Bachelet: "The crisis will allow background correction"

Bachelet: "The crisis will allow background correction" -

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said that the current crisis facing his government, which reflected in the low approval of both management and of the parties with parliamentary representation, it is an opportunity to "take charge and make corrections background," as do "serious countries" and dismissed the rumors about his resignation.

to Bachelet "this crisis is a tremendous opportunity to move forward on those elements, loopholes or institutional strengthening to prevent such situations from happening again," because "in the past corrections were made, but were timid, not arm the system all conditions facing a situation of this nature. "

the president, who held a meeting with foreign correspondents Palacio de la Moneda also noted that the crisis is an opportunity to sincerar things "as the behavior of some companies that have some practice or former parliamentarians who have recognized that they have asked for help to companies to finance their campaign."

"the problem is not is to ask for help, because the Electoral Service (Servel) has the legal mechanism for contributions are made, but are using other mechanisms, "said Bachelet.

During contact with the press the president also he referred to versions of a possible resigns. "I have not thought of giving up or intend to do, on the contrary I will continue working for the country," he said, noting that it would be an institutional breakdown.

On this point, he expressed concern at the role they have had the media in the development of the crisis saying that "we tell the truth, but at least check what is being said."

the president also referred to the facts of corruption that took state public in recent months. "There may be corruption in the country, but it is not widespread. Not everyone is corrupt. But there is a sort of culture of distrust, where for people all are corrupt and that's not true," he said.

Regarding the case Caval, where his son, Sebastian Davalos, was involved in a millionaire credit for the purchase of some land in the town of Machalí, the President said that "there is an ongoing investigation and in fact my daughter at this time is declaring and I called my son and asked if declared on Wednesday and he tells me he never cited. But I preferred pronunciarme once the investigation is complete. "

About the deep committed reforms during his presidential campaign, Michelle Bachelet did not hesitate to say that "all have to be done, despite natural disasters, pending reconstructions and forest fires, tasks are important," and said that "we will move forward to ensure that the agreements we have taken with Chilean citizens let's get fulfilled. "

highlighted among these reforms educational," because your changes will not be noticed tomorrow but long term, "but said that some of them will note 2016, when a significant percentage of students will have free education.

regarding reforms, also spoke about the new Constitution. "We are defining when we will, how to explain to people what it means to have a new constitution. Because for them, for normal people is a distant subject, since from the dictatorship, allowed to make civic education in schools".

"We want to do a job for citizen participation, explain what it means, what is the degree of understanding of the matter and what is the degree of interest that our compatriots," added the president.

in this regard, he said he is convinced that also from the problems of recent times "there is interest in having a new Letter Fundamental because it can also be an element that would help generate some agreement to recover essential, the confidence of citizens and then can be a great opportunity. "

on the position of Chile against the decree of US rate Venezuela as a" threat "to their safety inside, the president said Chile was part of the statement rejecting the decree made by the Union of South American Nations (Unasur). "We have a double standard, we will continue with the same position to say what we think but we will also work to bring the parties."

Finally, the president referred to the catastrophe by floods in the north of the country and said that rebuilding the affected areas will cost "at least 1,500 million, because the affected group is much larger than the fire in Valparaiso and the earthquake Norte Grande".

This cost , he stressed, will be financed by taxes generated from the Copper Law and budgets between now and 2018.

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Uruguay dismisses Eduardo Galeano at the Legislative Palace

Uruguay dismisses Eduardo Galeano at the Legislative Palace -

President Tabare Vazquez will attend the event with his entire government team to accompany family and friends of the writer.

the remains of Uruguayan writer and journalist, Eduardo Galeano wake will be held Tuesday at the Hall of Lost Legislative Palace, located in Montevideo, capital of Uruguay Steps.

the deputy secretary of the Presidency, Juan Andrés Roballo, told local media that the entire executive train, headed by President Tabare Vazquez will attend the official ceremony, which is scheduled for 15 and could be extended to 22 local time.

After the news of his physical departure, which occurred Monday in the capital of that country, Vazquez expressed regret for the loss of "a personality that transcends national and international dimension."

the Hall of Lost Steps of Parliament where it will be veiled Galeano has also been host of honors personalities of the Uruguayan culture, as the writer Mario Benedetti (who died in 09) and artist Carlos Paez Vilaró (who died in 2014).

Galeano entered last week at a hospital in Montevideo due to the worsening of his health in recent days. In 07 he had undergone surgery for lung cancer and since then had suffered many relapses. Finally, he was killed Monday.

is considered one of the most prominent authors of Latin American literature. Among his many works include "Memory of Fire", "The next few days", "Guatemala, occupied country", "Your majesty football", "Soccer in Sun and Shadow," "Latin American Chronicles", "Password" "Use it and throw it out", "Muddled the school's world upside down." and the universally recognized "open veins of Latin America" ​​

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The IDB approved loans for water works

The IDB approved loans for water works -

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) granted a loan of 0 million dollars to the Argentina , which will be allocated to the implementation of program improvement in the provision of potable water and sanitation works in low-income populations across the country, which will benefit about half a million people.
This is the second operation is specified under the Credit Line for Investment Projects Program Water and Sanitation for Urban and Suburban Centers approved by the IDB in July 2010, he said the multilateral institution said in a statement.
the program will contribute to water services and sanitation are provided in an efficient and sustainable manner; will materialize renovation, rehabilitation, optimization and expansion of services of water supply and sewerage; will support the National Agency of Water and Sanitation Works (ENHOSA) and strengthen the functions of planning and regulating bodies.

The Security Council meets urge Yemen

The Security Council meets urge Yemen -

Today emergency meets the United Nations Security Council . The meeting will be held behind closed doors. The delegation of Lithuania, who will chair the organ in May, announced that the meeting will be held behind closed doors.

According had advanced the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon is submitted to the Security Council a proposal that had made the organization sent to Yemen. However, the meeting becomes more relevant after yesterday transcended a video where militants of the Islamic State are shown beheading more than a dozen Yemenis.

Two weeks ago, the UN official had expressed support the suspension of bombing by the Saudi Arabia. "In this regard, I have already expressed my deep appreciation to His Majesty, King Salman, for their generous donation of $ 274 million the UN requested for emergency humanitarian aid," Ban said.

the country located south of the Arabian peninsula is going through a strong internal crisis. Some voices and Rating civil war.

The conflict that led to the current situation unfolded in the framework of the so-called Arab Spring in 2012. But late last year, fighting increased in intensity. Houzíes rebel militias (Muslims from Shiite branch), managed to impose its control over the country's northwest.

This progress included the capital Sanna. At that time, in the absence of security guarantees by the Yemeni government, all embassies were closed, including the diplomatic mission of the United Nations. (See: "Persist bombing in Yemen and the UN withdrew its staff")

Since that time, Yemen has entered a stage of permanent political instability. Suspected rebels who profess Shiite Islam, would be getting an informal supply by Iran (with the same religious base).

