lacked a history of anxiety or irritability.

"There were no significant changes in their lifestyle, interpersonal conflict or stress family, "the document.

the Malays researchers also found no suspicious movements in the bank accounts of Zaharie or passenger Fariq Abdul Hamid , which contradicts the theory that they would have committed sabotage for some reason.

at the moment, the hypothesis they work with international experts is that the Boeing 777 of Malaysian Airlines crashed exactly one year ago in the Indian Ocean after veering off route between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. The reasons for the deviation and fall are still unknown.

The lack of information and physical traces continues dilating the grief and pain of the families of the 239 people who disappeared with flight MH370.

While the airline made a small private commemoration, today there was no act or official ceremony in Malaysia for the first anniversary of the disappearance of the plane of Malaysia Airlines.

However, over a hundred relatives and friends of the victims, convened by the support group Voice 370, gathered in the Malaysian capital on their own to pay tribute to their loved ones.

"When we got here, did not receive us representatives of MAS (Malaysian Airlines) or the Malaysian government, have had many difficulties, "he told EFE a Chinese family who lost her husband on the flight MH370.

the woman, who asked not to reveal his name fear of reprisals from Chinese authorities, criticized the government of Kuala Lumpur by lack of communication, a secrecy described as "suspicious."

in the ceremony held by Voice 370 in the shopping Publika, some relatives not could hold back tears when approached by dozens of photographers, while others focused on signing a manifesto to ask that we not stop the search.

Despite the promise outlined today by the Malaysian premier, last January, his government had declared the disappearance of the aircraft as an accident and its occupants as probably dead.

Some of the relatives of the missing, mostly a group of Chinese citizens, rejected again today that statement and denounced the "abandonment" of Kuala Lumpur .

Other families, especially in Malaysia and Australia endorsed instead the government statement, which will allow them to receive compensation by insurers.

in China a group of family also organized a ceremony to remember this first anniversary.

were gathered from early morning in the Lama temple in Beijing and held a ceremony surrounded by an operating nourished security that prevented international journalists to participate or speak to the relatives of the victims.

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Judge Griesa refused to suspend payment under Argentina law

Judge Griesa refused to suspend payment under Argentina law -

The judge in New York Thomas Griesa , rejected the request for "stay" by the Citibank to order that prohibits the bank to pay maturing bonds under Argentina law until a higher court rules on the appeal filed against the order issued by the judge last week suspended.
"Having considered all the arguments and having also considered all relevant factors to obtain a `stay' (injunction), the court does not believe a` stay' is justified, "said the judge southern district of New York.
" therefore, the order of Citibank for an injunction is denied, "he added the text.
This decision comes four days after Griesa denied the request of the bank to release definitively bonus payments in dollars under Argentina law, and who have maturing on 31 March.
Citibank said then that he would appeal the decision taken that day by Griesa and, at the same time, seek the suspension of the injunction while the appeal is resolved .

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Attacked with aircraft the presidential palace in Yemen

Attacked with aircraft the presidential palace in Yemen -

aircraft forces loyal to Shiite movement hutíes launched two air strikes on the presidential palace in the city of Aden , in the south of Yemen , after several days of the offensive launched in the south and amid rumors that the president had left the country.

Yemeni President Abdo Rabu Mansur Hadi , converted the palace in Aden at his official residence after escaping weeks of virtual house arrest in the capital, Sanaa, at the hands of the same Houthi insurgency ago.

Despite the rain of rumors about a new flight of Hadi, this time abroad, his chief of staff, Mohamed Meram, he informed the press that the president is safe, that remain in the city to face the crisis and the bombs fell into the sea without causing damage, according reproduced news agency Europa Press.

"okay and is directing the popular resistance and south to prevent the entry of militia forces in Aden" said the official.

international agencies, however, mention large columns of smoke rising from the complex, which is located in the Al Maashiq and it was bombed last week, in an air raid caused no casualties, according to the news agency EFE.

