Chile: increases to 12 the number of dead and five missing

Chile: increases to 12 the number of dead and five missing -

At least 12 people dead, five missing and 40,000 homes left without power for now, the earthquake 8 4 degrees on the Richter magnitude scale, which occurred on Wednesday in Chile.

the Chilean Interior Minister Jorge Burgos , confirmed the new toll last night after meeting cOMMITTEE Emergency Operations, who heads reported on its website page National Emergency Office of the Chilean Ministry of the Interior (Onemi).

"I would like to point out that the saddest and overshadowing our homelands festivities is the irreparable tragedy that a dozen Chilean families live as involvement of this catastrophe. the first statement we received from the President of the Republic (Michelle Bachelet) is speed up the identification of each and every one of the possible men and women who died, "Ricardo Toro , National director of Onemi Burgos said, noting that so far there are 12 dead and five complaints of alleged misfortune.

Meanwhile, , making stock of the situation, he said recorded nationwide 642 people affected by the earthquake, of which 608 belong to the Region of Coquimbo.

the number of people in shelters is 100 nationwide, 81 belonging to Coquimbo and 19 to Antofagasta.

About the material damage, Toro said that so far 194 homes with major damage, of which 187 are located in the Coquimbo Region, are recorded while the number of destroyed homes is 62 nationwide, and Coquimbo is also the region most affected with 60

Finally, the director said that there Onemi 49,243 customers without electricity, the most affected region of Coquimbo with 47,357, while 9,070 are affected by the lack of potable water.

the Chilean news portal published the first eleven causes the deaths caused by the earthquake. It is noted that in recent cases, these were the result of the tsunami and not of landslides.

An Argentine killed by the earthquake

A 50 year old man died yesterday in the Buenos Aires district of San Isidro when he fell from the stairs apparently from a heart attack when he was evacuating the building in which lived due to the earthquake which had its epicenter in Chile and felt in much of the Argentine territory.

the fatal victim was identified as Gustavo Bustamante, who suffered the incident yesterday when he left his home on the eighth floor a building located in the Centenario avenue to 1700 Beccar in which strongly felt the quake in the neighboring country.

According to witnesses, the man lived on the eighth floor and fell as he was descending the stairs between the sixth and fifth floors.

the first hypothesis suggests that the man suffered a heart attack, but investigators do not rule that has lost balance and death, almost immediately, has been by blows in the fall .

The neighbors confirmed that Bustamante lived alone since she was widowed eight years ago and indicated that he had a mild disability by a problem in one of his knees.

"When we got a neighbor said Gustavo fainted and fell down the stairs so the ambulance to revive him and could not do anything, "Mario, a resident of the same building said, told the channel C5N .

the cause, labeled a "suspicious death" is being investigated by the District Attorney of San Isidro by Franco Servidio

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Pope urged to assess the role of women in the community

Pope urged to assess the role of women in the community -

Pope Francisco arrived Saturday to the city of Philadelphia last destination of his five-day visit to United States and which will culminate tomorrow night, at which time you will undertake the return to the Vatican.

by leading the Mass at the Cathedral St. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, the High Pontífise said to start the homily fully provided in Spanish: "the history of the Church in this city and in this state is really a story not just about building walls, but also knock them down. "

in this regard emphasized" the efforts of all those priests, religious and laity who, with dedication, for more than two centuries, have it attended to the spiritual needs of the poor, immigrants, the sick and the imprisoned. "

" this is a great legacy that you have received and are called to enrich and transmit "he added.

Elsewhere in his speech, the leader of the Catholic Church called a "challenge" to the young people to show their "high ideals and generosity of spirit" and in this context he said that "one of the great challenges of the Church at this time is to encourage all the faithful the sense of personal responsibility in the mission of the Church. "

" Our challenge today is to build on these solid foundations and foster a sense of cooperation and shared responsibility in planning the future of our parishes and institutions, "he said.

on the agenda for today Francisco also is scheduled to meet with the Hispanic community and other immigrants in the Independence Mall and participate in the called "Feast of families and prayer vigil" at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, in the heart of Philadelphia, where sing the artist Aretha Franklin.

the last day Francisco in the US

Tomorrow, the head of the Vatican State will lead a meeting with the invited bishops to the World meeting of Families, visit prisoners of Curran-Fromhold Correctional Institute give the Mass closing the VIII World Meeting of Families.

Finally, at 20 hours Argentina arrive at Philadelphia international airport to participate in the farewell ceremony and an hour from the airport of Ciampino in Rome, Italy.

this will close the tour of Cuba and the United States, where he was yesterday in the Assembly of the United Nations where he made a clarion call to protect the environment and made a multitudinous Mass Madison Square Garden, New York, where large cities urged to "listen to the excluded."

They tore down an American "Hercules" in Afghanistan

They tore down an American "Hercules" in Afghanistan -

The Taliban said they shot down this morning (local) military transport aircraft Hercules C-130 US in which at least 12 people, including five US soldiers five "civilian contractors" and two Afghan civilians at Jalalabad airport in eastern Afghanistan killed.

"the plane American transport was shot down in a direct attack of the mujahideen when taking off (...) we use a special weapon, but it is a military secret and can not give details, "said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid , cited by EFE .

the official US figure of 12 killed in the attack was raised to 15 and numerous soldiers by insurgents.

Mujahid said he had been "watching regularly" the military aircraft before dropping him.

