With Argentina aid, the UN produced a paper on children

With Argentina aid, the UN produced a paper on children -

This is a document with recommendations on children's rights in digital contexts, material with which he collaborated Argentina sharing their public policies, reported the Ministry of Justice .

"Our country meets many of the recommendations of the UN, such as promoting universal and equal access to digital media and new technologies through the Connect Equality and Argentina Connected programs, "said Juan Cruz González Allonca.

He is the owner of National Directorate of Personal data Protection (PDP) , an agency under the Ministry and who participated in the debate that took place last year during the 67th Convention of Human Rights of Children , in Geneva, Switzerland, that generated the document.

"Argentina also complies with the effective protection of the privacy of personal data and implementation of tools to prevent damage that may result from the use of new technologies, through the program with Vos on the web," said the official.

publication of UN aims to promote respect, dissemination and enforcement of the rights of children in the digital context.

this includes recommendations on legislation, policies and coordination , specifications for cooperation with civil society, the rights of children in relation to the business sector, non-discrimination and respect for the point of view of the child.

also addresses the rights freedom of expression, access to appropriate information, freedom of association and peaceful assembly; the right to privacy, and protection from harm, including violence, exploitation and abuse.

The text also speaks of the importance of the commitment and participation of stakeholders such as families, schools and the private sector.

Connect Equality was created in April 2010 and has already delivered more than 5 million netbook students and teachers in public secondary schools, special education, and teacher training institutes.

in the same year came Argentina Connected , a comprehensive connectivity strategy to improve the daily communication of all inhabitants of Argentina. The program has meant that Argentina build its own satellites; has 83 stations Digital TV and Federal fiber optic network that connects the whole country.

Meanwhile, With Vos on the Web , which depends on the PDP, is a space for communication, information, advice and participation of the population on issues related to the New Technologies of information and communication Technology (ICT), the protection of personal data, privacy and the privacy of children . and adolescents, which advises through its website and classroom training

for the full UN document issued by the Ministry of Justice made it available on the link: http: //www.jus .gob.ar / media / 2944166 / recomendacionesonu.pdf

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Bolivia Chile proposed to request mediation of Pope Francisco

Bolivia Chile proposed to request mediation of Pope Francisco -

Bolivia proposed resuming diplomatic ties with Chile and request mediation by Pope Francisco to meet the demand of La Paz for a sovereign outlet to the Pacific ocean. In this regard, Santiago said he is willing to restore the relationship but "without conditions"

"I want to tell the government of Chile. We agree to restore diplomatic relations so that in less than five years is resolved sea ​​theme for Bolivia access to the Pacific ocean with sovereignty and guarantor, the pope brother Francisco, "said Bolivian President Evo Morales .

In a brief conference hit the Quemado Palace, seat of the Bolivian president, Morales urged his Chilean counterpart, Michelle Bachelet , to travel together to the Vatican to ask for the mediation of the supreme pontiff of the Catholic Church.

the Bolivian president stressed he was "willing to make representations to the Vatican for the pope brother Francis is the guarantor" of the talks and an eventual understanding.

a few hours later, through the Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz and secretary General of Government, Marcelo Diaz, Chile said it is interested in restoring the bilateral relationship, but without conditions.

"in order to respond to the desire that at least there from our country, we are available, in any time "to resume diplomatic relations broken in 1978," but without these conditions that they do is in good accounts, say no to the offer, "Munoz said.

" Our attention to Bolivia seeks mediation of the Pope at the same time has submitted its maritime claim to the jurisdiction of the (International Court) Court, which, as you know, Chile rejects "added the foreign minister.

in thus, Diaz said Morales "evades the background theme" because "the reestablishment of diplomatic relations is unconditionally and that will has expressed permanently Chile along many governments."

"what we do ie. there is our offer to restore diplomatic relations here and now and without conditions, "added Diaz

During his visit to La Paz, the 8th of this month, the Argentine pontiff urged governments of Bolivia and Chile to "build bridges of peace, not walls of separation" and stressed that it was "essential" that both countries engage in a "frank and open dialogue" to resolve their dispute.

The proposal was well received by Chilean authorities, who offered to Bolivia rebuild diplomatic relations with exchange of ambassadors.

Since the breakdown of the bond produced after negotiations failed carrying forward the Bolivian dictator Hugo Banzer and Chilean Augusto Pinochet in 1978, La Paz and Santiago have consuls but not ambassadors.

neither Munoz nor Diaz spoke today the Pope, who told journalists during the return flight from La Paz to the Vatican said it was "not unfair "claiming Bolivia sovereign access to the sea and that his mediation would be the" last step "to resolve the matter

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6.3% fall in industrial production in Brazil in 2015

6.3% fall in industrial production in Brazil in 2015 -

The Brazilian industrial production in June shrank 3.2 percent and contributed to internual close the half with a drop of 6.3 percent, which is the worst result for the first half of the year since 09, reported Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) .

According to the data cited by the agency DPA in June industrial production registered a contraction of 0.3 percent compared to the previous month, but when compared to the same month of 2014, the contraction is 3.2 percent.

the fall in the sector last month was influenced by the negative result showed 15 of the 24 items analyzed by the IBGE, among them are falling 7.2 percent in the sector machinery and equipment; 12.7 percent in computer equipment and 2.8 percent in motor vehicles.

The reduction of industrial production negatively impacts mainly on the labor market, and according to IBGE data released days ago they realized that was created a one in last May percent fewer jobs than in the previous month

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United States hoisted his flag in Cuba after 54 years

United States hoisted his flag in Cuba after 54 years -

The United States Secretary of State, John Kerry , again raise the flag today his country at the embassy in Havana after more than 54 years after the two countries will reprise their diplomatic relations on July 20.

the official presided over the reopening of the embassy in a ceremony in which he gave a speech in English and Spanish, which claimed the negotiating vocation of presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro .

Expectation of Cubans

early on, hundreds of people with flags and pennants Cuba piled up against the fences surrounding the embassy of the United States in the Havana seawall to witness the reopening of the embassy, ​​which will mark the resumption of a bilateral relationship broken more than half a century.

Several Cubans demonstrated their agreement with this new development, but they recalled that even missing the US to lift the trade embargo suffered by the island, said Telam .

Ania Lopez has nearly 50 years and a medical daughter still has not left Cuba, but expects " soon comes to assisting the world, like many Cuban doctors "and is hopeful that the unfreezing of relations with the United States is" beneficial for Cubans, we have the basics like good health, but we lack things welfare. "

in Myrna side, a brunette of the same age, delineated" our hope is for our children, we are here all agree with this new direction. "
" We have many achievements, achieved despite the blockade, but it is time for brotherhood and peace, because we have to have better welfare. If you talk to people you'll notice a lot of hope, not that there is more work, because this work we all do, but most good, "he explained.

However, the statement Myrna on the abundance of work is a reality half, because although the work is a doctor charges the equivalent in pesos to $ 50 per month, and other less skilled jobs are well below that, which forces people to have another activity apart from official work.
generally these activities are linked to self-employment or directly to the formulation offers all the tourist, who is the bearer of the precious dollars or CUC, the currency that is handled here which is where all transactions of any significance are based.

about 500 meters from the US embassy is the National Hotel, which has been assembled international press center. More or less at the time the Secretary of State, John Kerry landed at Jose Marti airport, out of this beautiful and traditional hotel dozens of US citizens, with their flags in hand, to participate in the act, although in a number considerably lower than the local

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Venezuela closes a passage with Colombia and escalates the tension

Venezuela closes a passage with Colombia and escalates the tension -

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro , warned today that the move to Colombia by the binational border in the Tachira state will remain closed until peace and normalcy in the area is restored, while Caracas reported that deported 185 undocumented Colombians and arrested 8 suspected paramilitaries.

"until such normality is restored not will open the border to stop the attack. Say what you will, but I will not open it, it's my responsibility, "said Maduro in radio and television.

reiterated the president at the border difficult situations by the exodus of Colombians to Venezuela and the performance of the smuggler and paramilitaries live.

