Lula expressed support for the candidacy of Daniel Scioli

Lula expressed support for the candidacy of Daniel Scioli -

Former president of Brazil Luis Inacio "Lula" da Silva , who this week will visit our country to support the candidacy of candidate Front for Victory Daniel Scioli said that "inflated to Cristina get the election of the successor she wants to see as president."

in an extensive interview published by the newspaper Página / 12 , in which he spoke of the regional and global situation, former Brazilian president Lula da Silva said that "obviously swelled to Cristina get successor is elected she wants to see in the presidency, and even more so when the successor is Scioli. I fill Scioli to win the elections. "

" I want to win the elections someone who wants to maintain good relations with Brazil. Someone who sees Brazil as a partner and not as an adversary, "said the leader of the Workers Party, who highlighting his" respect "the decision taken by the Argentine people," would be extremely important that whoever has integrationist and Latin Americanist vocation and not who think the solution is in the North. "

in this regard, said that the economies of the region regain growth level of years ago," we must believe in our potential, market potential internal Mercosur and Unasur in production capacity, the ability of our intellectuals, scientists and our researchers. We can not rely on the idea that the North is the lever that will help us. "

Appealing to a heterodox reading of economic processes, Lula, who goberrnó the Federative Republic of Brazil on two occasions, he praised the primacy of politics over the economy to ensure that the solution to the situation in region "is more political than economic, if we succeed in politics, have solved economically."

During the interview, he was asked about the opposition calls to initiate a process of impeachment against the current president of the neighboring country, Dilma Roussef.

"there is no reason, no reason to impeach Dilma. Everyone knows the character of the president. You can not think of a single impeachment because there are economic problems, "he said.

Finally, he noted that" the obligation to Dilma is to govern, because he was elected to look after the interests of 204 million Brazilians. So you should concentrate on that and other issues meantime be discussed by others. "

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The European Union will discuss the allocation of 0 thousand refugees

The European Union will discuss the allocation of 0 thousand refugees -

Interior ministers of member countries of European Union (EU) decide whether to accept the Monday morning distribution of 0,000 asylum seekers who landed on the shores of the continent this year, a debate that will expose the tensions that sparked the current refugee crisis.
not long ago, the EU argued unsuccessfully in Brussels the possibility of dividing 40,000 refugees to all member states contribute to cope with the massive influx of people Middle East and Africa fleeing wars, violent conflict and state repression.
Tomorrow, European authorities again try and now the Commission European (CE), a sort of executive branch of the blockade, upped the ante and added another 0,000 refugees, a figure that however is very small when you consider that only in so far this year and entered the continent more than 366,000 refugees and immigrants, according to the UN.
"We feel that the events of recent weeks can change the position of certain countries. The reaction of civil society has led to a more open and more solidarity between countries spirit, "assured Community sources to the news agency EFE.
Formally the 28 member countries approve the commitment agreed at the summit last July to distribute among them 32,256 asylum seekers, and reiterate their willingness to revise that figure in December in order to reach the total of 40,000 people requested by Brussels.
So much for the consensus among member countries of the EU.
public statements by several governments and unofficial versions that transpired from other executives allow anticipate that tomorrow the 28 states of the block will not agree on the request of the EC President, Jean-Claude Juncker, to absorb between everyone another 0,000 refugees in the next two years.
for example, the Romanian Minister of Interior, Gabriel Oprea, announced today that it will vote against the system of mandatory quotas proposed last week Juncker.
"I have the clear command by the president, prime minister and government, to put it modestly but with dignity: Romania respects the initial commitments received 1,785 immigrants and, of course, to vote against the mandatory quotas, "said Oprea to local media , quoted by EFE.
The Romanian government is not alone in this position. What support other countries in Eastern Europe such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. UK, meanwhile, also remains reluctant to join the European plan.
Furthermore, the debate tomorrow in Brussels will also expose that even the member countries that have been receiving refugees want to start curbing the flow of people They crossing their borders. Among this group include Germany, France, Austria, Sweden.

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Divided, the EU agreed a deal majority of refugees

Divided, the EU agreed a deal majority of refugees -

Interior ministers of European Union (EU) adopted by a large majority the distribution of 0,000 refugees as a first measure to uncompress the immigration crisis and international criticism.

of the 28 Member States of the EU, they voted against Slovakia Romania Czech Republic and Hungary , while Finland abstained.

Although there was a majority of members in favor of the deal, countries this requested a vote by qualified majority in the extraordinary council of the portfolio held in Brussels.

"the decision on the relocation of 0,000 people was adopted today by a large majority of member states," said president Luxembourg EU shift in a message on the social network Twitter

in practice, the result of the vote means the countries that voted against the quota system were also impose a number of refugees to accept.

first , will move 66,000 people from reception centers in Greece (50,400) and Italy (15,0).

Then, in a second year the 54,000 remaining places corresponding to people from the centers were relocated refugees from Hungary in the original proposal, appropriated the news agency EFE.

Those places, which in principle come from Greece and Italy, will go to a reserve, unless the situation on the ground has changed or state have an emergency, as it would be a very important flow of people due to changes in arrivals at the borders

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Increasing violence and children killed in Palestine

Increasing violence and children killed in Palestine -

Another day of escalating violence that seems to have no end in Israel and Palestine busy left today three dead, already pregnant mother her four years in Gaza, and a child in Ramallah, more than 330 Palestinians and an Israeli policeman wounded in the West Bank, and an announcement of Tel Aviv to stiffen prison sentences against those who throw stones.

After the deaths of nine unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza Strip on Friday and Saturday, an Israeli bombing killed today Nur Hasan, a 30-year-old pregnant, and her daughter four years, Rafaf, and wounded four other members of the same family in the same territory, according to the spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashraf Al Qedra.

the two died crushed after a bombing Israeli provoke the collapse of the building in which they lived.

the Israeli military said today bombed Gaza in response to the two missiles had been launched from that territory hours before without leave injuries or damage, allegedly from a training area of ​​the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, the force that controls Gaza since 06.

the building of Hasan had already been destroyed in previous Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip and had been fortunate to be one of the few rebuilt in recent years.

at the same time, the grief and pain settled in Gaza for a third day in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, the other two Palestinian territories, protests, clashes with the Israeli occupying forces and repression not slackened.

in an unclear episode, an Israeli policeman and a Palestinian were wounded in a military checkpoint in east Jerusalem, near one of the colonies more large separating this area of ​​the West Bank, Maale Adumim.