Meanwhile, Colonel Brian Tribus , a US military spokesman had acknowledged previously, the loss of the ship which he said he did not know the causes and had no record of violent episodes were recorded near the airport in Jalalabad.

in addition, Tribes clarified that the 12 dead, five are American soldiers five "civilian contractors", whom the nationality is unknown and two Afghan civilians.

the five "civilian contractors" working for the NATO mission "strong support", which has about 4,000 soldiers in Afghanistan, and is dedicated to training and advising forces . Afghan security

The American plane is a model C-130 four-engine, manufactured by Lockheed Martin, normally used to transport military personnel and heavy loads

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Cristina travel to Cuba and meet with Pope Francisco

Cristina travel to Cuba and meet with Pope Francisco -

The president of the nation, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner , is scheduled to travel this weekend to Cuba , where he will hold a meeting with Pope Francisco , who will develop a visit with a busy schedule.

the journey to meet the head of the Catholic Church has aroused an unusual expectation and this time the organizational details for your arrival, where he has scheduled a Mass in the Plaza of the Revolution and an interview with Fidel Castro rush.

Over 1,000 foreign journalists representing 22 media from 31 countries were accredited to cover the visit of Pope Francisco to Cuba revealed the Director General of Press, Communication and image of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Alejandro Gonzalez.

in addition, more than 300 Cuban journalists from national and provincial media are accredited for cover the stay of the supreme pontiff, Gonzalez said while inaugurating the press for coverage of the papal visit beginning on Saturday.

According to the Cuban diplomat, in addition to this newsroom were opened similar in Pernik Hotel in Holguin, and at the Melia-Santiago Hotel in Santiago de Cuba, the other two cities to visit Francisco during the first part of its third American tour.

Gonzalez said that the Press Room National Hotel offers complimentary wi-fi service and the Internet, has 0 positions wired and has television monitors connected to the internal circuit for transmitting the official signal, in remarks reproduced by news agency Prensa Latina.

also offer television signal via streaming, while representatives of the Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba will manage telephony services, among other facilities that will be provided reporters from domestic and foreign media.

the diplomat said that in order to provide the television signal of the papal visit the Center for International Broadcasting, which provide signals is enabled video and audio, as well as facilitate transmissions to different countries.

Gonzalez also reported on the official web site be giving information to follow up visit.

"I hope it will be a place from which they can successfully carry out their work while enjoying the benefits of this beautiful National Hotel," said

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Multitudinous claim 43 students Ayotzinapa

Multitudinous claim 43 students Ayotzinapa -

Thousands of people demonstrated in Mexico City, in cities across the country and other parts of the world before the first anniversary of the disappearance of the 43 students Rural Normal School Ayotzinapa , in the southern state of Guerrero.

the two major marches were in Mexico City, by the number of attendees and the presence of parents and relatives of the victims, and of Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero, by the symbolic weight of the participation of students from the Normal School.

protesters and recalled the tragic night of Sept. 26, when six people died (three students) from attacks by the corrupt police force of Iguala and 43 others disappeared, allegedly by a poster nacrotráfico.

"a year away from the tragic events in Iguala, reiterate the commitment of the government of Mexico to truth and justice, "he wrote in his account of the Twitter network President Enrique Peña Nieto , who on Thursday received a group of parents.

Peña Nieto said that society and government must work together to strengthen respect for human rights and assured that seeks to ensure that in the Ayotzinapa case "the culprits accountable to the law."

As in many previous marches they were repeated today, from the residence of Los Pinos to the Zocalo mexicana- -the main square, the Paseo de la Reforma, the slogans of "you are not alone", "with life took them, alive we want", " Ayotzi lives, the struggle continues "among the most repeated.

Under a rain intense moments and more than 3 hours of walking, those songs were added" neither forgiveness nor oblivion, punishment of the murderers " "shoulder to shoulder, side by side, Ayotzi, Ayotzi, Ayotzi us all", "fascist government, which kill normalistas. fascist government, we have you on the list. phoney government, students killer "

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Brazil: Rousseff eliminated ministries to address the crisis

Brazil: Rousseff eliminated ministries to address the crisis -

The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff , announced Friday reform his cabinet, which goes from 39 to 31 ministries, with the aim of reduce social spending, cover the primary deficit of 0.5 percent, but hold social programs.

this change also the output of the head of the Civil House of the Presidency, Aloizio Mercadante was formalized, and the number of portfolios increases by the allied Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) of the Workers Party (PT), the main political force supporting Roussef f.

cutting total was ten positions, as he had already announced the Brazilian president in the past month, but others turn out to be the merger of extinct organisms were created.

The reform also includes the elimination of 30 departments and 3,000 counts of-the trust that grant the owners or directors of public agencies without any competition-, the reduction of 10 percent of wages ministers and spending limits portfolios, highlights the agency Telam .

with this announcement, the president of Brazil hopes to reduce expenses this year about 50 million .

It is estimated that the change of Aloízio Mercadante by the Minister of Defense of Brazil, Jaques Wagner, is due to the recommendation of former President Luis Inacio "Lula" Da Silva because of the criticism he has received the PT, which currently have three portfolios.

decisions Rousseff obey seek greater support from the PMDB, in order that in the Congress progress on fiscal adjustment and to curb any request for opening of impeachment against him that could lead to his dismissal.

Rousseff said these measures can alleviate the crisis . economic life of their country, a fact which has also been exploited by the most radical opposition from Brazil to ask her out

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Spain: Argentine stopped with 1.5 tons of cocaine

Spain: Argentine stopped with 1.5 tons of cocaine -

The Spanish Guardia Civil arrested ten people and kidnapped a ton and a half of cocaine in an operation against drug traffickers who introduced drug Spain from South America.

researchers have found that it is a perfectly structured organization that introduced the drug in Spain by pleasure boats. The operations were carried out in Galicia, Madrid, Basque Country, Aragon and Cantabria.