Maduro ordered to close border crossings of Tachira for 72 hours until Sunday, but last night said the move will be for time undefined and ordered the implementation of a state of emergency in their municipalities in the region.

"I will not open the border. Let them say whatever they want; no I'm going to open, it is my responsibility, "he said." Enough of both attack, "he added.

Refused it can be called a anticolombiano for having decreed a state of emergency and stressed, however, that is "fighting smuggling, smugglers and paramilitaries coming and almost killed us two lieutenants and a soldier."

"the smugglers are taking Venezuelan paper money, in an open economic war and directs (former President) Alvaro Uribe with the paramilitaries back in Cucuta. what I am is antiparaco, anti-crime and Colombia the love and respect, and the Colombian people, "he said.

Moreover the governor of the border state of Tachira, José Vielma Mora, reported they were deported 185 undocumented Colombians and captured another 8 accused of being paramilitaries, "with the support of the Consulate General of Colombia."

According to Mora, the 8 detainees are alleged members of the "Colombian paramilitary group" Los Urabeños, promoters of drug trafficking and trafficking of minors. "

" it is presumed that one has to do with the attempted murder "of the three soldiers and the civilian wounded on Wednesday, a fact which acted as a trigger for the closure of the border in Tachira and the declaration of emergency rule by President Nicolas Maduro.

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Raul Castro honored with "The Five" with the title of "heroes"

Raul Castro honored with "The Five" with the title of "heroes" -

Cuban President Raul Castro honored with "The Five," as Cuban agents who served long known penalties in the United States, with the title of Hero of the Republic of Cuba, to comply with "dedication dignity and firmness" the "sacred mission" to defend the island of terrorism.

they were also recognized with the Order Playa Giron, which Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Rene Gonzalez and Fernando Gonzalez received the highest awards that delivers the Cuban government, in a ceremony commemorating the 0th anniversary of the start in 1895 of the last War of Independence against Spain.

the title "Heroes of the Republic of Cuba" they had been granted to the five agents by the National Assembly on December 29, 01, when a federal court in Florida sentenced them to long prison terms In U.S.A; while the Order Playa Giron were awarded today a proposal by Raul Castro, who did not utter any speech during the ceremony.

The "Cuban Five Antiterrorist" as they are known in Cuba, were arrested in 1998 in United States when the Federal Bureau of Investigation dismantled the network of Cuban espionage "Wasp", which operated in south Florida, and sentenced in 01 to long sanctions.

All admitted they were agents of the Cuban government "will not declared "against the United States, but were spying on" terrorist groups of exiles "who conspired against President Fidel Castro, not the US government.

Hernández dedicated the medal to former President Fidel Castro removed from power in 06, "a man whose leadership and strategic vision were instrumental in the battle that led to our liberation" and current president Raul Castro, who "did not rest until fulfill what Fidel promised."

" with his example, we always instilled the spirit of struggle, resistance and sacrifice. A man who taught us that the word surrender does not exist in the dictionary of a revolutionary "noted on the figure of the leader of the Cuban Revolution

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The Colombian government historic agreement between the FARC and the government of Colombia

The Colombian government historic agreement between the FARC and the government of Colombia - and FARC announced today Havana a historic agreement demining including the cleaning and decontamination of territories where there is the presence of " landmines , IEDs, unexploded ordnance and explosive remnants of war".

the announcement was released this afternoon by representatives of the guarantor countries of the peace process Cuba and Norway, next to the Colombian government and the FARC, led by their chief negotiators Humberto de la Calle and Ivan Marquez , respectively, in the dialogue that carry out more than two years ago in the Cuban capital.

This is an agreement " to move forward in building confidence and in order to help create safe conditions for the people who are in risk zones by the presence of mines, "said a statement read by the representatives of Cuba and Norway, Rodolfo Benitez and Dag Nylander, respectively.

Meanwhile, De la Calle said in a later statement that the Colombian Government and the guerrillas will work "together" from today to clear the territories of landmines in an operation that will coordinated by Norway.

"the proposal demining is a first step but a giant step towards peace, this is a sign that we are moving in the right direction," he said.
with this "new and decisive "step, insisted De la Calle, the peace delegations of the government and the guerrillas achieve greater" trust "to end the Colombian armed conflict that has lasted more than 50 years.

Meanwhile, the chief negotiator of the FARC, Luciano Marin Arango, alias Ivan Marquez, said it is a "memorable day" for the peace process.
"We are on track," said Marquez, stressing that the negotiating parties have delivered to Colombia a "humanitarian agreement" that contribute to "de-escalation of the war."

"it will be a work in which members FARC representatives, uniformed, unarmed and after temporary suspension of orders capture, according to the law, to provide the required information and support the demining process, "said De la Calle in his statement.

the demining Battalion of National Army of Colombia (bidets) is responsible for the clearance and demining of the areas under the coordination of Norway.

the whole process will take place in a "framework for dialogue" with communities in the territories where it is carried out demining and providing information for citizens in those areas.

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"The PT came by social movements, but rejected"

"The PT came by social movements, but rejected" -

The mass call to march against the government of Dilma Rousseff Sunday, managed to draw attention the ruling, encourage arch opponent and even excite some destabilizing speeches that were reflected in posters and banners.

While government agencies and local police stations support the participation of one and half million Brazilians, organizers encouraged talking about two million. (See: Brazil: Thousands of people participated in anti-government march)

regard Radio Universidad spoke with Frei Betto , sociologist and political scientist of that country rejected the idea of ​​a coup launched against the PT government.

"there is no coup underway in Brazil. there is a very small sector asking them to return the military but the same people opposed to the government of Dilma speak that must meet four years, "said the program Look who's talking .

However, Betto admitted that a" political and economic crisis "in Brazil. From politics, the slogan that more was heard in the streets was claiming to corruption in government. From the economic side, we require Dilma Brazil regrow.

As said, close to Lula da Silva since the 80s, Brazilian Dominican friar the Workers Party is suffering today outstanding accounts which was leaving in recent years. "During these 12 years of the PT, Brazil greatly improved social conditions but not the infrastructure to support and give sustainability to these social programs are created," he said

Betto understands that despite the significant economic growth, which in turn was used with strong political decision to improve the quality of life of the poorest sectors, PT forgot to make deep reforms (such as land, tax or policy) to enable today hold its government program.

"it has been a cosmetic populism. it is like a person who lives with her salary working but want to give their children cars and travel and then the bill comes . You can not spend what you do not have and that's what happens in Brazil. The PT do not think the conditions for the sustainability of its government program, "said the intellectual.

Another aspect noted in its dialogue with the journalist Mariano Saravia, is the kind of alliances that the PT was woven with sectors have become opponents and occupy strategic positions in the government, as the party of Vice President Michele Temer, the Brazilian Democratic Movement party.

the inclusion of a reference right at the Ministry of Economy as Joaquim Levy has been another blow for fans of the PT: "Dilma now opt for an economic policy that is right, Levy is right, and she had said in the campaign that he would not do this. The fiscal adjustment now being adopted in Brazil, only penalizes the poor, not the rich and there is indignation of those who have voted for Dilma. "

In a quick comparison, Betto said the government of Evo Morales as "the most intelligent" progressive governments in Latin America since the political weakness of his early years strengthened its ties with the foundation that today holds and allowed him to build power.

"Lula he became president by social movements but rejected. He did nothing to agrarian reform. He developed a policy of social benefits and out of poverty to 36 million people but not politicized the nation and organization of these bases. Now pay hard, "he said.

Argentina third confirmed victim in the air tragedy

Argentina third confirmed victim in the air tragedy -

Argentine businessman Juan Armando Pomo is added to the list of fatalities in the tragedy that starred aircraft German airline Germanwings that fell yesterday in the French Alps.

Pomo was living for some years in Paraguay, where he formed his family.