This support would have motivated the entry of Saudi Arabia, whose government professes Islam Sunni like his Yemeni par. In between, heaping, entered the scene other belligerent actors. Al Qaeda and the Islamic State

According to the World Health Organization, the death toll over 1,0 people in the last six weeks .

Nepal: there are now 8,000 fatalities in the quake

Nepal: there are now 8,000 fatalities in the quake -

The National Center for Emergency Operations Government Nepal reported that l he died in the earthquake totaled 8,019 and injured 17,866, most of them concentrated in the districts of Sindhupalchowk, north of the Nepalese capital.

in addition, the Executive of China estimates that about 20,800 buildings were completely destroyed and more than 251,800 partially demolished after the earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on the Richter scale last April 25.

the UN estimates that 8 million people need help after the earthquake and 3 million food which requested $ 415 million, of which alone has so far raised 10%, according to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs international organization.

This was the earthquake of greater magnitude in Nepal in 80 years and the worst in the Himalayan region in a decade, since 05 another quake would cause more than 84,000 deaths in Kashmir.

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The heat wave in India and generated more than 2,000 killed

The heat wave in India and generated more than 2,000 killed -

The death toll from the heat wave affecting India with constant temperatures above 40 degrees exceeded 2,000 waiting thermometer provides a respite recently on Monday, officials said.

most victims come from the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, in the southeast Asian country, where they recorded the higher temperatures of the last 12 years for this time of year, said the DPA.

in much of the territory temperatures range between 40 and 45 degrees, while most fatalities were more 60, came from poor families and were outside their homes in the hottest hours.

the local Department of Meteorology said the respite newly arrive Monday with some rain will fall, albeit temporarily temperature.

Amid unrest, Correa projects fell tax

Amid unrest, Correa projects fell tax -

President Rafael Correa last night issued a message to the entire population. In order to prevent outbreaks of violence distributed across the country is widespread, he decided to withdraw the draft law on the creation of taxes that fell on inheritance and capital gains.

These taxes were tax intended on the one hand, transmissions gratuitously (inheritances, donations, findings, etc.) of goods and rights located in Ecuadorian territory. However in all cases would not apply only pay this tribute inherited large masses of the country's richest assets.

The project contained two types of progressive rates. For direct heirs, the marginal rate ranges from 2.5% to 47.5% (parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren). And for no direct heirs, from 2.5% to 77.5%.

On the other hand, the so-called capital gains tax was intended to tax the extraordinary gain from the transfer of goods. In this sense, the ruling was to restrict large real estate business by applying a rate of 75% to net profit in excess of 24 basic wages. In this regard, Correa had said. "Any additional value that is not the result of direct action owner is illegitimate gain"

According to official sources, both taxes had fallen to 2% of the richest population . the country

following these proposals, the South American country was experiencing a week of heavy convulsions the main flashpoints were concentrated in major cities.. Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca in for the first two, the demonstrations had the momentum, in addition, their own mayors, Mauricio Rodas (Quito) and Jaime Nebot (Guayaquil).

freedom of expression in the media

E n the substance of the debate, both sectors did not fail to point to a key player. media

President Correa, since he began his first term in 07, has denounced the constant attacks that receives from a press concentrated and associated with large economic groups. This time, he criticized that one of the causes of violence generated in the streets of the country was fueled by the mainstream media in the country who spread the concerns of its directors. He criticized the press of being "an accomplice of opposition groups, with the help of foreign advisers want him down."

On the other hand, amid social tensions, Secretary of the Department of it state for Latin America US Robert Jacobson called via Twitter the Correa government "to respect freedom of expression as a fundamental democratic right."

Thousands of Greeks march in rejection of the bailout

Thousands of Greeks march in rejection of the bailout -

Police said some 130,000 people attended the demonstration in the central Syntagma square, the main capital of Greece , which it took place in a peaceful environment and which also saw several ministers dressed in casual clothes.

the concentration marked the beginning of the campaign for the called referendum next Sunday Alexis Tsipras for the Greek people to decide whether to accept or reject the adjustment program that creditors demand to Greece in exchange for extending its financial assistance program.

in support of the position of premier, which he has called for a vote for the "no", attendees chose to ignore the draconian banking restrictions that went into effect today and again demand an end to the policies of austerity and self-determination of the Greek people.

a Unlike other events, especially the communist party where the exit from the eurozone is required, it advocated staying in the euro, but in a different Europe.

"not one step back" "No to terrorism in the European Union", "Peoples of Europe, all united" or "on Sunday we take the future in our hands" were the slogans of some of the signs that could be read in this first rally held at the beginning of the referendum campaign.

at the rally along with other members of the government, Labour Minister Panos Skurletis, told news agency EFE that "if the answer Sunday is a clear 'no', we a good Monday. "

the thesis of Executive Tsipras is that, if he can clear support of the population, can return to the negotiating table with a stronger mandate, a position that did not seem to share today many leaders eurozone and European institutions.

Among them were the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, or German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who recommended more or less openly "yes" as yet only way to reach an agreement

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He stressed the importance of the three T: land, housing and work

He stressed the importance of the three T: land, housing and work -

In a mass meeting in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the Pope Francisco again give a historical discourse. He acknowledged and apologized for the crimes committed against the native peoples of America on behalf of the Catholic Church. He also invited popular movements not shrink "against a system that imposes profits at any cost."

"They have committed many sins against the peoples of Latin America on behalf of the Church and, as he said John Paul II, it is time that the Church should kneel before God and ask forgiveness for the past and present sins, "said the Pope Francisco before hundreds of delegates of popular movements in 40 countries.

Francisco also he reminded "thousands of priests and bishops who opposed the logic of the sword with the power of the Cross. There was sin and plentiful but there also abounded grace against these indigenous people remember them all. "

The Three T. He urged the popular movements that defend the rights of the excluded "not shrink against a system that imposes profits at any cost" and that "the future of humanity is in the hands of the lowly in their ability to organize and collective search of the three T: earth, roof and Work ".

Popular movements and Mother Earth. Pope Francisco today closed the second meeting of popular movements formed by artisans, peasants, indigenous peoples, cooperatives and members of recovered factories, among others, during the second day of his visit to Bolivia.

"Popular movements have three challenges ahead -destacó Pope Francis put the economy at the service of the people, join them on the road Peace and Justice and defend Mother Earth "while adding that the future of humanity" is in the hands of popular movements. "

the Holy Father alluded addition to that" we must recognize that we need a change, I speak of the common problems of all Latin Americans who have a global matrix and that no State can solve by itself. "

" We want a real change, a change of structures, this system seeking profits at any cost and I call 'manure Devil', and do not hold on, do not hold neither workers nor peasants nor sister Mother Earth "and added," I'm so glad the church sits near Popular movements. "

" seriously things are not going well in a world where there are so many landless peasants, workers without rights and offended in their dignity people, explode many senseless wars and fratricidal violence appropriates our neighborhoods, "said the Pope.