According to the version of the Israeli police, the woman detonated an explosive device when officers asked him to get off the car. Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said that the Palestinian shouted Allahu Akbar (Allah is great), a slogan used by radical Islamists before launching an attack.

Samri said he found "another explosive device" in the auto and notes, in which the attacker allegedly sympathized with the Palestinian martyrs, as is known to those who are killed by Israeli forces, reported the news agency EFE .

the police did not show this evidence and both the woman and the military police had made out of the car were slightly injured.

Palestinian witnesses, however, argue that the woman did nothing and that Israeli forces mistook an electrical problem the car that sparked a small set fire with a bomb, according to the Palestinian news agency Maan.

While unclear incidents multiply these days, so it is Palestinian protests and repression Israel in the occupied territories.

Today violence territory concentrated in the districts of Nablus, Tulkarem, Ramallah in the West Bank and in several neighborhoods of east Jerusalem, the latter that the State of Israel illegally annexed in 1980 and since then he is seen as an integral part of their country.

medical sources reported that a 13-year-old died after being shot by an Israeli soldier in the neck during a protest in the town of Al Bireh, according to Maan.

earlier, the Red Crescent Local had reported that more than 330 Palestinians were wounded in these protests.

at least seven were shot with live ammunition, another 51 with rubber bullets, six had severe burns four were hit and the rest was poisoned by tear gas fired by Israeli forces.

escalation violence seems endless

from 11 days attacks by Palestinian with white arms against security forces, settlers and religious Israelis, the stark repression of Tel Aviv and attacks by settlers Jews have left 23 Palestinians and four Israelis killed, and about a thousand Palestinians and fifteen Israelis wounded.

Every day that passes, the response of the Israeli government hardens more, while their Palestinian counterparts try without success discourage protests and attacks.

After enabling the use of live ammunition to quell Palestinian protests, Tel Aviv announced today unanimously approved the bill presented by the Prime Minister to set penalties minimum jail those who throw stones, Molotov cocktails, Molotov cocktails and fireworks and put fines to children and their parents, "according to an official statement.

the text did not elaborate, but the minister Israeli Justice Ayelet Shaked, one of the extremist government figures, had advanced last night trying to impose minimum sentences of four years in prison for adults who throw stones, for example moving cars, according to the newspaper the Jerusalem Post.

currently to children 12 years can be arrested and detained by the Israeli occupation forces if they throw stones at soldiers or settlers.

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José Mujica announced he will leave in April the Uruguayan Senate

José Mujica announced he will leave in April the Uruguayan Senate -

The president of Uruguay, José Mujica (2010-2015) 80, announced today that 1 April 2016 will leave his post of senator for the ruling Frente Amplio, little more than a year after taking possession of it, but stressed that "does not equal" to abandon the "go political" and also leave office his wife, Senator Lucia Topolansky .
"the April 1'm going to retire from the Senate. which is not to leave the political walk and commitment, but I think I have to take that step as a way to serve what I think, "said the still legislator in its hearing on the M24 station.
Two days after handing over the presidential sash from Uruguay to Tabare Vazquez and surrounded by great expectations, Mujica took office last March 3 his seat as the first senator of Popular Participation Movement (MPP), the sector of the former Tupamaros, integrated Frente Amplio (FA), a majority in the upper chamber for the legislature 2015-2020.
leaving the Senate before the end of his term was a decision made even before the general elections in October 2014, but now said his intention was to try to exercise a man of dialogue and help, according his words, "I can, of good will."
also warned that leaving the Presidency not would end up as a "retired lying in the corner stroking memories," something he assumed not serve, so now also devotes much of his time traveling to various countries from where invited to give lectures.
back in September last year the Topolansky senator said that in the case of back to win the FA, Mujica would take his seat in Senate for two and a half years and after a gradual transition would lead to his first deputy, former Minister of Livestock Andrés Berterreche.
Mujica and his wife joined in de1960 decades and 1970s urban guerrilla Tupamaros, so were imprisoned for more than a decade in times of military dictatorship (1973-1985)

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In the Aegean, they killed at least 26 refugees

In the Aegean, they killed at least 26 refugees -

At least 26 refugees, including 18 children, drowned in two new tragedies in the Aegean Sea, in the worst immigration crisis affects Europe since World War II .

at dawn a wooden boat in which they traveled more than a hundred people sank in the sea area of ​​the islands of Kalymnos and Kalolimnos, while another barge was drifting in northern Rhodes.

in rescue operations, which were rescued 144 people from the two boats involved four ships of the Greek Coast Guard vessel Frontex, Super Puma helicopter and several fishing boats. In total, the Coast Guard recovered the bodies of 26 people, including 18 children.

However, the Greek authorities today continue the rescue operation of about 30 people who went missing in a back in the north of the island of Lesbos, very close to the Turkish coast shipwreck.

with today's victims in the first 10 months of the year and 3,329 refugees drowned in the Mediterranean, rather than around 2014, when the death toll I reached 3,279 dead, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported.

Many of the refugees, most of whom aim to reach Germany, come from Syria, plunged in a civil war for four years and a half, but also from other countries in conflict like Iraq, Eritrea and Afghanistan.

the route from the Turkish west coast to the Greek island of Lesbos is still currently used by many refugees, despite the weather worsened due to European autumn

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Islamic State organization claimed responsibility for the attacks

Islamic State organization claimed responsibility for the attacks -

The extremist group Islamic State (EI) today claimed responsibility for the attacks yesterday in Paris in which the least 127 people died and over 0 were injured and warned the French that while they remain in the crusade against the jihadist group "the smell of death," he pursued.

"Eight brothers wearing explosive belts and guns attacked selected targets accurately in the heart of the French capital, "the Sunni group said in a statement written in French and Arabic and distributed on the Internet.

in addition, the extremist group warned that as long as" the crusade " against the jihadists will be among the objectives of the group.

"you know France and those who go on their way they will be ahead of the objectives of the Islamic State and the smell of death will not leave their noses while lead the crusade campaign "against the jihadists in Syria and Iraq .

the statement justified his threat because, according to the jihadists, the French "dared to insult the prophet (Muhammad) and boasted to fight Islam in France and attack the Muslims in the land of the caliphate with its planes, which did not help them at all in the streets Paris. "

" This battle is the first and is a warning to those who want to learn from it, "the message released by the news agency EFE .

among the targets attacked, the terrorist group highlighted the Stade de France, during a match between "crossed" France and Germany and attended by the French President, Francois Hollande.

also highlighted the theater Bataclan, "where hundreds of apostates were concentrated in an amoral concert and debauchery" and other targets were attacked simultaneously in the X, XI and XVIII of the French capital districts.