Thus there are now three the total number of deaths Argentine citizens. Gabriela Maumus , 30, and her husband Sebastian Greco yesterday had been confirmed among the passengers of the flight covered the route Barcelona - Düsseldorf. (See: There are two Argentines among the victims of the plane crash).

Meanwhile French authorities informed that the work of finding the remains of the ill-fated airplane resumed

The movement of vehicles air and land intensified from 7 (3 am in Argentina) as soon as the sun came up in the town of Seyne-les-Alpes, France, a few kilometers from the accident and where the rescue services are concentrated .

responsible operating rule "almost entirely" to recover today bodies of the deceased and prioritize information on the causes of the accident.

This was said responsible for the work of helicopters Xabier Roy, adding that he is moving to the accident site to coroners to confirm the deaths, although identification will be later.

Roy said conditions at the site are "more difficult" than yesterday because of the rain that fell during the night, making the steep terrain slippery.

Nevertheless, seven helicopters constantly flying over the area of ​​the accident to transport gendarmes, coroners and investigators.

"the priority now is to search for evidence and, in that sense, it is important to find the second black box," he said, referring to yesterday found one of the devices, which record the conversations of the pilots.

"Nor could imagine my daughter there,"

Mario Maumus , the Gabriela's father, spoke this morning for the first time after the accident and told the pain that his family is going through.

"I have a wife and two children. Yesterday I was seeing in TN the subject of the plane and nor could imagine my daughter there," he said.

with a lump in the throat, the father of Gabriela, who died with his Sebastian boyfriend, gave their statements to Radio Vorterix and told more details about the journey of the couple: "They were planning for two months this trip. Rome to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. They had all bought. They were together for two or three years ago, they were cohabiting, living in Belgrano. She was bassist of a rock band but did not professional but quietly. It was very open to this. "

Persist bombing in Yemen and the UN withdrew its staff

Persist bombing in Yemen and the UN withdrew its staff -

The rebels hutíes Yemen , the Shiite movement that for months now controls much of its territory, continue resisting the bombing launched by a coalition of nations mostly Arab, while the situation appears headed for a civil war, so that UN announced that it withdraw its staff.

Everything indicates that Yemen, the poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula, is headed for times of violence and instability, even deeper than those that occurred after the outbreak of the Arab Spring, which ended in 2012 with the overthrow of then President Ali Abdullah Saleh , after more than 20 years in power.

since governance was weak, but worsened last September, when hutíes took control of the Yemeni capital, Sana'a, and the current president Abdo Rabu Mansur Hadi took refuge in Aden.

from Aden, a key town that controls the entrance to the Red sea and the Suez canal, Hadi ruled until last Thursday when, harassed rebel attacks, left the country with the help of Saudi Arabia and settled in the capital of the neighboring power.

the hutíes are a Shiite movement of broad social base that the Yemeni government and its allies accuse of be an extension of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the only Shiite theocracy in the Middle East.

in the name of helping the Yemeni authorities to fend insugentes, a group of countries led by Saudi Arabia, which Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan and Morocco joined all Arab whose power is in the hands of Sunnis, more Pakistan launched an airstrike on Yemen.

Other nations in the region, belonging to the Alawite-Shiite alliance led by Iran, Syria and Lebanese Hezbollah party-militia, they rejected the offensive.

Moreover, Tehran -señalado by Arab countries like ally the hutíes-, requested peace talks in Yemen and stressed that supports the peace initiative of Oman, which proposes a solution through dialogue.

But away from the dialogue, the bombing continued today for a sixth day on hutíes positions, especially in the Yemeni capital, but air strikes have already reached nine of the 21 provinces of the country, killing dozens of wounded and at least 100 dead, mostly civilians, including many of them part of a field of displaced persons was bombed.

Last night, at least 11 civilians were killed and 33 wounded when destroyed six homes by aerial bombing of the coalition in the province of Eb, in the center of Yemen.

the Saudi foreign minister, prince Saud al Faisal, said today that the military campaign against hutíes continue until the end because his government "deployed great efforts to resolve the Yemeni crisis through peaceful and diplomatic means, but hutíes, former President Saleh and Iran refused. "

Al Faisal made the remarks during a meeting of the Saudi Parliament in Riyadh, but did not say whether the air campaign, which was joined by a naval blockade, will be extended to a raid Earth also, as demanded by this time the Yemeni authorities.

the Yemeni Foreign Minister Riad Yassin today called a ground military operation "as soon as possible" to end the Shiite movement hutíes, in an interview the television channel Al Arabiya.

"we are asking that, and as soon as possible to save our infrastructure and save the Yemenis under siege in many cities," he said.

this context, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reported today that are taking place "obstacles" to deliver a "shipment of vital medical supplies" in Yemen and claimed that allow and facilitate its distribution, while noting that the situation humanitarian of the population is critical.

And Nations Undias today announced that all international staff of the organization was evacuated from Yemen for security reasons, but said it continues to operate on the ground with their national employees.

the UN also confirmed that at least 29 people, all civilians, were killed and 41 wounded in the attack, but the death toll is likely to rise.

at a press conference, the UN spokesman Farhan Haq, said the organization does not have now evidence of who was responsible for the attack, but stressed that this is a "violation of international and humanitarian law" and demanded an end to such actions.

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Argentina requires an explanation from Britain for spying

Argentina requires an explanation from Britain for spying -

Vice Foreign Minister Eduardo Zuain, summoned UK Ambassador , John Freeman, to demand explanations to the silence of British government against revelations of Edward Snowden , through the medium "the Intercept" share of electronic espionage mass directed against Argentina.

According to this medium , actions were taken forward to growing international pressure to resolve the sovereignty dispute over the Malvinas. (See: "England installed mass surveillance plan in Argentina")

Zuain the British representative said that such actions violate the right to privacy as set forth in resolutions 68/167 and 69 / 166 of the United Nations General Assembly. Both resolutions emphasize that "monitoring and unlawful or arbitrary interception of communications, and the illegal or arbitrary collection of personal data, to constitute acts of serious intrusion, violate the rights to privacy and freedom of expression and can be contrary to the precepts of a democratic society. "

the Foreign Ministry informed the ambassador Freeman that the Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services, sponsored by the Treasury Solicitor's Office, will present today a criminal complaint against companies that carry out hydrocarbon exploration activities in Argentina continental shelf in violation of Law No. 26,915 and United Nations resolutions on the Question of the Malvinas Islands, particularly 31/49 which urges both parties to the sovereignty dispute not to introduce unilateral modifications in the situation while the resolution of the dispute is pending.

the deputy minister also voiced discomfort Argentine Government for the statements made on March 24, 2015 by the Secretary of Defence in the UK, Michael Fallon, before the British Parliament, when it announced the increase in military spending in the Falkland Islands and the introduction of new military equipment, an alleged and improbable "threat" Argentina . He also recalled the expressions of the President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in the act of April 2.

Ambassador Zuain reiterated that, against the British arms race, Argentina argues that only dialogue and negotiation must prevail to end this anachronistic colonial situation that has over 182 years through the implementation of resolution 2065 (XX), and following, of the United Nations.

400 Libyan immigrants disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea

400 Libyan immigrants disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea -

Among the victims there would be "many young, probably less," confirmed in a statement the Italian subsidiary of Save the Children , as reported agency EFE .

they According reported the survivors, "the shipwreck would have occurred 24 hours after" the ship departed from the coast of the African country.

Save the children she reported that between 11 and 13 April arrived on Italian shores "more than 5,100 immigrants", of which about 450 are children and 317 were traveling unaccompanied, who were aided and landed by authorities that European country in the southern regions of Lampedusa, Sicily, Calabria and Puglia.

"Many of them have lived experiences of appalling violence, and have lost friends, family or parents, even in recent shipwrecks," lamented CEO of Save the Children, Valerio Neri, and warned that "the situation in Libya is out of control" and that "violence in the streets is unprecedented."

the organization stressed in the statement that " the increasing number of deaths at sea poses, not only to Italy but the entire European Union and its members, the duty to respond to a search and rescue at sea able to deal with this situation. "

"the high and constant presence of landings in which there are children traveling alone imposes the need for a suitable host system," he explained.