" There is a desire for change among all peoples of the world, even within the small minority who believes benefit from this system, where there is dissatisfaction and sadness. Many expect a change that the release of this individualistic sadness that enslaves them, "he said.

The Pope also said that" now teach fundamental us with our home, with our Mother Earth, scientists agree that damage occurs the ecosystem, land and peoples and people of a savage way by the system that seeks the god Money is punished. "in this context he called popular movements" not shrink because the future of humanity is in your hands . You (by social movements) are sowers of a process of change that will not come because such a policy option prevailed "

" It is necessary to sustain a social process of structural change that if is not accompanied by a change in the heart, eventually ends up corrupted, change the heart, "said the Pope.

Francisco also listed the new forms of colonialism linked to" alienating consumption patterns, a new ideological colonialism that comes hand the mass media. "

He argued further that the future of humanity" is not in the hands of large leaderships, powers and elites but in the hands of the people and their ability to organize "

" the new and old colonialism breeds poverty, misery and forced migration, puts the periphery depending on the center and the right to an integral development is denied.

social movements delivered a document Pope Francisco in highlighting the defense of labor as human rights, the rejection of casualization and labor outsourcing, defense of migrants and refugees, and the promotion of a social and popular economy, among other things.

Francisco culminate tomorrow his visit to Bolivia with a visit to a prison while tomorrow after noon, when that country, depart for Paraguay, the last stop of his tour, where thousands of Argentines await.

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Barack Obama said the deal with Iran avoid war

Barack Obama said the deal with Iran avoid war -

President United States Barack Obama , emphatically defended the "historic with Iran "nuclear agreement and said the pact was the only way to avoid a war with Iran and an arms race in the Middle East, amid fresh criticism of the Republican opposition and Israel.

One day after Iran, the United States and five other powers announced the agreement reached in Vienna after 18 months of negotiations, Obama said his country was at an almost unique "fundamental choice" about whether to take the opportunity, in life, to resolve 13 years of nuclear dispute with Tehran.

the tight defense agreement, considered the greatest achievement in foreign policy Democratic president, seemed addressed directly to Congress, which is dominated by Republicans and where opposition lawmakers are discussing laws to try to prevent the implementation of the pact.

"I hope that the debate is robust, and that is as it should be," said Obama, who urged skeptical lawmakers on according to "remember the alternative" to the covenant and be "based on facts, not politics."

Israel, the great questioner

Despite the vehement exhortation President, critics of the agreement, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , raised even more the tone of their questions today.

in a speech to the national parliament, Netanyahu stressed that Israel is not bound by the agreement and indicated that his country could still decide to use military force against Iran's nuclear facilities even if the agreement progresses and applied.

"We reserve our right to defend ourselves against our enemies," Netanyahu said.

"We have strength, and is large and powerful," said the premier was quoted by the news network BBC .

under the agreement, the Iranian nuclear program will be restricted in scope and dimensions and closely monitored by the atomic watchdog UN (IAEA), in an attempt to ensure that the Islamic Republic does not you can develop a nuclear weapon.

in return, the powers gradually lifted sanctions imposed on Iran, unlocking billions of dollars in revenue and assets frozen in banks worldwide Iranian-and allowing Western companies to resume juicy business and operative in the Islamic Republic -.

the German deputy foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel, announced today that next Sunday will travel to Iran at the head of a delegation of businessmen, while the UK said evaluating reopen its embassy in Tehran before the end of the year, after having been closed in 2011 after a protest against British sanctions.

Obama, who answered questions from reporters in the East Room of the White House, said, without an agreement, the set of sanctions forcing Iran to negotiate would have fallen apart, and the international community have been unable to return to put into force

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Publican photo of Queen Elizabeth II giving the Nazi salute

Publican photo of Queen Elizabeth II giving the Nazi salute -

The publication of a photo of Queen Isabel II when I was a kid doing the Nazi salute has generated controversy in UK and has aroused uneasiness in the palace of Buckingman , which he described as "disappointing" the publication of the newspaper the Sun.

the image, illustrating the cover of today's British tabloid, he was apparently taken in 1933 in the grounds of Balmoral castle in Scotland, and she the queen, who was then seven years appears, with his mother, Isabel; her sister, Princess Margaret, and his uncle, Prince Edward.

The photo was taken from a video recorded in summer when the family spent the holidays, and tape the queen mother also makes the Nazi salute , although it is unknown how the newspaper had access to the filming of 17 seconds duration.

Following the publication, a spokesman for Buckingham palace said today that it is "disappointing that a film, taken eight decades ago and apparently the personal file of the family of His Majesty, was obtained and exploited in this way, "the agency EFE .

in the images they see little princesses play and dance in the garden with a dog and also sees his uncle, then prince of Wales who later became king Edward VIII.

"Many people see these images at the appropriate time and context. This is a family playing and for a moment by referencing a gesture that many would have seen on the news, "said spokesman Buckingham palace.

" No one at that time had no idea how to evolve (Nazism). Imply anything else is deceptive and dishonest, "stressed the spokesman, adding that the service of the Queen and her dedication to the welfare of the country during the Second World War and the 63 years that has built" relationships between countries and people speak for themselves. "

the UK feels great admiration for the father of Isabel II, king George VI, because during World War II decided not to leave London during the Nazi bombings and opted to stay in the capital with his family.

But the figure of Edward VIII is highly controversial because of the apparent sympathy with Adolf Hitler, with which even had a meeting in Munich in 1937, two years before the beginning of the war .

Meanwhile, the British tabloid has defended the publication of the images in asserting that are of historical significance.

Techint businessman arrested by Petrobras case

Techint businessman arrested by Petrobras case -

Ourique Ricardo Marques Managing Director of Engineering and Construction Company of Argentine Italian origin Techint in Brazil, was arrested along with other executives as part of the operation called Lava Jato, which began with the investigation into allegations of corruption in Petrobras and expanded to other state enterprises.

in a statement issued this afternoon in Buenos Aires, Techint said that once finished testifying, "towards noon," Ourique resumed "normal duties" and stressed that the company "provided all the information were you required and remains at the disposal of the "Brazilian authorities.

in addition to the arrests, the police was carrying 23 search requests and searches in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia , to review offices surveyed executives and their email accounts.

the surveyed companies are contractors Eletronuclear, a subsidiary of the electricity group Eletrobras, according to the federal prosecutor Athayde Ribeiro Costa , the director of Eletronuclear Othon Luiz Piñeiro received at least 4.5 million in bribes.

research It covers the Angramon consortium (which is part of Techint) and Engevix, also contractor of the works of Eletronuclear.

Eletronuclear is a subsidiary of Eletrobras and carried out the works of the Angra 3 plant, which are under investigation the authorities.

