Francisco historic speech in the US Congress

Francisco historic speech in the US Congress -

Pope Francisco will speak before the full Congress , one of the events most relevant to your agenda five days in that country, where he will deliver a speech in English.

"there have been many comments on what the Pope will say and if address this issue or that," but Francisco "transcends all this, "said the president of the House, Republican John Boehner , in a statement.

" appeals to our better angels and brings us back to our daily obligations. the best thing all we will do is listen, open our hearts to his message and reflect on their example, "he added who extended the invitation to the leader of the Vatican to be directed to the Capitol.

Concluded the speech of about 40 minutes duration, Jorge Bergoglio tour the hall of statues to visit the Blessed canonized yesterday, the Franciscan missionary Junipero Serra, which together with former President Ronald Reagan, represent the state of California.

Then he will moved to the balcony of the president of the lower house where they will be waiting about 50 thousand people.

Francisco close its activities in Washington with a visit to St. Patrick's cathedral and a meeting with charities in the area and in the afternoon will depart to New York where he will stay one day and a half, and then conclude his agenda in the United States over the weekend in Philadelphia.

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The Nobel Prize in Economics was for the Scottish Angus Deaton

The Nobel Prize in Economics was for the Scottish Angus Deaton -

The Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded today Nobel Prize in Economics 2015 Scottish Angus Deaton "for his analysis of consumption, poverty and welfare."

the work of Deaton of Princeton University (USA), was key to establishing public policies in some countries because it deals to explain individual economic decisions, especially how they spend their income people- and how companies measure and analyze the welfare and poverty.

the Economy was the last Nobel to be announced this year, following those of Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Literature and Peace, awarded last week.

with the exception of Economy, all were created by Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite.

the Economics was awarded the Bank of Sweden in Economic Sciences officially called in Memory of Alfred Nobel, was established by the Swedish central bank and first awarded in 1969.

the award is endowed this year with eight million Swedish kronor (about $ 956,000), like the rest of the Nobel prizes.

last year the winner was the French economist Jean Tirole for his analysis of market power and regulation monopolies.

the vast majority have earned US economists and only got it a woman, Elinor Ostrom (also US).

the awards will be presented on the anniversary of Nobel's death on 10 December.

Deaton was born on October 19, 1945 in Edinburgh and educated at Fettes University, among other institutions of higher education.

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Mexico: expect "superhuracán of catastrophic dimensions"

Mexico: expect "superhuracán of catastrophic dimensions" -

The Mexican government declared "extraordinary emergency" for several municipalities by the threat posed by the arrival of Hurricane Patricia already reached Category 5, the maximum on the Saffir-Simpson scale as it advances with sustained winds of 260 kilometers per hour and gusts of 315 over the Pacific Ocean off Mexico .

the National Weather service Mexico reported that at 21:45 (23.45, hour in Argentina) through network Twitter that "superhuracán" Patricia, whom he described as "catastrophic dimensions" progressing direction north-northwest at 17 mph and is located 320 kilometers south-southwest of Manzanillo, Colima state.

according to forecasts, Patricia is located today at 07.00 (09.00) 235 kilometers southwest of Manzanillo, Colima, with sustained winds of 270 kilometers per hour and gusts of 325.


the hurricane will cause in coastal waves over 12 meters high and torrential rains today morning in Colima Michoacan, Jalisco and Nayarit.

is also expected to be very heavy rainfall in Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Zacatecas, Durango, Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosi.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Interior (Interior) declared yesterday afternoon the "extraordinary emergency" for 10 municipalities of Colima, 12 Nayarit and 34 of Jalisco, in western Mexico, "by the imminence and high probability of impact of hurricane Patricia" as firms Notimex and EFE , and daily La Jornada .

Faced with the threat of the storm, the Interior Minister, Miguel Angel Osorio, gave instructions to install a permanent basis, the National Emergency Committee, which includes representatives from each of the agencies and states that make up the National System of Civil Protection.

the Mexican government " has activated all its protocols preparedness and response, to react with an opportunity to the damages that could cause hurricane and rains resulting from this phenomenon, "said the Interior

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Rescued 37 people in a shipwreck in Greece

Rescued 37 people in a shipwreck in Greece -

The Greek Coast Guard rescued 37 people today in a new shipwreck off the island of Lesbos, near the coast of Turkey, where in recent weeks, by worsening weather conditions, shipwrecks have increased markedly.

the rescue operation, which also involved a helicopter and a boat of European border agency, Frontex, was complicated by strong winds that brought down the water two crew who were later found alive, EFE reported.

in recent weeks, weather conditions have aggravated the situation of hundreds of refugees They are trying to reach Europe fleeing conflict in their hometowns. mainly Syria, Iraq and north Africa

in the early hours of yesterday at least 21 people died in two new shipwrecks off the coast of the islands of Kalymnos and Rhodes.

a wooden boat carrying more than 100 people sank in the sea area of ​​the islands of Kalymnos and Kalolimnos, while another barge capsized north of Rhodes.

in rescue operations were rescued 144 people.

on Thursday night, at least 16 people gave their lives to dump a wooden boat with more than 300 refugees to the island of Lesbos, very close to the coast of Turkey.

Volunteers from various organizations and official authorities were able to rescue 274 people, many of whom were children.

according to the International Organization for Migration, 70 child drowned in the Aegean sea in the last two months. Meanwhile, continue to arrive daily thousands of refugees from the islands to the port of Piraeus in Athens.

This morning arrived two ships with a total of 2,682 refugees transferred from Lesbos and Chios.

so far this year have reached the over half a million refugees and migrants Greek coast.

Meanwhile, thousands of people continue walking along the Balkan route, passing through Croatia and Slovenia in order to reach Austria and to take a train to Germany.

a Slovenia reached 1,071 refugees from Croatia in the first six hours of the day, adding to the 7,539 who arrived yesterday, he reported the DPA agency quoted police sources.

Since Hungary closed its border with Croatia in mid-October, 111,354 people have passed through Slovenia on its journey through the Balkan route to Western Europe.

Slovenia recorded between 8,000 and 9,000 asylum seekers per day, who then diverted to Austria.

from Serbia entered overnight 2,473 refugees to Croatia, the Ministry of the Interior on its website, in addition to more than 6,0 the previous day

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Terrorism, since the military and Western eyes

Terrorism, since the military and Western eyes -

The attack that killed more than a hundred people in the capital of France put back on check the security paradigms referred to in the industrialized nations. Limit the fight against terrorism at a military dimension not seem to have given efficient answers.

It is clear that in contemporary international reality there is a noticeable decline in wars between countries. However, any statements claiming that we are facing a state close to world peace, is quickly refuted by numerous images of violence around the planet.

The way we develop conflict has mutated with the passing of the history. And unfortunately, the creative capacity of man has put the military field in the forefront of technological development.

Historically, the real power imposed through violence has placed in a dominant those communities, kingdoms or states, who managed to implement those technological advantages for military purposes.

the different conditions and priorities that characterized the different communities in the world, produced an asymmetry of military power. However, the chances of facing an almost invincible enemy, has not been a deterrent for the generation of new wars reason.

World War II may have been the last historical episode in which they have faced powers. But still the war continued to exist, albeit in a different way.

During the second half of the twentieth century, was carried out a systematic emancipatory process around the planet. The people of different African and Asian colonies waged a form of "guerrilla warfare" against their metropolis. Nationalist groups tried to balance the asymmetry moving theaters classic military mountain operations, jungles and deserts, where they could take advantage of foreign armies.

However, with the ongoing development of new military technology the armed forces could overcome the geographic and climatic adversities that are present in any terrain. In this way, the whole world became a potential great theater of military operation. Including the cities.

was when terrorism became a sadly common practice. No need to train armies, or acquire a sophisticated knowledge of modern weapons, any everyday item can become a lethal device.

What characterizes these types of changes to international peace and security is the great diffusive capacity you can get to having a criminal act, thus ensuring the spread of an intimidating the world population within seconds message.

can then say that, from the symbolic attack on the Twin Towers in September 2011, began to be repeated year after year, similar phenomena that generated sudden breaks in the foundations of the international system.

With the advent of the XXI century, wars became multidimensional. Any field can become a space capable of fighting, whether physical or virtual. However, they are now the major powers which are stalked, and must meet the challenge of how to solve attacks that arise from the same territory. So far, the military response has not been effective results.

