ISIS recognizes authorship and France promises to answer mercilessly

ISIS recognizes authorship and France promises to answer mercilessly -

French President Francois Hollande , considered Saturday "an act of war" against his country series "terrorist attacks" which killed 129 people across Paris in a coordinated operation and claimed by the jihadist group Islamic State (EI) France fighting in Syria and Iraq, and promised a response " merciless "

" Faced with a task of cowardly, shameful and violent attack, France will be implacable against the barbarians of EI, "said the French head of state, during Friday night had already declared a state of emergency and ordered the strengthening of border controls.

in the afternoon, the Attorney General of Paris, Francois Molins, said initial investigations indicated that the six Friday's attacks were perpetrated by three groups coordinated pointing to achieve, wearing identical explosive vests, "a maximum of victims from their own death," appropriated the news agency DPA.

the deadliest attacks in the history of France left nearly 500 victims. 129 dead, 352 wounded, 99 in critical

the day after the attacks, while enduring the commotion between the French and the army patrol the streets for the establishment of the state of emergency, some citizens defied an official ban and gathered in squares in Paris and other parts of the country to pay tribute to the victims and repudiate the attacks.

"it is an act of war that was prepared, organized and planned from outside and within the country involvement," said Hollande and said his government would take "extraordinary measures" and win "this war".

"Against the war, the country should take appropriate measures," the president said in a solemn speech after an emergency meeting of security chiefs, where he announced three days of national mourning.

"we are at war, and we will respond at a high level with a will to destroy. This war will be long and difficult, we should expect other replicas but we will do everything to destroy this army of terrorists, "he said, with martial tone, Prime Minister Manuel Valls on the news channel TF1.

the authorship of the attacks that EI is awarded began circulating in Internet without their authenticity could be the verified time he said the Paris prosecutor.

in the text, it is ensured that the attacks were perpetrated by "a loyal group the Army of the caliphate "and they were directed against" the capital of prostitution and vice. "

"These attacks are only the first drops of rain and a warning," the letter.

"France and those who follow his path know they are at the top of the list of the objectives of the Islamic State and will never be immune to death," he says.

The slaughter in the streets of the French capital is given shortly after other attacks claimed by EI on a plane Russian passengers, which killed 224 people and a bombing in the Lebanon in which 43 people died.

the Molins prosecutor confirmed today that the terrorists to perpetrate the attacks, mentioned Syria and Iraq, two countries where the EI dominates vast territories . and where France, part of an international coalition bombing there EI positions.

Molins said that "Six kamikaze terrorists" were blown up in the attacks, while a seventh attacker was killed before blowing himself. Thus, the death toll was reduced to seven attackers, after the authorities initially will report eight dead assailants. All the attackers were carrying Kalashnikov rifles and wore exactly the same type of explosive vest, the prosecutor said.

At the moment it is known that one of the attackers of the concert hall Le Bataclan was identified as a 29 year old Frenchman, who had drawn the attention of the authorities for their radicalization. had criminal records, but no links with jihadist networks.

The father and brother of the young man identified are being questioned by police who searched their homes, the channel itele said.

Security Council of the UN and EU support France

Security Council of the UN and EU support France -

A week after the deadly attacks in Paris France received key support in the fight against jihadism European Union (EU) agreed to step up controls on its citizens traveling abroad, among other measures, while its resolution before the Security Council of the UN to act against Islamic State (EI) was approved unanimously.
While holders Justice and Home Affairs EU meeting in Brussels at the request of France after the attacks of EI that killed 130 people in its capital, agreed to step up controls throughout Europe, the French Parliament today approved definitively the extension for three months the state of emergency (site) declared last Friday.
the EU members agreed to increase control on its citizens traveling abroad, strengthen arms control and collect more data on airline passengers, the news agency EFE reported.
also agreed to share more intelligence, especially on suspects as the Belgian and French that it is believed that returned from Syria to attack in Paris and implement new controls on bitcoin, cash and other ways to move money outside the supervised banking systems.
"We must act firmly, we need to do it quickly and hard, "said French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, at a news conference, praising the support that France had received.
there is evidence that some of the attackers were in Paris which anti-terrorist watchlists reached Europe among dozens of refugees or with false passports, the data of all travelers, including EU citizens, entering and leaving the borders of the countries of the Schengen zone will be systematically checked with the police databases .
currently, most EU citizens are hardly subjected to visual checks of the documents.
in addition, under pressure from France, the European ministers also agreed to revise the Schengen border system for these systematic checks EU citizens are mandatory and also to introduce checks biometric for those who cross borders data.
the arrival this year of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, including many Syrian refugees, and subsequent mass movements across European borders, shook the Schengen common system that allows competent authorities of the Member States to obtain information regarding certain categories of persons and objects.
security fears after what happened in Paris have also seen how states reintroducing checks borders before unheeded.
in this context, the Security Council of the UN today encouraged all countries able to take "all necessary measures" to take action against jihadists EI in Syria and Iraq, which wants to establish a caliphate.
the highest decision making body of the UN unanimously adopted a resolution driven by France in response to the attacks in Paris.
the text proposes to "step up and coordinate" the fight against terrorism, expresses the intention to expand sanctions against individuals and entities associated with EI and asked to do more to stop the flow of foreign fighters into the Middle East.
But despite that call to use "all necessary measures" against the jihadists, the resolution does not invoke chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, which traditionally provides the legal framework for the use of force.
condemns text "tougher terms" the "heinous terrorist attacks by EI" in June in the city Tunisian Susa in October in Ankara and shooting down a Russian plane over the Sinai and in Paris a week ago, as well as all other attacks committed by the group.
According to the Security Council, the EI "has the ability and intent to carry out more attacks "and represents an" unprecedented global threat to international peace and security. "
" Facing Daesh, we have humanity in common. We, the peoples of the United Nations, we have the duty to defend it, "he said today immediately after the vote Francois Delattre, the French ambassador.
Meanwhile, the French parliament today definitively approved the extension for three months the state of emergency, which had yesterday received preliminary approval in the Lower House.
the text, which was endorsed by the vast majority of legislators -336 of the 348 present, while the remaining 12-communist and environmentalists refrained from vote, was not debated at second reading in any of the two Chambers, despite the restrictions of freedoms posed.
the new law modifies an approved in 1955 when France introduced for the first time the state of emergency, and is expected to be enacted before the end of next week, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said.
the extension of the state of emergency will start from next Thursday, when the established expires by decree early on Saturday shortly after the attacks.
Upon approval, the prefect of the French department of Yonne, in northern France, declared a curfew in the town of Sens.
the measure will be in effect until next Monday from 10 pm today until 6 am (French time).
the curfew was declared after the raid on a house in Sens where illegal weapons, false documents were found and stopped several people.
Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Paris prosecutor's office, reported that the woman who died last Wednesday in a police operation against an apartment in Saint Dennis was Hasna Aitboulahcen and did not commit suicide by detonating an explosive belt, as the prosecution said in a earlier, but did not specify the conditions of his death.
"it is still too early to establish the conditions of his death," said the source quoted by the news agency EFE ..
Nor has been able to determine the gender of the third person killed in Saint Dennis, whose body was found today and that was initially thought was a man, said the spokesman for the Attorney General.
what if corroborated researchers is that the alleged mastermind of the attacks, the Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was killed in that operation.

Source: Telam

No plan B, tore off the summit against climate change

No plan B, tore off the summit against climate change -

Peruvian Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar Vidal , opened officially today climate summit Paris ( cop21 ) in which eleven days an agreement to halt global warming will search and replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol

Representatives of 195 countries plus the European Union negotiated during the meeting an agreement that the French presidency intended to be "ambitious" and enforceable.

Shortly before the start it was reported that eleven states of the most developed will make a joint contribution of $ 248 million to a fund for adaptation measures to climate change in the poorest countries.

the main contributor will be Germany , with 53 million, and will follow United States (51175000) UK (45.1 million), France (26.5 million), Canada (22.4 million), Denmark (22.1 million) and Sweden (11.5 million), among other countries, according to the agency slogan EFE .

All that money will be integrated into the "Fund for the Least Developed Countries" that aims to reduce the vulnerability of sectors and resources that are central to development, such as water, agriculture, food security and infrastructure.

Manifestations despite security measures

Furthermore 317 people of 341 arrested on Sunday during the demonstration by climate change, remained today under arrest as reported by the Prefecture of Police of Paris.

the spokesman said a dozen policemen were slightly injured, but he had no information about blunt among the protesters.

the demonstration, which had not been authorized by "security" in the wake of recent terrorist attacks, staged various groups in the Republic square in Paris to coincide with the opening of the climate summit .

Source: Telam

Nicolas Maduro said there is no time for sadness

Nicolas Maduro said there is no time for sadness -

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro , he said there is no time to "sadness" after the victory of what he called the "counter-revolution" in the legislative elections on Sunday and called for "a crusade" of dialogue with the people to strengthen the union movement and providing a "rectifying" action.
"there is no time for sadness, that no one be confused with sadness and pain, is no time to mourn, it's time to fight and today more than ever, "the madantario said last night.
" has opened a new stage in the Bolivarian revolution and us with pain here, the sadness that has brought us all this electoral reverse, we get commander flag (Hugo) Chavez is our inspiration, "he added.
" I call to humility, to sit and listen, to sort and dispose us to action, grinding, deep, constructive. you do not know the pain that we have today in the heart after confirming this electoral setback as the bourgeoisie did harm to people, not only economically but he mistook important sectors of our beloved people, "
also reported that business organizations such as FEDECAMARAS, Consecomercio and House Real Estate are asking the new opposition legislators to repeal the organic labor laws, fair prices.; Lease urban land and against real estate scam. "
" Come to impose the neoliberal restoration of the extreme right because yesterday (Sunday) win a counterrevolution, "he said.
Thus announced that it agreed to start a" crusade "dialogue" rather democratic, very deep and instructive but especially we the clarity of the steps that must be taken in this complex path after the counterrevolution had this victory in the National Assembly. "
also indicated that this week will meet with the congress extraordinary delegates ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the general secretaries of all movements and parties of the ruling alliance known as the Patriotic Great Polo and presidential councils of popular power.
warned that "come complex situations" with the triumph of the opposition in the legislative and the majority that "for now" have in Parliament, but said that the revolutionary bloc defend "the laws of popular power, the laws of missions, the great missions, work and the nation. "
" it drool madness, ambition for power, the interests and groups, so but we will continue on the streets, "he said.
according to the National Electoral Council, the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) received a total of 107 deputies (64.07%) to the National Assembly (AN), while the ruling PSUV won 55 seats (32.93%), indigenous communities three banks (1.80%), leaving two places awarded. However, the MUD said he got 112 deputies, which would reach two-thirds of the House.