Suman more than 2,400 dead in Nepal and seek to tourists

Suman more than 2,400 dead in Nepal and seek to tourists - 13

In total, there are 2,357 confirmed dead and 6,237 injured in Nepal, according to spokesman of the Interior Ministry, Laxmi Dhakal , the DPA agency, but the hundreds of disappearances and serious injuries have raised fears that the figure may increase.

Argentina's embassy in India, with jurisdiction in Nepal, had you contacted until this morning about twelve Argentine tourists were yesterday in the earthquake zone, which "are well" but in a "state of shock".

An embassy source said today Telam from New Delhi that "from the moment the earthquake we have received inquiries for 25 Argentines who were in northern India and Nepal at the time of the earthquake "that" although overall communications are cut, hour by hour we contacting "and that" it appeared a dozen people who are in good health, some in evacuation centers. "

However," the figures vary because consultations are continuous from Buenos Aires and also the location of those tourists. "

the source explained that "in the quake-affected area, no electricity and communications are cut" and said that the intention of the embassy is "trying to get compatriots Kathmandu."

also he recalled that "among Argentines no fatalities" and yesterday personally contacted the consul Victor Caviglia five Argentines living in the Nepalese capital.

the earthquake of 7.8 degrees on the scale Richter devastated yesterday much of the central valley of Nepal leaving homes destroyed, roads torn apart and telecommunications and cut electrical connections.

Nepal woke up today shocked by the magnitude of the earthquake and focused on the task of recovery of victims after a night that most of the citizens of the capital chose to go on the street to the risk of new tremors, according to EFE.

Meanwhile around forty aftershocks occurred since the earthquake today provoked a new scare with a strong shake of 6.7 degrees on the Richter scale, with located about 80 kilometers east of the Nepalese capital, which again felt in northern India and Bangladesh epicenter.

Those two countries have also registered 51 and a dead, respectively, while China completes the list of nations outside Nepal who have suffered the brunt of the quake with 17 dead.

Moreover, the death toll because of the avalanche on Mount Everest unleashed after the earthquake rose to 22, said today the Nepali government, while 217 people remain missing.

"the figure belongs only to the base camp. are above the camps 1 and 2, but it is impossible to access "because the passage is blocked due to the avalanche, he said today a military spokesman.

However," 61 people have been rescued alive base camp ", 41 of whom remain in serious condition.

bad weather in the area also hinders the work of the Indian army in charge of rescuing the bodies equipment.

on Saturday, when the avalanche occurred, there were about 1,000 mountain climbers and Sherpas who were preparing to scale the summit known as the "roof of the world".

just over a year ago, on April 18, 2014, Everest had suffered its greatest tragedy to the current earthquake killed 16 Sherpas also due to an avalanche.

Pope Francis prayed today a Hail Mary with the faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square for the victims, who he sent a message of remembrance after the traditional Angelus prayer.

"I wish to confirm my closeness to the populations hit by a strong earthquake in Nepal and neighboring countries," said the pontiff.

"I pray for the victims, the wounded and all those who suffer from this calamity. They have the support of fraternal solidarity, "the Pope Bergoglio, as reproduced EFE.

Then the pontiff began praying the Hail Mary, followed by the faithful in the square, which today appeared full of people who came to attend daily prayer Sunday here.

yesterday's earthquake is the earthquake of greater intensity in almost 80 years in the country and the worst that registered the region in a decade since an earthquake in 05 caused a large tragedy in Kashmir, with a balance of more than 84,000 dead.

Calbuco: alert in Chile by formation of acid rain

Calbuco: alert in Chile by formation of acid rain -

Torrential rains that hit this morning the Chilean southern region of Los Lagos, have alerted the authorities and the public for possible landslides and formation of "acid rain", after the third eruptive pulse to make Thursday the volcano Calbuco , which since April 22 threw stones and up to 210 thousand cubic meters of ash.
volcanologists said they the mixture of pyroclastic material ejected volcano water could lead to "acid rain" and, depending on the intensity and accumulation, may also cause lahars (slip sediment) that will increase the flow of rivers and floods, the agency ANSA .
"Any extra stimulus, like rain, cause this material to slide and finish on the riverbeds," said the geographer of the Catholic University, Pablo Osses.
" the advice is simple: exit zones channels and exit areas of the deltas of drains, where reach the sea or into the lake these rivers. "recommended the specialist
He warned of" not take the water directly during these times, besides the turbidity is very high, not provided with this element in the channels or lakes. "
Chilean authorities were now concerned about the possibility that the rainfall in the area volcano Calbuco cause side floods in the rivers, the Spanish agency EFE reported.
the alluvium trail in case of rain ash and emanating from the volcano sand, which involve great danger to people and buildings.
"the area is maintained exclusion 20 kilometers around the crater of the volcano, "reported the National Emergency Office (Onemi).
" the unstable pyroclastic material accumulated at the top of the volcano, on its slopes and surrounding areas could be washed away by rain , giving rise to side along the rivers draining the volcano and neighboring basins lahars, "the body.
More than 6,500 people were evacuated from the first eruption of the volcano, while the Committee for Emergency Operations ( COE) confirmed an exclusion zone of 20 kilometers around the crater.
While the National Geology and Mining (Sernageomin) kept current level of red alert in the area and did not rule out further eruptions and ash emission
the rain, according to the Meteorological Office of Chile, could decline from today and get about ten or twelve millimeters, while local authorities reiterated the ban evacuees on April 22 to go check their homes and livestock.
Interior Minister, Rodrigo Peñailillo, said that "until we have definitive results of what the status of water quality-not only drinking water but also in the estuario-, clearly we have to deliver to the population packaged and water through tanker trucks water. "
Given this scenario, the mayor of Puerto Montt, Gervoy Paredes, defined as a" quiet disturbed "the situation in the area.
" we're all alert watching minute minute why this was happening, through fire, with machines ready for a possible evacuation, but so far everything is still in its normal course, "he said.
he explained that" this time the impact does not come by the issue of eruption, but by the swollen rivers in its bed, in a considerable amount "and explained that prepared staff in the sector Chamiza and surroundings against the possibility of
to be evacuated
" people in reality is expectant, because everyone knows how they can change things with a sliding lahars, which can change the geography of the place, "concluded Paredes

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The Uruguayan president Mujica visit Pepe Córdoba

The Uruguayan president Mujica visit Pepe Córdoba -

Jose "Pepe" Mujica comes to town to participate in the Córdoba 6th day Colsecor , the meeting organized annually by the cooperative to its partners, which will take place on 13 and 14 May at the Holiday Inn.

the president of Uruguay and current senator will speak Wednesday at the annual meeting organized by the Colsecor cooperative. This is a event private and is not open to the general public.

"We are proud to have the presence of Mujica in our journey," said the president the institution, José Lino.

on April 14, Mujica received representatives of Colsecor in the office of Senate Montevideo to confirm his trip to Argentina.

In 2015 the US police killed about 400 people

In 2015 the US police killed about 400 people -

After months of protests across the country by the racist and repressive policies of local police, the Washington post did what the FBI does: relieved all cases this year in which one or more police killed a suspect with a gun. The result was 385 cases nationwide.

In the US, every police force, state or municipal level, can choose whether reports to the FBI shootings and cases where official killed a suspect or a prisoner. Since 2011, less than 3% of the more than 18,000 police do.

Only those data and some estimates, the FBI estimated in the last decade that about 400 people are killed in shootings carried out by cops year, it is representing an average of 1.1 deaths per day.

According to research by Post, however, the rate of killings by armed police this year and is about 2.6 deaths per day. If this trend continues, the end of the year about 1,000 people have died from shots of police in the country.