This is the operation Paraka , in which have been arrested four Spaniards, three Argentine, Paraguayan, a Dutch and an English as alleged members of a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering.

the investigation began when the Civil Guard intercepted two vehicles in the province of Zaragoza, inside which were seized 98 kilos of cocaine at which we proceeded to stop drivers. The result of these arrests the agents set up a series of actions that led to locate a property in the province of Vizcaya capable of storing a large amount of cocaine.

After an eye on it and location most of those involved and proceeded to register ton and a half of cocaine intervened. The latest arrests and house searches, up to a total of four, were carried out this month and managed to apprehend eleven kilos of hashish, cash and a significant amount of computer electronic equipment.

Specifically, in addition to drugs and other effects three frequency inhibitors, navigation systems used to transport drugs in boats, 12 vehicles and 21,500 euros in cash.

researchers have found that the organization was well structured and had different content without many of its components, as a safety precaution, they have relationship.

Catalan citizens decide whether to become independent from Spain

Catalan citizens decide whether to become independent from Spain -

citizens Catalonia are responding today with high participation to the call of the polls to elect a new regional parliament in some turned into a referendum on secession from Spain elections.

the first data on the turnout, which at 13 local time (8 Argentina) account for an increase of 5 points means -35.09% versus 29.43 compared to the last regional elections 2012-, show that the Catalans perceive that they are to some the less exceptional elections.

data were provided in conference press by the Minister of government and International Relations of the Catalan government, Meritxell Borràs , on a day that is proceeding normally, except for an incident that starred Catalan president himself, Artur Mas , who voted with two Spanish flags background and shouts of "independence."

More than 5.5 million Catalans eligible to vote to decide the formation of a new parliament and regional government, in an election that is perceived as the most decisive in recent times for the future of Catalonia and its aspirations for independence and to be held just three months after the general elections in Spain.

"democracy has won, not only in Catalonia, in Spain, in Europe and in the world, "said the Catalan president, Artur Mas, after exercising their right to vote in a school in the center of Barcelona surrounded by supporters shouting for independence.

"We struggled a lot to get to this point, put the ballot box. Despite the great mobilization for the right to decide We had to overcome many obstacles by the state and specifically the Spanish government, but the polls are there, "he said who was the main promoter of these elections to bring Catalonia to the secession.

"There will be a plebiscite politically speaking about the future of Catalonia and hope, desire and hope that the day elapses with ease and high participation," said Mas.

the Catalan president insisted today that "if the yes vote wins, the attitude of the Catalan institutions will be to sit down to talks with the Spanish government and the European Commission."

the more an incident voting took place in the presence the polling station two far-right party supporters Vox, which does not compete in the elections and is very minoritario-, and deployed two Spanish flags, which was withdrawn almost immediately by supporters of secession amid shouts of "independence".
there was scuffling and jostling, and outside the polling station certain tension between supporters and opponents of secession lived.

"the plebiscitary elections are a fraud because they do not exist. The problem here is that you must respect the Constitution, that is democracy, "shouted Javier Ortega , who said he was party spokesman Vox. Behind him a girl held up a banner calling for the application of Article 155 of the Constitution, which allows the suspension of the autonomy of Catalonia.

"I am Catalan and this is a provocation, do not want to let people vote with tranquility, just want to get on TV," he told Telam Victoria Simon, one voter who was in line at the polling station and confronted the spokesman Vox.

"This is a consequence of what they have generated saying that these are plebiscitary elections, waving the identity issue, taking flags, when are at stake many other things, "said Margarita, comptroller of Catalonia if it is Pot (Catalonia if you can), the candidacy of lefts in which is integrated we can.
the main candidates and political leaders Voters encouraging participation.

Albert Rivera, the leader of the party Citizens, called for a "massive" vote and "record" in this election he called the "most important" of democracy in Catalonia.

schools constituidos- 8,177 2,702 polling stations tables- opened at 9 am (4 Argentina) and will close at 20 pm, after which time to start counting the votes.

polls predict a victory for the candidacy Junts pel Si (Together for yes), which groups sovereignists of different political and representatives of social movements, and was driven by the current Catalan president, Artu But, with the intention to get support to move towards secession.

the degree of support for independence is what will determine the force that will be the drivers of secession process to move towards the creation of a Catalan state, or at least force a dialogue with the Spanish government for the legal referendum has so far been impossible.

While polls points to the victory of the sovereignists, the candidacy unit would need the support of CUP, a pro-independence force anticapitalist to get an absolute majority of seats. In addition, supporters of secession may not exceed 50% of the vote.

The Catalan president called for elections in advance in response to the refusal of the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, to hold a consultation binding on independence.

beat, Mas form a government agreement to begin deploying a roadmap for within 18 months declare independence of Catalonia. Rajoy says that any step towards secession is illegal and illegitimate and will not allow it.

The Spanish major parties warned the Catalans about that independence would lead to losing the Spanish nationality and leave the European Union and UN and other multilateral institutions.

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Russia claims to have destroyed strongholds of Islamic State