Source: Telam

Evo pide una reunión urgente de Unasur para respaldar a Dilma

Evo pide una reunión urgente de Unasur para respaldar a Dilma -

Ante la crisis política que atraviesa Brasil, el presidente de Bolivia, Evo Morales, le pidió hoy a su homólogo uruguayo, Tabaré Vázquez, que preside temporalmente a la Unasur, que convoque "de emergencia" a una reunión del bloque para "defender" a la gobernante brasileña, Dilma Rousseff,

En un acto en la ciudad de El Alto, vecina de La Paz, Morales señaló que se debería convocar a una "reunión de emergencia" de la Unión de Naciones Suramericanas (Unasur) en Brasil para "defender la democracia, para defender a Dilma, para defender la paz en Brasil, para defender al compañero Lula (da Silva)".

"Ojalá el hermano presidente pro témpore de Unasur, el presidente de Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, nos convoque rápidamente a Brasil para expresar nuestra solidaridad y evitar cualquier golpe congresal o judicial, es el gran deseo que tenemos", sostuvo Evo, citado por EFE.

El Tribunal Superior Electoral de Brasil anunció este jueves que decidió unificar cuatro procesos que piden que Rousseff sea despojada de su mandato por supuestas irregularidades en la campaña con la que fue reelegida jefa de Estado en 2014.

Los procesos en la justicia electoral constituyen otro flanco en la grave crisis política enfrentada actualmente por Rousseff, ya que la Cámara de Diputados reanudó este miércoles los trámites para abrirle un posible juicio político con fines de destitución.

La crisis desatada en Brasil alcanza también al ex presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, quien es investigado por supuestos delitos como lavado de dinero y falsificación.

Fuente: Infonews

Nicolas Maduro, absent in the Mercosur Summit

Nicolas Maduro, absent in the Mercosur Summit -

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro , is the most touted absence of 49th Summit of Heads and Heads of State of Mercosur .

the presence of Maduro was confirmed for several days, but on the themes of "own agenda", finally gave up.

The Summit is done in Convention Center Conmebol where since Thursday techniques and bilateral meetings are conducted in search focused on opening up trade agreements with other regions of the world, especially the European Union and the Pacific Alliance.

Participants her host, Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes, Argentina's Macri; and Evo Morales (Bolivia), Michele Bachelet (Chile), Tabare Vazquez (Uruguay), Dilma Rousseff (Brazil) and Moses Nagamootoo (Guyana).

Nor does the summit Rafael Correa (Ecuador), Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia), Ollanta Humala (Peru) and Desiré Delano (Surinam), who announced several days ago his absence participate.

France guarded by 100,000 policemen on New Year

France guarded by 100,000 policemen on New Year -

The arrival of the new year and bounce to be found in France with more than 100,000 policemen and gendarmes deployed by alert possible attacks although at this time "there is no precise threat," announced today the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve .
However, the French official acknowledged that the threat remains "high" in European capitals, so that the mobilization of security in France will be "exceptional".
the device will be especially intense in Paris and surrounding areas, where security is ensured by 11,000 troops from the security forces.
"Paris is still a party," say anyway residents of the City of Light paraphrasing the title of one of the novels of American writer Ernest Hemingway.
in the area of ​​Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower, the epicenter of the new year celebrations, which will patrol 1,700 policemen and gendarmes, is estimated at more than one million people who will gather there to welcome the new year.
Because this particular context, and only a month and a half after the slaughter of 13-N in Paris and its surroundings, other 39,500 firefighters and effective civil protection will join the mobilization ordered by the authorities.
in addition, the security forces also try to prevent recurrent acts occur violence on the last night of the year, particularly car fires, which every New year's Eve repeated.
According to Cazeneuve, more than 20,000 police and gendarmes are responsible throughout the national territory to ensure security on the roads, other sources of concern executive, said the news agency EFE.
the attacks this year in Paris have significantly reduced the number of tourists in the French capital, especially Japanese and Americans-, which translates, among other things, a drop in hotel bookings this holiday season 30%, according to the employers in the sector.
in the same vein, lower influx is expected in restaurants this car, which could be up to . 50% lower than last year
Similar measures were taken in other cities in Europe, the United States and north Africa

Source:. Telam

Cientos de argentinos varados en Chile por desprendimientos

Cientos de argentinos varados en Chile por desprendimientos -

Las fuertes tormentas en la zona cordillerana generaron desprendimientos y aludes de barro que interrumpieron distintos sectores de la ruta que conecta con Chile a través del paso internacional Cristo Redentor. Esto generó complicaciones en los cientos de vehículos argentinos que cruzaron la frontera para vacionar en el país vecino.

Por este motivo, desde la Dirección Nacional de Vialidad estiman que el camino podrá habilitarse nuevamente dentro de 48 horas aproximadas.

Al mismo tiempo, sugieren utilizar el paso Agua Negra, por San Juan como ruta alternativa. Aunque advierten a los viajantes circular con precaución.

Hallan repressor in Israel, but the state refuses extradition

Hallan repressor in Israel, but the state refuses extradition -

In February this year, the Argentine-born journalist Shlomo Slutzky I revealed in a documentary broadcast by Channel 1 local television that the former repressor Teodoro Hannibal Gauto , sought for Justice Argentina and Interpol for crimes against humanity, is living in Israel.

a Gauto against him "homicide, illegal imprisonment, torture and abduction" crimes he had committed during the years of bloody civil-military dictatorship that was installed in power in 1976 in Argentina.

The work of the journalist Slutzky was instrumental in locating Gauto and disseminate the moral implications of the fact that a criminal of this kind, accused of crimes against humanity, had found refuge in a country that just justifies its creation by the need for a "national home" for the Jewish people, victim of anti-Semitic persecution, especially after the Holocaust.

Thus, it is hoped that the Israeli Government hurry to cooperate with Argentina and international Justice to allow it to condemn sinister characters, as is the if Gauto.

However, although his identity was discovered, the state of Israel shows no signs of collaboration to deliver Gauto to Argentina justice to prosecute legally.

Gauto live with his family in the Mediterranean coastal city of Haifa. The fugitive, who at first had agreed to a personal interview with Slutzky, repented and gave a telephone conversation in which he said: "While I am in this country (Israel), and moderately to stretch the issue, that is, play with the theme that no extradition, I will continue here. If I go to Argentina and introduce myself I will lock in a dungeon, and I ... obviously I'm not ready for that, "he said in the televised report.

This is arousing a new wave of stupor in Israel, especially within the democratic forces of the country and, in this regard, it is worth noting the role being played by the Argentine colony. A campaign of public pressure on the Israeli Interior Ministry is developing to end the delay of the Government before the extradition of criminal.

They fear that the fugitive criminal again vanish without a trace.

* written by Saul Feldman, an activist for human rights in the State of Israel ( Note

La OMT actualiza recomendaciones sobre el zika

La OMT actualiza recomendaciones sobre el zika -

La Organización Mundial de Turismo (OMT), actualizó hoy el informe de recomendaciones sobre el virus del Zika, que había emitido el 28 de enero pasado, de acuerdo a “la declaración de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) de ayer” sobre la situación de emergencia en materia de salud pública de carácter internacional que constituye el virus del Zika.

La OMT coincidió en que "no deberían imponerse restricciones a los viajes a las zonas afectadas" y aconsejó que se observen las medidas de prevención, informaron hoy en un comunicado oficial.

La OMS, ante la primera reunión del Comité de Emergencia del Reglamento Sanitario Internacional (RSI 05) sobre el virus del Zika y el aumento observado de trastornos neurológicos y de malformaciones congénitas, recomendó tomar algunas medidas.

Los sanitaristas recomendaron para los viajeros que “no se debe aplicar restricción alguna a los viajes o el comercio con países, zonas o territorios afectados por el virus del Zika”, se explicó en el comunicado de la OMT.

“Se debe ofrecer información actualizada a los viajeros que se dirijan a zonas afectadas por el virus del Zika con respecto a los posibles riesgos y las medidas apropiadas para reducir la posibilidad de verse expuestos a picaduras de mosquitos”, agregaron en el texto.

Asimismo, remarcaron que “se deben poner en práctica las recomendaciones habituales de la OMS con respecto a la desinsectación de aeronaves y aeropuertos” y sostuvieron que -"a OMT seguirá de cerca la situación en estrecho contacto con la OMS y las autoridades de turismo competentes”.

La organización internacional recordó también que las autoridades sanitarias y turísticas trabajan de manera conjunta para informar a los residentes, a los turistas y al propio sector sobre las precauciones que deben adoptarse, y que el sector turístico colabora estrechamente con las autoridades sanitarias para seguir las recomendaciones preventivas de la OMS.

En cuanto al impacto en el sector turístico, la organización explicó que “es aún demasiado pronto para llevar a cabo una evaluación rigurosa, teniendo en cuenta la volatilidad de esta situación”.