"shuddered Paris (...) the streets narrowed and the number of victims of the attacks was at least 0 dead and more wounded crusaders, thank God, "continues the statement.

also said that the terrorist organization the attackers activated their explosive belts amid the infidels "after they ran out of ammunition."

"we hope that Allah will accept them among the martyrs and take us with them to us too," his statement .

in addition, the EI called France "capital of debauchery and vice and bearer of the banner of the cross (referring to Christianity) in Europe."

at least 127 people They died and over 0 were injured in several attacks recorded last night in Paris, with three explosions near the Stade de France, where France-Germany friendly match was played; hostage-taking in a party room and shootings in several restaurants

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France confirmed that killed the leader of the jihadist attacks

France confirmed that killed the leader of the jihadist attacks -

The French government confirmed today that the jihadist accused of masterminding the attacks in Paris died yesterday in a police operation , but he warned that the threat continues and alerted even possible attacks with chemical or biological weapons, while Parliament extended the state of emergency for three months.

the body of Abdelhamid Abaaoud a Belgian of Moroccan descent, 28 and a member of the group Islamic State (EI), was identified by his fingerprints after being found in a building in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis assaulted yesterday by the police, the Attorney General of France reported.

Another person, apparently a woman who blew himself up with explosives, died in the chaotic and operating bloody, but has not yet been identified, officials said yesterday.

French media, however, stated that it was a premium Abaaoud.

it was believed that Abaaoud was in Syria, where had boasted of organizing attacks in the West and move freely in Europe, and its presence in France motivated questioning the regime control the entry of foreigners into the country and doubts about the effectiveness of European secret services.

Considered one of the most wanted men on the planet, Abaaoud had become one of the faces of EI for its profuse custom of hanging videos and photos on social networks.

his grin, his provocative statements had popularized a character that the secret services of several European countries considered key for planning attacks in Europe.

confirmation that a figure as high profile EI managed to infiltrate unnoticed France perhaps through several europeas- borders sparked a call from French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, the rest of Europe, which he claimed strengthen their response to the Islamist threat.

it was determined that Abaaoud was involved in six failed attacks this year in France, the minister said, but added that the government had not received "any information" other Europeans that was on the continent.

"it is urgent that Europe wakes up, organize and defend against the terrorist threat," Cazeneuve said in a statement to journalists on the eve of a summit of ministers of Interior and Justice of the European Union (EU) in Brussels.

the Islamist commander had an international arrest warrant issued by Belgium after a court neighboring France country sentenced him to 20 years in prison last July for recruiting jihadists to fight for EI in Syria, where the group fighting to overthrow the local government.

Despite this, just last Monday, three days after the attacks in Paris that left 129 dead and 368 wounded, "the intelligence services of a non-European country indicated that it was aware of their presence in Greece," said French Interior Minister, without specifying which nation.

Abaaoud was linked to a plan to attack a near Paris church last April, and its possible connection with a foiled bombing of a high-speed train going from Amsterdam to Paris in August, Cazeneuve said is also investigated.

in a statement, the French prosecutor Francois Molins said Abaaoud was identified by examination of his fingerprints.

the body of jihadist was found shot dead in the rubble of the building of Saint Denis assaulted by police and besieged for seven hours.

Molins said it was unclear whether Abaaoud blew himself up with explosives, while another body found in the same building is apparently that of a woman, but it also remains to be determined.

French media identified her as Hasna Aitboulahcen, 26 and premium Abaaoud.

Eight suspects were arrested in the raid in Sain Denis, who then threw the authorities received a clue that Abaaoud was in the building.

Molins said yesterday that the Islamist leader was not among those arrested, but did not rule out that it was a man who died in the operation.

Another suspect of involvement in the bombings in Paris, Salah Abdeslam, a Frenchman born in Belgium, continued today fugitive.

it was believed that Abdeslam was the only member of the three commands the slaughter of Paris committed that had survived and escaped but this week police sources quoted by French media said it apparently was a participant ninth is also large.

brother Abdeslam, Ibahim, blew himself up in a cafe but only caused his own death .

Meanwhile, at the request of President Francois Hollande, the National Assembly, the lower house of the French Parliament, approved today by an overwhelming majority of 551 votes to six the extension by three months of state emergency decreed by the government the same day of the attacks.

the law passed modifies another force since 1955 and comes into force on November 26 in France and in the French territories overseas and the Mediterranean island of Corsica.

the measure, similar to the state of Syrian Argentina, authorizes the police to carry weapons outside their working hours, greater control press, including censorship, and Internet. It is estimated that the Senate will approve it tomorrow without any second reading.

Speaking before the Assembly before the vote, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned of the "risk" the use of "chemical and bacteriological weapons" in future attacks.

"currently can not exclude anything. I say this with all the precautions imposed, but we know and what we note: there is a risk of chemical and bacteriological weapons, "he said the head of government

Valls also congratulated the intelligence services and the police for their." exceptional performance "in the "neutralization" of Abaaoud.

"We are at war. a new war, exterior and interior, in which terror is the first goal and the first weapon," he added the premier, who he listed the attacks in France in the last year, since the attack on the magazine Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket in January, where there were 17 fatalities.

since the state was established emergency, police raids multiplied and are made mostly at night or early morning.

from Friday until yesterday, the French police conducted 414 raids, provisionally arrested 64 people and seized 74 weapons, including 11 war, according to a balance of the Interior Ministry, which said that not all searches are related to the attacks on 13 November.

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Maduro: right seeks to fill of violence against election

Maduro: right seeks to fill of violence against election -

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Thursday repudiated the indictments issued by the secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, and members of the Venezuelan opposition, regarding the assassination of opposition Luis Manuel Diaz afternoon Wednesday in circumstances that are being investigated by the security agencies.

Maduro criticized that have not been fulfilled or 24 hours after the murder of Diaz and as actors in national and international right are quick to accuse the Bolivarian Revolution.

"I have asked the authorities that they have the accurate elements convene a press conference to let people know the real facts" of what happened, he said.

according to the president, accusations leader party Democratic Action (AD), Henry Ramos , against members of the United Socialist party of Venezuela (PSUV) who indicate having participated in the murder of Diaz, are made without evidence and seek "muddying the parliamentary elections" to be held on December 6.

the head of state urged Ramos Allup to support "the evil thing" accusation made through Twitter, without supporting evidence and when he witnesses the fact they have denied.

