Francis asked Pope "humanize the economy"

Francis asked Pope "humanize the economy" -

The Pope Francisco today asked a group of cooperators that "worry about the relationship between economics and justice social "to maintain" in the center the dignity and worth of people, not money. "

" the reason for this meeting is that the Church knows well the value of cooperatives, "he said Holy Father received this Saturday at the Vatican a delegation of leaders and workers banking Cooperative Credit of Rome .

in that vein, the Pope encouraged the meeting participants in the Paul VI Hall to "continue to be an engine to develop the weakest part of the local community and civil society, thinking especially in young people without work, focusing on the creation of new cooperative enterprises."

Francisco also reminded them that "worry about the relationship between the economy and social justice, keeping the center the dignity and worth of persons."

"facilitate and encourage the lives of families, and propose cooperative solutions and mutuals for the management of common property, which can not become the property of a few or the subject of speculation, "said the Bishop of Rome against cooperators.

also encouraged participants to" promote solidarity and social use of money, in the style of a true cooperative, which do not send the capital over men, but men on capital. "

" Hagan grow the economy of honesty " the excited the pope and said "a cooperative bank should have something more: to humanize the economy, uniting efficiency with solidarity."

"actively participate in globalization, but it is the globalization of solidarity "he asked Francisco, while summoned to" encourage the active participation of the partners. It do together and do for others, "added

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Francisco came to Cuba: "The world needs reconciliation"

Francisco came to Cuba: "The world needs reconciliation" -

The Pope Francisco arrived in Havana at the start of his tour of Cuba and United States, and made a short speech to be received by Cuban President Raul Castro , which encouraged "to policymakers to continue along the path" the resumption of bilateral relations between the two countries .

the pontiff arrived in the island, where it will be three days and three masses held in Havana, Holguin and Santiago de Cuba; and later moved to the United States on a historical tour of the restoration of relations between the two countries.

is that late last year, the United States and Cuba began to normalize their bilateral relations after the key role of the Argentine pope in negotiations, as even he wrote himself letters to the leaders to harangue dialogue.

the Pope arrived in an Alitalia plane, with flags Cuban and Vatican waving at Jose Marti international airport, where he arrived seconds after 17 hours Argentina (16 Cuban).

Francisco was greeted by a shaken President of Cuba, who He expected to begin the official celebration held in the presence of hundreds of faithful who awaited his arrival with flags of Cuba and the Vatican, with a free role of young people who animated the day to chant "this is the youth of the Pope".

barely got off the plane, the skullcap of Pope flew through the air and just got up to pick it up, but not replaced it until Castro delivered his speech, preceded by hosting four children Cubans who presented him wreaths touched by the blessing of Francis, who embraced tenderly.

the official band of the Cuban Army sounded the arrival of Francisco, while a row of bishops hailed from the fiery Cuban asphalt, in front of a stage that was mounted with two chairs and a lectern for the presidents will pronounce his speeches.

the first to speak was Castro, who thanked Francisco "their support for dialogue between the United States and Cuba" because "the reestablishment of diplomatic relations was a first step in the process towards normalization of ties between the two countries."

also condemned the blockade running for more than 50 years Washington makes the island, arguing that "human damage and hardship caused to Cuban families is cruel, immoral and illegal, and must cease"; and claimed again that "the territory usurped the Naval Base at Guantanamo should be returned to Cuba."

The message of Francis advocated continuing the path of negotiations, after the "culture of encounter" This concept has become one of the pillars of his pontificate

"for several months we are witnessing an event that fills us with hope. the process of normalization of relations between two peoples after years distancing "said the pontiff.

" That is a sign of the victory of the culture of encounter, dialogue, system of universal enhancement over the system, dead forever, dynasty and groups "said the Pope quoting the writer José Martí.