Othon da Silva is out of Eletronuclear since April this year, after the first allegations of corruption. Today was arrested in Rio de Janeiro under the regime of temporary detention as part of Operation Lava Jato. According to the Federal Public Ministry, Andrade Gutierrez paid bribes to the president of Eletronuclear for at least two contracts with the state. Contracts have been addressed to the consortium which Techint part winning party.

In April, the anti-corruption agency Comptroller General (CGU) announced the opening of an administrative proceeding against five companies allegedly involved in Lava Jato, who joined 29 other companies with open suspicion of irregularities processes.

the proceedings were opened against the Brazilian subsidiary of Argentina Italian Techint (Techint Engenharia e Construcoes Ltda), NM Engenharia, Construcap CCPS Engenharia, Niplan Engenharia and Jaragua Equipamentos.

in March, the Brazilian subsidiary of Techint criticized the state oil company Petrobras prohibit participate in new public works contracts, ensuring that the decision violates the presumption of innocence.

Since December 2014 Techint is prevented from further contracts with Petrobras with 22 other large construction.

the Public Ministry of Brazil said today that the irregularities uncovered in the state company Eletronuclear show that corruption goes "far beyond" the colossal scandal at Petrobras.

"we step and we see that corruption is not restricted only to Petrobras," he said the prosecutor Athayde Ribeiro Costa to explained in a press conference held today operation for evidence of the existence of Eletronuclear bribes in exchange for awarding works contracts to major private firms

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Obama: if the deal with Iran is not approved there will be war

Obama: if the deal with Iran is not approved there will be war -

President of United States Barack Obama said that if the Congress his country rejects nuclear deal with Iran , Washington faces a new war in Middle East in a speech in which he also criticized the decision members of Congress to support the Iraq war in 02.

on 14 July, Iran reached an agreement in Vienna on its nuclear program with the so-called Group 5 + 1 (US, Russia, China, United Britain, France and Germany) after long negotiations.

Obama described the debate in Congress on the agreement as the most important facing legislators on a foreign policy issue since the US legislature authorized the war in Iraq in 02.

according to the present occupant of the White House, the same congressmen who once supported the war now oppose the nuclear deal with Iran.

that invasion, Obama raised only benefited Iran, and the United States is paying the price for that mistake and its "consequences" ten years later.

These legislators, he said, are wrong to think that the deal with the Middle Eastern country was a " historical error ".

As part of its campaign to secure congressional support agreement, lawmakers from both parties criticized bitterly, Obama said that" every country in the world that publicly expressed on the agreement supported him, except the government of Israel, "according to the chain CNN .

" the pact with Iran is the agreement not stronger proliferation ever negotiated, "he argued Obama, who said" any benefit you take is Iran lifting of sanctions pales against ending the threat of an Iranian nuclear bomb. "

" Any parliamentary rejection of this agreement presents us with a new war in the Middle East, "he said, adding dramatize his approach, which this time had an audience of about 0 people.

"the military budget of Iran is the eighth of our Gulf allies combined," Obama said, to gauge the threat posed in his view, Islamic state.

to enter into force, the agreement reached in Vienna on July 14 must be approved by the US Congress and the parliaments of other countries

signatories of the pact, recalled EFE news agency. lawmakers could only cancel US participation in the agreement if two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress vote in that sense, something that would invalidate the veto that Obama has promised to impose any legislation against the pact

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Maduro and Morales celebrated the birthday of Fidel Castro

Maduro and Morales celebrated the birthday of Fidel Castro -

The leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro and the president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro surprised today at your hotel where you stay in the Cuban capital Bolivian president Evo Morales , to seek to address together in a combination to the celebration of the 89th birthday of former head of state.

the Cuban commander arrived with Maduro to La Laguna, where you stay Morales, who was scheduled to visit Castro at his home.

According to the report of Bolivia Red Patria Nueva was the biggest surprise of the Indian president to see arrive in a vehicle mentor of the Cuban revolution, who is in good health, despite his years.

"for Bolivia, all the love in the world and my admiration," said the Cuban leader.

Morales traveled to Havana to participate, along with a delegation member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (Alba), acts birthday Castro.

Upon arriving last night to the Cuban capital, Morales said he was "very happy and happy to accompany our brother Fidel Castro on his birthday. "

Speaking to reporters after his arrival at José Martí international airport, the president stressed his admiration and respect for Fidel and said he had learned much from their lessons.

Morales called the restoration of diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana as "a triumph of the Cuban people and the whole world unity."

Regarding the statement by the Political Council Alba which aired last Monday in Caracas, he said: "Our obligation as a government is to defend others who are being attacked" economically and politically

in this regard, he delved into the example of the attack. Local right against the government of President Rafael Correa and the process of citizen revolution in Ecuador.

"Our duty is to defend the democratic revolutions on the continent," stressed President Morales.

the head of state was accompanied by Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca. He was received on Cuban soil, the Deputy Foreign Minister Ana Teresita Gonzalez Fraga and Ambassador of La Paz in Havana, Palmiro Leon Soria.

Fidel Castro withdrawn from power since 06 and succeeded by his brother Raul It meets 89 years as part of a celebration tinged with concerts and tributes on the eve of the visit of United States secretary of State, John Kerry, who will lead tomorrow Friday the formal act of reopening of the US embassy on the island.

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Isychos Costas: "Tsipras was blackmailed by creditors"

Isychos Costas: "Tsipras was blackmailed by creditors" -

Following the resignation of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras , the Hellenic country again suffering a political and institutional shakeup in the context of the economic crisis afflicting years.

through a televised statement, the leader of Syriza , who had assumed in January past, resigned and called elections anticipated for September manner.

regard Radio Universidad spoke to Costas Isychos, deputy leader and former defense minister party, to investigate . on the complex situation being experienced by the European country after a massive popular rejection of the financial ransom and the decision to Tsipras to accept

"the prime minister had a dilemma: be in favor of his plan, of your project, with the support of the vast majority of the Greek people; or try to be blackmailed by creditors thing happened, "said exaliado Tsipras program Nothing fancy .

" The resignation is because the government of Alexis Tsipras unfortunately could not fulfill its pre-election promises to give a way out of this impasse are tuning packages, so-called bailouts, austerity policies and ultraliberal policies creditors coming from Berlin ", listed Greek official born in Argentina.

Costas Isychos is one of the MPs who broke away from the block that formed Syriza, to form starting today a new group of 25 deputies belonging to the wing's left of that force policy "Popular Unity" will be called.

"in this difficult time, lost (Tsipras) most of its parliamentary bloc, where nearly 40 deputies did not vote in favor of this new package number 3 and received the support of traditional right-wing parties and the social-democracy, "he told University.