Vía sexual

Las autoridades sanitarias estadounidenses confirmaron hoy el primer caso de contagio del virus zika por vía sexual en un residente de la ciudad de Dallas que se infectó al mantener relaciones con una persona que había sufrido la picadura del mosquito Aedes en otro país.

El Centro de Control y Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC) habían contabilizado hasta el momento 51 casos de afectados por el virus del zika en Estados Unidos y sus territorios, pero éste es el primer caso que detecta por transmisión sexual, consignó la agencia EFE.

El zika no es, por lo general, una enfermedad mortal, pero la incidencia en mujeres embarazadas durante los primeros tres meses de gestación fue vinculada con casos de microcefalia y otras malformaciones.


Fuente: Télam

Accused of corruption, resigned president of Guatemala

Accused of corruption, resigned president of Guatemala -

President Guatemala Otto Perez Molina , accused of corruption, resigned , an act that was confirmed by the official spokesman for the Presidency Jorge Ortega .

According to the letter that was read, the goal of the president's decision is "to maintain the institutional and order corresponding within a state ", in addition to facing" individually "due process against him, appropriated EFE.

the presidential spokesman said the decision of Perez Molina was difficult but that, despite her, the president continues to defend his innocence. However, he added, the course of events forced him to make this decision.

The letter of resignation and was delivered to Congress at 23.58 (1.58, time in Argentina), and the political situation, the "scenario is clear" and expect full accept it.

Perez Molina, the first president who was removed charters in the country's history, is accused of leading network of customs corruption "Line "and from Wednesday weighs on him an arrest warrant.

the retired general lost his immunity and privileges on Tuesday after the unanimous vote of 132 deputies, after the Public Ministry (MP) and the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) accused him on 21 August corruption.

according to research more than 18 months of both entities, Perez Molina allegedly ran the clandestine network within the Administration Superintendency taxation (SAT), with the complicity of at least 28 people, including former Vice President (2012-2015) Roxana Baldetti, in prison since August 21.

judge Miguel Angel Galvez, by the court B High Risk, issued Wednesday an arrest warrant against the president.

the president, who took office on January 14, 2012, had reiterated since he was accused that he would not resign to ensure holding of general elections next Sunday

. Source: Telam

Nuevo fallo extorsivo de Griesa contra la Argentina

Nuevo fallo extorsivo de Griesa contra la Argentina -

El juez Thomas Griesa dijo este viernes que repondrá el stay que pedía el Gobierno Nacional para que se faciliten las negociaciones con los acreedores que mantenien bonos en default.

El magistrado dejó pendiente su sentencia a dos cosas. Que "la República derogue todos los obstáculos legislativos a arreglo con los tenedores de bonos, incluyendo el Bloqueo de la Ley y la Ley de Pago Soberano". También pidió que a todos los bonistas que entran al acuerdo con la República o lo hagan hasta el 29 febrero de 2016, "la República debe hacer el pago completo de acuerdo con los términos concretos de cada acuerdo de este tipo".

"Si el Tribunal de Apelaciones devuelve el permiso a este tribunal para que le conceda de la República su petición de nulidad, los requerimientos serán levantadas de forma automática una vez cumplidas estas dos condiciones", sentenció Griesa.

"Por último, el tribunal desea señalar que el auxiliar, Daniel Pollack, se ha dedicado en un grado notable a la realización de sus funciones, y él lo ha hecho con gran habilidad. Sus esfuerzos, sin duda, serán de gran valor en el resolución final de este litigio. Él tiene el agradecimiento de la Corte", agregó Griesa.


Elogios de Griesa a Macri

"La elección del presidente Macri marcó un punto de inflexión en la actitud y las acciones de la República. Desde la elección, el gobierno del presidente Macri ha declarado sistemáticamente su deseo de resolver los conflictos y volver a abrir el país a los inversores extranjeros (...) Lo más importante, la República ha mostrado una disposición de buena fe para negociar con los holdouts. Bajo las administraciones argentinas anteriores, los demandantes han tenido que aceptar recortes severos en el valor de sus bonos, o bien generar infructuosos esfuerzos para adjuntar propiedad para satisfacer sus juicios", sostiene el juez marcando las diferencias con el gobierno de Cristina Fernández. (Ver: Argentina ofreció a un fondo buitre más de lo que reclamaba)

Griesa afirma que aunque el tribunal no se pronuncia sobre la "razonabilidad de la propuesta de la República", "el tribunal reconoce serios esfuerzos de la República para negociar y su sorprendente cambio de actitud" con el presidente Macri.

Y termina diciendo que quitando la medida que restringía al cumplimiento del pago de los bonos a la Argentina "podría servir al interés público mediante el cese de los efectos colaterales que tienen sobre terceros".

Austria stopped all trains to and from Hungary

Austria stopped all trains to and from Hungary -

Rail traffic from Austria to Hungary had to be discontinued today due to the "massive overload" train from this country carrying hundreds of refugees who want to come to Vienna and then continue their flight to Germany .

"the ÖBB (Austrian railways) must temporarily disrupting train traffic to Hungary due to massive overload trains from Hungary, "the company said in a statement.

in addition, they called for" volunteers and bus companies "to" stop to bring new travelers to railway stations network ".

The continuing influx of refugees from the border with Serbia , meanwhile, crowding more and more people in the Keleti Station Budapest, while the situation on the Serbian boundary was relatively relieved by the transfer of refugees in micros this morning.

But the Serb authorities migrations and indicated that today there was an influx record 5,000 people to the southern border of Hungary.

Serbia expects the number to grow as we approach the entry into force, on 15 September, the new immigration law Hungarian repressing imprisonment illegal immigration and installs the army at the borders, for which the Armed forces are already preparing.

the disruption affects not only trains to Hungary but also several regional connections to areas bordering that country. The state company said it is working to maintain a stable rail traffic.

Last morning entered Austria from Hungary about 3,000 refugees, who are being brought to stations in Vienna from to continue its journey.

the hundreds of refugees are arriving in addition to those already waiting at stations, overflowing both the capacity to accommodate them as of shipping by train to Germany.

"the strong influx of people in combination with the high number waiting at the stations to continue their journey beyond the capacity of trains available since early hours of the morning," explains the OBB in his note.

While still coming to Vienna more refugees from coming out, for now enabling special trains to Germany is not provided.

"we're doing everything we can, but not enough," admitted the spokesman OBB in a statement to the news agency APA released news agency EFE.

the situation is such that the company has asked to carry no more refugees to the Viennese stations since, otherwise, "can not guarantee an orderly development of the current situation."

the EFE news agency, quoting Caritas said expected that some 7,000 people passed today by the Western Railway Station Vienna.

Meanwhile, this morning had emptied the point of concentration of refugees Rotszke, in southern Hungary, thanks to a fast track transport of immigrants to other parts of the country.

Rotzske, where hundreds of refugees were stranded homeless and almost without health, had been the scene of successive leaks and violent corridas police, and even the intervention of a camerawoman who was tripping and kicking Syrian refugees fleeing.

delinquencies and selflessness of the Hungarian authorities gave today in part when from dawn today dozens of buses transported the stranded centers near record or the town of Vámosszabadi, 50 kilometers from Austria.

the Magyars authorities intercepted again yesterday more than 3,300 refugees who crossed the border illegally, a new record for a single day, which is likely to exceed today and grow in the coming weeks.

Hungarian and foreign humanitarian organizations, as well as many local volunteers try to alleviate waiting for refugees with food, water, blankets and tents.

Meanwhile, Hungarian media reported today that last night the chief of Staff of the Army of Budapest faced preparatory maneuvers for a possible deployment to defend the border and try to prevent entry refugees.

"If the army will be mobilized in the defense of the border, may only do so with trained soldiers," said Tibor Benko without elaborating.

the Hungarian Government submitted two weeks ago a bill which provides for the mobilization of the army to support the police in defending the border.

defense Minister, István Simicskó, who took yesterday his office after the recent resignation of its predecessor, assured that soon the surveillance of the border with up to 4,000 soldiers will be strengthened.

"send 3,000 or 4,000 troops to the border, including reservists," forward Simicsko before the Defence committee of the Hungarian Parliament.

Hungary has erected a fence along 175 kilometers of border with Serbia and is building a second taller and more robust barrier.

Furthermore, it is expected that 15 days into force legislation which provides prison terms for those who arrive in the country illegally.

early today, a Syrian refugee died after being run over on a provincial road linking southern Hungary Budapest, to where trying to reach .. walk from Roszke

According to local police, two other refugees were seriously injured in the same incident, which occurred in the dark of the night

Source: Telam

Brasil: el PT se movilizará en apoyo al ex presidente Lula

Brasil: el PT se movilizará en apoyo al ex presidente Lula -

Durante los próximos días la militancia del Partido de los Trabajadores (PT) llevará adelante movilizaciones en apoyo al ex presidente de Brasil Lula da Silva, luego de su detención por parte de la Policía Federal y el allanamiento de su vivienda en el marco del escándalo de corrupción en torno a la petrolera Petrobras.

Durante el lapso del fin de semana, dos locales del partido gobernante fueron atacados. Ayer por la mañana el frente de la sede del Directorio Nacional del PT, en San Pablo, apareció con las frases pintadas "basta de corrupción", y "país de la impunidad". Allí había hablado Lula en la conferencia que dió a los medios luego de ser liberado.

Por su parte la sede del partido en Belo Horizonte apareció con pintura, huevos y residuos, y la del Instituto Lula, la fundación que dirige el ex mandatario, amaneció con mensajes pintados contra su líder. 

Paralelo a las movilizaciones que se llevarán a cabo en apoyo a Lula,  movimientos de la oposición encabezarán manifestaciones en contra del gobierno y en apoyo a las investigaciones de Petrobras para el próximo 13 de marzo. 