Russia claims to have destroyed strongholds of Islamic State -

Russia reported that the Air Force destroyed at least two command centers, two training camps and other facilities jihadist Islamic State (EI) in the bombings that took place on the eve on Syrian territory.
"the Su-24M aircraft Su-34 and Su-25 made 18 flights during which they performed six attacks against targets of the Islamic State, "said ministry spokesman Russian Defense Igor Konashenkov, in their evening party.
Russian aircraft, which performed more than thirty flight missions since Wednesday destroyed Friday an checkpoint and an explosives factory in the province of Idlib, and overnight a command center and a golf jihadist training in al-Raqqa, which is, de facto, the capital of the caliphate proclaimed by EI July 2014.
in three days the Russian air force has bombed strongholds of EI or Al-Nusra Front, Syrian branch of Al Qaeda in five provinces. Homs, Hama, Aleppo, Idlib and Al Raqqa
Russia's strategic goal is to create a security belt between the positions of the Syrian Army in Damascus, Aleppo and Latakia and jihadist militias that bombing must force to retreat into and give up its expansion plans to the Mediterranean coast.
"in a matter of days or weeks Russian aviation force jihadists to retreat. They will have to hide in tunnels and bunkers. Will be the turning point in the war in Syria, "said Leonid Ivashov, a former Soviet general and head of the Academy of Geopolitical Affairs of Russia, quoted by the news agency EFE.
Ivashov predicted that" if countries Persian Gulf, such as Qatar, disaffection with the terrorists, then the war would end in two months at most, and EI disintegrate ".
otherwise, the Syrian army, with only the help of Russia and Kurdish militias, "will need half a year to end the jihadist resistance".
the Soviet general retired believes that the EI "is not a formidable military threat", but has the support of the United States and Saudi Arabia, They will provide weapons and ammunition, and Turkey, which buys oil.
in this regard, the Russian authorities believe that the coalition has not only slowed the progress of the jihadists, but has used them as a battering ram to weaken the Syrian army and attempting to overthrow Assad.
Russia today showed the first images of its stationed at the airbase of Latakia on the Mediterranean coast of Syria aircraft whose safety is guaranteed by a battalion of marines.
a video broadcast by the television channel RT can be seen landing a versatile bomber Su-24, which returns to base after completing a combat mission.
More than 50 aircraft and Russian helicopters taking part in the military mission has deployed Moscow in Syria.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia's enemies are the same as those of the anti-terrorist alliance (US, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar) fighting jihadists in the Middle East.
However, the coalition today issued a joint statement urging you to Moscow not attack or the political opposition in Syria or civilians, and to focus exclusively military action against jihadists.
"We express our deep concern with the attacks of the Russian air force on Hama, Homs and Idlib yesterday that have caused civilian casualties and were not intended Daesh (EI)," said a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry Turkish.
the Russian defense Minister, who described as "pure nonsense" these accusations, considered them an "information provocation", because the accusations are not supported by any objective data, noting that Russia offers daily parties photos and videos on their operations on Syrian territory.
Moscow ensured that all attacks of Russian aviation are directed exclusively against jihadist positions and in no case against civilians, against allegations to the contrary of the Syrian opposition.
in that sense, yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin, denied reports of civilian casualties in Syria as a result of air strikes in support of the government of Bashar Al Assad.
"we are ready for this type of information attacks. The first news of casualties among civilians appeared before it took off our planes, "Putin said in a speech live on Russian TV

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Greece returns to the polls Sunday

Greece returns to the polls Sunday -

Amid persistent economic and political crisis, eleven million Greeks are called to vote on Sunday in a hotly contested general election early, with a slight advantage of the leftist Syriza over his main rival.

the advance of the elections, after only seven months in office of the leader of Syriza Alexis Tsipras , is then produced his resignation last month shortly after suffering a rebellion of the more radical wing of the party by the bailout deal with the European creditors of the country, the third since 2010, signed although a majority rejected it in a referendum only days earlier.

the highly polarized political atmosphere in the country was evident yesterday during the closing ceremony campaign ND, when their leader Vangelis Meimarakis , tried to be confident of victory his party and launched fine against Syriza and Tsipras darts.

"I think people do not want more experiments Syriza, do not want any more lies. We must end the inept, with the lie ... the Syriza experiment will end on Sunday, "predicted Meimarakis before thousands of fans who came to ND's central Omonia Square in Athens to hear.

Meimarakis listed unfulfilled promises and the economic damage that, in his opinion, contributed to the country's former premier during his seven months in office, since taking office in January until his resignation last month.

the season finale Syriza, meanwhile, is scheduled for this afternoon with an act which will have the support of several leaders of the European left, including the Spanish Pablo Iglesias, who already endorsed in the final rally of the January elections.

the event was held in the emblematic Syntagma square, next to the Parliament, and will be the last of all those held in this campaign that lasted only three weeks.

Tsipras did not rule today work with the

socialist party PASOK or centrist parties Potami as potential partners. "Our goal is to get a majority government," he said in remarks to channel Antenna TV , and emphasized that "even if no get most we will have a government in the first round of consultations. "

in the season finale today will participate besides the Spanish leader we can- the head of the parliamentary group of the German party Die Linke Gregor Gysi and secretary General of the French Communist Party, Pierre Laurent, appropriated news agency EFE .

the presence of prominent European progressive leaders highlights the importance of these elections for this band ideological across the continent, and demonstrates how far the result can be a possible platform that projected or make decline in their respective countries.

the elections are shaping up as the closest in the past 15 years, and two days before the appointment at the polls, all polls show a tie between conservatives and leftists.

a record on voting intentions released yesterday by the company ARCO information site for NewsIt ( ) gave Syriza 25.3%, an advantage of 0.3% ahead of ND, which gets 25%, and in third place although very alejado-, the far-right Golden Dawn stands, with 6.2% .

Another survey conducted between 12 and 13 September by the University of Macedonia for Skai chain and daily Kathimerini, ND would get a slight advantage over Syriza, with 30% against 29.5% .

the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn would be third with between 6.5% and 7.5%, followed by social democratic Pasok and the centrist to Potami, both with around 5%.

According to the survey, 10% of Greeks are still undecided, while another 5.3% say they do not intend to vote in these elections, the third this year, after the general elections and the referendum January 5 . July on the terms of the agreement with creditors for the third rescue

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Francisco will be "accountable" rapists priests

Francisco will be "accountable" rapists priests -

The Pope Francisco he is "deeply regretted" today for cases of sexual abuse of minors by priests and he pledged to "a jealous vigilance of the Church par protect children" of these crimes and make "all those responsible accountable."