Thus encouraged today," policy makers "of the" process of normalization of relations of peoples "Cuban and US to" continue on this path and develop their potential. "

This" as proof of the high service they are called to serve in favor of peace and well-being of their peoples in the Americas, and as an example of reconciliation for the whole world, in an atmosphere of WWIII in stages, "he said.

in another paragraph of his speech, celebrated" the 80th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Cuba and the Holy See, "noting previous papal visits of John Paul II, in 1998, and Benedict XVI, in 2012.

"I know your memory arouses gratitude and affection for the people and the authorities in Cuba," he said and stated " today we renew those ties of cooperation and friendship for the Church to continue to accompany and encourage the Cuban people in their hopes and their concerns. "

Under the slogan" Mission of Mercy ", Francisco today arrived in Cuba in the third visit of Pope Francisco to Latin America tour that will continue until Tuesday, when he will travel to the United States.

Upon leaving the airport, Francisco went on 'popemobile' to Havana, waving to hundreds of thousands . of faithful who cheered waving flags of Cuba and the Vatican, approaching its step in the journey of 25 kilometers

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Vatican flag will be hoisted for the first time at the UN

Vatican flag will be hoisted for the first time at the UN -

flag Vatican will be raised on the morning of Friday at the headquarters of the United Nations , the same day that Pope Francisco visit to the world body.

Speaking to reporters Monday, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said there will be a special ceremony and the Vatican flag will be raised during normal hoisting morning of the flags of the Member States.

a resolution recently approved by the General Assembly of the UN gave the green light to the lifting of the national flags of non-members of the Organization-the Vatican and Palestine following the models Member States observer States.

According to recently announced the Palestinian ambassador to the UN, Riyad Mansour, the flag of Palestine shall be flown on September 30 with a special ceremony, which will be attended by President Mahmoud Abbas

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The Pope arrived in Rome after the historic tour of Cuba and the United States

The Pope arrived in Rome after the historic tour of Cuba and the United States -

Pope Francis returned to Rome today after his nine-day trip by Cuba and the United States.

the Pope landed minutes before 9.50 (4.50, time in Argentina) at Ciampino airport in the Italian capital, where he had left on Saturday 19.

As reported by the Vatican, Wednesday Francisco will resume the general audience in St. Peter's square.

on Saturday October 3, meanwhile, the Holy Father will preside in the same square the prayer vigil in preparation for the XIV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the theme of the Family.

the next day, Sunday 4 October, the Pope will celebrate Mass opening the Synod in which bishops from around the world, including three Argentine religious, will discuss the future of the Church

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After bombing a hospital, the US seeks new excuses

After bombing a hospital, the US seeks new excuses -

Two days after the attack that destroyed a hospital in the organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in the embattled Kunduz city, the Army of United States changed today its official version and said that bombed the area at the request of Afghan forces who were under attack by Taliban insurgents.

MSF rejected the new explanation Pentagon and stressed that "the reality is that the US launched those bombs" and therefore "remains responsible for the objectives that destroys" according to a statement posted on its website in which he concluded accusing Washington of committing " a war crime. "

While the tension between the United States and the international organization of physicians continued to rise, Afghan officials reported that managed to restore calm in Kunduz city in the northeast that was taken during a couple of days by the Taliban and later became a war zone.

President Afghanistan , Ashraf Ghani, had already announced last Thursday that the army, backed by airstrikes Americans had regained the city.

However, fighting with the radical Islamist group climbed in the following days, and today was no civilian international presence in the area that would confirm the new victory announced by Kabul. Instead, it became clear that the conflict was still active in the rest of the country.

At nightfall, a pair of explosions rocked an area west near the national parliament Kabul, and soon after the militant group Taliban responsibility for a suicide attack claimed against an intelligence center in that capital, as reported portal local news Tolo news .

Afghan officials believe was an assault on the house of one of the heads of the intelligence of the country, Naeem Baloch, former governor of the southern province of Helmand. There were no immediate reports of any casualties, he added Tolo News .