According Kostas this new block that integrates" represents the pre-election program of Syriza "and said that will be presented with own candidates in all . the country in the elections next month

the leader is confident that Popular Unity will have the support of those Greeks who rejected the settings in the last referendum with more than 60 percent: "This large percentage was orphaned without political agenda that then represents the change so fast in the leadership of the prime minister. "

Nigeria: suicide bombers killed 29 people cause

Nigeria: suicide bombers killed 29 people cause -

Three young suicide bombers killed at least 29 people and wounded 60 in two attacks in bus stations in Northeast Nigeria , a region ravaged by the attacks of Boko Haram and the Islamists seek to establish a caliphate extending to other African countries.
the first attack occurred in Potiskum, the commercial capital of the northern state Yobe, when a suicide bomber detonated explosives near a minibus station local groups, killing 17 people and wounding nearly 30, security officials, witnesses and medical sources.
Hours later, two suicide bombers killed at least 12 more people by blowing up explosives in a station bus, this time in Kano, Capial namesake northern state, an explosion also caused a fire, officials said the local emergency services.
fire trucks and ambulances rushed to the scene of the attack in Kano, the second largest city in Nigeria and a frequent target of attacks by Boko Haram, which do not give sign of respite less than five weeks before the elections.
Commissioner police state of Kano, Ibrahim Idris, said that, not counting the attackers, at least 12 people died in the attack, but did not specify how many people were injured.
But sources emergency services told reporters Local precisely the newspaper Premium Times, at least 30 injured were rushed to hospital, he reported the news agency EFE.
Although no official claim of the attacks, all suspicion falls on Boko Haram, which in recent months has attempted on several occasions in public places in Kano and Potiskum.
last Sunday, a girl about 10 years blew himself up in a popular market Potiskum and killed at least five people .
witnesses quoted by local media said the three perpetrators of today's attacks were teenagers.
in the case of the attack in Kano, young people were like 17 or 18 years, witnesses said.
on the attack in Potiskum, the bus driver Adamu Isa said a security guard stopped the teenager after he blew a metal detector when passengers boarded the bus at the station Tashar Dan-Borno, just outside the city.
"I was told to wait on the side, but ran into the group and flew through the air," Isa said in remarks to the Nigerian daily the Vanguard.
Fuentes local hospital Potiskum said the center received 17 dead and 27 wounded.
it is estimated that some 13,000 people have died since 09 as a result of armed campaign Boko Haram to create an ultra-conservative Islamic state in northern Nigeria, richest area predominantly Muslim country and populated in Africa.
in recent weeks, the Islamist group has expanded its attacks on neighboring countries, raising fears of greater regional crisis.
Today in Niger, a mine planted by insurgents killed two soldiers and wounded four others in the region of Diffa, which borders Yobe.
This month, Niger to the joint military force comprising Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria to fight Boko Haram added, and many expect the Islamists undertake reprisals border.
the Nigerian authorities have expressed hope that the offensive of the four nations may contain violence before the elections on March 28, which were scheduled for February 14 but six weeks delayed due to Islamist violence in the northeast of the country

. Source: Telam

The government of Peru withdrew its ambassador from Chile

The government of Peru withdrew its ambassador from Chile -

The diplomatic tension between Peru and Chile following the complaint espionage which are being investigated three NCOs Navy Peruvian formulated by the government of Ollanta Humala , rose today with the decision of Lima removing its ambassador to Chile as "the satisfactions of the case" are not met, reported the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

the Chilean government said that it is "a sovereign decision" Peru that will not comment, and announced that he will answer the diplomatic note reserved manner, "as appropriate".

the withdrawal of the ambassador "is a matter that belongs exclusively to Peru. it is a sovereign decision, so we will not comment on decisions of other countries nor accept that discuss other sovereign decisions of our country, "he told reporters Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz.

portfolio Peruvian foreign delivered a diplomatic note to Chile reiterating his "firm rejection and deep concern for the actions of espionage Chile against national security", which adds the text, are " duly accredited. "

According to diplomatic communication, Peru considers that these activities, which are involved Peruvian military and Chileans are acts that" are not consistent with the spirit of collaboration and good neighborliness that should guide relations between the two countries. "

Peru reiterated that such actions are" duly accredited "and submitted additional information in respect of which was provided in the diplomatic note February 20.

also considered it "urgent" receive a prompt reply containing the results of the internal investigation being carried out in Chile, and the assurances that not bugged be repeated.

"Pending the satisfaction of the case are given, we will proceed to the withdrawal of the ambassador of Peru in Santiago de Chile," said the official statement Peruvian Foreign Ministry.

the Peruvian Foreign Ministry said last Tuesday he had received the Chilean response through diplomatic channels, to the protest note sent on February 20 and generated besides the call to query the Peruvian ambassador in Santiago.

in the diplomatic note, Peru asked the Chilean government to investigate the alleged espionage case attributed to three non-commissioned officers of the Navy of Peru send confidential information to military alleged Chilean

according to preliminary investigations, Peruvian noncommissioned officers were captured in 2011 and 06 by military alleged Chilean those who gave classified information.

Media local reported yesterday that one of the NCOs involved in the case identified a captain of the Chilean corvette as one of the people who gave information.

in turn, the Chilean foreign minister said his country "has remained a sober and serene attitude against Peru, "and confirmed the receipt of a new diplomatic note sent from Lima

." we're going to respond accordingly, through diplomatic channels; we will not comment on the content of those notes because they are confidential, "he added.
" In time, properly, we will respond, I can not say when, but analyze the contents of the note sent to us by Peru, it has been delivered to our business manager last night and promptly will answer by the diplomatic channel. "

the Muñoz foreign minister also reiterated that the Chilean government" does not accept, performs or covers actions espionage in other countries nor in ours "and insisted that the strategic purpose of relations with Peru" is seeking to maintain the good level of relations we have been building. "

" the notes (diplomatic) are through official channels respond not by the press, "the head of the Chilean diplomacy at the insistence of journalists

. Source: Telam

Brazil: Thousands of people participated in anti-government march

Brazil: Thousands of people participated in anti-government march -

Protests against the government and corruption gathered on Sunday more than a million people in some 50 cities in 23 states, including Alagoas, Amazonas, Bahia, Ceara, Goias, Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, Santa Catarina, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Sul and Rio de Janeiro.

Only in Sao Paulo, the largest Brazilian city, police estimated at one million the number of people attending the demonstration that occupied the central Avenida Paulista, in an act that meeting people of all ages. Many expressed dissatisfaction with the economic situation of the country and demanded the need for political reform.

"It's just that Brazil indigne" said the designer Lia Marques, 52. Many demonstrators carried signs reading "Get out Dilma."

major demonstrations were also recorded in the Paulistas cities of Campinas, Aracatuba, São José do Rio Preto, Presidente Prudente, Piracicaba, São João da Boa Vista, Indaiatuba , Valinhos, Mogi das Cruzes, Araçatuba, Sertãozinho, Franca, Ribeirão, Jacarei, Rio Claro, Jundiaí and Itu.

the Minister of Justice and the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Jose Eduardo Cardozo and Miguel Rosetto , they assessed the demonstrations as "democratic". According to Cardozo, "confirm that Brazil is experiencing a democratic state that accepts the divergence, the existence of contrary views, and is far from any coup alternative."