Similarly, the organ Defense Shiite movement announced that Hadi fled his residence and his whereabouts are unknown, in a statement in which he warned that the president could escape the country by air or land and offered a reward of 20 million Yemeni riyals ($ 93,000) to anyone who captures or provide information on his whereabouts.

Adding confusion to the situation, the State Department American said today he spoke with Hadi, an ally of Washington declared after the attacks began on the presidential palace.

"it is not in his residence. I can not confirm more details about his whereabouts. Were in contact with him during the last days, "said spokeswoman State Department Jen Psaki, at a press conference in Washington.

What is confirmed is that hutíes took the airport of Aden where until recently operated US special forces deployed in that country and that were withdrawn this week.

the hutíes also reported captured Defense Minister Hadi Mahmud al-Subaihi, but no member of government confirmed the news.

amid this chaos and apparent power vacuum, the government Hadi asked today formally a military intervention in the Arab countries, mainly Egypt and conservative monarchies of the Persian Gulf in Yemen to stop the Houthi movement.

Foreign Minister Riad Yasin said that requested a "direct", especially air, intervention in a meeting in Egypt with the secretary General of the Arab League, Nabil al Arabi, told Arab channels Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya.

Tomorrow, diplomats responsible for the Arab countries will hold a meeting in the Egyptian city of Sharm al Sheikh to study this issue.

Shortly before the attack the president had also asked the UN military intervention to halt the Shiite military offensive, according to a letter published today.

in the message to the Security Council, Hadi requests the issuance of a resolution under clause seventh pact United Nations, which authorizes military intervention.

the president explained in the letter that urged countries of the Cooperation Council of the Gulf (GCC) and other Arab states immediate help with all possible means, including military intervention to prevent the Houthi city of Aden, where he established his base in the middle of the crisis assault.

the president said that Shiite militiamen continue their aggression using weapons captured Yemeni Army, as combat aircraft, with those who have bombed several cities, including Aden.

the Houthi advancing we last days allowed the group control today the city of Al Huta, capital of the southern province of Lahech after a series of military victories yesterday in the southern town of Ad Dali and Taiz southern, which provided him atenazar the attack from several fronts.

the president established his headquarters and his government in Aden after escape from the capital Sana'a last February 21, after the seizure of power by the Shiite movement.

from this southern city, Hadi last month of his resignation backtracked and announced that he was still the legitimate president country

. Source: Telam

They found the second black box Germanwings plane

They found the second black box Germanwings plane -

The French prosecutor said today that found the second black box Germanwings plane fell on March 24 last in the Alps and caused 150 dead, including three Argentines.

the device contains the record of the flight parameters of the aircraft and was found by the gendarmes who for ten days working at the crash site.

the device was taken to the campaign headquarters located in the town of Seyne-les-Alpes and will be discussed in the coming days by the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) studying the case, EFE reported.

the first black box contains the audio recordings inside the cabin and allowed researchers to reach the main hypothesis that the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz triggered the decline of Airbus A230 after taking the controls and refuse to open the door to the commander.

since it became known that the co-pilot received years psychotherapeutic treatment for "suicidal" and had a medical certificate down psychiatric illness that had broken and concealed from the company, effective for the day of the incident.

the German government said today it will review the closure systems of the aircraft cabin and medical and psychological examinations that are taken to pilots.
This was announced by Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt, after a meeting with representatives of the German Federation of aviation Industry in which it was decided to create a commission of experts to analyze changes in regulations of air travel.

"Our goal is to optimize air safety and review current standards, in light of the terrible tragedy, "said the minister.

Meanwhile, the German Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere, said today that studied reintroduce passport control for all flights within the European Union, the so-called Schengen, as one of the measures of control after the plane crash in the French Alps, said today the newspaper "Bild" area.

after the accident the aircraft was investigated all passengers and crew in order to confirm or rule that may have been a terrorist attack, the official said.