France launch attacks against the Islamic State of Syria

France launch attacks against the Islamic State of Syria -

French President Francois Hollande said his country will launch airstrikes against Islamic State Syria , extending to that country the bombing campaign already done in neighboring Iraq .

last week, "announced reconnaissance flights that would allow us to prepare airstrikes if were needed and will be needed in Syria, "Hollande told reporters in Paris, the BBC reported

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Standard & Poor`s elevará calificación de la deuda argentina

Standard & Poor`s elevará calificación de la deuda argentina -

La calificadora Standard & Poor's podrá subir la calificación de la deuda argentina en moneda extranjera a las categorías CCC o B en caso de que el Gobierno de Mauricio Macri logre cerrar un acuerdo con los fondos buitre, al tiempo que también mantiene en análisis para esa revisión la implementación de las reformas económicas anunciadas desde el 10 de diciembre.
En su Reporte de deuda soberana en América Latina y el Caribe 2016, Standard & Poor's planteó que si la Argentina “subsana el incumplimiento de pago de 2014, ya sea mediante el pago, cambio u otro acuerdo, volveríamos a evaluar la posición crediticia general del país, y probablemente subiríamos la calificación en moneda extranjera a las categorías de ‘CCC’ o ‘B’”.
“La nueva calificación dependería en gran medida de nuestra evaluación de la capacidad del gobierno para implementar sus reformas económicas y sobre cualquier posible amenaza legal persistente que pudiera afectar su capacidad para servir deuda futura”, destacó la consultora.
Argentina es el único soberano que mantiene la calificación de incumplimiento selectivo en su deuda
comercial, por parte de S&P, tras las resoluciones judiciales de mediados de 2014 en Estados Unidos, que bloquearon la capacidad del gobierno para pagar a los acreedores externos de los bonos emitidos después de la reestructuración de deuda en 05 y 2010.
El informe difundido esta tarde proyectó que el nivel de endeudamiento bruto de los 28 países que
califica en América Latina y el Caribe será equivalente a 381.000 millones de dólares en 2016, ligeramente menor que en 2015.
Sin embargo, la proyección de la calificadora es que tal endeudamiento alcanzará 7,4 por ciento del producto interno bruto (PIB) de la región, desde un 6,8 por ciento estimado el año anterior, por lo que resaltó que “la mayoría de los países tendrán mayores déficit fiscales en comparación con el del año pasado, consistente con un nivel de endeudamiento más alto como porcentaje del PIB”.
El análisis también planteó que una fuerte depreciación del tipo de cambio en los países deudores más grandes, como Brasil y México, reduce el valor en dólares de su deuda pública adicional, lo que contribuye a una ligera reducción en el valor en dólares total del endeudamiento soberano en 2016.

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Greece again amid disenchantment vote

Greece again amid disenchantment vote -

Early elections are presented as the most competitive in the last 15 years, with all polls giving a tie between Syriza and ND , which would prevent the majority victory and force agree coalition government.

in Greece not share figures are given, but analysts suggest that there may be a high abstention due to the general disenchantment perceived in the street.

Two hours after the opening of polling stations, had voted mostly elderly, more early risers, he reported the news agency EFE .

"I certainly would not have voted and I think there will be many people either. why? they're all alike, are all clowns who tell us the same lies for years. they deliver a once the country to Germany and have the party in peace, "he said indignantly a taxi driver 42, who regretted not see future for him and his family.

Nothing in this occasion reminds the atmosphere that existed in January just eight months ago, when Syriza was the favorite of all surveys and finally touched an absolute majority.

Tsipras was then seen by many as the last hope to stand up to Europe and straighten the country.

Now just keep this aura, as became apparent at the time of voting.

Ten minutes after the announced time, Tsipras arrived at his polling station, where this time he expected a small group of supporters and a number of much less means than in the two previous appointments with the ballot boxes.

polling stations close at 19 pm (13 in Argentina) when disclosed surveys mouth urn.

the first official results will begin to release two hours later and it is estimated that at that time has been retold around 10%.

Towards the Greek midnight may be taken a more or less clear picture of the winner, as it will be scrutinized around 50% of the vote, but it depends on the parties that are close to 3%, the barrier to entry in Parliament.

If two or more parties that are close to this percentage, it may not be a definitive result until early Monday.

the advance of the elections, after only seven months in office of Tsipras, came after his resignation last month shortly after suffering a rebellion of the more radical wing of the party by the bailout deal with the European creditors of the country, the third since 2010, signed although a majority rejected it in a referendum just days before.

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El gobierno de Dilma Rousseff recurrió a la Corte por Lula

El gobierno de Dilma Rousseff recurrió a la Corte por Lula -

La presentación fue hecha el sábado, y divulgada este domingo, por la Abogacía General de la Unión (AGU) al ministro del STF Teori Zavascki, quien tiene que resolver dos pedidos de nulidad de la asunción de Lula y además es el encargado en la máxima corte de los casos de los investigados con fueros en la Operación Lava Jato, sobre la corrupción en Petrobras, que en primera instancia encabeza el juez federal Sérgio Moro.

El abogado general de la Unión, José Eduardo Cardozo, afirmó en su presentación que el pedido de unificación de todas las causas procura "evitar la existencia contradictoria de la resolución del tema".

El viernes, el juez del STF Gilmar Mendes, un reconocido opositor al Partido de los Trabajadores (PT) gobernante, anuló, tal como había anticipado, la designación de Lula al considerarla un "salvoconducto" para ganar fueros y ser investigado por el máximo tribunal en lugar del juez de primera instancia.

Mendes devolvió en forma cautelar la causa a Moro, pero esa decisión debe ser sometida al voto del plenario de la corte suprema, que esta semana no tenía actividad programada a raíz del feriado de Semana Santa: es por eso que la votación en el Supremo Tribunal Federal sobre la legalidad de la asunción de Lula puede postergarse hasta el lunes 28.

El expediente de la investigación en lo que se refiere a Lula está en manos del ministro de la corte Zavascki, quien lo recibió de Moro apenas Lula fue nombrado ministro, debido a que tiene fueros.

Moro tiene un pedido de prisión contra Lula hecho por la fiscalía de San Pablo por supuestamente ocultar bienes.

Rousseff acusó a Moro de haberle realizado espionaje ilegal al revelar una grabación de una conversación en la que ella le dice a Lula que firme el acta de asunción del cargo de ministro "en caso de que haya necesidad".

La presidenta nombró a Lula en el medio de su peor momento de gestión, desde que asumió su segundo mandato el 1 de enero de 2015 y con el vicepresidente Michel Temer preparando un gobierno sustituto para el caso de que se apruebe el juicio político en su contra que ya se abrió en la Cámara de Diputados.

El 68 por ciento de los brasileños aprueba el juicio político contra Rousseff, basado en supuesta irregularidad en la ley de responsabilidad fiscal del presupuesto 2015 y en la acusación del senador Delcidio Amaral, que le atribuye haber accionado para obstruir las investigaciones de la operación Lava Jato, según una encuesta del Instituto Datafolha publicada este domingo.

La mandataria niega las acusaciones y el rechazo al juicio político que aprueban la oposición, aliados del gobierno y las cámaras empresariales, es considerado como un intento de golpe de estado por parte del PT y sus aliados, que se manifestaron el viernes en las calles de todo el país, en la cual participó a Lula y llamó a la paz social.


Saudi Arabia: at least 453 killed by avalanche in Mecca

Saudi Arabia: at least 453 killed by avalanche in Mecca -

At least 453 people died in the day today after a flood of pilgrims near the Saudi city of Mecca [

As reported Civil Defense Asian country, also have 719 wounded so far. However the toll is not final, according to the agency EFE .

He also explained that their teams are separating agglomerations people and guiding them through alternative ways, and some 4,000 people are participating in the rescue operation with more than 0 ambulances and other vehicles.

There are about three million people involved in the Muslim rite traditional pilgrimage.

the avalanche occurred in the area of ​​Mina, located about 15 kilometers from Mecca at 07.05 local time (02.05 Argentina time).

the tragedy happened as worshipers were heading from their camps to where they should meet today with the ritual stoning of three pillars symbolizing the temptations of the devil, during the third day of the pilgrimage.

the walkers had returned from the nearby Muzdalifa where they spent the night and picked up pebbles launch the pillars of Satan.
This morning made the community prayer that marks the beginning of "Al Aid al Adha", or feast of sacrifice.

with this ritual, Muslims remember the sacrifice of Ibrahim (Abraham), who for the sake of Allah (God) offered, according to Muslim tradition, the life of his firstborn son Ishmael.

the avalanche today came after on June 11 at least 107 worshipers were killed and 238 were injured by falling crane inside the Grand Mosque of Mecca, where they end the rites of the pilgrimage.

the pilgrimage to Mecca is one of the five pillars of Islam, along with the "shahada" (profession of faith), almsgiving, prayer and fasting in the month of Ramadan.

Aeropuerto de Bruselas no reanudará vuelos hasta el martes

Aeropuerto de Bruselas no reanudará vuelos hasta el martes -

El aeropuerto de Bruselas, seriamente dañado por los atentados suicidas del martes 22 de marzo, no reanudará los vuelos hasta al menos el martes 29, informó hoy la dirección de la aeroestación de la capital belga.

"Los vuelos de pasajeros en el aeropuerto de Bruselas no se reanudarán antes del martes 29 de marzo", señalaron autoridades del aeropuerto a través de la red social Twitter.

Luego agregaron que la investigación judicial "ha finalizado", y que un equipo de ingenieros y técnicos “está evaluando los daños".

El equipo de expertos examinará la estabilidad del edificio, verificará el funcionamiento de los sistemas tecnológicos y de información y analizará el daño material sufrido por el atentado, a fin de determinar el proceso de la renovación de la terminal, detalló la agencia EFE.