The Paris, number 25 of the most damaging attacks from September 2011

Some of the most damaging terrorist attacks in different parts of the world from that episode were:

- September 11, 01 19 .- Al Qaeda members held in United States the biggest terrorist attack in history to fly planes in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. The death toll rose to almost 3,000 people (2,753 of them in the Twin Towers Yorkers) and some 9,000 wounded

-. 12 October 02.- 202 people, mostly tourists from 21 countries, die when exploding two simultaneous car bombs in an area of ​​nightclubs in Kuta in Bali Indonesia

-. 23 October 02.- Assault on Dubrovka theater in Moscow Russia , by Chechen jihadists. 129 people die

-. 2 March 04.- Multiple attack against the Shiite community in Iraq with at least 171 dead, 106 at the shrine of Hussein in Karbala and 65 in Baghdad, while They commemorated the day of Ashura

-. 11 March 04.- Ten chain explosions caused 191 dead and 2,062 injured in four commuter trains in Madrid, Spain . It was the second major attack in Europe

-. 1 September 04.- Thirty terrorists linked to Chechen guerrilla Shamil Basayev, took hostage more than a thousand people, mostly children, in a school in Beslan in North Ossetia ( Russia ). In the assault two days later by Russian security forces 331 persons, including 186 children die

-. 14 February 05.- dies in attack in Beirut Lebanon , former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, along with 21 members of his entourage

-. 7 July 05.- Four explosions (three in the subway and on a bus) cause 56 deaths (including four terrorists) and 700 wounded in London, UK . The attacks were perpetrated by Islamists

-. 23 July 05.- 64 people, including several foreigners, are killed in simultaneous attacks in the resort of Sharm el Sheikh (Sinai) Egypt .

- November 9, 05.- Three suicide bombers killed sixty cause in three hotels in Amman ( Jordan )

-. 11 July 06.- Seven explosions caused 185 dead in crowded suburban trains workers in Bombay ( India )

-. 14 August 07.- More than 250 dead four trucks explode bomb in Nineveh ( Iraq )

-. 18 October 07.- 130 killed in an attack on the passage of the entourage of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto in Karachi on his return to Pakistan

- 27 December 07.- Benazir Bhutto killed in an attack in Rawalpindi, Pakistan , which also caused 54 deaths among followers who had come to his rally

-. 26 to 29 November 08 .- 166 dead in Bombay ten points ( India )

-. 22 July 2011. A double bombing perpetrated by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, results in Norway 77 dead, the largest slaughter in the country's history

-. 21 to 24 September 2013.- killed 72 people after raiding the Somali radical militia Al Shabab Nairobi Westgate mall in Kenya

-. 16 December 2014.- a Taliban group opened fire on a school in Peshawar ( Pakistan ), killing 126 people, mostly children

- March 19, 2015.- at least 154 dead in two double suicide bombings against two Shiite mosques in Sana'a Yemen

-. 2 April 2015.- at least 147 dead , mostly students, in an attack by Somali militia Al Shabaab at the University of Garissa Kenya

-. 4 July.- a murderous jihadist 38 foreign tourists on a beach of the coastal town of Susa, Tunisia

. - October 10.- a double attack leaves 102 dead in a peace march in Ankara, Turkey that the country's authorities attribute to the organization jihadist Islamic State

-. October.- 31 a Russian plane with 224 people aboard crashed in the Sinai peninsula in Egypt leaving no survivors. The terrorist group Wilayat Sina, Egyptian branch of EI claims to be responsible for the shooting down of the plane

-. 12 November.- 41 people killed and 0 injured in a double suicide attack claimed by the State jihadist group Islamic against Burch Barachne neighborhood, one of the strongholds of the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah in southern Beirut

-. 14 November.- the Islamic State (iS) group attributed the attacks in bars and a concert hall in Paris, France , which kill at least 127 people and wounding 180.

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Mali rebel militia assaults hotel and take tourists hostage

Mali rebel militia assaults hotel and take tourists hostage -

heavily armed man took a clean sweep the shots today a luxury hotel in the capital of Mali where they kept more than 170 people, including many foreigners, hostage, three of whom were killed by the attackers, officials and security sources.

Shooting with automatic rifles could be heard from outside the hotel 10 rooms located in the center of the city, which was surrounded by police forces and local military, soldiers of the peacekeeping mission of the UN (Minusma) and troops of the French contingent fighting the jihadists in the country.

in a statement, the Rezidor group, which operates attacked Radisson Blu Bamako, said two people held hostage about 140 guests and 30 employees.

the Ministry of Security of the country said at least three hostages were killed by the attackers, while military sources said twenty people were released, although it was not clear why, said the chain CNN .

the news agency EFE said he found that among those released were foreigners.

security sources said the attackers are "jihadists" who entered the hotel complex in a car with diplomatic patent, adding that barricaded themselves on the seventh floor of the building.

in France , sources from the Presidency quoted by local media said that among the hostages were French citizens.

the French Foreign Ministry asked the French who are in Bamako who do not leave their homes and ordered the closure of both the school and the French Lyceum of the capital of Mali.

from Turkey , state TV reported that six employees of the airline Turkish Airlines were also held by the attackers.

in China , the state news agency Xinhua reported that seven Chinese were also taken hostage.

Among those staying at the hotel members of a delegation were Organisation internationale de la Francophonie and participants in a scheduled meeting tomorrow in the Malian capital on new technologies, said in Bamako sources safety and workers in the establishment.

the office of Malian Prime Minister informed that launched a crisis to take security measures.

president country, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, decided to shorten his trip to Chad where he participates in the meeting of the G5 Sahel, and returned today to Mali, his office said.
Upon entering the grounds of the hotel, the attackers began firing at the guards, causing two serious injuries and two other minor injuries, while the remainder of guards fled the area, security sources said cited by EFE .

the Radisson Blu is considered the safest hotel in the city, and is located in an upscale area where there are many hotels, banks, bars and restaurants as well as the embassies of the United States, Spain and Tunisia.

last August, four bombers took 24 hours another hotel packed with tourists in the central city of Severe Malian. Five UN employees, four soldiers and four attackers were killed in the incident.

Five people, including a French citizen and one Belgian, were also killed in an attack on a restaurant in Bamako in March past, first of its kind in the capital of west Africa.

Islamist groups have continued their attacks in Mali despite a peace agreement reached in June in the north of the country between former rebels Tuareg and rival pro-government armed groups.

northern Mali was conquered in March 2012 by jihadist groups linked to al Qaeda who were defeated and expelled in January 2013 by a military operation led by France, former colonial the country.

Despite the peace agreement, Mali extensive territories remain outside the control of the authorities and foreign forces in the country.

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Putin decreed economic sanctions on Turkey for the attack

Putin decreed economic sanctions on Turkey for the attack -

Russian President Vladimir Putin , signed a decree that imposes economic sanctions on Turkey in response to the criminal actions of the Ottoman country last Tuesday shot down a Russian military aircraft on the Syrian border.

the decree, which comes into force on 1 January 2016, prohibits Russian companies hire Turkish citizens as well as the importation of products from that country suspends policy visa waiver that was in force since 2011 and requires tourism companies to end cooperation with the Turkish tourism sector.

the Ministry of Transport, in turn, must ensure cancellation of all charter flights between Russia and Turkey while the current decree remains in force, Russia today reported.

a new escalation of tension threatening attempts to form a single large coalition to fight the jihadist group Islamic State, Moscow kept his promise and made effective threats against Turkey.

"the president has mobilized the most the level required by the circumstances. The circumstances are unprecedented. A Russia has thrown down a challenge unprecedented ", had warned hours before the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, quoted by the news agency EFE.

In an interview broadcast today on Russian television, Peskov said the reaction of Russia "corresponds" to the magnitude of the challenge.

the first to warn of sanctions had been Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who last Thursday, predicted that the aim was to "implement limitations or prohibitions "to the business of Turkish companies on Russian territory.

in turn, deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said today that at the request of the Kremlin, each ministry was preparing a list of concrete proposals for restrictions could be imposed on the Turkish nation.

"of course, we shall endeavor to safeguard a balance of interests, so that Russian companies working with the Turkish market will not suffer heavy losses "said the Russian minister of Economy, Alexei Uliukayev, who gave no further details on sanctions.

what I knew from Thursday that Russia would suspend from 1 January 2016 the exemption scheme visa with Turkey, the second preferred tourist destination for Russians.

According to estimates by Moscow, if its citizens leave to travel to Turkey the tourism sector in the country will lose up to 10,000 million dollars a year, equivalent Turkish surplus in the trade between the two countries.

the conflict between Moscow and Ankara came amid a conflict worldwide.

Turkey, a NATO member, is part of one allied international coalition led by the United States last year start an air campaign to combat EI (Islamic State), which has proved unable to stop the advance of this Islamist group.

Only when Russia, ironclad Al Assad, began to bomb a few months ago this militia in Syria, Islamists began to suffer heavy casualties and seem to have lost its expansive capacity on the ground.

After the attacks of 13-N Paris and the downing of a Russian airliner in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt -both facts claimed by the Islamic State, France put all their dedication in trying to form a broad international coalition that includes the United States and Russia.

But the attack on the Russian plane, huge impact worldwide because it is the first time in 50 years that a member of NATO shoots down an airplane from Russia, jeopardizes the chances of coordinating attacks against jihadist group in Iraq and Syria.