"But we realized it was initially unclear who is actually found in the plane, "he said and pointed out that" in my opinion we should know, for security reasons, who really is on board. "

The plane Germanwinds, which was traveling from Barcelona (Spain) to Dusseldorf (Germany ), crashed on March 24, killing 150 people, including three Argentines. Juan Armando Pomo, Gabriela and Sebastian Maumus Grecco

Obama: "We do not believe that Venezuela is a threat to the US"

Obama: "We do not believe that Venezuela is a threat to the US" -

The president gave an interview to the agency EFE shortly before traveling to Panama to participate Friday and Saturday seventh Summit of the Americas , which also said that neither his country nor the continent should "keep silent" about the situation in Venezuela, which, in his opinion, faces " huge challenges "and whose government Washington remains open to" direct dialogue ".

in this context, Obama returned to tone down the decree signed on 9 March last, which qualifies Venezuela as" a threat "to the security of the United States and that, in turn, applies economic government officials Nicolas Maduro sanctions.

" We remain very concerned about how the Venezuelan government continues its efforts to intimidate political opponents , including the arrest and prosecution for political office of elected officials, and the continued erosion of human rights, "said Obama, in dialogue with Efe.

he explained that the sanctions announced in March" were addressed to deter human rights violation and corruption "in Venezuela.

the sanctions, said US president are against individuals" responsible for persecuting political opponents, restricting freedom of the press, using violence and of arbitrary arrest and detention. "

but said that" these sanctions do not want to undermine the Venezuelan government or promote instability in Venezuela. "

Following the tension generated by this decision of Washington, which ranked in the rejection of all Latin American countries, both governments gave Wednesday steps to lower tensions on the eve of the Summit of Panama.

First there was an explanation of the US, which was accepted by Maduro in a speech, then Chancellor Delcy Rodríguez received yesterday in Caracas to senior adviser to the Department of State Thomas Shannon, who was accompanied by Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez.

was the bilateral meeting at the highest level in years Under Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, Rodriguez Shannon ratified the "demand" that is repealed executive order issued by Obama in March.

"I want to speak out. Our main and abiding interest is in a Venezuela that is prosperous, stable, democratic and secure. We want the Venezuelan people succeed and prosper, "Obama said in the interview.

In this regard, stressed that the US is the largest trading partner of Venezuela, with bilateral trade of more than 40,000 million dollars a year and that there are "deep and lasting connections" between citizens of both countries.

"I firmly believe in diplomatic engagement, and the United States remains open to direct dialogue with the Venezuelan government to discuss any topic of interest mutual, "said Obama.

in his view, the" internal dialogue "to find a" political solution to the divisions that divide Venezuelan society "is the" best way "to Venezuela, a country that" faces enormous challenges right now. "

" We will continue to work closely with others in the region to encourage the Venezuelan government to carry out its commitment to promote and defend democracy "promised the president.

According to Obama, the Summit of Panama is an "important moment" for all leaders in the region to reaffirm their commitment to the "principles and values" of the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

They arrested former director of the IMF for fraud and money laundering

They arrested former director of the IMF for fraud and money laundering -

The former director of the IMF and former vice president of the Spanish Government Rodrigo Rato was arrested after the Prosecutor Madrid will denounced for alleged crimes of fraud, money laundering and concealment of assets.

Rato was taken in a police car to his office in Madrid by officials of the Tax Agency (AEAT ) to continue the registration started at home hours earlier.

It is being investigated for alleged money laundering after benefit from a tax amnesty approved by the Spanish government in 2012 to regularize their heritage. Following that the Tax Agency began will investigate a "complex network" company of his family.

When in doubt about the origin of some goods declared by Rato, the Spanish Ministry of the Treasury included in a list of 705 people suspected of having been able to launder money with the tax amnesty.