La dirección del aeropuerto internacional de Zaventem explicó que comenzaron los preparativos para reanudar los vuelos de pasajeros e implementar las nuevas medidas de seguridad que el Gobierno belga impuso para este tipo de instalaciones, con una fuerte presencia militar, policial y controles.

Después de que el Órgano de Coordinación para el Análisis de la Amenaza (OCAM) redujera el grado de nivel de alerta por amenaza terrorista, indicó que en los aeropuertos habrá controles en los accesos con presencia de perros especializados en la detección de explosivos.

La dirección del aeropuerto de Zaventem estudia "soluciones temporales para reanudar los vuelos de pasajeros", teniendo en cuenta las nuevas medidas de seguridad.
Indicó que el perímetro en torno a la terminal se mantendrá y que, con excepción del personal autorizado, "nadie podrá entrar en la zona donde ocurrieron las explosiones".

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"Change will come to Cuba and the embargo will end up rising"

"Change will come to Cuba and the embargo will end up rising" -

US President Barack Obama , who stars with his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro an operational approach, will meet with the Cuban head of state in New York, on the sidelines of the international meeting of leaders at the UN.

in the day today, Obama put the new US policy toward Cuba as an example that the doctrine of dialogue works and bears fruit to speak at the 70th General Assembly of the UN .

in the presence of Castro, Democratic leader acknowledged once again that the policy of isolation of the island who had carried out their predecessors in the White House failed "for 50 years, the United States pursued a policy towards Cuba that failed when improving Cuban life. We changed this, "he said.

the US president recalled that continue to have" differences "with the Cuban government and his administration continues to defend the need to improve the rights on the island . "But now address these issues through diplomatic relations and increased trade," said Obama.

United States and Cuba formally re-established bilateral relations on 20 July. Experts say that there will be no normalization of relations until the United States does not lift the embargo.

Although the US president has taken measures to relax the blockade, can not enact their own lifted. Only Congress can lift the embargo entirely.

The two presidents will meet tomorrow in New York, in what will be their second meeting since December 17, 2014 announced the beginning of the process to resume the relationship diplomatic.

Castro is since last Thursday in New York, where he is serving his first visit to the United States in more than five decades, and today speak for the first time before the General Assembly of the UN.

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Rechazan incluir sospechas de corrupción en juicio a Dilma

Rechazan incluir sospechas de corrupción en juicio a Dilma -

La jueza del Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) de Brasil Rosa Webeer rechazó incluir en el proceso del juicio político contra la presidenta Dilma Rousseff unas acusaciones que vinculan a la mandataria con la corrupción en Petrobras, informaron fuentes judiciales.

La magistrada rechazó anoche el pedido del diputado opositor Arnaldo Faria de Sá para que se anexaran a los cargos sobre maniobras fiscales -que sustentan el trámite del juicio- el testimonio de implicados en las corruptelas en la petrolera estatal, según los cuales Rousseff sabía lo que ocurría y trató de obstruir la investigación.

"No cabe intervención judicial en el trabajo parlamentario en curso", afirmó la jueza en un escrito, en el que también señaló que "el propio tema pende de decisión definitiva en el ámbito de la votación del informe que será producido en la comisión especial", lo que podría ocurrir el próximo 11 de abril.

La comisión parlamentaria que analiza si existen méritos jurídicos para que Rousseff sea sometida a un juicio político ya había rechazado la semana pasada la incorporación de las denuncias que relacionan a la presidenta con el esquema de Petrobras.

Esa comisión, formada por 65 diputados, elaborará un documento que deberá ser aprobado para pasar al pleno de la Cámara Baja, donde necesita el respaldo de una mayoría calificada de dos tercios para proseguir hasta el Senado.

La Cámara Alta decidirá por mayoría simple si archiva la causa o inicia el propio juicio político, en cuyo caso la presidenta deberá apartarse del cargo durante 180 días.
Ése será el plazo que tendrá el Senado para concluir el proceso y durante el cual Rousseff será sustituida por el vicepresidente Michel Temer, que completaría el mandato hasta el 1 de enero de 2019 si la jefa de Estado es finalmente destituida.

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NATO denies Russian incursion was accidental Turkey

NATO denies Russian incursion was accidental Turkey -

Secretary General NATO , Jens Stoltenberg, said today that the Russian incursion into the airspace of Turkey last weekend "does not seem an accident", and insisted that Moscow should respect the Turkish borders.

"there were two violations ( air) space during the weekend, "he said at a news conference Stoltenberg, who also said that such violations lasted" long time "and reiterated that it is a performance" unacceptable. "

the head of NATO reiterated the call to Moscow to respect borders and airspace of Turkey, which are also stressed, territory of the Atlantic Alliance. also indicated that NATO has not received any explanations so far Moscow about what happened "beyond what we have seen in the media", and indicated that it has discussed the possibility of using lines military communication between the Alliance and Russia to address such incidents.

considered that this pathway may be the way to express the concern of NATO, ask for explanations and send "a strong message" that that incident "should not happen again," he said as quoted by AFP.

the NATO allies backed on Monday Turkey to the "unacceptable" and "irresponsible" violation by Russia of its airspace, while urged Moscow to stop "immediately" its attacks on the opposition and civilians in Syria to focus on fighting Islamic State (EI) .

Russia accuses misrepresentation: "Show us the facts"

"the accusations against Russia of causing civilian casualties and attack the opposition in Syria are based on sources and anonymous unconfirmed data, "said the official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zajárova at a press conference to deny all kinds of misrepresentations in the Western media about the Russian operation in the Arab country.

within a few days since I would start operating from the Russian Air Force in Syria against Islamic State (EI), have appeared in the Western media and social networking a series of 'tests' that the attacks have caused chaos and civilian casualties. However, the Western media do not provide any evidence of its allegations.

"Reports of civilian deaths in Syria as a result of Russian airstrikes are pure propaganda," he said Zajárova.

Perú: el balotaje sería entre Keiko Fujimori y Kuczynski

Perú: el balotaje sería entre Keiko Fujimori y Kuczynski -

La candidata presidencial Keiko Fujimori se consolidó en el primer puesto tras los comicios de Perú, con un 39,46% de votos, mientras que el exministro Pedro Pablo Kucyznski quedó en el segundo lugar con 23,73%, según datos oficiales cuando se ha escrutado el 66,82 % de las actas.

Estos datos, distribuidos por la Oficina Nacional de Procesos Electorales (ONPE) y todavía provisionales, ratifican que habrá una segunda vuelta el próximo 5 de junio entre Fujimori y Kucyznski, al no haber superado ninguno de ellos el 50% de votos que exige la ley peruana.

La izquierdista Verónika Mendoza obtuvo 17,12 % de votos, con lo cual se instaló a seis puntos de Kuczysnki, con quien disputaba la opción de pasar a segunda vuelta. Las diferentes encuestadoras le otorgan a PPK el segundo lugar y todo haría indicar que nada hará variar esa tendencia, aunque las autoridades locales piden prudencia hasta terminar el conteo de los votos, incluidos los del extranjero.

El cuarto lugar lo ocupa el centrista Alfredo Barnechea, con el 7,54 %; seguido por el expresidente Alan García (6,08 %).

En su primer mensaje tras los comicios, Keiko Fujimori, que en 2011 perdió en el balotaje contra el presidente saliente Ollanta Humala, habló de conciliación y de tender puentes con el electorado opositor. Sobre ella pesa todavía la herencia de su padre, Alberto Fujimori, que cumple condena por crímenes de lesa humanidad y corrupción en sus diez años de gobierno (190-00).

USA reported that Iran violated UN resolutions

USA reported that Iran violated UN resolutions -

United States reported that Iran "violated" resolutions Nacione United s to test a ballistic missile and predicted that take the matter to the Security Council three months after the signing of the historic nuclear agreement between the major powers and Tehran that ended a dispute over 30 years.

"After reviewing the information available, we can confirm that Iran launched on October 10 a ballistic medium-range missile capable of carrying a nuclear weapon "said US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, in a brief statement released by the news agency EFE .

Iran, with several types of missiles capable of traveling up to 2,000 km range, announced on Sunday successfully tested a new missile named Emad, who has ability to be guided away.

Tehran said its ballistic missiles are purely defensive, are not designed to carry weapons and not they are therefore covered by any UN resolution.

However, Power said that "it was a clear violation of resolution 1929 of the Security Council of the UN", which in 2010 declared that Iran had shown that they had suspended all activities related to uranium enrichment contrary to other resolutions on nuclear non-proliferation.

the resolution was imposed on Iran new sanctions, including the freezing of financial transactions.

on 14 July, after two years of negotiations, Iran and the G5 + 1 (US, Russia, China, France, UK + Germany) sealed an agreement in the Swiss city of Lausanne that It limits the Iranian nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions that hinder the Persian economy.

Power anticipated that is preparing a report to send to Iran, an organ of the Security Council sanctions Committee and added that he expects discuss the matter with the other members of the Council "in the coming days."

"the prohibition of activities ballistic missile Security Council on Iran and the arms embargo remains in force and continue pressing the Security Council for an adequate response to the contempt of Iran for its international obligations, "said the ambassador.

the missile launch came after Iranian officials manifest concern that the nuclear deal could involve limitations its missile program.

a resolution adopted by the Security Council after signing the nuclear agreement prohibits Iran develop missiles "designed to carry nuclear warheads."

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Cómo sigue el juicio político a Dilma Rousseff tras Diputados

Cómo sigue el juicio político a Dilma Rousseff tras Diputados -

La Cámara de Diputado de Brasil aprobó anoche la continuidad del proceso para enjuiciar a la presidenta Dilma Rousseff. Ahora el trámite pasó a la Cámara de Senadores, que tiene diez días para emitir dictamen al respecto. (Ver: Diputados aprobó el impeachment contra Dilma Rousseff)

Ese dictamen debe ser sometido a votación por el plenario del Senado, donde se necesita mayoría simple (al menos 41 votos sobre 81 legisladores totales) para que se abra el juicio.