"I have engraved in my heart the stories, the sufferings of children who were sexually abused by priests and I feel very embarrassed for the people who were responsible for the care of these gentle creatures "would inflict this evil, said the pontiff in the framework of the meeting held in Philadelphia with the invited bishops to the World meeting of Families.

"the sins of child sexual abuse can not be kept silent for longer. I agree to the jealous vigilance of the Church to protect children and that all those responsible shall be accountable, "he said in a speech in Spanish in St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia .

The pope arrived there after meeting "with a group of people abused children."

"survivors of abuse have become true harbingers of hope and ministers of mercy. We owe them and their families our gratitude for their courage to shine the light of Christ over evil of child abuse, "said

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For the World Bank, global extreme poverty fell

For the World Bank, global extreme poverty fell -

The number of people living in extreme poverty in the world will be reduced to 702 million by the end of 2015, compared to 02 million recorded in 2012 and for the first time in history, represent less than ten percent of the total world population, reaching 9.6%, said today World Bank (BM).

in this regard, the chairman of BM Jim Yong Kim , said: "these projections show that we are the first generation in the history of mankind that can end extreme poverty" .

Meanwhile, the chief economist of the institution, Kaushik Basu said that 0 million people were lifted out of extreme poverty, occurred in all regions of the world: in East Asia Pacific rose from 7.2 percent to 4.1 percent; in Latin America, from 6.2 percent to 5.6 percent; in South Asia, 18.8 percent to 13.5 percent; and sub-Saharan Africa fell from 42.6 percent to 32.5 percent.

Also, the economist pointed out that this decline is due to "the expansion recorded by India," referring to high rates growth of the economy of that country.

on the other hand, the WB said the concentration of poverty flowed from Asia, which had in 190 with half of the world's poor and that today would reach 15 %, sub-Saharan Africa and argued that despite the low, poverty is being done "deeper and rooted in countries affected by conflicts or excessively dependent on exports of raw materials" and warned of excessive population growth in the African continent.

at the same time, the WB insisted that these developments are "threatened" by economic stagnation emerging countries, the volatility of markets and increased financing costs for the imminent rise of interest rates by the US Federal Reserve.

this time, in addition, the World Bank announced that it had updated the threshold of extreme poverty, which so far stood at $ 1.25 a day, to $ 1.0 a day to incorporate "new information about the differences in the cost of living between countries."

Kim concluded by calling to set aside the "trickle-down economics" that inclusive growth and urged that tax collection more equitable in developing countries to prevent evasion by the wealthy.

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US eases blockade Cuba before the arrival of Pope

US eases blockade Cuba before the arrival of Pope -

The government of United States announced new measures that extend to its citizens easier travel, do business, remittances and provide telecommunications services in Cuba , in a further step towards easing the economic blockade and on the eve of the trip Pope Francisco to the island.

the new measures will take effect on Monday, September 21, announced the departments of Treasury and Commerce, and these changes will not cause the total lifting of the economic and commercial embargo, as only Congress can decide.

in line with the easing of restrictions that began in January, a month after the start of the process to normalize bilateral relations, the measures announced today are designed "to support the emerging Cuban private sector," he said in a statement US secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker , along with Treasury secretary Jack Lew .

Lew said these regulations emphasize the "commitment" of President Barack Obama to "promote constructive change for the Cuban people" and stressed that a "more open and strong" bilateral relationship has the potential "to create economic opportunities for Americans and Cubans alike."

the announcement it was on the eve of Francis Pope, who had a leading role in promoting the historic bilateral approach paper, visit Cuba from tomorrow and the United States since Tuesday 22.

Specifically, under the new rules Americans can maintain physical presence in Cuba through an office or store, in sectors such as journalism, agriculture and construction, mail and postal, telecommunications and travel companies, among others. In addition, businesses that are installed on the island can hire Cuban citizens, as well as open and maintain bank accounts there.

Although tourism on the island still been banned for most Americans, Washington will further facilitate travel to a number of them, as long as they fall within the 12 existing categories of persons authorized to travel to the island by current legislation people.

these categories are counted those who make family visits, journalists, government officials, those who want to go for religious activities or support the Cuban people and those involved in humanitarian projects.

Promptly transport ship be allowed between the US and Cuba passengers allowed to travel to Cuba and they can do so directly, without having to go through third countries. In the sector of telecommunications and the Internet, they authorized Americans can serve in association with Cuban entities.

The Obama administration will further facilitate educational exchanges with universities and academic institutions Cuban. Treasury Secretary said that by relaxing the sanctions "America is helping the Cuban people in their efforts to achieve political and economic freedom to build a democratic, prosperous and stable Cuba."

In a conference call with journalists, an American senior official explained that the possibility of having "physical presence" on the island is "a big step", although he added that the requirements set by the government of the island to establish business are "out of control" US.
According to the president of the Economic Council and US-Cuba trade John Kavulich , it is "the biggest change in trade and investment" between the two countries "in decades" .

last week, Obama renewed for another year the so-called Law of Trading with the Enemy, which supports the embargo imposed on Cuba more than half a century ago to be able to maintain his executive authority to relax sanctions the island in the process of bilateral normalization.

the president was in favor of lifting the embargo, something that can only make the Republican-led Congress and this week urged the country's businessmen to pressure legislators about

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France bombards for the first time the Islamic State in Syria

France bombards for the first time the Islamic State in Syria -

France today bombed for the first time militia Islamic State (EI) in Syria, while its president, François Hollande said that his government "is talking to all parties (the conflict) and not excluding anyone", which could represent a shift in its policy of isolating the Syrian president Bashar al Assad .

from UN headquarters in New York where a world summit on development is done and tomorrow will begin the speeches of heads of state and government of the world to the Assembly General, Hollande announced that its aircraft destroyed "completely" camp of EI in northern Syria.