Although the 385 victims who recorded the Post in five months equal to what the FBI estimates that happens over a year, experts warned it was possible that the final result of the investigation of the newspaper is very conservative.

"shootings are often not informed. we will never reduce the number of shootings initiated by the police if we do not start to follow irrefutably this information, "said the capital's middle, Jim Bueermann, a former police chief and current president of the police Foundation, an NGO based in Washington.

in addition, the figure released by the Post does not include victims who died drowned or as a result of beatings granted during or after arrest, tested in recent months they sparked massive protests by the black community in cities like New York cases and Baltimore.

While half of the victims reported by the Post are white, racial relationship changes substantially when analyzed only cases in which the suspects were unarmed. In such cases, two-thirds of the victims are black or Latino.

Moreover, if the numbers revealed by the Post with the demographic distribution of the United States are compared, black citizens are killed by police three times more than whites or any other minority

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Cuba announces first public wireless Internet access

Cuba announces first public wireless Internet access -

In the next few weeks, Cuban can access internet wirelessly in 35 areas in 15 provinces of the country, which is the first such offering for the general population.

the areas where you can use the service are public spaces such as parks, avenues and pedestrian walks in various cities. Five of these sites will be in Havana.

"Under the name of WIFI_ETECSA connection to navigate in a first stage at 35 sites nationwide will be," the Director of Communications of the entity, Luis Manuel Diaz.

The new service will be accessible to users with contracts to local accounts Nauta and constitutes "a first step of starting up a path more" to that service.

With thaw between Cuba and the United States have skyrocketed expectations of improved access to internet on the island and some US companies have shown interest in developing projects on the island in that direction. Also, just this week returned to travel to the island of Google representatives. The directors of the US giant called for the expansion of network access via mobile phones.

The news was published Thursday by the newspaper Juventud Rebelde , which also said the telecommunications monopoly Cuba (ETECSA) will reduce the cost of surfing the hourly rate of $ 4.5 to 2.

Scarce connection

the Caribbean island has one of the lowest Internet connectivity rates in the world, with virtually no broadband service in houses and high rates reserved for foreign and some professionals who are authorizes the connection. According to the International Telecommunication Union, only 3.4% of Cuban households are connected.

UNASUR propose that provide financial aid to Greece

UNASUR propose that provide financial aid to Greece -

In a letter to President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, prestigious experts who make up the Phoenix Group suggest that Argentina convene members UNASUR "to formulate a program of support for the sovereignty and recovery of Greece by providing lines of credit to help with food and essential goods from of our region. "

Political scientist Abraham Leonardo Gak , director of the Chair Open Plan Fénix of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Buenos Aires, made him arrive at a open letter from the group to the President where states that "the Phoenix group was born in the days of debacle to contribute their ideas in order to face the same neoliberal policies that place in check today the ancient Greece." (See: This Tuesday is the deadline for Greece to pay the IMF)

"While economies and means available to Argentina and Greece, are different, the values ​​and the need to regulate financial activity to serve development and not speculation are the same, "the text.

the letter stressed that Greece" suffers from reckless borrowing policy promoted by international financial speculation ", similar to that faced Argentina during the crisis of 01-02.

" the current situation also reveals the failure of rescue operations aimed to rescue speculators and prevent the debtor to recover the order with stability, growth, sovereignty and equality, "he adds.

According to experts of the Phoenix Plan, the Greek crisis" reflects the crisis of the current international financial system and in the European Union, replacing the values ​​of solidarity and community democracy for submission to the interests of the world of money. "

also emphasizes that it is" an exemplary case for Latin America to express their solidarity with a country that defends their right to decide their own destiny and at the same time, insist on the need to build a world order that favors development and equity in international relations. "

this context, and l Phoenix Group suggests to the President to "take the initiative to convene members of UNASUR to formulate a program of support for the sovereignty and recovery of Greece by granting credit lines, under appropriate conditions, contribute to the country with food and essential goods from our region. We consider it appropriate that Argentina is pioneering making a concrete contribution in this regard. "

In dialogue with Radio Universidad , political scientist Oscar Oslak he said that it would be " a show of solidarity with the Greek people."

" This is raise the possibility that countries of UNASUR extend a line of Greek government credit, especially through the delivery of food or medicines (...) Argentina is unable to extend credit in money nor are talking about a donation, "said the professional .

Cristina with thousands of Argentines at Mass Francisco

Cristina with thousands of Argentines at Mass Francisco -

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner attended the multitudinous Mass celebrated by Francisco in the Guasú wildebeest park and concluded the ceremony, he greeted the high priest and gave him a copy of the prayer of John XXIII for the health of Eva Peron. Mass crowned the tour of the Pope by Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Cristina was specially invited by the Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes , and was the only president in the region who attended the Mass.

the next meeting of Cristina with the Pope could be between 25 and 27 September in the General Assembly of the UN , in New York, where he will speak for the first time a pope.

"Pope that media corporations are not published, but the world's people hear "

the president's Office published on its website a series of fragments of speech Francisco in the world Meeting of Popular Movements held in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, on 9 July.

"Someone said it was almost an abbreviated encyclical. You are absolutely right. I ventured to extract some fragments, "said the president as a way to present the publication on its web fragments of speech.

Previously, Twitter, Cristina again questioned, as he had done earlier, the coverage of both the nation and Clarin today greeting made the pope sent the country yesterday to cross the Argentine airspace on its journey from Bolivia to Paraguay, last stop of his visit to the region.

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Failed the exit of Argentine tourists in Potosi

Failed the exit of Argentine tourists in Potosi -

Argentine families are still stranded in Potosi, a city undergoing a major protest demonstration and mining.

in the last hours it was learned that, despite the agreement that had been achieved with the protesters, failed to arrive at the airport to return home.

according to the Minister of Communications of the Province reported Jorge Lawson , 80 Argentines were escorted by members of the Civic Committee Potosina (Comcipo) on their way to the plane return to the national soil. However, after overcoming seven pickets, the latter will not let them go and had to return to the city.

According to the official, remains to be seen whether tourists can resume negotiations and find a new meeting place to exit place.

Argentine stranded in Potosi already in the country

Argentine stranded in Potosi already in the country -

Following the news that Argentine stranded in Potosi had managed to cross the eighth and final seal has been confirmed, there was still hope that will return to the country.

this news was confirmed on Saturday night when they managed to cross the border Villazón to reach La Quiaca, Jujuy province.

this menera, it will be a matter of hours for travelers, including several Cordovan, can return home and ending an ordeal.

Meanwhile, demonstrations continue in the heights of the neighboring country. The potocinos who adopted the measure of force, of the few strongly opposed to the government of Evo Morales sectors, argue that not raise unemployment until they have a meeting with the president.

Sandra Rinaldi , one of the stranded Cordoba, is one of the last tourists are returning to the country. He explained that it was a new experience to see "a people together making a claim, and even paying with sacrifices."

They fear that the nuclear deal with Iran affect the AMIA cause

They fear that the nuclear deal with Iran affect the AMIA cause -

For two weeks, the international community welcomes the agreement reached between the nuclear powers (United States, Russia, China, UK, France and Germany) with Islamic Republic . (See: "Nuclear Powers reached an historic agreement with Iran")

The Persian nation pledged not to develop nuclear technology for military purposes and to allow the entry of international watchdogs to its territory. In exchange, the signatory states of the agreement offered the lifting of all sanctions levied on Iran.

While the Argentine government expressed satisfaction over the agreement quickly from the Chancellery off alarms by providing your application effective can potentially affect the development of cause AMIA .

Indeed, in a letter sent by the Foreign Minister Hector Timerman his US counterpart John Kerry and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini , asked not to be removed from the sanctions list former Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi .

"Mr. Vahidi is wanted by Interpol, at the request of the Justice of the Argentina republic, in the context of the case that the bombing of the mutual headquarters of the Association investigates Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) occurred on July 18, 1994, "said Foreign Minister in the letter.