Maduro forward that preliminary investigations point to a reckoning killings by rival groups engaged in criminal activities.

he noted that the Venezuelan right and its allies in the United States (US) they know they have already lost the elections, so called on the people not to fall into provocations. reported that the right in this country are paying between 30 and 50 thousand dollars to some people "posing as Chavistas and appear with a gun to get him out for the whole world," adding looking to buy the "conscience" of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (fanbase).

"This country we will not sell or betray, never give the Bolivarian Revolution, I will defend as" he emphasized.

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Pope Francis asked decisions against climate change

Pope Francis asked decisions against climate change -

The Pope Francisco said today that still "alive attention with" the development of environmental summit cop21 in Paris and asked that the efforts of the meeting will serve to "mitigate the impacts of climate change and fighting poverty."

"I continue to live closely the work of the Conference on climate that develops in Paris, and I come to mind a question I've written in Encyclical Laudado If ' "said the Pope during the Angelus on Sunday in Plaza San Pedro, the last before the Jubilee mercy that will start next Tuesday 8.

"What kind of world do we want to convey to all who come after us, the guys that are growing," the Bishop of Rome, who gave his usual wondered Sunday message amid heavy security operations in the Plaza, overlooking the beginning of the Holy Year.

"for the sake of the common home of all of us and future generations, every effort in Paris should serve to mitigate the impacts of climate change while fighting poverty and to flourish human dignity ", claimed the Argentine Pope, who insisted:" the two things go together, stop climate change and fight poverty. "

"We pray that the Holy Spirit enlighten those who are called upon to make important decisions and give them the courage to always have as a selection criterion the greatest good for the whole human family," said Francisco.

in the Plaza San Pedro, meanwhile, debuted security controls scanners and metal detectors to be used for "all" the faithful and pilgrims from next Tuesday wishing to cross the Holy Door of the Basilica which at 9.30 Rome on December 8 Bergoglio will leave open until next November 20.

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Brazil: Minister of Economy Planning replaces

Brazil: Minister of Economy Planning replaces -

Economist Nelson Barbosa , current Minister of Planning, will replace Joaquim Levy front the Ministry of Finance, and the announcement will be made public later in the Planalto Palace, seat of government, where President prepares the statement to the press, according to the state agency State.

rumors output Levy, a supporter of a hard adjustment minister of the government of Dilma Rousseff grew in recent days after disagreement official and his economic team on the fiscal target for 2016.

to what . throughout 2015, Barbosa and Levy had serious differences, due to the defense by the Minister of Planning a milder fiscal adjustment that would allow economic recovery

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Francisco urged politicians "to seek the common good"

Francisco urged politicians "to seek the common good" -

Pope Francisco held its third Midnight Mass in the Vatican with which he launched the Catholic faithful from around the world a clear message: you need to provide a sober and simple behavior in a "frequently drunk consumer and pleasures society"

This Mass had special meaning then. is held under the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, and precisely this was one of the values ​​most defended in his homily, with which began the rites of Christmas.

"that in this holiday the Lord give back hope to those who do not have jobs and sustain the commitment of those who have public responsibilities in the political and economic field to be committed to the common good and protect the dignity of every human life ", today called the pontiff his Christmas message from the Basilica of San Pedro.

in a place full of circumstantial references speech, Francisco spoke before a packed square and asked that "Israelis and Palestinians to resume direct dialogue and reach an understanding that allow the two peoples to live in harmony ", while included among its demands the current problems in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Ukraine.

" Where God is born, is born hope. Where God is born, comes peace. And where peace is born, there is no room for hate or for war. However, precisely there where the Son of God came into the world, continue to tensions and violence and peace remains a gift that should be asked and build, "said Jorge Bergoglio before giving his blessing" Urbi et Orbi "from the same balcony that looked out on March 13, 2013 after being elected leader of the Catholic Church.

"Let the Israelis and Palestinians to resume direct dialogue and reach an understanding that will enable the two peoples to live in harmony, overcoming a conflict that confronts them for so long, with serious consequences for the entire region, "he asked.

In this direction, the Holy Father called on the faithful to ask" the Lord that the agreement reached within the United Nations actively pursue quell the clash of arms in Syria and remedy the dire humanitarian situation of the exhausted population. "

" it is equally urgent that the agreement on Libya find the support of all so that serious divisions and violence afflicting the country are overcome, "said the pope, who also struggled" for the cessation of atrocities "in Iraq, Yemen and sub-Saharan Africa.

in his Christmas blessing Francisco also recalled the "hit by the atrocious terrorist acts, particularly in the recent massacres occurred in the skies of Egypt, Beirut, Paris, Bamako and Tunis"

Fuete.; Telam / EFE

In Chile fear a major earthquake after series of earthquakes

In Chile fear a major earthquake after series of earthquakes -

The string of earthquakes, one of 6 degrees on the Richter scale, which shook from last Sunday night the region Coquimbo, in northern Chile , and Valparaiso, in the central region, continued to occur in the last hours, though less frequently, but experts do not rule out an earthquake of greater magnitude.

the quakes numbering more than a dozen from Sunday night until early this morning and did not cause any casualties or major damage, but have troubled the population.

According to the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA), nor they have gathered the necessary to generate tsunamis along the coasts of Chile conditions.

the most recent jolt occurred 3.16 (same time in Argentina), with a magnitude of 4.5 degrees, and its epicenter was located 13 kilometers northwest of La Serena, the National Seismological Centre of the University of Chile.

Earlier, at 20.56 yesterday, occurred in the same area another earthquake, of 3.7 magnitude on the Richter scale.

According to Sergio Barrientos , director of the National Seismological Center, the area "is expecting" an earthquake of importance since the last occurred long ago, one of 8.5 degrees in November 1922 and another 8.2 degrees in April 1943, with their epicenters near the towns of Vallenar and Ovalle.

"it will be a hundred years after the earthquake of 1922, then it is likely that a large earthquake now happen," Vallejos told local media, according reproduces EFE.

according to the expert, these places are known as "seismic gap" areas where earthquakes have occurred in the past and in which energy accumulates "that at some point you have to release. "

" seismic history exists there, so that there should be an earthquake, but it is very difficult to anticipate when that will be. I see no reason for that zone does not have an earthquake measuring eight, "said Barrientos, for whom the exposed area covers the coastal area from Taltal, about a thousand kilometers north of Santiago to Pichilemu, about 0 kilometers southwest of the Chilean capital

Source:. Agencia EFE

International Crisis: Canada officially entered recession

International Crisis: Canada officially entered recession -

The Canadian economy officially entered recession after the country's GDP descend 0.5% in the second quarter, after the fall of 0.8% in the first, today announced the country's statistics institute (EC).