Six French warplanes bombed an area near the town of Deir ez-Zor three weeks after the president announced to the world that the Air Force would begin to conduct reconnaissance flights over areas of Syria controlled by the EI.

over a year the United States and several conservative Islamist monarchies of the Middle East ago bombarded from the air to EI in Syria, unable to push back significantly to the Islamist militia on the ground.

After several months of mass landings Europe from refugees, many of them Syrians, France on the offensive joined US military in Syria, as it was already doing in neighboring Iraq with 00 combat aircraft and more than 700 soldiers.

Hollande said today that the first bombings were "self-defense" to avoid "future attacks terrorists ", of which did not give any details specific

." there may be other attacks (French) in the coming weeks if necessary, always with the same goal: to identify targets that correspond to places of training or places where we know that the terrorist group Daesh (acronym in Arabic to refer to EI) can threaten the security of our country or prepare attacks, "he said, quoted by the news agency EFE .

As France UK also recently joined the international military offensive against EI in Syria, an Islamist militia that managed to alienate all armed groups fighting in the complex Syrian civil war for more than four years and a militia that in just one year managed to expand and control more than a quarter of the territories of Syria and Iraq.

at the same time, those Western powers do not want to join the military leg of the strategy US against EI, reinforced lately diplomatic channels.

Germany has led in recent weeks the efforts of the Western powers to join forces with Russia , an ironclad ally of Syrian President Al Assad against EI. To achieve this, Washington and Europe must moderate their opposition to the government in Damascus.

Therefore, after years of publicly calling for the overthrow of Assad, Hollande said to reporters today in New York that "the process ( peace) requires that all parties involved. France is talking to all of them and we are not excluding anyone. "

the French president said it continues to believe that" the future of Syria can not be with Bashar al Assad "and insisted that the Syrian president is" primarily responsible "of a conflict that has left more than 250,000 dead and more than half of the displaced population and refugees outside the country.

Source: Telam

Israel closed the Old City of Jerusalem to the Palestinians

Israel closed the Old City of Jerusalem to the Palestinians -

Following the attack on an Israeli family that left two dead, the government of Irsael closed during two days the Old City of Jerusalem Palestinians who do not live there and warned to launch a military offensive in West Bank similar to that of the second intifada.

"During the next two days will be permitted entry to Israeli citizens, residents of the Old City (Jerusalem), tourists and students in schools there," the government through a statement .

in other words, the Palestinians can not enter the old city to pray at the Temple Mount, one of the most sacred for Muslims around the world places. The reaction was felt immediately.

The Palestinian merchants and schools in the Old City of Jerusalem went on strike and the narrow streets of the old city, usually crowded, were this morning unusually deserted, though equally tense in recent days.

Since the Israeli government, the Minister of Transport and intelligence services, Israel Katz, further fueled the climate of tension that dominates the region warn that if necessary launch a massive military offensive in the West Bank as 02, during the second intifada, the government will.

"We have to make a decision, if we need to launch a Defensive Shield operation. We need to toughen measures to will provide security for Israel, "he said in an interview with local newspaper Maariv .

for several months the escalation of violence and tension between Israelis and Palestinians seems endless and every time mobilizes more people, from both sides.

this Sunday more than 0 Palestinians were wounded by military and police repression of Israeli forces in different cities of the occupied east Jerusalem and the West Bank Palestinian territories. attacks and repression also reached the paramedics and employees of the local Red Crescent, which declared a "state of emergency" according to the Palestinian news agency Maan .

at the same time, a thousand people took to the streets in Jerusalem to attend the funeral of the two victims of Saturday's attack.

Aharon Banita, a soldier of 21 years, was with his family in the old city when they were attacked by a Palestinian. His wife and two year old baby were wounded.

Nehemia Lavi, a well-known rabbi seminary Ateret Cohanim, located in the heart of the Arab quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, in the eastern part occupied by Israel since 1967, was also there with his family and headed to the Wailing Wall to pray.

yesterday's attack in the Old City of Jerusalem was only the latest in a long list, which on Thursday he added the shooting past the car of a family of settlers in the West Bank. Parents died on the spot, the children were not hurt and the Israeli government sent four battalions of the Army to find those responsible.

According to the 1967 borders recognized by the international community and pre-called Six-Day War, the future Palestinian state will consist of the Gaza Strip, West Bank and east Jerusalem. Within the latter territory is Jerusalem's Old City

Source:. Telam

Finally the Palestinian flag will fly at the UN

Finally the Palestinian flag will fly at the UN -

The flag of State of Palestine will wave at the headquarters of United Nations with the of all member states of the international organization, in a landmark decision which was rejected by Israel arguing that the Arab nation is not full state.

the resolution -approved by 119 votes favor, 8 against and 45 abstentions allow Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas , who later this month will address the General Assembly of the United Nations, do it for the first time under its flag homeland.

Other states that are not a full member, like the Vatican, may also raise its flag, although the Holy See has said that at present, does not intend to place your flag, the news agency reported EFE .

The project was defended by several countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The state became the Palestinian UN observer on 29 November 2012.
So far, the UN standards, created seven decades ago, established that only full members have the power to place their flags the UN headquarters.

Before the vote, the US ambassador, Samantha Power, said that this decision "is not a contribution" to the peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis.

United States, Canada, Israel, Australia, Tuvalu, Palau, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands voted against the resolution, while Uganda, Haiti, Georgia and Yemen, are among the countries that abstained.

Source: Telam

He Cuba: Cristina will meet for the seventh time with the pope

He Cuba: Cristina will meet for the seventh time with the pope -

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner arrived in Havana to attend the Mass celebrated Sunday Pope Francisco , in what will be the seventh meeting between the two leaders, who maintain a relationship marked by the "warmth" and similar views on issues of national and international importance.