Wreckage found in Reunion Island is Malaysia

Wreckage found in Reunion Island is Malaysia -

Prime Minister Malaysia, Najib Razak, confirmed that the debris discovered on the island The meeting belong to flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines , who disappeared in March 2014 with 239 people on board.

However, the French prosecutor was more cautious in stating that this is a "strong presumption" that must still be confirmed

Meanwhile, relatives of the victims who were flying on the Boeing 777 demanded to know the causes of the accident, reported the website of the French newspaper LeFigaro. "Now I want to know where the cabin of the aircraft is, so that we can remove the black box to find out what happened and to put an end to this case," said Jacquita Gonzales wife of a crewmember, to that medium.

for the French Prosecution there is a "strong presumption" that the rest of spoiler found on the beach last July 29 is the flight MH370 , although the current state of research does not allow confirm completely, reported the Spanish news agency EFE .

the piece of wing had been transferred last weekend to a local address General of the French Aviation, located on the outskirts of Toulouse, where he was examined by a team of experts from different nationalities.

in a first contact, experts sent by Boeing confirmed that the technical characteristics of the fragment they are of a Boeing 777, the same model that was lost when flying over the Indian Ocean without a trace.

added to this is that the representatives of Malaysia Airlines provided "elements of the technical documentation of flight" that were " common "to the remains examined.

But the deputy prosecutor of Paris, Serge Mackowiak , responsible for the judicial inquiry, tests so far are not sufficient to conclude that the remains belong to the plane, so he preferred to wait for the results of the additional tests will continue tomorrow, to "remove all doubt."

a modesty that did not Najib, who appeared in Kuala Lumpur minutes before the French prosecutor to ensure that an international group of experts had concluded that the remains found on the island of Reunion "are MH370."

"Now we have the physical evidence that, as announced on 24 March last year, the flight ended tragically in Indian Ocean , "said this morning the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Three judges instructors conduct research in France , one of the anti-terrorist section, which shows that Paris does not close the door to any hypothesis about what happened to that flight.

the presence of molluscs in the found remains can determine what kind of water was the piece of wing found, a fact that can be combined with the trajectory of ocean currents

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Guarantee new financial aid for Greece

Guarantee new financial aid for Greece -

The Eurogroup announced that "Greece and the European institutions, with the participation (" input ") of Monetary Fund International "reached an agreement on the third financial assistance program to recover the situation in Greece .

" he agreed. Greece is, and irreversibly remain member of the euro zone ", said for his part in a message to the Twitter network the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker .

the ministers of finance and economy the eurozone and gave their approval to the previously agreed at the technical level to make loans of up to 86,000 million euros to the government of Athens.

the announcement of the Eurogroup is contained in an official statement published on page Council of Europe website, where he also pleaded pleased by the agreement and said that he perm ill allow Greece to have a primary deficit of 0.25% in 2015 and will require primary surpluses of 0.5 %, 1.75% and 3.5% in subsequent years until 2017.

the Eurogroup also hopes that in the future Greece becomes subject to an IMF program.

in return for the third bailout, Greece will have to make changes that will mean 4% to 5% of GDP, some of them in such sensitive areas as pensions, VAT or privatization.

therefore you receive on a period of three years to 86,000 million euros from creditors of the European Commission (EC), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).

the IMF, which participated in the two previous bailouts, has conditioned its role in the latter at a considerable remove debt for Greece, which has long required Athens but Germany, the main Greek creditor still objecting.

managing director of the Fund International Monetary (IMF) Christine Lagarde , he applauded the agreement reached today for a third bailout for Greece by the European partners, but insisted that the Greek debt is "unsustainable" and should be considered "significant relief "if you want to succeed.

" I keep firmly the view that Greece's debt has become unsustainable and the country can not restore debt sustainability only through its own actions, "he said Lagarde in a statement.

therefore, he stressed that it is "equally important" that European partners to make "concrete commitments" to provide "a significant debt relief, well beyond those considered so far".

the agreement, which came after six hours of discussions at an extraordinary meeting of the Eurogroup, provides a first disbursement of 26,000 million euros to be divided into two sections.

This amount is divided into two subtramos. one of 10,000 million euros, which will be immediately available in a special account of the bailout fund eurozone to recapitalize Greek banks

the second, 16,000 million euros, will be disbursed Greece in several installments, starting with one of 13,000 million before 20 August, just in time for Athens to cope with the disbursement of 3,400 million euros to the European Central Bank (ECB), according to the statement by the Eurogroup, the agency EFE news.

Another will be disbursed in autumn and will be subject to the implementation of key measures agreed in the memorandum of understanding sets out the conditions of the new program and will be specified by the European institutions and agreed by the "number two" of the ministers of Finance and Economy.

a second disbursement for the recapitalization of banks up to 15,000 million euros will after the first review of the rescue and in any case be paid before 15 November, subject to the planned review of the quality of bank assets and stress tests.

in total so there will be 25,000 million euros to clean up or liquidate the Greek banking problems.

should national parliaments approve the agreement at the beginning of next week, as expected, Greece could and settle debts by 3,400 million euros resources of the new and third aid package, the news agency DPA reported.

Meanwhile, the Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem, gave a press conference at the end of the meeting.

Dijsselbloem, who is also finance minister of the Netherlands and chairman of the board of governors European stability mechanism, said the IMF will consider additional support in the autumn (northern hemisphere), and insisted that the Eurogroup is crucial participation of the Fund.

the also chairman of governors of the European mechanism stability (ESM) added that Greece's debt can be sustainable without nominal removes some, but other relief mechanisms will be taken into account.

He added that the board of governors of the ESM hopes to give its approval the 19th in the afternoon as part of the procedure, which "would unblock the initial tranche" rescue.

"All the hard work over the past few weeks has paid off," Dijsselbloem said, who said the extraordinary Eurogroup meeting today has been "very constructive".

raffled on during the same day parliamentary approval and ratification of the Eurogroup, Tsipras must deal now with dissidence in Syriza.

in a joint statement issued yesterday, former Minister Panayiotis Lafazanis announced the creation of a antirrescate movement advocating social mobilization to combat policies that will implement the new program, which is considered a prelude to the split of Syriza.

former Finance Minister Yannis Varoufakis, rejected the deal as unworkable, but offered to give up his seat if that strengthened the shaky alliance in power, and in an article published today called for "unity in the discrepancy "as a rule of conduct

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Palestine: Abbas announced his resignation as head of the PLO

Palestine: Abbas announced his resignation as head of the PLO -

The announcement of the resignation of Mahmud Abbas as chairman of the Executive Committee Organization Palestine liberation (PLO), without immediate effect, is a strategy to revamp the agency, which could open the door to changes in Palestinian politics.

After a meeting last night the Committee, spread the intention of the President to submit his resignation to the front of the body, along with other nine of the eighteen members, in a move seen by many as a "symbolic" or "strategic" act.

These resignations, as internal regulations, are essential to convene an emergency meeting of Palestinian National Council (PNC) has not met in more than 20 years ago. This is the legislative body of the PLO and responsible for the appointment of the members of the Committee. It is made up of over 740 members.

Unlike Palestinian National Authority (ANP), which only has representation from the West Bank and Gaza, the PLO also integrates the Palestinians living in territory occupied by Israel and the diaspora residing elsewhere in the world, much of it in Argentina and Chile.

Precisely because of the great legitimacy available to the PLO, the Israeli government had requested its disintegration during the Oslo accords in 1993. in its place the PNA was formed, with a smaller representation.

the resignation of Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority does not necessarily indicate a willingness to abandon its post as head of the PLO, which replaced the historic Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, but the short term, intended to force a renewal of this body, whose youngest representative more than 60 years and not reelect almost two ago decades.

"They want to convene a meeting of CNP to achieve a stronger Executive Committee," he told the news agency EFE Palestinian political veteran and member of the PLO, Mustafa Barguthi.