After the downing of the plane, Moscow deployed on Thursday antiaircraft missile systems S-400 to protect against new attacks on Russian pilots involved in bombing missions in the country . Arab

"we can confirm one thing: the Russian pilots are insured in case of new dangers. The corresponding air defense system has already been installed "Peskov, Peskov said.

stressed that the" attack back "struck by Turkey, as has described Moscow's downing of the Su-24, has caused a" difficult damage repair "the Russian-Turkish bilateral relations.

" Putin said we saw Turkey as an ally. All that was destroyed literally in an instant by a shot of an F-16 Turkish, "he noted.

Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, today expressed his sadness over the downing of the warplane and he wished it had never happened but again defended the performance of the Turkish Army and reiterated his criticism of Russia's actions in Syria.

"we are truly saddened by this incident. We wish it had not happened, but it happened. I hope it never happens again something like this, "he lamented the president in a speech to supporters in the city of Balikesir in western Turkey.

also repeated his desire to meet with Putin and said he hopes to have the opportunity to do so at the climate summit that begins on Monday in Paris.

Hours before the intervention of Erdogan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey had asked the citizens not to travel to Russia, unless it is strictly necessary

the alert department travelers potential "problems" and asks them to delay their travel until the situation "clarification"

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The Venezuelan opposition won for the first time in 17 years

The Venezuelan opposition won for the first time in 17 years -

President of National Electoral Council (CNE) , Tibisay Lucena, with 96.03% reported of the votes counted that Democratic Unity Table (MUD) won 72 deputies via nominal and 27 voting list, which adds 99 seats for the composition of the next Legislative Assembly (AL), while the ruling Kingdom Socialist party of Venezuela (PSUV) obtained 24 nominal representatives and 22 voting list, which adds 46 deputies.

Moreover, the official said that 19 deputies, 17 nominal and two lists are not allocable, but did not say what about those seats.

Altogether were at stake 167 seats, although the total sum of the results released by Lucena reach 164.

in any case, the results are not definitive and is possible that the opposition to the government of Nicolas Maduro will try to get to meet the two-thirds of the body, 112 seats, which is the number you need to submit a referendum to approve the bills, treaties, conventions or agreements that could compromise national sovereignty.

Moreover, with the most opponents could appoint members of the CNE, currently held by the ruling Partiso Socialista Unido de Venezuela ( PSUV) and take the initiative to convene a National Assembly, among others.

Lucena stressed that the parliamentary elections represented a great day for democracy, in which a stake of 77.25% of the registered electorate .
"As we have said repeatedly the process has a civic spirit and were confident believing in the people today would be a great demonstration of good citizenship (...) we congratulate the people of Venezuela for the exemplary day," said the head of . CNE

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Spain votes in an election marked by uncertainty

Spain votes in an election marked by uncertainty -

Polls opened at 9 am (5 Argentina) and will close at 20 (16 in Argentina). From that moment will be announced the first exit polls and the counting will start.

"The day began quite normally", said Secretary of State for Communication, Carmen Martinez Castro.

More than 36.5 million people-of which 1.8 million live abroad-are called to elect the 350 members of Congress -and 208 senators, the first time since 1982 that the four main forces in competition the formation of the new government are disputed.

polls give victory to the Popular Party (PP) of Prime Minister and candidate for reelection, Mariano Rajoy, but less than 30% of the vote, that would not allow him to form a government without the support of another force.

Secondly the (PSOE) Socialist party, which has run for Pedro Sanchez, while the new liberal party Citizens, Albert Rivera is located, and left Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, are virtually tied.

also get seats Unidad Popular Unida (UP-IU), which takes as a candidate the young Alberto Garzón.

Ante such an uncertain scenario, with no clear majorities, with four games fighting head to head for the vote and a high number of undecided reaching the 41% - according to the Center for Sociological Research (CIS, public) - the electoral mobilization will be crucial , especially for emerging parties.

"all I expect a day like this and what we all want is to involve as many people as possible because it is making a very important decision, voting all the world freely and with sufficient knowledge of the facts, "said Rajoy after voting in Bernadette College of Aravaca Madrid.

the Chief Executive, who left to applause from some voters, said that" are voting many people, and that's comforting. "

the early bird candidate was the leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, who voted at about 10 am at the Santa Marta College of Hospitalet de Llobregat, in Barcelona, ​​making a call for mass mobilization: "If we want to change Spain have to get wet, you have to participate," said

Rivera is the only candidate who curiously can not vote for himself because chooses a seat by. the circumscription of Madrid and he is census in Barcelona.

"in this election day, the illusion overcome the fear and hope will be stronger than resignation." "Today is an important day for Spanish democracy," he said. He planned later moved to Madrid to follow election day from there.

The last vote was Pablo Iglesias, who after noon came with a huge smile to your polling station in the Vallecas neighborhood, where he was cheered and applauded by a group of older ladies. "The citizens of our country will give a lesson in democracy," he said candidate can.

"Smells change" and "hope to be given," he said, meanwhile, the PSOE candidate Pedro Sanchez, who defrayed in Pozuelo de Alarcon.

"what we encourage is to vote. Honestly, I think we need governments to think of most Spaniards. so no one is left at home. Let to write the future with our vote, "he added in statements to the press.

by voting in Rincon de la Victoria, in Malaga, Alberto Garzón, candidate of Unidad Popular-Izquierda Unida (UP-IU), also encouraged the participation because "it will benefit not only democracy but also the option of social transformation."

the elections 20D, which are the most open in recent memory, envision the end of bipartisanship PP-PSOE and the arrival of a multiparty political scene, in which a minority government could struggle to stay in power.

the arrival parliament emerging parties while making a generational renewal open expected a new era for a different, "political praxis" more negotiation and consensus.

more than 91,700 security agents monitor the elections in Spain located on level 4 (out of 5) of terrorist alert. The device has been reinforced respect for previous elections.

Following the attacks in Paris last November 13 which left 130 dead, security forces of Spain made numerous arrests of suspected jihadists, the recruiters most fighters for the Islamic State (EI), and some of them ready to attack in the country.

in 2014 Spain voted in shock after being the target of a jihadist attack.

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WHO declared an end to the epidemic of Ebola in Guinea

WHO declared an end to the epidemic of Ebola in Guinea -

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared today the end of Ebola in Guinea , where two years ago the first case that resulted in the epidemic, when being fulfilled 42 days since the last person infected gave negative on two consecutive occasions proof evidence of the virus in recorded blood.

The epidemic that originated in Guinea had spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone , and caused more than 28,000 cases, with more than 13,000 deaths, according slogan EFE.

Following the announcement by the organization based in Geneva, Guinea enters a period of ninety days reinforced health surveillance to ensure that any new case is identified quickly before it spreads between the population.

at the same time, in this new phase efforts will be made to rehabilitate the national health services, which were broken by the impact of the epidemic it came to cause small outbreaks in Nigeria and Mali .

in Senegal, Spain, United States, Italy and the UK isolated cases of national, mostly doctors and nurses-who had contracted the Ebola virus were treated in one of the three most affected countries while they are attending the sick.

"the original chain of transmission began two years ago in Gueckedou, Guinea, at the end of December 2013, and spread to Liberia neighbors and Sierra Leone and finally seven other countries through land and air travel, "said WHO in a statement.

in addition to the original transmission chain ten small outbreaks of Ebola were detected between last March and November, which seem related to the reappearance of the virus persists in a part of the surviving male population.

udios scientists conducted during this epidemic confirmed for the first time that the Ebola virus can persist up to nine . to twelve months in the semen of certain men who were infected

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Argentina announced delivery of humanitarian aid to Lebanon

Argentina announced delivery of humanitarian aid to Lebanon -

At a ceremony held in Lebanese Embassy in Buenos Aires, Vice Chancellor Eduardo Zuain he announced the shipment by the Argentine government's humanitarian aid to the refugees in that country.

the Argentine shipment includes 4 tons of rice, 75 structural tents, 500 blankets, water purification tablets with capacity to treat 10 million liters, and 150 kitchen kits, among others.

the support of our country will be sent via White Helmets, which is the agency of the Foreign Ministry in charge to implement international humanitarian assistance. White Helmets is an initiative of Argentina's foreign policy that offers the international community a volunteer corps to support activities of immediate relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction and development, aimed to alleviate critical situations.

By this shipment , Argentina adds its efforts to those of the international community to help the nearly one million five hundred thousand refugees from Syria and Iraq since 2011 are forced to leave their homes and seek shelter, food and health care in Lebanon.