Cristina departed on Friday night at 23.33 aboard the Tango 01, arrived at 9 (10 hours of Argentina), and headed the National Hotel of this city, where he will stay during the two days is expected to remain on the island.

There, the president held a brief dialogue with the press in which he emphasized "how wonderful it is living today Cuba" since " this Pope's arrival today and tomorrow Mass in the Plaza of the Revolution is a true symbol. " also highlighted the "affection and love for the people of Cuba, its history, its courageous struggle, their achievements, their conquests and, why not, his victories" after the warm welcome they gave the hotel employees and guests.

Since the beginning of his pontificate, Francis received the President four times in a private audience, and met twice on the occasion of various tours of the Pope in Latin America.

Francisco spend four days in Cuba. During his stay he will lead a Mass in Revolution Square in Havana and visit the cities of Holguin and Santiago, among other acts. It could also meet with Fidel Castro.

Next Tuesday he will leave for the United States where he will meet with President Barack Obama, besides giving speeches to Congress and the United Nations General Assembly.

tour is expected to help deepen the process of thaw between Cuba and the United States after the two countries resumed their bilateral relations, also thanks to the intervention of Francis.

Chile: two strong earthquakes again feel in Cordoba

Chile: two strong earthquakes again feel in Cordoba -

Five days the earthquake Chile which reached a magnitude of 8.4 degrees on the scale Richter, the region still feeling aftershocks permanent. On Monday, there were two whose measurements exceeded 6 points.

According to published National Emergency Office of the Ministry of Interior and Public Security (Onemi), at 12.37 there was an earthquake of 6.0 degrees on the Richter scale in the regions of Coquimbo and Valparaiso.

Two hours later, at 14.38, returned to shake the ground. In this case, the movement was rated earthquake "more intense" for having reached 6.7 degrees. Its epicenter was a few kilometers earlier.

The effects of both movements crossed the mountain range and its waves came to Cordoba, where they were received by residents of different areas of the province.

Up time, Chilean officials reported no damage.

CFK called "tear down taboos and prejudices" against women

CFK called "tear down taboos and prejudices" against women -

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner urged today from United Nations to " knock down taboos and prejudices "to end discrimination against women, during a speech to top leaders at a meeting on gender equality held in the framework of the 70th UN General Assembly based in New York speech.

"Dreaming of gender equality in an unequal country with great social divide is simply rhetoric or illusion," said the President during a brief intervention in Meeting of World Leaders on gender equality and Empowerment of Women , held this morning at the headquarters of the organization under the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping .

Cristina, preceded by his Brazilian counterpart Dilma Rousseff took advantage of the three-minute speech provided to each president to highlight social inclusion policies deployed by the government during the last decade and stressed the need to end the "cultural discrimination" against women.

" even those who occupy a high level in the first magistracy of the country, the criticisms we receive are not political criticism but sexist criticism, "said the head of state to the applause of all present, among whom were German Chancellor Angela Merkel ; French President Francois Hollande ; his pair of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto ; and the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki Moon .

"I want to make a strong appeal to the hearts and minds to break down taboos and prejudices about us and the criticism we receive they are exactly the same lines that you are men who do not have to do with our sex, "he said.

also urged to" break structural boundaries that have viewed women for centuries an inferior or less intelligent than men "and called for promoting gender policies" aimed to culture. "

" that empowering women is not only a matter of obligation to sign conventions, but that deep conviction the hearts of men and even women themselves often discriminate us between us, "he said." that must be the struggle and women must face it with greater force. "

on the situation in Argentina, the President highlighted the "high degree of equality" achieved through policies such as universal child allowance, allowance pregnancy and "intense promotion of public education along with gender identity and protection of women, has generated a sharp reduction in inequality. "

" This process has brought she added inclusion also entail a greater chance of equality for women ". He cited as examples the high level of female presence in Argentina college tuition, as well as participation of women in Parliament that "outperforms established by the laws."

also highlighted have been " a woman president re-elected, "referring to his second term as a woman in charge of the executive branch.

Upon completion of his speech, the head of State returned to the hotel Mandarin, across from Central Park in Manhattan, area known as Columbus Circle, where he is staying since yesterday morning when he arrived in this city from Buenos Aires accompanied by Foreign Minister Hector Timerman ; the Legal and Technical Secretary of the Presidency Carlos Zannini ; . And the head of the Federal Intelligence Agency Oscar Parrilli

In New York joined the procession Argentina's ambassador to Washington, Cecilia Nahon; the head of the mission to the UN, María Perceval ; and from today morning the Minister of Economy and Finance joined axel kicillof .

At the beginning of his speech Cristina thanked Xi Jinping's "determination and will" have supported the holding of the meeting, 20 years after created the Beijing Agenda, which set priorities to discuss igualad gender in the framework of the United Nations.

"Our appreciation and thanks to him, without whose decision and will have been more than difficult to make this gathering of women. "

Xi Jinping, meanwhile, opened the meeting with a call to" eradicate forms of violence, including domestic violence "and called on the leaders gathered in New York to "focus on gender equality."

Mission United Nations began bilateral meetings

President Cristina Fernandez met Sunday with his pair of the PRC Xi Jinping , in the framework of the United Nations in New York.

Cristina had already held meetings with Chinese President during his visit to that country in February in addition to meetings with businessmen.

in prior to this meeting is, Cristina held a bilateral meeting with President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro after the meeting of World Leaders on Gender Equality and . empowerment

At the meeting, the Venezuelan president said that "inequality is the source of all misery"

source:. Telam

Air France wants to lay off about 2,00 workers

Air France wants to lay off about 2,00 workers -

Several airline executives Air France , the French airline, had to flee with the naked torso and climbing fences after the emergence of company workers in a meeting with unions in which they were treating the company plan to eliminate 2,00 jobs.