Canada is the fifth largest oil producer in the world and suffers a year falling oil prices.

is the only country in the Group of Seven (G7) which entered into recession this year, with two consecutive quarters of decline, and is the second time in six years that goes into recession; the last was in late 08 and early 09.

The government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper , has refused to acknowledge that the country is in recession to avoid damaging its image ahead of the general elections on 19 October.

Harper reneged yesterday of the law that the government approved two months which requires that the general budgets have no deficit ago, the agency EFE .

the Conservative Party, in power since 06, faces a tough general election plagued by scandals and the collapse of the energy sector.

Harper and the Conservative Party have based their election campaign in its ability to manage the economy, but since he came to power, all their overall budgets have been in deficit.

the opposition parties have stressed that Harper is the only Canadian prime minister who has ruled . the country for two consecutive recessions

the leader of the Liberal Party, the third political force in the country, Justin Trudeau , wrote today on Twitter that "it is official: we are in recession and still Stephen Harper denies. It is time for real change. "

EC said the results of the first quarter were worse than initially announced, which has forced the agency to revise its growth forecasts for 2015 downward.

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A young Syrian refugees will come to Cordoba

A young Syrian refugees will come to Cordoba -

a young Syrian reach Cordoba Argentina to take refuge with his family in the war.

Lives in Damascus , the capital of Syria , and his paternal aunt managed to make the process to receive in refugee status for a period of two years.

"currently Faten lives with his family. his house has not been destroyed yet, because it is a city where there is less aggression, "he told Cba24n his aunt Blanca Romero who will receive it at home in about ten days.

he added. ". you have to provide a lot of documentation times extending between a process and another, and in war time is now"

White said his niece "is very happy. But his family is there, is very painful uprooting. "

" Unfortunately a photograph made aware, when the dead children are thousands, "he said.

Egyptian armed forces mistakenly killed 12 tourists

Egyptian armed forces mistakenly killed 12 tourists -

Egyptian security forces yesterday killed "by mistake" to 12 tourists among whom are Mexicans and Egyptians, and wounded 10 others , confusing the vehicles they were traveling with jihadis pursuing, meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) of Mexico confirmed so far two Mexican citizens dead and five wounded, without having clarified the causes it motivated the incident.

according to the official version of the attack Egyptian forces occurred when a joint patrol of police and the army was chasing "terrorist elements" in the region of the Western desert, said in a statement issued shortly after midnight, the Ministry of Interior of Egypt.

Interior said in the note that started an investigation about what happened and about the presence of the victims in an area described as restricted.

However, in this region of Egypt tourist trips are made to visit the oasis, although in recent years this route was limited for safety reasons.
Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu maintains contact with the ambassador Cairo in Mexico, whom he demanded a thorough investigation and explanation of the facts as well as the support of the Egyptian authorities to Mexicans, according to the office of EFE and Notimex.

ambassador Mexico in Egypt, Jorge Alvarez Fuentes, is accompanying with embassy staff to the five Mexican inmates in the Dar-el-Fouad Hospital, located in a suburb west of Cairo, where they were reported stable, he said the Aztec Foreign Ministry said in a statement .

the response of Mexican President

the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto condemned the attack forces Egyptian security to Mexican tourists were apparently confused by jihadists, and expressed regret at the death of the victims.

"Mexico condemns these acts against our citizens and demanded that the Government of Egypt a thorough investigation what happened, "said Aztec president last night in a message through the social network Twitter

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He began the intense agenda of Francisco in the United States

He began the intense agenda of Francisco in the United States -

The Pope Francisco indicated that "it is a critical moment in history" to address the environmental problem and indicated that "climate change is a problem that can not be left to the next generation," when meeting with US President Barack Obama in the White House in Washington.
the pontiff arrived in 9:20 Local (10.20 in Argentina) and moved to the gardens of the residence of the head of state, which was welcomed by thousands of guests and gave a speech with Obama.

When you start your words, Pope remarked be "son of an immigrant family" and stressed that United States "was built largely by such families."
"American Catholics, along with their fellow citizens, are committed to building a truly tolerant and inclusive society, where the rights of individuals and communities are safeguarded, and all forms of unjust discrimination is rejected, "he said.

the Pope also referred to the environmental problem and he said "it is clear that climate change is a problem that can not be left to the next generation."

"with regard to the care of our 'common home', we are living at a critical moment in history . We still have time to make the changes necessary to achieve sustainable and comprehensive development, because we know that things can change, "he said in clear reference to his encyclical 'Laudato si'.

" These changes require that we become aware seriously and responsibly, not only the kind of world we might be leaving our children, but also of the millions of people living under a system that has ignored them, "he said.

in addition, Francisco quoted fighter for the rights of African Americans, Martin Luther King , saying that "we could say that we have breached a promissory note and now is the time to pay it off."

Finally, the leader of the Catholic Church stressed that he would like the US "support initiatives by the international community to protect the most vulnerable of our world and to bring about comprehensive and inclusive development models, so that our brothers and sisters everywhere enjoy the blessing of peace and prosperity that God wants for all his children. "

" I have high hopes for these days in their country, "said Francisco Obama to end the traditional" God bless America ".

Meanwhile, the Democratic party leader thanked Francis for his" invaluable support "to the" new beginning "between his country and Cuba, which, he said, offers the" promise "of a better bilateral relations, greater cooperation across the continent and "a better life for the Cuban people."

"Holy Father, we are grateful for their invaluable support for our new beginning with the Cuban people, which offers the promise better relations between our countries, greater cooperation across the continent and better for the Cuban people life, "said the president.

around noon, Jorge Bergoglio will cover a part of the city center in the popemobile, visit the cathedral of Saint Matthew and close the day with a Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the largest in the country, where he will canonize Blessed Juníspero Spanish Serra to about 25,000 people.

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Russia intensified the bombing of Kafr Nabuda

Russia intensified the bombing of Kafr Nabuda -

Russian aviation today made a total of thirty bombing in the town of Kafr Nabuda , in northwestern Syria, whose Control the forces of the Damascus regime and rebel groups Islamic trend dispute, reported Syrian Observatory for Human Rights .

from the early hours of this morning heavy fighting occurred between actual governmental Syrians, supported by militants from the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah, and insurgent factions in the vicinity of the town, located in the north central province of Hama, reported the agency EFE .

the Syrian army launched some five hundred rockets at Kafr Nabuda, where they managed to regain control of its southern district.