Rato was Vice President of the Spanish Government and Minister of Economics from 1996 to 04 and head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) between 04 and 07. T lso was president of the Spanish bank Bankia.

he is accused of several crimes, including fraud and forgery, by the alleged irregularities in the IPO the bank 2011. also charged in the case of so-called "black card" which investigates the use of credit cards are not declared by the dome of the entities Caja Madrid and Bankia. The scandal led to his departure from PP last October.

After midnight, the former director of the IMF left his office and he regained his freedom, issued by the judge at the request of prosecutors. The agents took twenty boxes with all kinds of documentation, recent and with more than 15 years old, according to sources of the investigation.

"And told us how manage the economy ... "

president Cristina Fernandez referred to the arrest of former IMF director and recalled its criticism of the handling of the economy and political corruption of the South american country.

"Today I learned that the former head of the International Monetary Fund Rodrigo Rato, former Minister José María Aznar, is in prison for money laundering (...) Those of us who came to tell us how manage the economy, those who dared to talk about corruption in politics in Argentina, "added the president.

Nepal remains communicate with two Argentines after the earthquake

Nepal remains communicate with two Argentines after the earthquake -

A strong earthquake of magnitude 7.9 Richter magnitude struck the region on Saturday Nepal causing the death of 4,138 people and tens of thousands homeless.

at the time of the quake, scores of Argentines were in the vicinity of the epicenter and nothing was known of them since the beginning of the natural disaster.

in the last hours, the location of 20 Argentines confirmed and are trying to be transferred from the country, although the airport Kathmandu canceled by this time flights.

"we initially had a report that there were about twenty-five Argentines (...) L he that remain to be contacted were in very remote areas but where the impact of the earthquake was not as strong, so we have good hopes " , a spokesman for the diplomatic mission said.

referring to the health of those contacted from the embassy assured that "no one was hurt, yes many shokeados by what happened were."

"We are in constant communication with mountain shelters and health centers. We know that the situation is further complicated; get some passages but leave the flight, "said the source.

In the morning it was confirmed that the young Uriel Sterin and Gonzalo Zamorano are in good condition and were reported from Musktinath.

Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

Eduardo Zamorano, father Gonzalo, he confirmed Radio Universidad that the boy is safe and sound in Annapurna conservation area, the largest national park around Nepal.

" Send a voice message saying he was fine (...) felt the earthquake but could not communicate, they were on a trekking circuit so they had to walk to who gave a village with signal , "he told relieved Eduardo, his father.

At the time of the quake, Gonzalo was traveling with another Argentine, Uriel Sterin (Buenos Aires) and youth of other nationalities.

by noon, found alive Ezequiel Ratti and Camila Lavalle , a couple who for more than one year traveling the world and was held incommunicado since the earthquake. Cordovan girl contacted her father and assured him that both are together.

According to official counts, only remain missing Juan Cruz Ganza and Hugo Ganza .

Already more than 7000 killed by the earthquake in Nepal

Already more than 7000 killed by the earthquake in Nepal -

The dead from the earthquake that devastated Nepal a week ago Sunday reached the 7,040 and 14,123 injured, according to latest data released by the Nepali government,

despite the magnitude and represents the figure is expected to increase the number of people who have lost their lives as the situation is known in the most remote areas of country.

the Risk Reduction Consortium in Nepal , an entity involved in United Nations agencies, estimates that the earthquake has caused the displacement of 2.8 million people ( the country's population is 28 million people).

the same source said the quake destroyed some 0,786 houses and other 143,673 were damaged in Nepal, and called urgently $ 415 million to address the humanitarian crisis in the Himalayan country, the release agency EFE .

the earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on the Richter scale was the largest in Nepal in 80 years the worst in the region in a decade since 05 when another quake would cause more than 84,000 deaths in Kashmir

. Source: Telam

"When Argentina is doing well, going to Uruguay phenomenon"

"When Argentina is doing well, going to Uruguay phenomenon" -

The former president and current senator of the Republic of Uruguay, Jose Mujica , became Córdoba present in the city. He gave a lecture revolved around the concept of cooperativism and its values.