Hundreds of workers entered the meeting between executives and union representatives who he was held at the headquarters of the company in the Charles De Gaulle international airport shouting "Jouniac resignation," referring to the president of the company, Alexandre de Juniac .

broadcast images for French media showed several individuals with the dress suit broken and one of them, the head of Human Resources of the company, Xavier Brosseta , climbing a fence shirtless.

According to union sources quoted by the newspaper ' Le Figaro' , the company intends to eliminate 300 jobs of pilots, 00 cabin crew and ground staff 1,700 under the plan called Perform 2020.

the management of Air France condemned "vigorously psychological violence" and announced a complaint for "aggravated violence" for what happened

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Unemployment: Spain reaches its best record in four years

Unemployment: Spain reaches its best record in four years -

The number of unemployed in Spain is located for the first time since 2011 below five million, according to Survey . (LFS) published by the National Statistics Institute (INE)

During the third quarter fell by 298,0 to 4.85 million people; so, the unemployment rate fell by 1.2 percentage points to 21.18% of the active population, detailing the agency EFE .

In the past 12 months, employment increased in 544,700 people, while unemployment sectors that created more employment fell by 576,00 people, the biggest decline in a year of historical series that began in 02.

Between July and September were services ( 59,00 fewer unemployed), construction (8,0) and industry (6,300), while increased and agriculture (6,0).

on the other hand, the decline in unemployment was higher among women (168,500 less) than men (129,700).

This increase in employment coincides with the summer season, when traditionally temporary contracts are done.

unemployment is, in all official surveys, the biggest concern Spanish for coexisting there for years with double-digit rates

. Source: Telam

It began as diplomatic peace summit Syria

It began as diplomatic peace summit Syria -

began in Vienna Austria , the largest diplomatic summit on the future of Syria to attempt a peaceful resolution to the war for four years and caused more than 250,000 deaths solution.

the importance is also that, for the first time, the meeting involved all international actors in the conflict between including the main allies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Russia and Iran , and their main detractors, United States Saudi Arabia and Turkey , reported the news agency EFE . However, neither the Syrian government nor the opposition coalition (Syrian National Coalition), will witness the meeting.

Before the start of the meeting, German Foreign Minister, Frank Walter Steinmeier, acknowledged that a political solution the Syrian conflict is still far, but the major players sit down at the same table is a "very important first step" that gives hope "in Syria and throughout the region."

His French counterpart Laurent Fabius stressed that for the first time are "the biggest players in the Syrian drama" together, so he called today's appointment as "very timely".

"we want a free Syria, in full, which is composed by all actors in society, "Fabius, whose country is participating in the international coalition fighting from the air against Islamic terrorism in Syria said.

" it takes major changes. There will have to fight along with way more still effective against terrorism, particularly against Daesh ( Islamic State ), "he said and concluded with one of the issues that divide the different actors. the continuity of Syrian President

"we must organize the political transition and obviously Bashar Al Assad, who is largely responsible for the Syrian drama, can not be part of the future of Syria," reiterated the French minister, in dissonance with what they think Iran and China.

for his part, Philip Hammond, British Foreign Secretary said on reaching the summit would discuss "a way to establish a process to end the suffering and casualties in Syria."

One of the main points of discussion of the meeting is, indeed, if Assad should relinquish power to ease the transition, as are demanding US and Saudi Arabia, and rejected Iran and Russia.

USA, its Arab allies and the EU have now shown greater flexibility, suggesting that Assad could remain in office for a few months as part of a process of transition and a peaceful solution to the conflict.

the twenty governments at the summit and the European Union and UN , have the challenge of formulating an acceptable for both the Syrian government and the opposition militias backed by the US and its Arab allies plan.

Source: Telam

Declare a state of emergency in France

Declare a state of emergency in France -

French President François Hollande , it has adopted the measure declaring the state of emergency in the country and the closure of borders, to the series of attacks that have occurred tonight. (See: France: more than 150 dead, wounded and hostages)

In addition, the head of state has called a meeting of the council of ministers with special character tonight to take extraordinary measures


Hollande has sent a message: "We know who you are" and ended his speech with a "live the Republic, long live France"

the president of France has called the attacks Friday in Paris as ". unprecedented terrorist attacks. " "The terrorists want us to be afraid, but we will defeat them", said the French president. "There is much to fear, but we have to face that fear as a nation that knows how to join forces and confront the terrorists," he said.

The Paris city hall and the police have asked the population not to leave their homes under any circumstances, since it is possible that terrorist groups have not yet located. At least 1,500 troops of the French security forces are deployed in the area.

France returns to bomb Syrian territory

France returns to bomb Syrian territory -

French planes bombed the city Raqqa again. As reported to the press, the attacks were aimed positions jihadist group Islamic State (EI) , in response to the attacks on Friday in Paris.

However, by bombarding an urban area, it is inevitable collateral damage.

"the Army has executed a second time in the space of 24 hours one air strike against the Islamic State in Raqqa" announced the Ministry of Defence, as reported by the radio station France info.

according to official information, a command center and a training center of the extremist training were destroyed during the attacks, which involved a total ten aircraft Rafale and Mirage.

However, residents of the city of Raqqa, suffered the destruction of their homes. is not yet able to confirm the number of fatalities that left the bombing.

The French aircraft mentioned, took off from Jordan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

on this second day of attacks which follows an almost identical night Sunday- made ten aircraft took off from bases in Jordan and the Persian Gulf and dropped 16 bombs on a command center and a training camp of the US.

on the other hand, will set sail Wednesday the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle toward the eastern Mediterranean Sea to reinforce the attacks.