Rossetto said that many of the people who attended the marches Sunday are voters who did not support the president Dilma Rousseff in the last election in October.

at least 45,000 people attended the protest in the central area of ​​Brasilia and other 25,000 it did in Belo Horizonte, according to police in protests called by various groups through social networks that were supported by opposition parties.

in Rio de Janeiro, about 15,000 people gathered in front of the Copacabana beach, in a rally in which they asked president Dilma Rousseff leave the government and made criticism of the ruling Workers Party (PT) . In Rio, the far-right deputy Jair Bolsonaro was booed when he tried to make a speech to the assembled crowd. "No politician is going to rise to the sound truck," said one of the organizers of the legislator, who seeks to initiate a process of political support for the president of Brazil judgment.

Many protesters wore shirts with colors Brazil flag or slogans against the government and corruption. Also were carrying flags and posters with orders politician President Rousseff trial.

The demonstrations were convened by groups such as Vem Pra Rua (see Street), Limpa Brazil, Movimento Brasil Contra Corrupção, Movimento Brasil Livre , Diferença É or Sinal for Mudar or Brazil and Brasilia Forum.

There are two Argentines among the victims of the plane crash

There are two Argentines among the victims of the plane crash -

Two Argentineans were in the fateful flight of German low cost company Germanwings that crashed this morning in French alps. Thus, confirmed secretary of the Argentina Embassy in France, Santiago Rafael Martino .

This is Gabriela Maumus , 30, and her husband Sebastian Greco who were killed in the flight to the route Barcelona -. Düsseldorf

the aircraft was carrying 144 passengers, mostly Spanish and German, two pilots and four flight attendants and radars lost all signal at 7:39 when Argentina, (10 GMT) while hours after Lufthansa confirmed in social networks the accident and gave official figures on the number of victims.

the French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve , announced that it has found one of the plane's black boxes that will be given to research services and added that they have taken the necessary measures to cordon off the scene, according appropriated agency EFE .

Cazeneuve also said that tomorrow will reach the specialists area and coroners to research what happened "can take place in the best conditions."

a spokesman for the ministry said that found black box will be analyzed by experts from the French agency Accident Investigation (BEA) .

the BEA, specializing in aviation accidents, announced that tomorrow will offer a press conference with the first details about the event, which took place in a rugged area near the town of Prads-Haute-Bléone, in the French Alps.

Desolate and powerless, relatives and friends of the victims of the plane of Germanwings approached the airport in Barcelona to confirm the death of their loved ones and receive support and comfort in pain.

Source: Telam

In Chile condemned to 79 agents of the dictatorship of Pinochet

In Chile condemned to 79 agents of the dictatorship of Pinochet -

In a first instance decision, the judge Hernán Crisosto this morning sentenced to 13 years in prison six senior officers of the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) for the arrest and disappearance of Pedro Poblete Córdoba , a member of the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR), in July 1974.

Other 39 former agents were sentenced to ten years imprisonment, while 45 received a sentence of four years in prison as an accomplice.

Among those convicted is the former head of DINA Manuel Contreras, convicted of more than one dozen trials for violations of human rights, which has more than 400 years in prison.

the list of convicts also includes General Cesar Manriquez Bravo and brigadier Miguel Krassnoff Marchenko, while Demosthenes Cardenas Saavedra was acquitted by not accrediting their participation in the event.

Pedro Poblete Córdoba, 27 and a member of MIR, was arrested by DINA agents in the center of Santiago on July 19, 1974 and brought to the center of torture and extermination "London 38" before being transferred to the prison camp "Cuatro Alamos" where his trail was lost.

in 1975, the name of Poblete Córdoba appeared among the 119 names of opponents the dictatorship, most of the MIR, which the apocryphal publication Lea, published only once in Argentina and O novo Dia, published in Brazil, had been killed in internal purges of leftist group.

"exterminated like rats ", published Chilean media related to the dictatorship that collected this version then found that it was a setup.

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Foreign exchange earnings in Brazil amounted to US $ 2 million

Foreign exchange earnings in Brazil amounted to US $ 2 million -

foreign exchange earnings in Brazil was two billion dollars in March, which it involved an increase of 75 percent from February, driven more by high interest rates in the financial market that trade flows.

the Central Bank reported that liquid foreign exchange earnings in March reached 2 billion dollars against 1.140 million in February, while the early days there was an outflow of 807 million.

in the full year entered Brazil 3.950 billion, representing an increase of 203 percent compared to the same period of 2014, when they entered 1.300 billion, according to the report of the monetary authority, released by the diaro O Globo .

the higher income March was not driven by the influence of so-called exchange flow, which, in theory, a more advantageous price motivate exporters to bring resources from abroad, and, on the other hand, the export sector recorded an output of 71 million dollars.

According to the analysis, the large inflow of foreign exchange was channeled to the financial market, which posted revenues of 2,077 million dollars, attracted by high interest rates and the dollar.

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Obama asked to withdraw to Cuba of sponsoring terrorism

Obama asked to withdraw to Cuba of sponsoring terrorism -

The US President Barack Obama , she warned Tuesday the Congress of its intention to withdraw Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism in that country remains since 1982 and involved the imposition of sanctions.

"Today the president sent Congress the report and required certifications indicating the intention of Administration to rescind the designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, "he said spokesman for the White House, Josh Earnest, in a statement.

Cuba claims for years its output that list drawn up annually by the State Department, which involves the imposition of sanctions as a ban on arms sales and financial aid and which currently shares space only with Iran, Sudan and Syria.

the Congress now has 45 days to study Obama's decision and, in case of disagreement, may submit a bill to try to revoke the president's opinion.

Obama's decision comes just three days after his historic meeting with President of Cuba, Raul Castro, during the seventh Summit of the Americas in Panama, in a new step towards normalization of bilateral relations announced on 17 December.

in his message to Congress, Obama certifies that the Government of Cuba "has not provided any support for international terrorism during the last six months" and expressed "assurances that they will not support acts of international terrorism in the future."

Obama made the decision after receiving a recommendation from his secretary of State, John Kerry, who celebrated the president's decision today.

"circumstances have changed since 1982, when Cuba was initially designated as state sponsor of terrorism because of its efforts to promote armed revolution in Latin America, "Kerry said in a statement.

the reasons for the United States to maintain up to now Cuba on the list were his host alleged members of the Basque terrorist organization ETA and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), in addition to some fugitives from US justice.

"Although the United States has had and continues to have significant concerns and disagreements with a wide range of policies and actions of Cuba, those concerns and disagreements do not fall within the criteria for designation as a state sponsor of terrorism, "Kerry said.

the review made Kerry included contributions from the intelligence community American on the activities of Cuba and "guarantees provided by the Cuban government," said Earnest.