"When I was young I wanted to fix the world. I could not. Now I try to improve the sidewalk of my house, the surrounding neighborhood. That's why I'm here, because this is my neighborhood, "was one of the first phrases that the current senator neighboring country began his presentation.

"you have to live like the people who vote you"

as in each occurrence, Jose Mujica always awake surprises around his modest style that characterizes it. In response to questions Mujica said that he is "the son of his circumstances." He recounted: "I had to live for many years in the solitude of a dungeon, the night that I threw a mattress was happy. I learned that if you look for happiness, better living lightweight luggage with little material commitment. "

The senator went on to say that his life is the same as that of a" man of the people ordinary, which is the people who constitute the majority. " Therefore, he said that if the people is the one who decides, "you have to live like them."

"My relationship with Cristina is great, despite some clashes "

The senator described his relationship with Cristina as" great, despite some clashes ". He then acknowledged exclamation: "Poor woman, you have to manage corporations that exist in this nation! She has created a personality not to be wear, and therefore has a confrontational style. Ever, I am warm, but always admire her. "

Mujica said he admires the president, but said that does not mean match. "But I have enormous affection, because he has had an immeasurable fight, and because among other things have not forgiven him for being a woman," said the senator, who criticized the unfair treatment they receive the presidents of Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

"When Argentina is doing well, and Uruguay will go phenomenon"

Regarding Argentina policy, Mujica confessed he has learned that "when the Argentina does well, going to Uruguay phenomenon; but when Argentina succumbs, there too ". However he preferred not to delve into a deep opinion not to compromise their country.

However, he gave a look "as an amateur political scientist," as it was described. And he said that when you look at Argentina by far, has a perception that "Peronists are all (or almost all), but are separated. Only together when it comes to government someone who is not a Peronist. "

Anyway, closed the answer saying that he wants the best in the country," Argentina is full of light. "

The "old flag of self-determination" in Latin America

Mujica defended "the old flag self-determination ". He explained that the region is important to let the people themselves decide on their destinations. In cases like those of Venezuela, "we have to avoid hitting" delivered. "Human history has shown that when most western messes with export of democracy clubbed worse are countries," said the president.

"Since the world began there empires, and they always put where they want. The strange thing would be not to get involved. It would be like trying to have good empires. Empires are thus by their very nature, "said Mujica, who continued:" The problem is in us. I do not know when we'll keep blaming them when we facilitate their work. "

On this question, the montevideano said the solution is to achieve a more cohesive economy to create the necessary conditions to "avoid man came to domination."

US police kill at point blank range a young

US police kill at point blank range a young -

A video uploaded to the web platform YouTube viralizarse began under the hashtag #Justicefordillon .

The images show as an American police shoot a young man blank range in the vicinity of a trade. (The images could be impressionable: View)

occurred in broad daylight in downtown Salt Lake City when a police officer shot Dillon Taylor after mistaken for a suspect who the police were at that time in the neighborhood where sauntered three friends.

the wide dissemination of images in social networks, mainly in United States, are part of the discomfort that some sectors of society and organizations social demonstrated against the wave of police abuse.

the Washington Post published a note last week which revealed that 2015 already are 385 fatalities for the use of firearms by of the security forces. (See: In 2015 the US police killed about 400 people)

In the US, every police force, state or municipal level, can choose whether reports to the FBI shootings and cases where their officers killed a suspect or a prisoner. Since 2011, less than 3% of the more than 18,000 police do.

Only those data and some estimates, the FBI estimated in the last decade that about 400 people are killed in shootings carried out by cops year, representing an average of 1.1 per day death.