"the donation is a further sign of its commitment to the Argentina Republic with Lebanon," said Foreign Ministry in its statement

Source:. Chancellor

Eleven Syrian refugees drowned near Greece

Eleven Syrian refugees drowned near Greece -

At least seven refugees died in one of the boats that sank with 16 Syrian refugees on board before reaching the island of Kos .

the boat had left Aspat near Bodrum in southwest Turkey, reported Turkish daily "Hurriyet" in its online edition, quoted by EFE.

the guard Turkish coast could rescue four people alive and still searching for five missing.

also, in the same area another boat that had left Alihoca sank, also near Bodrum, with six people on board -a four women and three children-were killed.

the two others managed to reach the coast by wearing lifejackets.

Between January and July, the Turkish patrols rescued 20,165 refugees in 629 operations in the Turkish waters of the Aegean, and arrested 42 people for illegal trafficking.

refugees pay between 00 and 1,0 euros for a place in an inflatable boat to take them to one of the islands Greek nearby.

Meanwhile, to Austrian police have intercepted in Vienna a van carrying 24 Afghan refugees in the loading chamber whose doors and windows were welded.

the people, mostly young men aged 16 and 17, were at risk of choking because almost did not enter air.

"young people were lying partly on each other, there was very little space," said police spokesman Thomas Keiblinger cited by the Austrian agency APA.

the driver, a man of 30 years, tried to escape but was stopped by troops.

This police action is part of the operation launched on Sunday and indefinitely by the Austrian Ministry of Interior against illicit trafficking, after Thursday 17 dead refugees were discovered in an abandoned building in eastern Austria refrigerator truck

. Source: Telam / EFE

UN highlights Argentina as the global benchmark refugee

UN highlights Argentina as the global benchmark refugee -

Authorities United Nations (UN) and consular highlighted in the Italian city of Milan to Argentina as "world leader "in its treatment of refugees, and highlighted the decision of the president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, to receive people fleeing Syria.

" Latin America, particularly Argentina have standards for the protection of refugees highest worldwide, "he said Marco Formisano , the regional department for America of UN Office for Refugees (UNHCR), while participating in the seminar "How migrants feed the planet."

"Many Argentines were refugees during the military dictatorship and today the country is world leader with respect to those seeking such protection globally. the process 'Cartagena + 30' demonstrates the leadership in South America to raise standards of protection of refugees. Argentina receives refugee status to people fleeing Syria, but also under a humanitarian visa that extends protection mechanisms, "said Formisano.

The Argentine consul general in Milan, Luciano Both Clement he noted that from "the touching picture of Aylan Kurdi, the migration issue received massive attention of public opinion," as enunciated by opening the seminar held at the Universal Expo Milan 2015, as part of a series of meetings entitled "Argentina feeds the debate."

"the idea of ​​this seminar dates back to the beginning of the year and the impact that the issue has now it was a great opportunity for Argentina to convey their positive experience matter of reception of migrants "Both contextualized Clement.

Meanwhile, Pierre Francesco Majorino, the Commune of Milan, celebrated Argentina initiative and stressed that the exhibition is done in the Italian city until 31 October "is not only for entertainment but also a discussion platform for the international community."

"Milan provided support to more than 76,000 Syrian refugees in recent years. To migration we must abandon the dramatic vocabulary into positive language you see abroad as a contribution to the development and shaping the identity of a country. The Commune of Milan held that Argentina used the Expo to promote debate on migration in a positive light, "reinforced Majorinus.

" Immigration is part of the history of the world, so it must be confronted positively and to shed light. Is an opportunity that seals the identity of a country and serves as a great platform chat between his people and culture of the immigrant "asked the representative italiano.En that line, Martin Lettieri, deputy commissioner of the Argentine flag, he stated that" the challenges that international migration and refugee protection are complex face, but should not be addressed from prejudice or discrimination. "

" the dramatic humanitarian situation is not new, and Argentina has demonstrated its democratic identity and plural to address it for many years. We can have a closed and exclusive look on immigration or open, analyzing the history of the country, without prejudices about it. The country is the other, and the other is the immigrant abroad. Why we say that "the country is the immigrant, '" reinforced Lettieri.

At that point Alejandro Meringer , the National Directorate of Migration, raised so that "Argentina Law No. 25,871 approved during the presidency of Nestor Kirchner was praised internationally to promote real immigration policy and that is essentially based on what Argentina says the Constitution where it says "... and for all men the world who wish to dwell on Argentine soil ... "and that immigrants access to education, health, art and commerce."

"Argentina rejects the concept of illegal immigration, but recognizes the human right to migrate. People migrate with their civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights ", raised Meringer, and argued that" the focus of Argentina is to accept the reality of migration by facilitating their establishment and avoiding their criminalization. "

Source: Telam

Europe comes to a first agreement on sharing refugees

Europe comes to a first agreement on sharing refugees -

Germany and France reported on Monday q ue European interior ministers have reached political agreement to distribute in the European Union 0,000 refugees in two years, a figure that includes the two measures proposed by Brussels since May to distribute 40,000 and 0,000 people .

"There is a general agreement for the relocation of 0,000 in European States", advanced the German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, at a joint press conference with his French counterpart Bernard Cazeneuve.

De Maiziere said the breakdown by country of the total 0,000 will be implemented in the Council next October 8, after the Twenty-eight approve today formally the first step to sharing 40,000 refugees. Interior ministers of the European Union not yet defined whether it will be binding or voluntary. The final decision on this point will also be taken at the meeting of October 8

. Source: MS (efe / dpa)

Bolivia awaiting the decision by the Hague landlocked

Bolivia awaiting the decision by the Hague landlocked -

The Bolivian delegation to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague he said he did not look like the end the ruling that this court will issue on Thursday, but a fundamental decision to continue the cause with "justice and truth".

The Bolivian agent Eduardo Rodriguez Veltzé said the Andean country still hopes that the resolution will be a step to move forward. "It is not the final decision but the fundamental decision to proceed in this area of ​​justice," said a contact with the New Nation Network.

Rodriguez, who follows the maritime dispute with Chile in The Hague since 2013 it will assist facilities of the international court "with faith and confidence" in the arguments that Bolivia presented in May to enforce all the offers made different Chilean governments on landlocked.

"This is a centenarian causes commits generations, has touched us face it in court who created humanity to peacefully resolve their disputes so that we are a challenge that engages our generation, "said the official.

national authorities, departmental and municipal they called the people to wait for the verdict of the international court with optimism over 136 years of struggle for a peaceful settlement to recover its maritime sovereignty

. Source: Telesur

Brazil requires court majority to impeach promote

Brazil requires court majority to impeach promote -

The Court of Brazil made in an appeal by the ruling party for a special majority is required in Congress to approve impeachment, which meant a respite for the government, but does not prevent continued tension with the opposition, which officials proposed to restore dialogue to avoid a "fratricidal war" .

the government stressed that a political trial to impeach the president, Dilma Rousseff would be a "constitutional breakdown" after today a judge thwarted the attempt by the opposition to speed that process when he accepted an appeal by Wadih Damous, deputy of the Workers Party (PT).

Minister Teori Zavaski , the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil (STF), took place the request and the opposition acknowledged receipt and did not push today, as announced, the beginning of the trial against Rousseff.

acceptance of this resource requires that the request for impeachment, as he is called impeachment, has the vote of 3/5 of the Chamber of Deputies and no simple majority. This provision nullifies an interpretation of the regulations made by the holder of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha.

At its foundation, the judge also asks Cunha to explain its interpretation of how it should be treated any request for impeachment. Thus, the Court does not closed the case and await the response of the legislature, which nevertheless can take action to impeach making use of other procedural means.

Brazil dawned today marked by a tense political climate with a meeting in the morning between the opposition and Cunha in which the strategy was adjusted to give effect to begin the process of impeachment.

the agreement stated that Cunha was to announce that he rejected a request for impeachment of jurist Helio Bicudo and automatically, the opposition would appeal the rejection and put the issue to a vote to consider the "admissibility" of the trial, say local and international media.

Hours later known the judge's ruling of the Supreme court judge Rosa Weber made place to another under the same line.

the government warning about the attempt to "institutional rupture" came at a time when the press and some political sectors insisted that this week could open a process of prosecution against Rousseff for fiscal maneuvers aimed at making up the public accounts in 2014, when he was re-elected for the new term.

the Constitution provides for the possibility to dismiss a chief state, but to start the trial requires legal reasons. The decision to proceed with a process of this nature must be taken by Cunha, who until now received twenty requests and rejected half for lack of such "legal basis".

Cunha, who in turn is being investigated for money laundering in the Petrobras case, reported that not rule on requests for impeachment until you have extended their arguments to substantiate why demand output Rousseff government.