Si en esa votación -para la cual no hay plazo establecido- el Senado ratificara el juicio político, Rousseff debe dejar el cargo inmediatamente y por un término máximo de 180 días, durante los cuales será juzgada.

En ese ínterin, el Poder Ejecutivo debe quedar a cargo del vice presidente Michel Temer.

En la votación final, en la que se decidiría si Rousseff es condenada o absuelta, el Senado estará presidido por el titular del Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF, corte suprema), Ricardo Lewandowski.

En esa votación, para que la mandataria sea condenada -y, por lo tanto, destituida- serán necesarios los votos de al menos dos tercios (54) de los senadores.

Si Rousseff fuera condenada, la destitución será inmediata y ella no podría aspirar a un cargo electivo durante ocho años. En tanto, Temer completará el mandato hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2018.

En cambio, si Rousseff fuera absuelta, reasumirá el cargo sin demora y será ella quien complete el mandato.

Morales acusó a EEUU de usar la droga para intervenir

Morales acusó a EEUU de usar la droga para intervenir -

El presidente de Bolivia, Evo Morales, acusó a Estados Unidos de usar la guerra contra las drogas como una "excusa" para intervenir y controlar a otros países ricos en recursos naturales, y exigió el desmantelamiento del Departamento Estadounidense Antidrogas (DEA) y de bases militares en el mundo, porque donde se instalan, "crece el narcotráfico".

En su intervención en la cumbre sobre drogas de Naciones Unidas (ONU), Morales destacó el fracaso de esas políticas y apuntó a Washington como el principal responsable.

"Desde la década del 80 la mal llamada guerra a las drogas nos ha llevado a un escenario que sistemáticamente violentó la soberanía de los países y deterioró las condiciones de salud pública y seguridad interna", denunció.

Durante su discurso dijo que, según datos de la ONU, el consumo de las drogas en el mundo se incrementó 40 por ciento en las últimas décadas y se calcula que 246 millones de personas, de entre 15 y 64 años de edad, consumieron drogas ilícitas durante 2013.

"La tasa del consumo de cocaína en Estados Unidos es de 1,6 por ciento, mientras que la media mundial es de 0,4 por ciento", precisó y criticó la lucha antidroga global y la moral de ese país, que a su juicio no realiza acciones para reducir ese flagelo y se ocupa de "certificar y des-certificar a los países".

Aseguró que en los lugares en los que se instala la DEA y bases militares de ese país, "crece el narcotráfico, la delincuencia, los gobiernos privatizadores, los sistemas judiciales y policíacos de la narcocorrupción, la riqueza ilegal, elites millonarias corruptas, secreto bancario y criminalización de la hoja de coca".

Para Morales, tras el fin de la Guerra Fría, Estados Unidos "creó, con el problema de las drogas, la excusa para aplicar una lógica imperialista" en regiones como Latinoamérica.

"El imperio ha utilizado está guerra hipócrita", aseguró el presidente boliviano, que acusó a Washington de usar una política "intervencionista" en zonas ricas de recursos naturales "para el control y saqueo de los mismos".

Así, pidió a la Asamblea General de la ONU "acciones concretas" para que las drogas dejen de usarse "como pretexto de dominación".

"Disolver la DEA, cerrar las bases militares norteamericanas, acabar con el intervencionismo, acabar con la certificación unilateral, aprobar una resolución para terminar de una vez por todas con el secreto bancario", enumeró.

Al mismo tiempo, defendió los resultados de las políticas sobre drogas de su gobierno, que han conseguido reducir los cultivos de coca a su nivel más bajo en diez años, aseguró.

"Con la aplicación de nuestra política -tras la expulsión de la DEA-, hemos logrado disminuir entre 2011 y 2014 un 34 por ciento el cultivo de hoja de coca, alcanzando una superficie neta de 20.400 hectáreas, así lo certifica la oficina de las ONU contra el delito", precisó y resaltó que en 2015 Bolivia logró un récord regional.

Morales cerró su discurso mostrando una hoja de coca y asegurando que la planta "ha sido víctima de los intereses del narcotráfico y el capitalismo".

"La hoja de coca es nuestro alimento saludable y nutritivo, es nuestra medicina, parte de nuestro espíritu comunitario, cultura e identidad. Es nuestra ofrenda para la vida y no para la muerte", terminó.

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US and Russia disagree on the conflict in Syria

US and Russia disagree on the conflict in Syria -

Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Lavrov , failed to bring positions on what is the best solution for the conflict in Syria, after holding an unprecedented summit in Vienna with Feridun Sinirlioglu and Adel al Jubeir, their counterparts in Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

the objective of the meeting in the Austrian capital was to promote political negotiations to end the Syrian civil war, which has lasted more than four years and caused at least 250,000 deaths, according to the UN.

Lavrov and his colleague US met for the first time since Russia began on September 30 last air strikes in Syria, in support of the forces of President Bashar al Assad against jihadist groups.

During the meeting, Russia considered that the Syrian President Bashar al Assad should stay in power, while the United States, Saudi Arabia and Turkey stated that it must deviate from office for a solution to the conflict, which has lasted more than four years.

Turks are along with the Saudis the fiercest opponents of Assad and demanding his departure.

Lavrov has called for direct negotiations between the government in Damascus and the Syrian opposition. He said that the fate of Syria can only be decided by the Syrian people. "But not on the battlefield or through an uprising, but a political dialogue", specified according to news agency DPA.

Kerry, meanwhile, said that the Vienna meeting was "constructive and productive, "according to his spokesman Mark Toner said in Washington. There were new ideas "that open the possibility of changing the dynamics in Syria," he added. Friday could be repeated Today, Toner, who did not rule out that Iran may participate in the meeting said.

The US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, today also criticized Russia's position. "Anyone who helps Assad and stand in a political transition, only prolong the conflict will cause more suffering and will strengthen EI (the Islamic terrorist militia State)," he said.

Meanwhile, Lavrov said that information about alleged conversations to that Assad step down is just a rumor spread by the Arab newspaper "Al Sharq al Awsat," citing Turkish officials said. Lavrov denied that talk about the possible ouster of the country's president, Bashar al Assad.

According to the newspaper, Russia had expressed its willingness to Ankara to reflect on the future of Al Assad. The condition of Moscow was allegedly the head of state follow in power for a period of 18 months. Later choices that could be presented to Al Assad held

"If we planted in you have to change the government and we become obsessed with a certain person (...) we know how it will end. In a crisis more deep, "Lavrov said.

" rumors that we are here putting agree on that, after some time, President Assad will be disseminated. None of this is so, "Lavrov said after the meeting , according to Russian media quoted by the news agency EFE .

"our partners are obsessed with the figure of the president of Syria, but we confirm our position", summarized that " the fate of Syria, the fate of the president and other authorities should be decided by the Syrians themselves, "he said.

the foreign ministers agreed to" consult with all parties and try to meet soon in a wider appointment explore whether there is enough common ground to advance a political solution, "said deputy spokesman of the State Department, Mark Toner, in his daily press briefing in Washington.

That meeting will be held" as soon as next Friday ", with the possibility of it later, and it is" possible "to" include more countries "besides participants today, according to the spokesman.

the summit in Vienna did not count with European presence, neither France, Britain and Germany were part "to claim the departure of President al-Assad as a condition to support negotiations, something that is flatly rejected by Russia," the French daily Le Monde

Source: Telam

A plane crashed while taking off in South Sudan

A plane crashed while taking off in South Sudan -

At least 40 people were killed during a forced landing occurred Wednesday near an airport in South Sudan , according to the report by the news agency Reuters.

the fact ran shortly after the aircraft lifts off from the capital, Yuba . Eyewitnesses commented on local media who managed to visualize the time of the crash shortly after crossing the White Nile, about 800 kilometers from the capital's airport.

According to South Sudan Tribune which it is a cargo plane aN-12 was carrying five crew members and seven passengers Russian nationality. It is also estimated that about three people survived the landing, according to local chain Eye Radio Juba.

The number of fatalities could rise as the ship rushed over a populated area.

while Miraya radio, operated by the mission of UN in South Sudan, said in his official account of Twitter which, according to airport director Yuba only three people survived the accident

Source:. Telesur and El Confidencial

Pérez Esquivel dijo que hay golpe en marcha contra Rousseff

Pérez Esquivel dijo que hay golpe en marcha contra Rousseff -

El activista argentino y Premio Nobel de la Paz en 1980, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, causó gran revuelo en el Senado de Brasil al denunciar que existe un "golpe" en marcha contra la presidenta brasileña, Dilma Rousseff, lo cual generó fuertes críticas por parte de la oposición que respalda al juicio político de la mandataria, que puede ser suspendida de su cargo el 11 de mayo.

La visita al Senado ocurrió luego de que el coordinador del Servicio de Paz y Justicia (Serpaj) fuera recibido en el Palacio del Planalto por la presidenta Rouseff. Tras la reunión, Pérez Esquivel condenó el "golpe de Estado encubierto" en marcha en Brasil y alertó sobre sus posibles consecuencias en América Latina.

"Esto es un golpe de Estado encubierto, un golpe blanco como ya se hizo en Honduras o Paraguay, la misma metodología que no necesita de Fuerzas Armadas están utilizando aquí en Brasil", dijo.

Igualmente, insistió en hacer un llamamiento "para que no se interrumpa el proceso constitucional brasileño ya que sería un daño no apenas para su pueblo sino para toda América Latina".

Según Pérez Esquivel, la "metodología del golpe blanco incluye al descrédito generado por los medios de comunicación" para justificar cargos contra la presidenta.
Rousseff está acusada por la oposición en el Congreso de haber incurrido en maniobras presupuestarias, lo cual según el gobierno no configura delito y forma parte de un "golpe".