7.8 scale earthquake caused hundreds of deaths in Nepal

7.8 scale earthquake caused hundreds of deaths in Nepal -

An earthquake of magnitude 7.8 in Richter scale he shook central Nepal and caused far more than a thousand dead, hundreds injured and many buildings destroyed. The earthquake had its epicenter between Kathmandu and Pokhara city, the country's second largest.

A spokesman for the Nepali police told the BBC already had confirmed the death of at least 1150 people, 539 of them in the Kathmandu valley region. And the figure could rise because many more are trapped under the rubble.

The jolt was also felt in neighboring India, where there have been at least 22 faltales victims and even in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

in the capital several buildings including the iconic tower Dharahara- were reduced to rubble, trapping many people. The ancient temples were particularly affected.

The Nepalese authorities described damage severe and said that they were not limited to the epicenter area.

"we will need the support of several international agencies with more experience to handle the kind of emergency we are facing," said Information Minister Minendra Rija.

the shock also caused avalanches on Mount Everest, killing at least eight mountain climbers. There are also several missing.

This is the worst earthquake in Nepal since a 8.3 quake razed to Kathmandu in 1934, killing more than 8,500 people.

Violent incidents at the opening of the Exhibition of Milan

Violent incidents at the opening of the Exhibition of Milan -

Protesters contrary to Expo Milan 2015, which began this afternoon in the Italian city, caused riots in the historic center and held violent clashes with police that left dozens of burned cars and numerous broken shop windows.
incidents generated the reaction of local and national authorities called "isolate and punish" the "idiots violent" , causing "chaos" that marred the day.
Just hours after the first Italian ministers, Matteo Renzi, let inaugurated the exhibition, which will run until 31 October, groups of demonstrators opposed to the Exhibition and -enrolados in the so-called "Black Block", threw stones and Molotov cocktails at downtown businesses, around Via De Amicis, in the center of Milan, under the slogan "No Expo".
Cars set on fire, broken windows and dozens of demonstrators wearing hoods repeating anti-globalization slogans were part of the "fury that devastated Milan", as described by this afternoon the site of the newspaper La Repubblica, which forced the police to deploy 2,0 riot police, said Corriere della Sera, the who were 11 wounded to end the unrest.
Despite operating prevention had announced the Italian Interior Minister with more than 3,700 troops to protect some 40 sensitive targets in Milan, then continuing with the outrages through the downtown streets, they began throwing stones and firecrackers at police in Magenta street.
the local television broadcast live images of the destruction caused by overturned pots, painted walls, doors and burst and numerous vehicles on fire windows.
"I condemn violence against an event that aims to feed the world, the fight against hunger and malnutrition and a world order based on greater equity between rich countries and countries in development," said this afternoon the President Italy, Sergio postmarks, in a statement issued by the presidency.
Postmarks condemned "violence" of the demonstrators opposed to the Expo Milan and asked that "those responsible are brought to justice as soon as possible."
" the true face of Milan is good and noble. The message of the work, pride and values ​​from the Expo can not be and will not be insulted by violent and these cowardly hooded "condemned the Italian President.
While the mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia said that mobilize immediately "all forces to clean and fix as soon as the areas affected" by the riots, produced by the "Black Block" group, opponent of Milan Expo 2015.
"isolate, identify, and punish criminals uncomplainingly plaguing Milan "launched the mayor of Milan, who said that the show scheduled for tonight at the Scala central Milan will be held to culminate with the inauguration of the Expo, which will run until October 31.
" idiots violent "defined them turn the president of the Lombardy region, Roberto Maroni," that only need to go to jail, "he said in remarks picked up the RAI, while also the mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino, he conveyed his "solidarity" with the northern city, which by midafternoon had not confirmed the number of arrests following the riots.
Some of the masked men, police from different countries, then moved to the vicinity of the railway station Cadorna, whose entrances were shielded by police, while continuing tension in the area.
According to police estimates released by the Italian channels, about 100 people participated in the incident in the center of Milan, which included and painted stones against windows of businesses such as banks and fast food Americans, in addition to attacks on police

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Bolivia reiterates its willingness to dialogue with Chile by sea

Bolivia reiterates its willingness to dialogue with Chile by sea -

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales , reiterated on Sunday the willingness of his country to dialogue with Chile to resolve the maritime dispute that has more than a century and has prevented the Bolivian people get their sovereign access to the sea.

Speaking to channel Local, Bolivia TV, the head of state said that Bolivia get back access to the sea that was taken from him after the Pacific War (1879-1883) is a right that the country can not give up.

Morales said that the matter "is a matter of integration of Latin America" ​​and in this regard, said that "there is a deep feeling in the world for this to be resolved through dialogue and a peaceful solution."

Similarly, he said that "dialogue (with Chile) is open" and said that Bolivia "the solution must always be diplomacy."

the president stressed that Bolivia demonstrated in the presentation of oral arguments before the Court of the Hague that seeks only to do justice.

on the other hand, Morales also took the opportunity to thank the international support it has received its cause, and this included the Rigoberta Menchú Nobel Peace Prize (1992) and the now deceased Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano. In this regard, the president said that "virtually everyone recognizes the right of Bolivia" and questioned "How is it possible that the governments of Chile can not hear that?".

US and IMF pushing for agreement between EU and Greece

US and IMF pushing for agreement between EU and Greece -

Both the director-manager of the Fund, Christine Lagarde, as the US Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, they warned in recent two days to eurozone members, partners and creditors of the Hellene country and the government of Athens, which is necessary to accelerate the most of their talks to end the agony suffered by the Greek economy and threatens the whole regional economy and global.

Lagarde, who last Thursday admitted that it is "possible" a Greek exit from the euro, considered, however, that this eventuality does not mean the end of the single currency, but called "reach a comprehensive solution in the coming days "between creditors and Athens.

Meanwhile, the head of US Treasury emphasized that if there is a rapid agreement between the parties may produce what he called" a accident "that could push Greece out of the eurozone, an output that considered dangerous not only for the European region.

concern IMF was explicit one day before the definitions of Lagarde when it was learned that the body multilateral financial decided to run the expiration date of a payment that Greece should give on June 5 until later this month for 300 million euros.

the public notice of the Fund of this determination came two days after that the government of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, let it be known through his interior minister that Greece made that payment for lack of funds, entering into receivership with the Fund.

the movement of the Fund it also explains why there are two other maturities of debt payments Greece with the entity during June. one of 0 million euros, on June 12, and another 300 million on June 19

to the extent that there is no agreement between Greece and the former troika of the European Central Bank (ECB), the European Union (EU) and the IMF before the end of June, the government in Athens will not have access to 7,0 millions of dollars of aid committed by creditors in the bailout plan in effect and that was negotiated with the previous government of former Prime Minister Andoni Samarás.

in addition to outstanding payments of June to the Fund, Greece must pay 6,700 million euros to rescue own bonds held by the ECB in July and August, which is also impossible but is achieved unblocking the negotiations with creditors.

in recent days, spokesmen of Athens are announcing that for this purpose week, specifically for Sunday morning, there could be an agreement in Brussels.