Amid the morass legal, former President Lula da Silva criticized the opposition for supporting orders for opening a case against the president and asked them to take their defeat at the polls

Source:. Telam

The opposition in Brazil remain with the seal of coup

The opposition in Brazil remain with the seal of coup -

Franklin Martins, journalist and former minister in the government of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva it heralded a "victorious" exit from the crisis facing the government in Brazil and risked that "politicians and media who want a coup going to pay a very high price" and in a few years "will stay with the seal putschists. "
former Minister of the Ministry of Communication in the government of Lula said Brazil" is a democratic country that has fought a lot to achieve democracy "and that line remarked that" those politicians and media communication are making a democratic rupture, they want a coup, though with a legally layer will not be victorious. "
in an interview with Telam referred to the orders of political judgment that the opposition presented to Congress with a view to oust president Dilma Rousseff, who is accused of alleged "crimes of responsibility." For Martins, besides not achieve that goal, the opposition and the media "will pay a high price in the coming years because they will be with the seal of putschists."
journalist and current advisor to the Lula Institute visited Buenos Aires to participate in the seminar "Corporations media and its impact on Democratic Processes South-South", organized by the International Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights (CIPDH).
its activity places it as a leader in issues media and democracy; "It is interesting to state that it is essential for social inclusion, for human dignity and for the exercise of the rights of citizens to have a plural press, a press that does not always have the same opinion on everything. It is crucial and important that there are many voices ", he stressed on the subject
For the former minister, the media in Brazil, especially radio and television." Have a single speech: the monumental crisis, the country that is going to sink the end of the world, and say that the adjustment to decrease a number of things, things that are better for workers to get out of that is necessary. It's a tough fight, "he summarized. Understands that in this scenario the worst enemy of the government are the media with the opposition try to get Rousseff of power.
"The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha, (the allied PMDB but enemy personnel of the president) it has a past and very questionable present, but they put him there so he could get on with the impeachment, and now there are documents showing that he (Cunha) is the most corrupt, he embodies all the corruption, "he said .
Days ago the Justice launched an investigation against Cunha when he discovered that the head of the lower house had five secret Swiss accounts in which deposited money allegedly received bribes made in the web of corruption that spattered Petrobras. While the legislature denied the allegations seven parties filed a complaint with the Ethics Commission to resign the office, and even the opposition itself began to distrust the deputy.
But as regards the government, Martins recognizes that Brazil live "a very difficult time because there are economic problems and there are also political errors." At that point, he explained that a "hotly contested" presidential elections in which "the people voted an option to deepen the changes and not accept setbacks" won last October.
"After the victory, the government was silent and he spoke the other side, and politics is political dispute. You have to give the dispute. Since the government did not and that sowed uncertainty in many sectors especially in sectors that voted for Dilma, but I think now she changed her attitude, is responding more, "he reflected.
For Martins, the goal is to stay united against the attacks. "You have to understand that a battle like this can only be won with the people, and if one explains that happens every day to people what is happening. Believe that the truth will prevail over lies naturally is a mistake; the truth prevails over falsehood because he fights with lies, "he added.
As an example, he mentioned that" Christ fought for three years and finally chose Barabbas rather than Christ. " "It's always like this, if we think naturally the truth triumph over falsehood is a misunderstanding," he said.
Some of those mistakes mentioned fall in the way we communicate proposed by the government in the hands of Minister Profile fiscal adjustment neoliberal Joaquim Levy, who discouraged to petistas first time, and became defensive guilds and unions, old allies of the government.
"you have to make the adjustment, the problem is that speech can not be ' setting speech 'because the main thing is not fit, but the changes. If for further changes, including whether to continue to salaries continue to rise, so that the program My home My life is bigger, I need to make adjustments, be made. But you have to explain, "he argued.
softened immediately their position and stressed that" in recent weeks the government understood to be more proactive and have confidence that the people can understand things if you have the leadership to explain " .
"There is a monumental hypocrisy in opposition, but that does not mean that the government has to improve. The issue is that there is no doubt that the government will improve, and the opposition will not improve because he is a prisoner to a speech of hatred, prejudice, anti-democracy. You want to avoid the discussion of political and social programs. Do not assume they want setbacks and avoid substantive discussion, "he summarized.
Finally, he stressed firmly that" Brazil is a very big country, very mature, he knows he will not return democracy to coup. It will not return, "he said.

Source: Telam

The Islamic State claims to have shot down Russian aircraft

The Islamic State claims to have shot down Russian aircraft -

This morning, the Egyptian government authorities reported that a plane of the Russian company MetroJet had crashed in the . Sinai

However, a purported statement from the group Islamic State claimed a few days ago the shooting down aircraft: "soldiers of the Caliphate managed to shoot down a Russian plane at Sinai more than 0 Crusaders Russians on board, "says the statement of the extremist group.

in the message posted on social networks, but whose authenticity could not be confirmed, the group stressed" they know the Russians and their allies that no security for them in the land of the Muslims or in their airspace. "

" killed dozens of people in the territory of Shams (Middle East) by the bombing of its aircraft and, like kill, be killed, "the statement said.

However, the Russian Ministry of Transport called" untrue "some information that pointed out that the Russian plane that crashed in Egypt was the subject of a terrorist attack.

"in some media reports have appeared about the Russian passenger plane flying from Sharm el Sheikh to St. Petersburg was hit by a missile launched by terrorists. This information can not be considered true, "said Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

added that the Russian authorities are in close contact with their Egyptian colleagues and that" we do not currently have any information confirming these fantasies ".

the aircraft, an Airbus A320 belonging to the Russian company MetroJet, crashed about 23 minutes after takeoff with 217 passengers and 7 members crew, a Russian national.

the fact comes amid a Russian military campaign in Syria to fight the extremist groups operating in the territory to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, including the Islamic State .

the campaign began earlier this month and according to information published yesterday by the Syrian government since then Russian aviation, in collaboration with the Syrian Air Force has destroyed a total of 1,623 "targets terrorists. "


in addition to Russia, the United States-head of a coalition of 16 countries- has intervened in Syria and Iraq to fight the group.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shurkri, promised his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, the full cooperation of Cairo to clarify the facts, according to the official Russian news agency RIA Novosti

. Source: Telam

"Violence does not solve the problems of humanity"

"Violence does not solve the problems of humanity" -

The Pope Francisco said today that "the path of violence does not solve the problems of humanity" , after expressing his "deep sorrow" for the terrorist attacks Friday night left more than 0 dead in France.

"I express my deep sorrow for the terrorist attacks Friday night bloodied France, causing many casualties, "said the Pope to give the Angelus this Sunday in St. Peter's Square visibly guarded.

" the President of the French Republic and all citizens I extend the expression of my deepest sympathy. they are close, especially to the families of those who lost their lives and injured, "added the Holy Father, who yesterday had already qualified as an act" non-human "what happened in the capital gala.

"Using the name of God to justify this is blasphemy," he added.

"Such barbarity leaves us surprised and wonder how the human heart can conceive and create this kind of horrific events that have shaken not only France but the whole world, "said Francisco, who on Saturday described the event as" a part of the third world war ".

"Faced with these intolerable acts, one can not but condemn the unspeakable human dignity attack. I want to strongly reaffirm that the path of violence and hatred does not solve problems humanity, "he said against the faithful in St. Peter's Square

." I invite you to join me in prayer: we trust them to the mercy of God the helpless victims of this tragedy. the Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, will inspire in the hearts of all thoughts of wisdom and intentions of peace. we ask you to protect and ensure the beloved French nation, Europe and the whole world, "he concluded.

40 dead were victims of the hotel in Mali takes

40 dead were victims of the hotel in Mali takes -

armed Jihadists took hostage 170 people in a hotel in the capital of Mali, and the rescue operation launched seven hours later he started the attack ended with 40 people -27 of them among employees and customers and 13 attackers, all killed by an African country forces command.

A group of men broke this morning at the luxurious Radisson Blu, located in the heart of Bamako and often frequented by foreign-military, aid workers, diplomats who negotiate or cooperate in the troubled northern Mali, where they operate Tuareg separatists and Islamist groups.

According to figures from the Mission UN in Mali (Minusma), killed 27 civilians and 13 attackers since the attack began, but the Malian government only reported 22 dead civilians and two attackers, after announcing that hostage-taking was over, the news agency he reported . EFE

the attack was claimed by two active jihadist groups in the Sahel: Al Murabitun, headed until his death in May by the Algerian Mokhtar Belmokhtar, and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQMI), which claimed have acted together in a call to the news agency Al-Akhbar.

police sources said the 13 assailants robbed this morning a US diplomatic vehicle in which they were presented in the hotel and had access to their facilities , generally frequented by foreigners.

and pointed out that the armed jihadists entered the hotel shouting "Allahu Akbar" (God is great in Arabic) and declared that all -customers present, workers and guards hotel, of various nationalities as Americans, Chinese, Belgian, Pakistani and German, among others who were kidnapped.

hostage-taking lasted seven hours. Before the release operation forces Malian security occurred, the attackers released some hostages, including those who were able to recite verses from the Koran, while others managed to escape.

Police cordoned off the area near the hotel, which was overflown by helicopters Minusma and the Malian army, while around the fenced area many people who cheered at the sight of reach military special forces to free the hostages gathered.