Pérez Esquivel también alertó sobre las consecuencias que la asunción del vicepresidente en rebeldía Michel Temer podría causar en las relaciones sudamericanas, entre los bloques como el Mercosur y la Unión de Naciones Suramericanas (Unasur).

Más tarde, Pérez Esquivel cruzó la calle y fue hasta el Senado federal, donde causó gran revuelo. Invitado a decir unas palabras por el senador Paulo Paim, del gobernante Partido de los Trabajadores(PT) y ocasional presidente de la sesión, Pérez Esquivel repitió la palabra "golpe" y comparó la situación en Brasil con la destitución de los presidentes Manuel Zelaya de Honduras y Fernando Lugo en Paraguay.

"Espero que salga lo mejor de este recinto para el bien de la democracia y la vida del pueblo de Brasil", dijo el dirigente de derechos humanos.

Una vez fuera del edificio, Pérez Esquivel fue repudiado por los opositores: El senador Ataídes Oliveira, del Partido de la Social Democracia Brasileña (PSDB), dijo que fue un ataque "a la soberanía" brasileña.

"Estoy indignado con lo que ocurrió en este parlamento, pido que retiren la palabra golpe de las actas", sostuvo el legislador, a lo que el oficialista Paim defendió haber convocado a Pérez Esquivel a "apenas decir unas palabras" por tratarse de una personalidad política mundial.

El derechista Demócratas también reaccionó con el jefe del bloque, Ronaldo Caiado, miembro de la Comisión de Juicio Político contra Rousseff.

"Esto no fue casualidad. No podemos ser sorprendidos por este montaje premeditado. Este señor (por el Nobel argentino) vino a hacer una estrategia", sostuvo Caiado.

Fuente: Télam

Paris: already are 132 fatalities for the attacks

Paris: already are 132 fatalities for the attacks -

The death toll in the attacks last Friday Paris rose today to 132, after three critically injured were killed in the hospital, according to the agency that manages health centers in the French capital.

the wave of coordinated Paris attacks also left more than 0 injured, 99 of them are critical, interned in several civil and military, in and out of the city hospitals, according to the news agency EFE.

Organismos internacionales defienden postura de Dilma

Organismos internacionales defienden postura de Dilma -

El proceso de juicio político a la presidenta de Brasil, Dilma Rousseff, carece de base jurídica, afirmó en el Senado brasileño el secretario general de la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA), Luis Almagro.
Una posición similar asumió el presidente de la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CorteIDH), Roberto Caldas.
"La denuncia contra la presidenta no presenta ningún juicio de indicio de crímenes de responsabilidad y mucho menos de certezas", sostuvo Almagro, excanciller de Uruguay, durante una audiencia en la Comisión de Derechos Humanos del Senado, dijo la agencia española EFE.
Para el brasileño Caldas, el hecho de algunos diputados que evaluaron la admisión de las denuncias contra Rousseff hayan manifestado su posición antes de la votación en esa instancia constituye una irregularidad, debido a que debían actuar "como jueces y no como parlamentarios".
Almagro y Caldas participaron de la audiencia el mismo día que el presidente interino de la Cámara de Diputados, Waldir Maranhao, decidió suspender el proceso tras aceptar "vicios" denunciados por la Abogacía General del Estado, que defiende a Rousseff.
Pero la decisión de Maranhao no fue acatada por el Senado, que aseguró que seguirá con el trámite del juicio.

Fuente: Télam

Belgium on high alert against imminent terrorist threat

Belgium on high alert against imminent terrorist threat -

The government of Belgium this morning raised the maximum alert level Brussels before the fears of an "imminent threat" of attacks, media reported Belgian and French media.

the military installed their big trucks combat against the Stock Exchange, shopping malls and the Grand Place of Brussels, which can only be accessed after passing an exhaustive control including screening of bags and metal detectors.

the measure will affect partially transport, because no subway circulate today in Brussels, following the decision of the Crisis Center Belgian, this morning, to maximize the level of terror alert in the region, from 3 to 4, before the "imminent threat" of attacks.

the Society of Intercommunal Transport in Brussels (STIB) announced today the cancellation of the movement of subway lines, but not the bus, he said the situation will be evaluated each day.

Center Belgian Crisis had advised the Government of the Brussels region the interruption of the circulation meter in the whole network between Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 November.

According to the Center, it was important to spread the sooner the information of increased security alert "for everyone is informed this morning. "

at the administrative authorities of the 19 municipal districts of the Brussels region, the Crisis Center also advised them the cancellation of major events planned in their territories.

also were asked to carry out "a communication to the public" to places where there are often large presence of people are avoided.

they recommended further cancellation football matches of first and second division during this weekend, although not yet announced any decision.

other recommendations include avoiding airports and shopping centers and the population facilitate controls security.

"Do not spread rumors. Follow the official information from the authorities and police services, "said Crisis Center.

For the rest of the country remains in effect the alert level 3 high, which applies in cases of threat "possible and probable" and was adopted after the attacks in Paris.

the move comes less than a day after a jihadist group burst into a luxury hotel in Mali and caused the death of 27 people after a kidnapping of seven hours that ended the security forces of the State.

the operation to free 170 people, including employees and hotel guests, also killed two jihadi group Al Mourabitoun, who carried out the attack in collaboration with Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

the Belgian authorities decided yesterday to keep in prison three of those arrested in Brussels in the last week in connection with the attacks in Paris on 13, while the search continues for Abdeslam Salah, one of the suspected terrorists involved in the attacks

. Source: Telam

Chile: expresos políticos cumplen un mes de huelga de hambre

Chile: expresos políticos cumplen un mes de huelga de hambre -

Un grupo de expresos políticos de la última dictadura en Chile cumplirá el próximo miércoles un mes de huelga de hambre, con el objeto de exigir al gobierno el pago de indemnizaciones y pensiones para las personas viudas de víctimas de delitos contra los derechos humanos.

Los seis miembros de la Coordinadora Nacional de expresos políticos Salvador Allende se encuentran en la sede de la Central Unitaria de Jubilados, Pensionados y Montepiadas (pensionadas) de Chile (Cupemchi), ubicada en el centro de Santiago, en protesta por el "incumplimiento de los acuerdos con los compañeros de Rancagua que estuvieron en huelga de hambre durante el año pasado", indicaron en un comunicado.

Según señalaron, la medida tiene un carácter de “indefinida hasta las últimas consecuencias” si no se pone fin al secreto de la Comisión Valech, más una reparación para las víctimas bajo la normativa internacional y "reapertura permanente de la comisión calificadora de ex presos políticos”, señala el documento.

En lo económico exigen una pensión nivelada con la de un suboficial del Ejército, más 40 millones de pesos chilenos (58 mil dólares) para vivienda, una indemnización de 150 millones de pesos chilenos (217 mil dólares) y un 100 por ciento de pensión por derecho para viudas y viudos de la Comisión Valech.

Los manifestantes aseguraron que el Estado no logró "reparar de forma integral de acuerdo a lo suscrito internacionalmente" a las víctimas "de prisión y tortura del régimen dictatorial cívico militar de Pinochet por casi 26 años en democracia".

La Comisión Nacional sobre Prisión Política y Tortura, conocida como la Comisión Valech al ser presidida por el monseñor Sergio Valech, fue creada en septiembre del 03 durante el gobierno de Ricardo Lagos (00-06), para esclarecer la identidad y registrar los testimonios de las personas que sufrieron violaciones a los derechos humanos durante la dictadura cívico militar. Determinó 40.018 víctimas y 3.065 muertos o desaparecidos.

Para el diputado integrante de la Comisión de Derechos Humanos de la Cámara Hugo Gutiérrez, “no deberían haber personas que tengan que llegar a este tipo de instancias para poder ser indemnizados por el Estado”.

Fuente: Télam

Spanish Court annulled secessionist declaration of Catalonia

Spanish Court annulled secessionist declaration of Catalonia -

The Constitutional Court (TC) Spanish annulled the declaration adopted by the secessionist Parliament of Catalonia and which he was already was suspended. L he independence forces sought to use as a base to advance the process of breaking with Spain.

The judgment of the High Court, was adopted unanimously and believes that the attentive secessionist statement against the Constitution Spanish because beyond the limits of political acts, being "capable of producing legal effects" as it seeks independence for the northern region for Spain, according to the resolution that had Telam access.

statement challenged "ignores and violates the constitutional rules residencian in the Spanish people for national sovereignty and that correspondingly, affirm the unity of the Spanish nation, holder of that sovereignty," said the 11 judges in his ruling.

the constitutional violation, say the judges, not due to a misguided permitted by the Constitution understanding, but an "explicit rejection" of the Constitution which arrogates of sovereignty and constituent power that denies ordering legal state.

in a record time of three weeks, the judges gave reason to the Spanish government Mariano Rajoy , that on 11 November last filed an appeal of unconstitutionality against declaration adopted two days before the Catalan Parliament independence forces Junts Pel Yes and CUP (Popular Unity Candidates).

the two groups have a majority in the Catalan parliament from the regional elections on 27 September past.

"with this decision, the court shows that all Spaniards are equal before the law and nobody is above it," Rajoy said in a brief speech at the Moncloa Palace in Madrid .

from Catalonia, the vice president of the Catalan government, Neus Munté said shortly after the judgment of the TC "will not stop the political effects of the declaration of secession."

Source: Telam

Tras las críticas, Temer restaura a Cultura como ministerio

Tras las críticas, Temer restaura a Cultura como ministerio -

El presidente interino Michel Temer restaurará a Cultura el estatus de ministerio que había anulado, en una respuesta a las críticas recibidas en los últimos días por parte de artistas e intelectuales.

"Es un gesto con el fin de serenar los ánimos para centrarnos en un objetivo mayor: la cultura brasileña", dijo el ministro de Cultura, José Mendonça Filho.