Parlasur: For the first time choose their representatives Argentina

Parlasur: For the first time choose their representatives Argentina -

This year the Argentines can choose for the first time through the universal and compulsory voting to 43 parliamentary representatives of Mercosur , as approved by the national Senate on 29 December 2014. there are 19 deputies representing the national district and 24 provinces and the city of Buenos Aires.

the Parlasur is the parliament of Mercosur , composed of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela. "From the year 2014 and should be composed of members elected by popular and simultaneous elections in all countries vote, but we are in default. The only country that comes directly electing their representatives is Paraguay. This year does Argentina" said the journalist Mariano Saravia , current candidate for legislator department Columbus, in the formula Córdoba can .

"It is very important the popular vote, because even now parliamentarians Mercosur are congressmen. that is, deputies and senators elected within the committees of the National Congress, "he added.

representatives of Argentina in the Parlasur will be elected in October, and will assume in December this year, immediately replacing the current parliament.

"the important thing is to give institutions to this regional union we are trying to strengthen in South America. we must ensure that there is much more work. Parliamentarians have to pull rules, declarations, resolutions, which have the force of law in each country, but it also has to work, so that the Parlasur is increasingly critical, "said Saravia

candidates Parlasur off the STEP

the closure of lists defined the presidential candidates, senators and deputies for STEP involved also presentation of the list of leaders nominated to fill seats in Parlasur

Front for Victory . the list is headed by the Buenos Aires legislature and former Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana followed by Defense Minister Agustin Rossi, the Minister of Culture Teresa Parodi, and secretary for Referrals Affairs to the Falkland Islands, Daniel Filmus

at the provincial level. Francisco Perez Mendoza (now governor); Gerardo Zamora in Santiago del Estero (now Senator); José López (Secretary of Public Works) in Tucuman; Oscar Parrilli (Secretary of Intelligence) in Neuquen; Gabriel Mariotto by the province of Buenos Aires, and Gabriela Cerruti by the city of Buenos Aires

Union for a New Argentina (A) . Monica Lopez enzabeza listed as the first candidate Parlasur in the national district. Followed by Jorge Vanossi (former deputy of the UCR) and Carlos Zaffore (president MID)

Let's change (PRO- Civica Radical Coalition Cívica- Union). will share the national payroll headed by Mariana Zuvic (goddaughter Elisa Carrio and holder Civic Coalition ARI Santa Cruz), followed by Fabian Rodriguez (PRO) and Liliana Puig de Stubrin ( UCR) .

is contemplated that Esteban Bullrich (Buenos Aires Education Minister) is the representative front on the ballot by the Parlasur by the province of Buenos Aires, while the Capital Federal, the PRO nominated Paul Avelluto, while UCR presented to Rodolfo Terragno, and Civic Coalition José Ramón Sanchis Muñoz to. As for the province of Buenos Aires, the space's change has not yet reached a consensus.

An Argentine-born Malvinas candidate Parlasur

Alejandro Jacobo Betts British family born in Falkland Islands, will be a candidate for the province Social Party Patagónico (PSP), which leads the current governor Fabiana Rios in Tierra del Fuego.

Cuba eliminated HIV transmission from mother to child

Cuba eliminated HIV transmission from mother to child -

The Minister of Health Roberto Morales Ojeda , related the news as the result of a system free, regionalized and integrated health, which adopted Cuba after the triumph of the Cuban revolution.

"Everything has been made possible by our social system and political will from the highest level. that is what has allowed a country with scarce resources have reached these achievements, "said the Cuban official to confirm that the island" is able to help other countries "to eliminate vertical transmission of both diseases.

The global achievement got validation World Health Organization (WHO).

Monitoring of babies exposed to HIV and syphilis before, during and after childbirth is one of the pillars of the Cuban model in a primary care setting ranging from the prevention of early pregnancy, until anti-discrimination policies that make people with HIV are not afraid to approach health services, experts said.