Malian soldiers were assisted in the operation by special forces of the French Gendarmerie sent from Paris, plus US troops in Mali and soldiers of the Nigerian contingent Minusma.

the assault on the hotel began by in the afternoon, seven hours after the arrival of the kidnappers, and for hours could hear heavy gunfire inside the hotel, which killed 27 hostages (several of them Westerners, but not their nationalities known) and . 13 assailants

the hostages were evacuated after the operation were led assault on UN ambulances to a nearby sports hall to receive first aid; some of them left the bloodied hotel and apparently in serious condition, reported EFE.

The bodies of the dead were removed from the hotel and taken to an unknown location, while the Scientific Police working to identify them.
among those killed in the attack an official at the Belgian parliament who had attended a convention in Mali is.

from France, still reeling from the deadly attacks last week in Paris that left 129 dead of 19 nationalities , President Francois Hollande said his country will do "everything possible to free the hostages" in Mali, an ex gala colony.

airline Air France said 12 of its workers, who were staying in the hotel, and are in a safe place, while the Turkish government said five of seven officials from Turkish Airlines had also managed to flee

the state news agency Xinhua said three of the 10 Chinese tourists trapped inside had been rescued.

the attacks are a slap in the face for France, which has committed 3,500 troops in northern Mali to try to restore stability after a Tuareg rebellion 2012 later was kidnapped by jihadists linked to al Qaeda.

Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, who was visiting in N'Djamena, had to interrupt his trip and return immediately to Bamako.

before boarding the plane said the situation was "worrying but not hopeless" and emphasized that no country is safe from extremist threat.

is expected to Keita tonight a speech to the nation where is expected to announce measures to curb the activity of jihadist, only this year have carried out three similar attacks in entertainment establishments frequented by Westerners.

the first was in March, when a restaurant Bamako it was attacked by masked with grenades and machine guns, killing five dead; then he followed the taking of a hotel in Mopti (north), where there were seven dead, including two militants, after a very long journey of almost 24 hours.

Those two attacks were claimed by two jihadist groups, just like today, showing that Mali remains highly vulnerable to the activity of these commands is believed to be hiding in northern areas without fixed bases, and taking advantage of the porous borders country neighbors.

Source: Telam

Pope Francis called for unity to the Central African Republic

Pope Francis called for unity to the Central African Republic -

Pope Francisco today called on the transitional government of Central African Republic and its citizens which are based on the country's motto, "unity, dignity and work" to overcome inter-religious conflict in the past two years has killed thousands of people.

After meeting with the president of the transition Catherine Samba-Panza , and members of the diplomatic corps, the pope congratulated the national and international authorities "for the efforts they have made to lead the country at this stage," he said the agency EFE .

Central African Republic held a constitutional referendum on 13 December and two weeks after the presidential election, two events that will culminate the transition and should allow the beginning of rebuilding the country will take place.

Meanwhile, Samba-Panza, president asked "forgiveness" on behalf of the ruling class and those responsible for what he called "descent into hell" referring to the violence in their country, and he encouraged his compatriots to do the same after receiving Francisco.

Samba-Panza praised the "lesson of courage and determination" that the pontiff has been shown to travel to Bangui, the capital, where he received today the presidential palace, the Palace of the Renaissance.

"All sons and daughters of this country should recognize their faults and apologize, a sincere forgiveness that his blessing transformed into a new pavement for the reconstruction of the country" said the president, according reproduces EFE

. Source: Telam / EFE

France: the far right won regional elections

France: the far right won regional elections -

The leader of the Eurosceptic and xenophobic National Front (FN) Marine Le Pen , said today that the victory of his party in the first round of French regional elections is "the revolt of the people against the elites."

citizens, as indicated on RTL radio, "do not support and the contempt of a political class that has defended its interests "and not those of the population for years.

the FN struck yesterday a blow to the center-right alliance led by Nicolas Sarkozy and socialists, who may lose much of their share of power in the regions.

Le Pen considered that this result, obtained "despite the insults" leveled against his group, is not a surprise, but the result of " a long progression, "and the finding of" a movement that is implanted. "

" Testing the FN, it is to adopt, "said the far-right president, who aspired to win in the second round next Sunday the biggest possible number of regions to show that the debt or tax increases are not inevitable, "but a political choice."

the country, he said, is in a dramatic situation in terms of wealth creation and the French "feel like change."

Le Pen asked not to caricature the arguments of his party, and wondered what's so extreme, "say that we must cease the current flow of immigrants, when France can not afford to host them ", or stating that" we must stop helping large financial groups to support small businesses. "

the far-right leader felt that the defeat of the Socialist Party (PS) French President François Hollande is a sort of "collective suicide" for such training, but branded as unfair and undemocratic decision to withdraw from the regions where they have no chance of winning to favor the center-right detriment of the FN.

the division lists -the Green left and the left Front was attended by separators and erosion of President François Hollande, who could not win a single election since he was elected president in 2012, it constituted an insurmountable obstacle to the PS.

xenophobic and anti-European right, led by own Le Pen, won devastating results. Both the president of the party as his niece and political heir, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, exceeded 40% of the votes in the regions of Nord-Pas de Calais-Picardie and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, respectively.

Both regions, in one way or another, suffer or fear the consequences of the influx of refugees this year plunged Europe into a crisis that even has identity dimension.

in the first, where the villas are located misery of those who try to cross as stowaways to the UK by Eurotunnel, which begins in Calais, Le Pen came to shake the fear of the possibility that the accumulation of migrants provoke epidemics.

the second, next to Italy , has its doors themselves, in Ventimiglia, a refugee camp that pressure all the time deep into the Gallic country.
also got a historical result the number two of Le Pen, Florian Philipot, who won close 40% of the vote in Alsace-Lorraine-Champagne-Ardennes.

in total, the National Front was, according to estimates, the largest party in six of the thirteen regions in which the country is divided after administrative simplification launched by Hollande (so far were 22), reported the news agency EFE.

Republicans Sarkozy allies centrist UDI failed in their attempt to be the most voted, though are in a good position to seize several regions in the second round, which pass all the lists that have exceeded 10%.

that goal will have the reluctant support of the Socialist Party, to curb the FN decided to withdraw their candidacies of the two regions where the party of Le Pen are likely to succeed.

the first secretary of the socialists, Jean Christophe Cambadélis announced severely the formation of a so-called "Republican dam "to prevent the passage of ultranationalists.

However, the gesture did not find reflection in the center-right.

stroke of a pen Sarkozy ended speculation by proposing that his party" nor merge (left) nor retire "in the second round where he can benefit the Socialist Party against the extreme right.

" We need to listen and understand the exasperation of the French and also those who have chosen to FN "because not doing so would be" irresponsible, "Sarkozy said after the first results.

However, the party led by Le Pen will not necessarily stay with most of the 1,757 directorships 153 regional and regional directors that must be renewed at the polls.

Many of the charges may have to be settled by the 44.6 million French eligible to vote in the balotage, next Sunday.

amid a massive military and police presence throughout the country, set in the highest level of alert that exists since the attacks of Paris, election day was conducted without any inconvenience or irregularity.

these elections were held in a particularly unusual context, amid a state of emergency and only three weeks after jihadist attacks in Paris and Saint Denis, on 13 November, in which 130 people died.

Source: Telam

Spain: the Popular Party won but ran out of most

Spain: the Popular Party won but ran out of most -

The Popular Party President Mariano Rajoy is first general elections 96.2% of the votes counted.

According to official data, the ruling conservative party takes 122 deputies, which lost a third of the 186 who won in 2011. it follows the PSOE 91, which will be the worst result in its history.

While the progressive we of Pablo Iglesias obtained 42 seats, but their alternative candidates -in which it includes IU and aspire to own group in the chamber achieve other 27 seats. In fourth place is located Citizens , which is left with 40 seats.

The Iberian people elected 350 deputies and 208 senators in Congress today in an election in which, for the first time since 1982, the four major forces shaping the new competition Executive dispute.

Bolivia aims to reduce extreme poverty from 17% to 9%

Bolivia aims to reduce extreme poverty from 17% to 9% -

The Bolivian government introduced the National Plan for Economic and Social Development plans to reduce extreme poverty by 17.3 percent 2014 to 9.5 percent until 2020 and reduced inequality between the very poor and the richest in the country last year 39 times to 25 times by 2020.

the government also recalled that in 05 before assuming the presidency the President Evo Morales on 22 January 06 that inequality between very poor and the richest was 129 times.

President Morales said 2016-2020 under this plan, known as Agenda Patriotica, moderate poverty will fall from 39.3 percent to 24 percent over the next five years.

also unveiled public investment projects in infrastructure and access to electricity to estimate an increase of gross domestic product (GDP) of 34,000 billion to 57,000 billion dollars in 2020, with an annual economic growth to date of 5.8 percent.