Proof of this is that as soon as the resignation of Abbas became known, his confidant and new secretary general of the PLO, Saeb Erekat announced to the local press that " the Executive Committee agrees to ask for an extraordinary meeting of the NPC as soon as possible "

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Mexico gives closed the controversy with Pope Francisco

Mexico gives closed the controversy with Pope Francisco -

Mexican Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Meade , gave "absolutely settled" any difference with Vatican , following the words of Pope Francisco in which he warned of the risk of "Mexicanization" of Argentina, and said the invitation for the pope visit Mexico "remains open".

the response of the chancellor came after the Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi , he claimed that the Pope did not want to hurt that country but "to emphasize the seriousness of the phenomenon of drug trafficking that afflicts Mexico and other Latin American countries. "

in a meeting with journalists, the foreign minister said that by way of diplomatic dialogue was" absolutely settled "any" differences that might have been "with the Holy See after the pronouncement with which the Pope made reference to the advancement of drug trafficking in Argentina.

"Mexico's relationship with the Vatican State" and "the Pope is a relationship of great importance, (...) endearing and nearby, as I said yesterday the Vatican, "said Meade, quoted by EFE.

the chancellor stressed that the invitation of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto made personally Francisco to visit the country "remains open".
"we know the interest (...) that the Pope has for Mexico and we will be attentive when and when it is convenient, Mexico reiterated by the full readiness and full taste would that visit our country, "he added.

Lombardi also said in Rome that" the Pope was not intended in any way to hurt the feelings of the Mexican people, by which nourishes a special affection, much less underestimate the government commitment in the fight against drug trafficking. "

the reaction of the Vatican, which had already been brought forward on Tuesday by Mexico, was the result of a formal request for clarification made by the foreign minister of Mexico, Jose Antonio Meade , after expressing his "sadness and concern" over the Pope's words.

"As is known, the expression 'avoid mexicanización', it was used by the Pope in an e-mail strictly private and informal in response to an Argentine friend very committed to the fight against drugs, which had used the phrase "Lombardi said.

earlier, the leader of the NGO La Alameda and Buenos Aires legislature, Gustavo Vera, that was who spread the concepts of Mexico that Pope Francis sent him a personal note, said the country should be more concerned "by the facts that semantics" because "the truth I think the tree is covering the forest ".

added that the expression of Pope Francisco to warn about the risks of a" Mexicanization "of Argentina for drug trafficking, adding that" it was not any kind of stigma "and that" we were surprised by the reaction the Mexican government. "

added, in an interview with Radio Formula Mexican chain," Francisco uses the neologism, but far is to stigmatize, offend the sentiment of the Mexican people. "

"We talk about 'mexicanización' as you (the Mexicans) colombianization spoke ten years ago. It was a recontra popular term in Mexico and no one interpreted it as a stigma against Colombia, "he said.

Vera noted that when Francisco uses the expression" refers to the last of the countries that unfortunately drug trafficking has managed to get inside a spiral of violence which is very hard to go beyond good intentions and beyond the measures timely taken by the government "

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Brazilian opposition does not tend a hand to Rousseff

Brazilian opposition does not tend a hand to Rousseff -

Former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso rejected the possibility that his Party Brazilian Social Democracy ( PSDB ), the main opposition force, go to "seek an approach" to "save" the government of the president Dilma Rousseff against the delicate political and social situation in.

"the time is not to seek a rapprochement with the government but with the people, and he wants before anything that happens in clean the case of scandal Petrobras, "he wrote last night, the Social Democratic leader on his Facebook account.

Cardoso, who ruled Brazil between 1995 and 03, argued that any dialogue with the government of Workers Party (PT) at this time would be interpreted by the public as "a scheme to save something that can not be saved."

the possibility of an "approximation" of Cardoso government had been identified by local media that after the disavowal of the former president, interpreted that it wishes to see the size of the opposition demonstrations called for next Sunday before ruling on a possible agreement to support Rousseff.

the government is going through a delicate economic situation determined by the stagnation of production, a sharp rise in inflation and unemployment and devaluation of the national currency.

Similarly, suffers the consequences of the scandal Petrobras, after they unveil that the state company billionaires funds were diverted to finance election campaigns PT and bribe legislators to pass bills promoted by the government.

the Supreme Court (STF, Supreme Court) approved on Friday the Attorney General for to investigate the possible responsibility of 54 politicians-including the presidents of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha Renan Calheiros and the siphoning money from Petrobras.

the list includes 22 current deputies and 12 senators, among them former President Fernando Collor de Mello and several leaders who were ministers Rousseff or its predecessor, Luiz Lula da Silva.

But is not the president, who under President Lula was Minister of Mines and Energy and president of the Board of Directors of Petrobras, because, according to the attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, "the president, in his term of office, can not be held responsible for acts . strange exercise of their functions "

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parliamentary elections in Israel

parliamentary elections in Israel -

be held tomorrow Israel tomorrow in a parliamentary vote that ended up becoming a referendum on the right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disadvantaged by the coalition of center field Zionist linking the Labour Isaac Herzog and the center-right, former Minister Netanyahu Tzipi Livni.

Netanyahu , the first native to reach the position Israeli prime minister between 1996 and 1999 and returned in 09. he successfully defended again since 2013, and aspires to a fourth term though, with polls assigning 24 seats against 20 of its main adversary , can be defeated in the election.

polls announce that after the pronouncement of the nearly six million voters Campo Zionist (consisting of the Labour Party Herzog and Hatnuá centrist Livni) will defeat the Likud by a Unlike four seats, 24-20.

Both "Bibi," as it is known in Israel as Herzog (who is called "Buzi") tried to seduce voters of his allies the last day of campaigning, analysts say.
When, from the settlement of Har Homa in East Jerusalem, Netanyahu said his opponents the unity of the Israeli city under control was not sure and he would continue to work to prevent its division, pointed to the base Naphtali Bennett, head of the Jewish home and defender of the settlements in the West Bank.

the latest polls show that the Jewish home is absorbing votes from Likud that Netanyahu seeks to recover.

Bennett argues in his campaign for the annexation of parts of the West Bank still under Israeli control and the creation of an autonomous Palestinian entity. Since it is difficult that despite winning seats, the center left achieves form a government, will assume a much greater weight in future Executive formed by the Likud.

To counter this, "Bibi" reiterated that if he maintained in the Israeli government there would be a Palestinian state.

regarding Jerusalem, Netanyahu predicted that if they beat Zionist Campo, its leaders "would be left out by the international community and accept its orders" among others to freeze housing construction in East Jerusalem.

"Bibi" understands that if his party won a relatively poor result, lose a significant percentage of legitimacy to continue as chief executive even when only the Likud remains in a position to form a government.

the president of the party Israel our home, Avigdor Lieberman, meanwhile, left the relative moderation which had forced his chancellorship and deployed extreme bellicosity that had characterized from the plain when he said that if, as he was appointed defense minister in the next Israeli government, will head the military "last campaign" against Hamas.

Similarly, although addressing a different audience, Isaac Herzog summoned voters secular party of middle class Yesh Atid (There Futuro), led by Yair Lapid, to support it to him so as not to the game Netanyahu in parliamentary arithmetic.

the Labour leader expressed his commitment to be prime minister "of all Israelis" without group differences, beliefs or ideologies.

"I promise: I will be the prime minister of all and for all, to the right and the left, to the ultra-Orthodox and secular, for Arabs, Druze, Circassians. Prime Minister will be the center and the periphery; students and senior age, "he said.

The elections tomorrow also bring into question aspects of the policy of Netanyahu bothering the President of the United States, Barack Obama, particularly the anti-Iranian intransigence that led him to give a bordering speech meddling in US Senate that country on January 3 issues.

Another issue of concern Israelis is the rising cost charged by neoliberal policies cabinet Netanyahu, culminating with enormous power the process that led to that forty years ago was one of the developed countries more egalitarian (between Jews at least) to be the most unequal.