However, no one believes in it, starting with the Finance Minister of Germany, Wolfgang Schauble, who was more than cautious in declaring that "the positive news from Athens did not fully reflect the state of the government's negotiations with creditors Athens"

. Source: Telam

Slaughter with racist overtones in an African American church

Slaughter with racist overtones in an African American church -

At least nine people have died in a shooting incident last night at a Methodist church in the city of Charleston in South Carolina, United States.

the gunman would be a white man of 21 who is intensely sought by the police.

the Church African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Emmanuel has a traditionally African-American community and its history dates back to 1816, when several churches separated from the Methodist Episcopal Church Charleston.

As indicated by the security forces, eight people died in the Methodist church where the incident occurred, and two others were moved to hospital where one of them could not recover from the serious injury. L to string NBC reported that state Sen. Clementa Pinckney is among the victims.

Meanwhile, the police chief, Greg Mullen, said he was convinced that it has been a "hate crime" . As indicated by Francis, the gunman has not yet been found, but responds to the description of a young white and thin of about 21 years with jeans, gray sweater and boots.

Source: Huffington Post

Tuesday is the deadline for Greece to pay the IMF

Tuesday is the deadline for Greece to pay the IMF -

Tuesday is the deadline for which Greece pay the 1,0 million euros owed to International Monetary Fund (IMF) .

also this June 30 expires the extension for the second "bailout" for Greece, so if there is an agreement between Athens and its creditors , the country will face a complex economic scenario.

In 2010, the European Union (EU) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) granted Greece a package of "rescue" of more than 240 billion euros to finance its economy . This in exchange for a series of austerity policies that, far from benefiting the stability of the country, hurt. Fall 25% of GDP, 26% unemployment, 52% youth unemployment (the highest in Europe and three times higher than the previous index austerity measures), 45% of poor pensioners and 40 % of children under the poverty line.

in the facts, with credits to be granted to deal with old loans therefore not liquidating capital, but which you have been in a process of obtaining loans to pay loans. Far from diminishing, the amount of debt experienced an exponential growth linked to the fact that the country was worse qualified by international organizations, prompting each loan have maturities shorter-term and higher interest rates .


the Greek government under the management of Syriza reiterated once again that they do not have the funds to pay the debt, unless an agreement with creditors is reached to unlock 7,0 frozen million during the negotiation of both parties by the conditions required to Athens for help.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, calls for them to establish minimum measures for the economy is restored and re-enter a growth process. However l he creditors maintain their rejection of the proposals of Greece arguing that rely too much on taxes and too little on spending cuts.

The Deputy Minister Greek Finance, Nadia Valavani, proposed another option. That European Central Bank (ECB) to pay the 1,800 million euros owed to the Hellenic country in respect of the benefits of Greek bonds in 2014. P o this would not require a new agreement with the institutions (European Commission, ECB, IMF), because it is part of the bailout program in force.


In this context, next Sunday will take out an referendum to decide whether or not to implement the measures demanded by the European Union known as the "troika" to advance a bailout. (See: Greece calls for a referendum for July 5)

"Greece is not a guest in Europe but a member with equal rights" Tsipras has declared in his speech to Parliament. "Our dignity is not a game. A million and a half unemployed are not a game. Three million people living in poverty are not a game ", has accentuated the Greek prime minister.

" Neither threats and blackmail or attempts to incite panic change will the Greek people to live with dignity. The day of reckoning is approaching for creditors, the moment will see that Greece will not surrender, "he said Tsipras.

International analysts believe that if Greece could be a possible exit from the euro zone if it causes the European Central Bank cut emergency funding they depend on Greek banks.

Francisco is already in Paraguay, the last stop of his tour

Francisco is already in Paraguay, the last stop of his tour -

Pope Francisco landed at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport Asuncion 10 minutes before the 15 (16 of Argentina) aboard an Alitalia plane that brought him from Bolivia to visit the last of the three countries of his South American tour.

at the airport was received by Paraguayan President Horacio Cartés , along with other government officials and representatives of the Church.

before flying from Bolivia, the pontiff was fired by President Evo Morales as part of a brief ceremony at the Airport Viru Viru, which included a performance by the band of the presidential guard, the Regiment Colorados of Bolivia, and the exchange of presents.

on its way to the aircraft, the Pope greeted the hundreds of people who came to the airport terminal to greet him, especially stopping at children and people with disabilities.

the expectation of Argentine faithful

a total of 189,802 people crossed on 8 and 9 July from Argentina to Paraguay to see the pope Francisco, the National Directorate of Migration.

at the border of the passage of Clorinda, in the province of Formosa, a lot of vehicles thronged to process the permit to enter the neighboring country.

the same happened at the office of Incarnation, border Posadas, Misiones, where he could also watch many people with banners and flags across the iconic bridge.

Greece: riots against the agreement with Eurogroup

Greece: riots against the agreement with Eurogroup -

On June 27, the Greek government led by Syriza submitted the ultimatum creditors referendum and campaigned for 'no'. The result of the referendum was a resounding austerity and continued debt bondage rejection.

However, less than a week after the referendum, the Greek government presented a new financing proposal to its creditors , linked to a package of austerity measures even tougher than those rejected in the referendum.

Syriza and Eurogroup finally reached an agreement on the program of "rescue" that includes the creation of a privatization fund by 50 billion euros, in addition to the implementation of many reforms submitted to the Hellenic nation to a series of cuts in pensions and labor market.

the government of "salvation national "decided to implement an austerity plan that not only ignores the struggle of anti-austerity of the past five years movements, of which Syriza previously formed part, but also betrays the verdict of 61% of Greeks he voted against austerity only a week earlier.

on Wednesday, the Greek parliament approved controversial measures necessary to start negotiations on the new rescue package and avoid financial collapse. The standard c ontempla tax hikes and reforms to the pension system that will condemn the Greeks more years of economic hardship.

Around 12,000 protesters showed up outside the building public protest against the betrayal of the ruling party. The m anifestantes hurled firebombs and stones at police, who responded with tear gas. A t least 50 people were arrested.


The clashes are the first violent protest since the leftist party came to power in January promising to fight austerity.

Many lawmakers Syriza rejected the package and voted against the law, which raises questions about the government's survival in its present form. The law however was passed with the votes of the pro-European opposition parties.

The alternating Finance Minister Nadia Valavani, said he could not vote in favor of the law and resigned . Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy, Hands Manousakis, also resigned because of the agreement.

Under the agreement, Greece must approve new austerity measures that the party left the government had promised to fight for that negotiations on a third rescue begin amounting to 85,000 million euros ($ 93,000 million) in loans over the next three years

Source: Cba24n - Telesur