" is a great challenge, it is a commitment of those who are here in Quemado Palace (seat of government), "said Morales, who projected that by 2020 the per capita GDP will reach $ 5,000, or more than $ 00 06 indicator when he took control of the country for the first time.

Constitutionally, the current mandate of President Morales will end in 2020, but social organizations and the governing Movement to Socialism (MAS), promoted a referendum to be held on 21 February to amend the Constitution so that it can run for a third term ending in 2025.

Bolivian Planning Minister Rene Orellana, described the goals set by the government as "very ambitious" because it is expected enhance the production of productive sectors nontraditional against exploitation of minerals and natural gas remain the basis of the income of Bolivia.

Orellana said the plan takes into account the integral development to live well and puts emphasis on industrialization of natural resources and poverty reduction.

Bolivia and plans to invest more than 11,000 million dollars in the construction of roads and 12,681 million in the hydrocarbon sector and 5,854 million dollars to increase power generation, while investment in health will reach 1.700 billion in 2020, 10 times more than it had in 2014.

According to Morales, it is expected that by 2020 exports reached 16,000 million dollars and private investment equivalent to 8% of GDP.

He explained that the coverage of potable water service will be expanded from 92 percent in 2014 to 95 percent in 2020 urban and 66 to 80 percent in rural area.

the Plan of Social Economic Development plans to build 51,20 new housing and the improvement and expansion of 63,710 homes.

the President of the Bolivian Senate, José Alberto Gonzales said the presentation of the plan "is not electioneering" because it is part of the challenges assumed Morales in 2014, when he assumed the second period of the presidency of Bolivia.

gas coverage home grow 25 percent of households in 2015 (today is 582,312) to 50 percent in 2020.

Contemplate also the implementation of Universal Health Service and the construction of 75 technological technical institutes intermediate
cities Until 2020, 500 scholarships will be Bolivian professionals with masters and doctorates at universities abroad.

Source: Telam

Guatemala demonstration demanding the resignation of President

Guatemala demonstration demanding the resignation of President -

Thousands of Guatemalans took to the streets to demand the resignation of President Otto Perez Molina , accused of leading network customs fraud, for which is already dam the former Vice President Roxana Baldetti claim that the Attorney joined the Comptroller, entrepreneurs, universities and organizations of peasants, students and conveners workers general strike today.

in a surprising twist, the Attorney General's Office (PGN) that legally represents the state, asked President Perez Molina to submit his resignation.

the terse statement released last night he recommended "submit his resignation in order to avoid ungovernability, leading to the instability of the nation," argue that today reiterated the Attorney Maria Eugenia Villagran news conference.

the Comptroller General of accounts, the auditing body of the government accounts, urged in a separate statement that "in order to maintain social peace and to the demands of different sectors of the population, this immediately resign to avoid further social incidents of unsuspected consequences ", also authorized employees to participate in the national strike.

Both institutions join public universities that not only today suspended its activities but called which is expected to be the main run of the day, which left its facilities and reach the Government Palace where he will converge with those called by the private universities, which also open their doors, like most private colleges capital.

Coordinator Trade Associations, Industrial Financial Committee and Agricultural Guatemala (Cacif), the largest business organization in the country, which called for the resignation of the president a week ago, just the Catholic and Evangelist churches, today joined the national strike, and small businesses and distributors joined the strike.

During the afternoon and evening of Wednesday began a waterfall mobilization of support. Dozens of private companies called the national strike and announced through posters and images posted on their social networking accounts, which would close on Thursday.

In addition to the marches that began in the capital, there are demonstrations in Quetzaltenango, Totonicapan, Solola, Alta Verapaz, Chiquimula, San Marcos and Quiché.

Thousands of members of the Unity Committee Campesina (CUC), an organization that is part of the Popular Social Assembly (ASP), organizers of the protests on Tuesday and Wednesday as well as unemployment and marches today began their journey from the Clover to the Obelisk in the capital to address Reforma avenue toward the Supreme Court, and then to the central park, where it is expected to converge with other columns in a protest dubbed on social networks like # Paro27A .

for its part, the Congress elected today by drawing up a new committee to decide whether it is removed immunity Perez Molina so that it could lead to impeachment if at least 105 lawmakers approve.

the first attempt, weeks ago, failed by an alliance between the ruling Patriotic Party (PP) and the main opposition force, Leader (Renewed Democratic Freedom).

This second committee elected today is composed of two members of the PP, two Leader and one-fifth of a force leftist Encuentro por Guatemala (EG).

the most important centers of higher education in the country, the University of San Carlos of Guatemala (USAC), Rafael Landivar University (URL) and the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG), suspended classes so that students could participate in the march whose meeting point central park opposite the National Palace of Culture.

protesters installed from the main entrance to the National Palace of banners Culture which can reach about 100 meters that read "Jail for corrupt", "no more thieves in government", "Renunciation and", "Hang in Guatemala, we still need" and "I have no president."

the rector of the USAC, Carlos Alvarado, asked President Perez Molina submit his resignation because he believes that the country is falling into a situation of ungovernability.

Meanwhile Daniel Pascual, a peasant leader of the CUC also issued a critique of the elections scheduled for September 6, which he called "illegitimate" because Congress refused to approve the amendments to the Electoral Law and Political parties, and because many of the candidates are involved in corruption.

the Minister of the Interior, Eunice Mendizabal, reported that security forces will safeguard state buildings shall not carry today weapons fire.

the national strike and marches come amid intense political crisis. Yesterday the former vice president Baldetti was sent to prison and the Supreme Court asked Congress to be removed immunity to President Perez Molina, to judge by the same scandal that his vice.

According to the indictment of the Prosecutor and the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), Baldetti and Perez Molina received 50 percent of bribes, requesting Line, which involved both officials and individuals who managed commissions in exchange for tax evasion.

Since last Friday and after allegations of corruption among 13 senior officials including seven ministers, are included resigned their posts, including ambassador United Nations, Fernando Carrera.

prosecutors have said that there are 100 people under investigation in the case, and at least half in prison since April 16, when this was uncovered and . other corruption scandals

Source: Telam

Refugees: "Europe must change the schema of solidarity"

Refugees: "Europe must change the schema of solidarity" -

Images that are scattered around the world are dramatic. Europe fails to resolve the situation of refugees and images of the 4000 Syrian pretending to enter Greece, over thousands camped in England, Hungary and Austria travel the world.

Jose Samaniego representative for southern Latin America United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), no doubt: "This is a great example of the global humanitarian situation" .

in the continuity of analysis, says: "we are in the presence of the highest number of refugees after the Second World War there are sixty million displaced people forced from their countries manner."

as before, like yesterday, bloody internecine conflicts construct scenarios where thousands want to escape. According enumerates Samaniego, there are currently 15 conflicts massive scale, "They are ecumenical conflicts that are spreading like Syria. There are other novel, such as Iran, Sudan, in central Africa, among others, which exploded in recent years. "

Samaniego recognizes admitted about 300,000 people in Europe in 2015, among which there "economic migrants", but growing numbers of those who "are expelled violently product of great crises of Human Rights."

"Surely, Italy and Greece are overwhelmed, but the whole immigration system Europe is tested. From UNHCR, the latest recommendations are that work on mechanisms for further cooperation and solidarity. We know it is very difficult to apply the same European system, internal free movement ", he reckons.

The note with the program Look Who's Talking of Radio Universidad, also responsible for expanding the look for a problem that transcends aquende and beyond.

"There is an inability to resolve these situations throughout the global community, where even decreased cooperation mechanisms. There is talk today of the European crisis by the arrival of people, but nine out of ten refugees are in underdeveloped countries, such as Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran and Ethiopia, "he says.

" Twenty-five poorest countries receive 42% of refugees. So the difference is that Europe has the capacity to receive people, but you must change the scheme of solidarity, "he says.

The European Union calls for solidarity to countries with refugees

The European Union calls for solidarity to countries with refugees -

The head of government of European Union (EU), Jean-Claude Juncker asked before Parliament block that its members show "solidarity" and 0,000 refugees Middle East and Africa divide in the next two years, a figure only covers a little more than a third of the newcomers in 2015.

speaking at the headquarters of the European parliament in Strasbourg, France, lack of European solidarity with thousands of refugees fleeing violence returned to be naked on the borders between Hungary and Serbia , and between Denmark and Germany .

Again hundreds of refugees fled forces Hungarian security who tried to register them and take them to a very poor reception center, while the Danish government he stopped train traffic from Germany to prevent the arrival of thousands of people who seek to follow the way to the neighboring Sweden .

the today was not the first time that Juncker, president of the European Commission (EC) - the executive of the EU, tried to convince the member states approve lock joint and coordinated response to the arrival of more than 366,000 refugees and immigrants from the Middle East and Africa so far this year.

the EC tried to distribute 40,000 refugees between countries and failed. A month and a half later, after a dramatic increase in the number of newcomers to the ports of Greece and Italy, Juncker tried again and even doubled the bet.