El nuevo ministro, que está previsto que jure el cargo este próximo lunes, será Marcelo Calero, quien ya había sido elegido como responsable de la secretaría de Cultura, a la que Temer había inicialmente subordinado al Ministerio de Educación.

"Vamos a trabajar junto con Marcelo Calero para potenciar los proyectos y acciones entre la educación y la cultura", apuntó Mendoça Filho.

Calero, de 33 años, era responsable de la Secretaría Municipal de Cultura de Río de Janeiro desde el año pasado.

La eliminación del Ministerio de Cultura provocó ocupaciones y también protestas de artistas emblemáticos como Carlinhos Brown y Caetano Veloso, quien incluso realizó una presentación en un ente oficial invadido en protesta contra la decisión de Temer.

In Brazil, 19 babies died Zika virus

In Brazil, 19 babies died Zika virus -

The Ministry of Health Brazil reported investigating 19 new cases of babies who died with microcephaly that would be produced by Zika virus, as is proven, can prevent the proper development of the skull.
cases of dead babies were registered in the states of Rio Grande do Norte (7), Sergipe (4), Bahia (2) Maranhao (1), Ceará (1), Paraíba (1) and Piauí (1), all in the northeast of the country, and two in Rio de Janeiro, officials said.
according to the latest report released by the Ministry of Health and reproduced by EFE, the virus transmitted by the aedes aegypti mosquito, which is also a vector of dengue and chukunguña fever, may have caused many of the 1,761 cases of babies with microcephaly registered in Brazil in recent months .
health authorities Brazilian verified the presence of the Zika virus in the country a few weeks ago and since then cases of microcephaly, which in the past five years came to an average of 156 annual soared.
ago 10 days, the Ministry of Health confirmed that the virus, which spread through much of Latin America, cause microcephaly in newborns and can even affect the fetus if the mosquito would inoculate the mother.

Source: Telam

Cinco años de prisión para exagentes de Pinochet en Chile

Cinco años de prisión para exagentes de Pinochet en Chile -

Un tribunal chileno confirmó la condena a cinco años de prisión para tres exagentes de la dictadura pinochetista acusados de torturar a dos presos políticos en 1974.
La Corte de Apelaciones de Santiago, con el fallo unánime de sus miembros, ratificó la sentencia contra el coronel del Ejército Ricardo Lauriani Maturana, el teniente coronel de Carabineros Ricardo Lawrence Mires y el exsuboficial Basclay Zapata Reyes, dijeron a la agencia EFE fuentes judiciales.

Las víctimas de los torturadores fueron Rosalía Martínez Cereceda y Julio Laks Feller, quienes estuvieron presos en un centro clandestino de detención y torturas del municipio santiaguino de Ñuñoa entre septiembre y octubre de 1974.

Los tres condenados, todos miembros de la policía secreta que sirvió al dictador Augusto Pinochet (1973-190), afrontan sentencias por otros delitos de lesa humanidad.
Ricardo Lawrance Mires, no obstante, se fugó cuando gozaba del beneficio de libertad provisional y aún permanece prófugo.

Fuente: Télam

Historic agreement in the WTO favor Argentina

Historic agreement in the WTO favor Argentina -

The Ministerial Conference World Trade Organization (WTO) arrived at an agreement with regard to the elimination of subsidies that are intended for agricultural exports, a move that will be "very beneficial for our country and for all nations in developing" that specialize in this type of production, said tonight the Foreign Ministry.

the agreement was reached at the meeting that the WTO carries out in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital.

These subsidies are one of the most distorting forms of production and trade. Argentina, along with other agro-exporting countries as its Mercosur partners, African nations, Australia and New Zealand, has historically demanded their removal and this time the national delegation played a leading role in achieving this objective role.

Negotiations WTO launched in Doha in 01, had this purpose in its work program, although until today without great success.
the result of the agreement reached in Nairobi "equates the rules governing agricultural goods to that of industrial, for which subsidies were eliminated 55 years ago, "said the Foreign Ministry in a statement.

Thus a discriminatory situation is repaired detriment mainly of exporting developing countries that do not subsidize its agricultural sector, as in the case of Argentina.

"This achievement will add momentum to continue negotiations on the other two areas of agriculture in which no progress has been made yet as reducing subsidies to domestic production and greater access to markets where our products face unfair competition and barriers to access, especially in countries heavily subsidize their agriculture as the United States and the European Union, "added the portfolio leads Susana Malcorra.

the Nairobi Ministerial Conference decided the complete elimination of these subsidies in developed countries from today, December 19, 2015, and in developing countries since late 2018.

Source: Telam

Obama: "El ataque es un caso de extremismo vernáculo"

Obama: "El ataque es un caso de extremismo vernáculo" -

En una rueda de prensa en el Salón Oval, Barack Obama señaló que el ataque en la disco de Orlando fue un caso de "extremismo vernáculo" y agregó que el supuesto atacante "estuvo inspirado en varias informaciones extremistas que fueron diseminadas en internet".

El presidente norteamericano comparó el ataque al boliche Pulse, donde murieron 50 personas y otras 53 resultaron heridas, con lo ocurrido en San Bernardino (California) a finales del pasado año, cuando una pareja también influenciada por esta ideología acabó con la vida de 14 personas e hirió a otras 22.

"En este punto, no vemos una evidencia clara de que el atacante haya sido dirigido externamente", dijo el mandatario y agregó que "no hay evidencia directa que haya sido parte de un plan de mayor escala".

"Parece que en el último minuto, él anunció su lealtad a ISIS (el nombre oficial estadounidense para el Estado Islámico, EI).

Sin embargo, no hay evidencia hasta ahora de que en realidad era dirigida por el EI, y en este momento no hay evidencia directa que él era parte de un plan más amplio", dijo Obama.

El presidente estadounidense también sostuvo que aún no han determinado cuáles fueron las motivaciones del presunto autor pero dijo que, según los datos recabados, se trata de un caso de "terrorismo vernáculo" y que los investigadores están "considerando todas las posibilidades".

"Aunque luchemos contra el EI y otras organizaciones extremistas en el extranjero, e interrumpamos complots (terroristas), uno de los mayores retos que vamos a tener es esta propaganda que le llega a individuos que terminan motivados para entrar en acción", consideró.

En este sentido, Obama mostró su preocupación por el problema añadido de que estas personas radicalizadas tengan "un acceso fácil" a "armas muy poderosas", como las empleadas por el autor de la matanza.

Pensamos que es terrorismo e ignoramos el problema que tenemos con las armas. Tenemos que ir tras las organizaciones terroristas y extremistas, pero también tenemos que asegurarnos de que a esta gente no le resulta fácil obtener este tipo de armas", remarcó.


Francisco called for solidarity in the struggle against war

Francisco called for solidarity in the struggle against war -

The Pope Francisco spoke during the homily at the Mass celebrated new year in the Basilica of San Pedro. It is necessary "to overcome the indifference that prevents solidarity and out of the false neutrality hinders sharing," said the pontiff.

Everyone urged, should contribute to "building a more just and fraternal, in which all people and all creatures can live in peace, "he appropriated the DPA agency.

Francisco-also highlighted the strength of faith," which is always able to open new paths reason and agreements. "

" we are all called to dive into this ocean, to let us regenerate to overcome the indifference that prevents solidarity and out of the false neutrality hinders sharing, "said Jorge Bergoglio to preside over the Mass for the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God and 49th World Day of Peace, quoted by AICA.

Then and before praying the Angelus, the pontiff invited the pilgrims gathered in the Plaza de . San Pedro to "open the heart, arousing the attention towards others," because, he said, that is "the way for the conquest of peace"

Source: Telam

Reino Unido vota si permanece o se va de la Unión Europea

Reino Unido vota si permanece o se va de la Unión Europea -

Los británicos votan este jueves en un histórico referéndum para decidir la permanencia o la salida del Reino Unido de la Unión Europea (UE).

Un número récord de personas -casi 46,5 millones- están registrados para participar en la votación. Los votantes registrados incluyen británicos de Inglaterra, Gales, Escocia, Irlanda del Norte y Gibraltar, enclave británico en la costa sur de España.

Los sondeos muestran una nación dividida sobre el llamado Brexit. Mientras Londres está mayoritariamente a favor de quedarse, el centro del país es euroescéptico. . Escocia y, en menor medida, Gales, son partidarios de permanecer en la Unión Europea.

El primer ministro David Cameron ha hecho campaña por la permanencia en la UE, apoyado por la City de Londres, la mayoría de los empresarios británicos y el Fondo Monetario Internacional.

“Más fuertes porque si nos vamos reduciremos nuestro país y nuestra habilidad para lograr cosas en este mundo. Más a salvo, porque luchamos contra el terrorismo y contra el crimen y contra el cambio climático mejor si nos levantamos juntos para lograr lo mejor para todos, porque necesitamos mantener el acceso a un mercado de 500 millones de personas que crea empleo e inversión, el sustento que necesita nuestro país y nuestras familias”, argumentó Cameron.

Los centros de votación en todo el Reino Unido abrieron a las 7:00 y cerrarán a las 22:00. Los primeros resultados se conocerán a alrededor de la medianoche. Se espera que el resultado final se anuncie la mañana del viernes.

El Reino Unido es miembro de la Unión Europea (y uno de sus precursores) desde 1973.


Nerviosismo provoca la compra masiva de euros

El nerviosismo se ha traducido en una compra compulsiva de euros. El Banco de Inglaterra difundió ayer un informe en el que alerta que la salida del Reino Unido de la UE provocaría una devaluación de la libra frente al euro y frente al dólar.

Una depreciación de la moneda que ha provocado un insólito aumento de cambio. Según datos de la Oficina Postal, la venta global de divisas- euros y dólares- ha aumentado un 74% durante el fin de semana con respecto al mismo periodo del año anterior.