Meanwhile, the Russian air force launched two attacks against the people of Al Siad where also military helicopters Syrian they threw barrels of explosives.

Yesterday, the national Army regained control of the town of Sukaik, north of Hama, after fighting against the Al-Nusra Front, Syrian branch of Al Qaeda, according to the agency official Sana news.

the Syrian armed forces launched an offensive -the Thursday- in the provinces of Hama and Latakia, with the support of Russian aviation, where they managed to wrest territory.

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France: 42 dead when it hit a group with retired

France: 42 dead when it hit a group with retired -

At least 42 people left the collision between a bus and a truck on a nearby route to Bordeaux, in the worst traffic accident occurred in France in more than 30 years.

the incident occurred today morning (local) when hitting a bus carrying passengers elderly, with a truck on the departmental route 123, passing through the town of Puisseguin, near Libourne in the Gironde region in southwest France, as reported by the BFM and Europe 1 chains, quoted by Europa Press.

the collision was frontal and one of the dead is the driver of the truck and the other 41 are bus passengers, the newspaper 'Sud Ouest'.

As a result of the impact the two vehicles were burned and eight people were injured achieved he escaped alive from the flames, reported the Prefecture of Gironde. the severity of his injuries is unknown

The authorities deployed an important safety device with about 60 troops fire in the area

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Egypt crashed into a plane with 224 people aboard

Egypt crashed into a plane with 224 people aboard -

Some 217 tourists and 7 crew died in the crash today in Egypt Russian commercial plane they were traveling and the authorities have already recovered the black box to determine the reasons for the accident that, initially, was due to a mechanical failure in at least one of the engines.

the apparatus a Airbus A- 321 , crashed south of the Egyptian city of Al Arish, capital of the province of North Sinai, shortly after taking off from Sharm el Sheikh, the favorite of the Russians in that country tourist destination.

the plane belonged to the Russian company MetroJet , founded in 1993 and based at Moscow's Domodedovo airport, which carries out charter flights, EFE said.

teams rescue and recovered the black box and the first hypotheses point to problems with the motors of the apparatus since, according to the official news agency RIA Novosti, the crew of the plane carrying several weeks complaining of problems in its operation.

by Meanwhile, the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation announced that a team of specialized research and arrived at the scene to record the wreckage.

According to sources in the Russian embassy in Egypt, all passengers of the aircraft are Russian citizens , including 17 children and 7 crew members.

initially it was reported that the first rescuers who arrived heard voices of trapped passengers inside the plane crash but officials reported after no survivors.

As reported by RIA Novosti, the plane to St. Petersburg lost altitude abruptly shortly after takeoff the pilot reportedly asked the control tower for permission to make an emergency landing in Cairo.

the Egyptian government ruled out the possibility of an attack, while Russian President Vladimir Putin, and called for a special commission to investigate what happened settle.

the president, who today expressed condolences victims of the air disaster and decreed mourning for tomorrow, today ordered the dispatch of an aircraft emergency to assist in the rescue efforts in the Egyptian Sinai peninsula.

Meanwhile, Russian prosecutors and he said that open an investigation into the causes of the accident

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Paris: the first French bomber was identified

Paris: the first French bomber was identified -

French researchers try to reconstruct the different scenes where eight subjects killed 128 people and wounded 257 in Paris, the capital of France .

Seven of the attackers blew themselves up in the middle of the round. However, the police could quickly identify the subject who was killed by security forces. While they did not disclose his name, is a French national.

The disclosure of information is important to avoid xenophobic reactions that can take public opinion in response to the violence of the facts, amid strong debates that within Europe regarding migration and refugee flows.

However, it also emerged that the rapid identification of the aggressor was because the French state already had their fingerprints digital in a database. The subject was investigated for alleged links jihadists.

At the same time, eyewitnesses confirmed that heard the subject communicate in French language naturally.

Evo ask that the nuclear center is the largest in South America

Evo ask that the nuclear center is the largest in South America -

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales said he would ask his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin , with whom he will hold a bilateral meeting in Tehran within the framework of the Third Summit of Gas Exporting Countries, the Centre for Research and Development in Nuclear Technology that a Russian company will build in the city of El Alto "is the largest in South America. "
the president was speaking during an inspection of the land on which the center will raise the Russian company Rosatom with an investment of 300 million dollars and expected to be installed will be ready in four years after the signing of the contract.
Morales ratified, accompanied by the Russian ambassador in La Paz, Alexey Sazonov, and a delegation of technicians from that country who are in Bolivia, which has scheduled a meeting next week with Putin in Tehran, Iran.
the Centre for Research and Development in Nuclear Technology will be installed in El Alto, 15 hectares will be transferred by the Central Bank of Bolivia for the project implementation.
facilities will equipped with a cyclotron for use in medical research and treatment, a nuclear reactor for research and irradiation plant Gamma.
the construction of the nuclear research center is part of the civil plan of atomic energy for peaceful purposes announced by the Bolivian government in 2014 and has the support of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at the UN.
the Bolivian government decided to carry out this project in El Alto after being discarded the initial location in the suburb of Mallasilla, south of La Paz, the richest area of ​​the city, due to the rejection of the neighbors for fear of radioactivity.
Morales said today that those who opposed the construction of the center in La Paz are "right" and accused them of not wanting "to Bolivia to develop" and confirmed that the project will contribute to the "scientific and technological" liberation of their country

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African tour: Pope landed in Uganda, its second destination

African tour: Pope landed in Uganda, its second destination -

The Pope Francisco landed with his entourage at the airport of the city of Entebbe at 11:18 time (Argentina) after leaving Kenya, a country that leave with a message in which he urged the authorities to ensure education and work for young people to avoid stop "seduced" by the violent groups that recruit them in the name of religion.

Upon arrival was greeted by President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni , then the two heads of state will move into the official residence for a private meeting.

to Jorge Bergoglio is his eleventh international travel and the first to Africa, and for the same will travel 11,727 kilometers and deliver 19 speeches between homilies and greetings.

he became the fourth Pope traveling to this continent after Paul VI (Uganda, 1969) John Paul II , he visited 42 African countries, and Benedict XVI .