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Relatives of dead Argentines in France prepare your trip

Relatives of dead Argentines in France prepare your trip -

families of the three dead Argentines in the air tragedy of corporate jet Germanwings began the paperwork to travel to France , where there is still no explanation for the accident in which 150 people so researchers do not rule out the hypothesis of an attack were killed.

relatives of Gabriela Maumus , her boyfriend Sebastian Grecco and the Argentine-Paraguayan Juan Pomo, were received today in the Foreign Ministry to begin the process to repatriate the bodies.

This portfolio lamented the tragedy that "mourns to Argentine, Spanish, German and other nationalities families "and was assured consulates in Spain, France and Germany made" all necessary steps in relation to the Argentine citizens. "

German Chancellor Angela Merkel , the president of Spain, Mariano Rajoy and France Francois Hollande , today toured the area of ​​the accident, in full French alps, where aid was promised reciprocal to clarify the causes of the tragedy.

Hollande committed to the highest authorities of the two countries to "fully elucidated" the causes of the tragedy because "we owe it to the families of the victims. "

the president of the German airline Lufthansa, Carsten Spohr, said in Frankfurt that the plane crash Airbus A320 Germanwings" inexplicable "and that the device was technically in a" flawless " as appropriated EFE.

the plane left yesterday morning from Barcelona El Prat airport to Dusseldorf, Germany, with 144 passengers and six crew.

at 1045 local time on Airbus A320 reached the height of regular flight of 38,000 feet and a minute later began to fall for eight minutes.

According to the online Flightradar24 service, fell at a rate of between 3,000 and 4,000 feet, about 00 and 1,0 meters per minute, comparable to a flight approach.

at 10.53 the plane lost contact with the tower French control when he was at an altitude of 6,000 feet, about 1,800 meters, and crashed a hundred kilometers northwest of Nice in full French alps.

the president of the budget carrier Germanwings cost, Thomas Winkelmann, reported that of the 150 passengers 72 were of German nationality and 35 Spaniards, although the Spanish government says were 51 Spaniards who were on the flight.

Among the passengers there was also a British, a Dutch, a Colombian, Mexican, Japanese, Danish, Belgian and Israeli .

Furthermore, aboard the crashed plane were also three Argentine passengers, two Iranian, two Venezuelans, three Americans and two Australians, according to Winkelmann.

the German Minister of Transport, Alexander Dobrindt , asked to stop speculation about the causes of the accident while the German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said that there is no evidence that the plane crash Germanwings in the French Alps has been caused by deliberate acts of third parties.

However, the owner of the BEA of France (agency responsible for the safety investigation) René Jouty stressed that "we must not rule out any hypothesis" to respond to a likely attack.

"no no explanation for the attitude of the pilots who for eight minutes down in a controlled manner the aircraft and crashed into the mountain, without notice of any damage to air traffic controllers "Jouty said.

French President he announced today that it was encontada the casing of the second black box of the plane, but it can only be the height data and speed while Jouty noted that the first black box found yesterday "and was extracted folder audio" .

However he said it can take weeks and months to know the final conclusions of the audio, which must also be evaluated in the voices of the pilots, engine sounds and other noise that allows to know why the tragedy occurred .

the catastrophe was one of the most German victims has caused in recent decades and left in "shock" to the country, as explained Bodo Klimpel, mayor of the town where returned 16 teenagers they had gone to Spain to a cultural exchange trip.

the rescue, interrupted today at nightfall in France, is composed of nine helicopters that carried about 400 gendarmes, soldiers, investigators and forensic.

the airway appears as the only viable way to reach the mountainous, rugged area where the wreckage, practically pulverized, spread over an area of ​​four hectares, with 150 bodies.

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Pope Francisco criticized the complainers and bored shepherds

Pope Francisco criticized the complainers and bored shepherds -

The Pope Francisco recalled that priests can not be "shepherds with vinegar face, plaintiffs nor, which is worse, bored shepherds "during the homily of Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday he celebrated in the Basilica of San Pedro .
Mass today also recalls" the day of the institution of the priesthood "and therefore the Pope's homily, as in previous Holy Thursday was dedicated to advice for priests and the" beauty "of fatigue for engaging the faithful.
Argentine pontiff Jorge Bergoglio he explained how this whole service and proximity to people tired, but he said, "is tired of the good, full of fruits and joy fatigue."
"the faithful does not leave us without direct tasks except one hide in an office or walk around town in a car with tinted windows, "he said.
But despite this fatigue, the Pope told the priests that can not be" shepherds faced vinegar, complainers nor, is worse, bored shepherds. "
also reiterated the need for pastors" smelling of sheep "and" smile father. "
" Nothing to do with those that smell of expensive perfume and you look from afar and from above, "he added
According appropriated news agency EFE, Francisco began his homily with a confession." you know how many times I think fatigue. Weariness of you all. I think a lot and pray it often, especially when you're tired I am. "
" Our fatigue is precious in the eyes of Jesus who welcomes us and puts us up, "said the pontiff in the first ceremony of the "Triduum Pasqual", the period of time when Catholics commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Christ.
Francisco went over the duties to be fulfilled by priests and then added that there are also other tasks like "building a new parish, or paint the lines for football field youth living Oratorio. "
" These are tasks that our heart is moved and touched. We rejoice with the couple who marry, we laugh with the baby they bring to baptize; We accompany the young people preparing for marriage and families; We grieve with receiving the anointing in the hospital bed, weep with those who bury a loved one ... be, "he added.
The duties, according to Francis, who" fatigues the heart of Pastor "because, he said "for us priests stories of our people they are not a newscast"
"we know our people, we can guess what is happening in his heart. and ours, to feel sorry (to have them), we are going fraying, we are part into a thousand pieces, and is moved and even seems eaten by people, "he said.
also urged the Pope to priests" not only to do good, with all the fatigue involved, but we must defend the flock and defend oneself against evil. "
" the devil is beating us and is able to pull down at a time what we build patiently for a long time, "he said.
But recommended them to it," we must learn to neutralize bad "and" no "pull up the weeds, not pretend to defend as supermen what only the Lord has to defend. "
the celebration of Holy Thursday will continue this afternoon when Francisco, continuing the tradition when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires, will leave the Vatican to make a Mass in the Roman prison Rebbibia where wash the feet of twelve prisoners

. Source: Telam

A Taliban group killed 16 people in northern Afghanistan

A Taliban group killed 16 people in northern Afghanistan -

A group of Taliban infiltrated a government building in a northern city of Afghanistan and killed 16 people, including women and children, and wounded more than 60, sources with local security.

The men, dressed in military uniform entered a complex judicial offices in Mazar-e-Sharif , capital of Balkh province, and staged an exchange of fire with security forces that lasted for more than six hours.

the head of regional security, Abdul Khaliq Qaderi , said that in fact 11 civilians, five policemen and four attackers, while 67 people, all civilians, were wounded died.

the head of the provincial hospital, Khuwaja Noor Mohammad Faiz, reported that the health center received 16 bodies, but not the bodies of the four bombers, and who treated 67 wounded.

"most of the dead and wounded are civilians, including children and women, and dozens wounded are in critical situation, "said Faiz, so the death toll could rise, the news agency reported EFE .

attackers shot and killed the guard security guarding the entrance to gain access to the site, which houses the office of the attorney general provincial and the Court of Appeals of Balkh.

the Afghan Ministry of Interior said the attackers were five four were killed and the other detainee, in a statement in which he said that all workers and visitors were evacuated from the building.

the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack on the "enemies" suffered heavy casualties, according tweeted spokesman the insurgent group, Zabihullah Mujahid.

the attacks in Balkh are less common than in other Afghan provinces, although there insurgent activity in rural areas.

NATO put an end in 2014 to its combat mission in Afghanistan (ISAF), which was replaced in January by the operation with about 4,000 soldiers in relief efforts and training of the bodies of Afghan security.

at the same time, the United States continued its mission "terrorism" in the Central Asian country, which invaded in 01 after the attacks of 11-S, with 9,800 soldiers remain on the ground until year end.

Source: Telam