"Europe must take in their arms to these 0,000 and this must be done on a mandatory basis, "said the European leader in his first State of the Union in Strasbourg since taking office last November, according to the news agency EFE.

on 14 next September will be held an extraordinary council of interior ministers of the EU, Juncker asked to remember that Europe is a continent "where almost everyone at some point have been refugees" by different wars and persecutions.

it is "a matter of humanity and human dignity," he said.

the leader also stressed that it is not an impossible feat as newly arrived refugees represent only 0.11% of the European population whereas neighboring countries of Syria, the main ejector civilians after more than four years of civil war, receive the vast majority of the more than four million citizens who fled the country.

for example, in the small territory of Lebanon, Syrian refugees already amount to 25% of the population, while in Jordan, the refugee camp of Zaatari and became the fourth most populous city.

what proposed Juncker to MEPs is "a temporary and mandatory emergency relocation between Member States of 0,000 arrivals to Hungary, Greece and Italy, in addition to the 40,000" the first draft of the EC last July.

This distribution system will cost about 780 million euros-every refugee will receive 6,000 euros and member states that do not meet their quota must pay an extra EU financial item.

the first stage of this system, ie the distribution of 40,000 refugees, was approved today by MEPs by 498 votes in favor, 158 against and 37 abstentions. The support of the legislative body is not binding on the Member States, but only a resolution advisory.

The second stage will distribute the remaining 0,000 people over the next two years. Of this total, 54,000 will come from the refugee camps in Hungary, 50,400 in Greece and 15,0 in Italy.

Countries that Juncker called for greater efforts are Germany, with a share of 26.2% , ie 31,443 refugees; France with a market share of 20%, ie, about 24,031 people; . And finally Spain with a market share of 12.4%, ie 14,931 newcomers

Outside of this European division remaining six Member States: the three major recipients of refugees-Hungary, Greece and Italy and three, according to their status within the EU, can stay out of policy Justice and Home Affairs of the block-the UK, Denmark and Ireland.

These figures seem insufficient if one considers that more 30,000 refugees expected in Greece now the opportunity to continue way to the richer north and only yesterday passed 6,000 people from the Middle East and Africa for Macedonia and other 7,000 Vienna, said today the UNHCR, the UN agency for refugees said in a statement.

the route used most refugees from the Middle East who arrived this year to Europe through Turkey, continues water to one of the Greek islands in the Aegean sea, and once in Athens advances through the -Macedonia and Serbia Balkans to Hungary, Austria and finally Germany and the Nordic countries.

the border between Serbia and Hungary again became today one of the epicenters of violence and tension that has characterized this crisis of European refugees.

About 500 refugees fled from one of the border posts of registration, where security forces take data get over the fence of barbed wire and enter illegally the territory, and send them to pauper center received from Roszke.

shouting "Camp (refugee) no", the small crowd forcejó with security forces and a few hundred managed to escape to the M5 motorway, which connects the border with Budapest and its international railway station.

This type of overflow has become everyday on the border of Hungary, so the ultranationalist government and openly Islamophobic announced today that strengthen security with up to 4,000 soldiers.

anti refugees a similar position today adopted the Danish government to suspend indefinitely trains entering the territory of Germany. Many of them carry these days hundreds of survivors of the Syrian Civil War and violence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Furthermore, in a carbon copy of what happened in Hungary a few days ago, more than 0 refugees barricaded themselves on a train in the Danish town of Rodby, off the north coast of Germany, refusal to be registered by the police to go to Sweden, where they claim to have a family, police said, quoted by EFE.

the same reason brandished about 300 people, mostly Syrians and Iraqis, who for hours left school Froslev, in southern Denmark, to undertake journey on foot along the highway to Sweden, more than 0 kilometers, which he has forced authorities to cut a section to traffic.

Source: Telam

migration crisis: Four babies drowned in Greece

migration crisis: Four babies drowned in Greece -

The crisis of immigrants continues and continues to claim lives. In a confusing episode occurred today off the Greek island of Lesbos, drowned seven people including three babies and a baby were.

The incident occurred when the boat carrying 39 refugees from Turkey hit a Coast Guard patrol helena.

at the moment, the Coast Guard has rescued 31 people and launched an extensive operation in the participating boats agency Frontex the European Union.

Meanwhile, one person was still missing at nightfall, according to the press office of the police force.

Meanwhile, the Greek ministry Mercantile Marine reported that it will open an investigation into the circumstances of the incident between the Greek ship, 30 meters long, and the wooden boat migrants.

According to preliminary information provided by the ministry , there are indications that the ship tried to escape before the arrival of the patrol.

the case recalls that of Aylan Kurdi , the smallest of only three years, drowned on September 2 when he and his family were trying to reach Europe. The picture that shames the world opened the debate on how Europe is handling the immigration crisis.

Mexico prepares to host the Super Hurricane Patricia

Mexico prepares to host the Super Hurricane Patricia -

The National Emergency Committee warned that Mexico Hurricane Patricia will play land at 17 local time on Friday with winds of 325 kilometers per hour (km / h), the strongest that have been measured in history. is the most intense recorded with an eye 18 km in diameter and cloud bands of over 1,000 km.

As specified organism, the storm will enter the state of Jalisco, which will be among those most affected by the phenomenon with Colima, Michoacan, Guerrero and Nayarit.

"No hurricane before in the history of the planet had reached the dimension, winds, force that brings Patricia "said Jorge Muñoz, a journalist of TV Azteca of Mexico in communication with the program Nothing fancy .

Muñoz told Radio Universidad that one of the many features this phenomenon is the speed with which it progresses and with evolving. So, from Monday until today went from being "a low pressure, then became a tropical depression and from there the lights warning came on. From Wednesday authorities began issuing alertamientos the population because it was anticipated that evolve very quickly. "

at 13:00 local time (18:00 GMT), Patricia approximately 135 kilometers (km) stood southwest of Manzanillo, Colima, 155 km south Perula Beach and 250 km south of Cabo Corrientes, both in Jalisco, gusting to 400 km / h and moving north at 19 km / h. (See: Mexico: expect "superhuracán of catastrophic dimensions")

There is a probability that waterspouts, whirlwinds and tornadoes near the cyclone to form, at the time of landfall.

The National Emergency Committee said Patricia must cross the country and enter the Gulf of Mexico, to affect the coasts of Texas and Louisiana, in the United States.

Conagua reported that waves of 6 to 8 meters are expected, however does not rule are higher as they approach the Mexican Pacific coast. He also advised people living near the system, not make nautical, tourist, recreational and commercial activities in the sea and coastal areas during the next few hours.

Because the recent rainfall softened the ground, could register mudslides, landslides, overflowing rivers and streams or encumbrances on roads and road sections, as well as flooding in low-lying areas and saturation drains in urban sites.

the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said that, at present, the hurricane has a force comparable to that of typhoon Haiyan, which left more than 7,000 dead and missing in the Philippines two years ago.

Imminent left coalition stalks the Portuguese government

Imminent left coalition stalks the Portuguese government -

The leader of Left Bloc (BE) Portuguese Catarina Martins, guaranteed that there will be a tripartite agreement with the [Socialist Match and Communist Party to propose an alternative to new conservative government of Pedro Passos Coelho , in an interview published today.

"There agreement, there will be agreement, "said Martins in an interview published by the Diário de Luso News , in which he added that" there is only agreement if the three parties, as a matter of political stability. "

the "first commitment," Martins said, it is that the government of Passos Coelho is rejected in Parliament by the bE, the Socialist Party (PS) and the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) when presenting his government program on 9 and 10 November.

"There is a responsibility that is an alternative and we are all working to make that happen," said a spokesman for Marxist education, allied with we and Syriza in Europe.

Among the contents of the covenant of the left, pointed out that "there is agreement that all pensions are unfrozen and the lowest have a real increase" and in 2016, while the other will increase over the legislature.

on the minimum wage, one of the leading positions on the table points, Martins revealed that is still a "matter for negotiation" but stressed which is "decisive" reach 0 euros at the end of the legislature (currently 505 euros).

the Marxist leader would not comment on whether there is a possibility that members of his party are part of the government led by socialists and argued that "only when they have closed all relevant political points will sense that discussion."

Martins criticized the speech by the President of Portugal, Anibal Cavaco Silva during the inauguration of the Government of Passos Coelho.

"He made a speech like prime minister. It self-appointed leader of the shortest in the history of democratic government, "he said.

If the parties of the left, which together have a majority in Parliament rejected the Government's program of Passos Coelho, it will be forced to resign.

If so, Cavaco Silva can choose to order government to socialist António Costa as leader of the second most voted or leave the caretaker government force until new elections are held (a from June 2016)

Source:. Telam