The Vatican confirmed on several occasions the intention of the Argentine pontiff to visit the three countries, including Central African Republic (RCA) even though in recent months they have experienced new outbreaks of violence and to threats of possible attacks.

in this country will come next Sunday and will conduct a visit to a refugee camp, victims of the civil war, in a brief to leave the next day back to the Vatican step.

in dialogue with Cara y Cruz father Javier Soteras , who accompanies the Pope for his tour in Africa, summed up his speech before leaving Nairobi: "the Pope spoke from Kenya to Argentina and the world. "

he argued that" the center of his speech was linked to the issue of corruption in the political class and society as a whole ".

during one visit to a slum in the capital of the African country, Francisco criticized "the external colonialism operating on these lands, and also the internal, because many people associated, which are those not interested in anything, and end by settling processes of people seeking a path of liberation and growth, "said Soteras.

Increased security measures in French elections

Increased security measures in French elections -

Millions of French are summoned to the polls today to elect 1,757 councilors and regional
153 regional directors, in an election marked by bloody attacks of 13-N in Paris and the rise of the extreme right led by Marine Le Pen.

amid a massive military and police presence throughout the country, polling stations opened on time and without any problem. At noon (local time) the participation rate already reached 16.27%, representing a slight increase from the previous regional election in 2010, the government said, quoted by the ANSA news agency.

in total, 44.6 million French are eligible to vote, but the forecasts are that participation does not exceed 50%.

Among those who voted in the morning French President Francois stood out Hollande, who traveled to his electoral fiefdom in Tulle, Correze.

as soon fulfilled his civic duty, the president returned to Paris, where he expected the final results, the first since the government regrouped 22 regions in only 13, and five overseas territories.

in the north, meanwhile, Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front (FN), the main force of extreme French right, voted in Hénin -Beaumont, his political stronghold.

beyond the recent reform of regional districts, which promised to give more power to the big games, no doubt these elections are conducted in the shadow of the attacks last month when a group of suicide bombers killed 130 people in a wave of violence claimed by the militia of the Islamic State.

Against this background, the FN Le Pen and his xenophobic discourse and anti immigration gained popularity in recent weeks and polls give an unprecedented advantage in at least two regions. Nord Pas de Calais and Provence, Alpes and Cote d'Azur

in the first of these two regions Eurotunnel terminal linking is the European continent with the United Kingdom, and in recent months became one of the most dramatic and tense of the refugee crisis that is shaking the European Union scenarios.

Thousands of refugees from the Middle East and Africa they settled in a makeshift camp and in squalid conditions around the city of Calais waiting for an opportunity to sneak into the Eurotunnel and reach British soil.

Meanwhile, Republicans, strength right led by former President Nicolas Sarkozy, it could also recorded significant progress in these elections. According to the latest polls, could win up to eight regions.

confirmed these forecasts, the (PS) Socialist Party of President Hollande suffer a new electoral setback since it would control only three of the 13 regions.

in the previous regional elections in 2010, when they were still 22 regions, the PS had destroyed and conquered 21 of these districts.

early forecasts expect fresh for 22 (18 Argentina hour ).

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Cuba insists on lifting the embargo request US

Cuba insists on lifting the embargo request US -

President Cuba Raul Castro , confirmed the "full readiness" of their government to continue building with United States a "new relationship that is different from all its previous history," but reiterated the need to remove the "main obstacle" to the normalization of relations, which is the But force of more than half a century.
Cuban President read a statement issued on the news on state television, which took stock of the first year of the restoration of relations with the United States, a day after the anniversary .
in twelve months of "professional and respectful dialogue" have obtained "results in the diplomatic political level and cooperation" as the opening of embassies or two meetings between the two presidents, but "no progress on issues which are essential for Cuba "as the end of the embargo, Castro said, according to a dispatch from watchword agency Efe.
" that policy remains in effect. financial persecution of legitimate transactions of Cuba and the extraterritorial effects of the blockade is maintained, causing damage and hardship to our people and is the main development of the Cuban economy obstacle, "said the Cuban president.
Castro added that although his US counterpart Barack Obama , has asked his Congress ending the embargo and has lifted some restrictions, has certain executive powers to adopt new measures to "substantially modify the blockade".
Castro recalled the other demands of Cuba for standardization, such as the return of the territories occupied by the Guantanamo naval base and to programs to promote changes in the island and immigration policies that give a deal preferential treatment to Cubans.
Cuba blames such measures, as the Cuban Adjustment Act, the feet policy wet foot / dry or Parole program for doctors, the situation of the more than 6,000 Cuban migrants stranded in various parts of Central America in his attempt to reach the US border.
"stimulate an illegal, unsafe, disorderly and irregular migration, promote trafficking and other related crimes, and create problems for other countries," said Castro.
the Cuban president, who took office in 06, replacing his brother Fidel, who became seriously ill, reiterated that despite the process of thawing of relations with the United States, Cuba "will not give up the principles and ideals so many Cubans have struggled for the last half century. "
" Cuba, in full exercise of their sovereignty and the majority support of his people, will continue immersed in the process of transformation to update its economic and social model (..) to will increase the welfare of the population and strengthen the achievements of the Socialist Revolution, "said

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Brazil approves the use of the first vaccine against dengue

Brazil approves the use of the first vaccine against dengue -

The National Health Surveillance Agency Brazil, Anvisa, announced the authorization of the use of the vaccine Dengvaxia -elaborada by the French pharmaceutical Sanofi Pasteur, the first regulated for the prevention of disease caused by four types of dengue virus in individuals aged between nine and 45 years old and living in endemic areas .

this vaccine has already received approval in Mexico and the Philippines this month, reported Sanofi Pasteur through a statement, according watchword agency EFE .

the disease seriously affects Brazil where there have been 1.4 million people directly infected this year, and almost 70% of cases occur in individuals who have nine or more years.

regarding the latter group the vaccine manufacturer said it is "a segment of the highly mobile population and socially active, contributing to the spread of the disease within communities."

Dengvaxia tested reducing dengue four serotypes in two-thirds of the 40,000 participants in their studies. also prevented eight out of ten hospitalizations related to the virus and almost 93% of severe cases of this disease.

The vaccine is the result of more than two decades of innovation and scientific collaboration and 25 clinical studies conducted in 15 countries around the world.

Brazil participated in the third phase of its global studies, in which there were 30,000 volunteers in ten different countries, while the trial was completed success in 2014.

in economic terms, dengue Brazil costs 1,0 million dollars each year, an average of $ 448 per individual and $ 173 hospitalized per person treated in an outpatient setting.

according to the World Health Organization (WHO), dengue causes about 400 million infections each year and over the past 50 years has expanded by 128 countries where 4,000 million people live.