According to PAHO, in recent years, "have made great efforts worldwide to ensure that women with HIV receive the treatment they need to stay well and prevent their children from being born with HIV or syphilis. "

Carissa Etienne , director of PAHO, said that" all countries the region committed themselves in 2010 to get the achievement that today reached Cuba. "

Both HIV and syphilis, which share modes of transmission, can be diagnosed by simple methods and treatment has a significant impact on maternal and child. transmission

"the rate of HIV transmission from infected mother to child at the regional level reaches 5%," he said Massimo Ghidinelli , director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), who expressed his wish that the achievement of Cuba to become "a momentum that benefits the rest of the countries of the region."

Source: Telam

Eurozone reached unanimous agreement with Greece

Eurozone reached unanimous agreement with Greece -

The European Council President Donald Tusk, announced today that the leaders Eurozone reached a "unanimous agreement" to begin negotiations for the third bailout of Greece .

in a message on the social network Twitter , Tusk said that "everything is ready to take Mechanism europ eo Stability (ESM) program for Greece, with serious reforms and financial support. "

Before and by the same route, prime ministers Belgium, Luxembourg and Malta reported that after nearly 17 hours of negotiations, the leaders reached an agreement with Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras on the reform plan that will implement immediately to change to begin talks for the third bailout, which would be around the 82,000 to 86,000 million euros.

Tsipras said today that his government had a "tough battle" for six months and "fought to the end to an agreement that would allow the country to recover."

"we face difficult dilemmas and we had to make difficult concessions to avoid the application of the plans of some European ultraconservative circles "Tsipras said after the eurozone summit in which it was agreed to start negotiations for a third bailout.

UN again questioned the actions of vulture funds

UN again questioned the actions of vulture funds -

The United Nations (UN) again expressed its concern in a document by the actions of vulture funds , referring to "the ability of minority bondholders uncooperative and hinder" the restructuring of sovereign debt.

"We are concerned capacity minority bondholders who do not cooperate and that hinder the will of the vast majority of bondholders accept the restructuring of the obligations of a country's debt crisis, given the wider implications this might have in other countries, "declares the final document of III Conference of the United Nations Conference on Financing for Development , which was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

the conference brings together representatives of 10 countries with the aim of establishing a global financing framework for sustainable development in line with Agenda Post-2015 development of the United Nations.

the actions "extortion" vulture funds was one of the main themes of the Conference and was discussed in several sections and round tables, indicated the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Among participants who referred to the issue was the Nobel prize in Economics Joseph Stiglitz , who stressed on several occasions the importance of the discussions that are taking place in the United Nations.

the Final Document highlights the legislative measures adopted by several countries and encourages all governments to undertake initiatives along the same lines, as well as continuing advances that have occurred in the generation of contractual clauses reinforced to prevent speculation and abuses of vulture funds.

also agreed to increase the monitoring of post debt restructurings litigation, particularly through legal assistance to the least developed countries

. Source: Telam

Cuba and the United States reopened their embassies after 54 years

Cuba and the United States reopened their embassies after 54 years -

From 00:01 am on Monday 20 July in the capitals of Cuba and United States , which share the same time zone, officially opened the embassies of both countries, after more than 54 years that the government of Dwight Eisenhower broke relations with Cuba and John F. Kennedy shortly after lift the longest blockade in history against a nation.

the Cuban flag waving again in Washington starting this July 20, it means the beginning of a new era between the two nations to the normalization of their relations.

But both sides agree that this second phase of negotiations will be longer and more complex than the preceding one, one that concludes today with the opening of embassies and the full restoration of diplomatic relations .

the official opening ceremony will take place only in the Cuban diplomatic mission. The Obama administration has set no date for the meeting, also at the highest diplomatic level in its habanera headquarters.

The Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez is the first chancellor of the island officially Washington visit since 1959, and the head of the Cuban delegation to the opening ceremony in the US capital.

After the ceremony this morning, will meet with his counterpart, secretary of State John Kerry, in the Department of State. In that building, also from the early hours of Monday, it has deployed a Cuban flag along with all other countries with which the US maintains diplomatic relations

. Source: Cuba Debate