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Spain: more than 20,000 people participate in "La Tomatina"

Spain: more than 20,000 people participate in "La Tomatina" -

At least 22,000 people participate Wednesday in the popular holiday La Tomatina , which meets today 70 years and takes place every year in the municipality of Buñol of Valencia, Spain.

this year participants launched a record number of tomatoes amounting to about 150,000 kilograms, . as published in the newspaper RT

This year La Tomatina Buñol also has the novelty of its technological bet: car Google Street View will travel to include street map drenched in tomato with the aim of bringing the experience of this party to more than one billion users of Google Maps in the world. We have also developed applications for mobile devices that incorporate augmented reality.

La Tomatina coincides with the feast of the patron saint of the city and there are several versions about its origin. According to one, the origin of the festival dates back to 1945, when two young men got into a fight in the central square of the municipality and started throwing tomatoes from a vegetable, joining then more people to 'crossfire' until the police ended the 'battle'.

the battle would grace, because next year they repeated, this time voluntarily and without harming the seller, with tomatoes brought From home. Despite police repression and prohibitions, the inhabitants of Buñol continued throwing tomatoes. Some became even arrested for it. It was expressly forbidden in 1950 but the people got the veto was lifted seven years later, when it was established officially, thanks to a "burial tomato" in which Bunol claimed his party.

La ​​Tomatina not It reaches its current high popularity until Spanish TV Weekly Report issued in a report by Javier Basilio in 1983 on the curious party. Since then, year after year has increased the number of participants and achieved its declaration as International Tourist Interest by the General Secretariat of Tourism in 02.

WTO forced the US to re-buy meat Argentina

WTO forced the US to re-buy meat Argentina -

Argentina and United States maintained a controversy within the World Trade Organization (WTO) following impairments, non-tariff imposed by the US government to prevent the entry of domestic beef to its market .

last Monday, the Panel Report dated July 24 had given reason to Argentina in its claim against US to maintain bans on imports of fresh beef -refrigerada or congelada- from throughout Argentina, and animals, meat and animal products from Patagonia unjustifiably for over twelve years.

Thus, although it remains to resolve some technical issues, it is expected before the end of the year, Argentina can return to export its production to the US economy. This is because the report published by the international organization is final and is not appealable.

The panel report concluded that the health measures in the US have no scientific justification, are not based on a risk analysis, discriminate "arbitrary and unjustified" between countries with identical or similar conditions and are "more restrictive than necessary to achieve the appropriate level of health protection US," said a foreign ministry statement.

the Foreign Minister Hector Timerman accused the protectionist lobby of some livestock associations of that country, in collusion with the ability to exert pressure with the vulture funds, of being behind the "contrary to the rules of international trade" measures that boosted U.S. Particularly these influences are channeled through American Task Force Argentina (AFTA).

Meanwhile, the Agriculture Minister Carlos Casamiquela recalled that the US government decision had been taken in 01, during the administration of George W. Bush, after an outbreak of FMD occurred in the country. However, in 07, Argentina had regained the status of "FMD free country". Despite this, the United States refused to restart the commercial tie alleging sanitary measures.

the market for beef in Cordoba

meat production for export in the province comes after recovering from a sharp drop in 2013 . the data published by Agency for the Promotion of Exports of Córdoba argue that since the peak in 09, when exported for a value of $ 33.48 billion, the amounts declined during the following periods.

in 2014, the export of meat produced in Cordoba reached $ 23.22 billion. Whereupon, is one the few sectors of the province whose values ​​are below the indicators thrown in 09.

They condemned the former owner of Marsans group in Spain

They condemned the former owner of Marsans group in Spain -

The former owner of the Spanish group Marsans, Gerardo Diaz Ferran was condemned by the justice of Spain, the punishment five and a half years in prison and ordered to pay a fine of 1.2 million euros for the crime of concealment of assets, fraudulent contest, whitening of capital and integration in criminal gang.

Although Prosecutors had sought a sentence of 15 years, the ruling was tempered by reaching an agreement in accordance therewith, in which the prosecution considered that delayed his confession and return of the effect of the crime, after they had acknowledged the facts and collaborated with reintegration into the bankruptcy estate of about 20 million euros which had hitherto remained hidden, made possible relief in the sentence, according to Efe.

in addition, Diaz Ferrán, with his successor in Marsans Angel De Cabo, who received five years in prison and the same fine shall indemnify Meliá Hotels International, Travel Iberojet, AC Hotels and Pullmantur in the amount of 450,000 euros for the damage caused.

were also sentenced nine people, including those found Ivan Losada right hand of De Cabo, who received a sentence of two and half years in prison and the son of the former owner of Marsans, Santamarina Gerardo Diaz .

On the other hand. Diaz Ferrán awaits another trial for possession of 4.4 million customers Viajes Marsans and has to face a complaint filed by Aerolineas Argentinas for having embezzled 453 million dollars.

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Try an Argentine be the next director of the IAEA

Try an Argentine be the next director of the IAEA -

Federal Planning Minister Julio De Vido , presented today in Vienna, Austria, Argentina's candidacy the Directorate General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to representatives of countries of the Latin American and Caribbean Group.

in a meeting prior to the opening of the 59th. International Conference of the IAEA, and accompanied by senior representatives of the national nuclear industry, De Vido announced Latin American diplomats the candidacy of Argentine ambassador to Austria, Rafael Grossi, the Directorate General of the international organization, replacing the Japanese Yukiya Amano.

the second term Yukiya Amano, who will attempt to be reelected, concluded in 2017.

since 1957, since its inception, the IAEA has had as CEOs representatives from North America, Europe, Africa and Asia

. "in sixty years of history never a Latin American occupied this important position, it is time that Latin America also make its contribution to face the IAEA," he said De Vido

. in addition to the representatives of Latin America and the Caribbean, Argentina will seek support from other countries, including emerging.

"We have a credible candidate, with over thirty years of work in the field of nuclear energy and non-proliferation, "De Vido, who recalled that Grossi -current governor and permanent representative of Argentina to the IAEA-said has been chief of Staff and Director General for Political Affairs of the organism.

in turn, representatives of Latin America and the Caribbean, including Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba and Venezuela, among others, highlighted the qualities of Grossi, his sympathy with the candidacy and commitment to the region has more representation in the body.

"the Directorate General of the IAEA will project a vision, a way of seeing the world and an ideology that will not be other than the Latin American" promised De Vido, in Argentina Lounge, in the Austria Center Vienna.

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