Violence in Afghanistan has been a constant in recent decades, even after the United States and its allies NATO had ended the "war" began in 01 that toppled the Taliban, and withdraw the bulk of its forces last December.

the civilian death toll continues to grow and currently Afghans represent a quarter of the world's refugees. However, it was only with the US attack on Kunduz and the destruction of MSF hospital, the only one who works in the city, the conflict once again captured international attention.

The top US commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Campbell, today acknowledged that the previous version of the Pentagon, referred to were the American forces that were being attacked by Taliban was "wrong" and laid the blame on their Afghan allies.

" an airstrike was asked to remove the Taliban threat and several civilians were accidentally hit, "the US military chief, who kept Washington's position not directly assume responsibility for the bombing that destroyed the MSF hospital in Kunduz.

However, the director general of the international organization of physicians, Christopher Stokes , "the US government admitted today that it was his aerial bombardment that struck our hospital in Kunduz, killing 22 MSF patients and members. " He added:. "His description of the attack keeps changing collateral damage to a tragic incident now trying to pierce the responsibility to the Afghan government"

According Kabul, the US bombed Kunduz on Saturday well early because several Taliban militants had taken part of the property of MSF hospital and were firing at his men from there.

again, Stokes called for an "independent and thorough international investigation" of the attack is made, forcing the organization to leave yesterday Kunduz and close the only hospital that worked in that city of northern country on the frontline between the army and Islamist insurgency.

spokesman Afghan Ministry of Defense, Gen. Dawlat Waziri, announced today, two days after the attack and proven fighting, the situation in Kunduz was "good" and that the city was "completely" under control of the national government.

"the offices are open and people go out to buy" described the officer and explained that the army had managed to expel the radicals of the last houses in Kunduz who had taken shelter Islamist militants.

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He bombing in the Turkish capital killed at least 30 people

He bombing in the Turkish capital killed at least 30 people -

The official data confirmed that the slaughter was caused by two explosions "cause still unknown", which took place around 10 am (Turkey time) on the city of Ankara.

Numerous witnesses, including a correspondent for EFE that was a few meters from the detonation, consign it could be a suicide attack.

Turkish Prime Minister Islamist Ahmet Davutoglu , suspended for three days every activity of electoral campaign for the general elections next November 1.

in addition, an emergency meeting with senior government and intelligence services were called Turks, reported the semi-public agency Anadolu.

the co-chairman of the party pro-Kurdish left, the HDP, Selahattin Demirtas, said the newspaper "Habertürk" that this "barbaric slaughter" recalls the attacks in Diyarbakir, on 5 June and Suruç on 20 July.

the first, with 4 dead, was carried out two days before the elections against a rally of HDP, and the second, with 34 dead, including two suicide bombers against an assembly of solidarity young leftists with the Kurdish struggle in Syria.

As noted by the newspaper 'Hürriyet' a deputy of the Social Democratic party CHP who was on the march, in today's attack were used steel balls, something also found in the other two mentioned attacks.

Following the attack of Suruç, the Kurdish guerrillas of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) has suspended its ceasefire holding for more than . two years

Since then, hundreds of people died in Turkey in attacks, bombings and clashes between the PKK and Turkish security forces

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At least 15 dead after helicopter crash in Siberia

At least 15 dead after helicopter crash in Siberia -

at least 15 dead and seven wounded so far left the crash of a Mi-8 helicopter with 26 people on board crashed in north Krasnoyarsk , in Eastern Siberia.

"According to accurate data, there are 15 dead, seven were hospitalized and the rest is still inside the helicopter," said spokeswoman the attorney for the transport of the region, Oksana Gorbunova, cited by Sputnik World.

the aircraft, belonging to the company Turuján, was heading from the city of Igarka to oil exploitation in the area.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Emergencies reported that rescuers have arrived at the scene, the agency also advanced in a statement that "the evacuation of the occupants of the aircraft is made, the focal point of search and rescue sent to the area two helicopters with rescuers and doctors. "

the Mi-8 is a twin-engine helicopter of medium size, with three crew, capable of carrying up to 24 people or 3,000 kilograms of cargo, which can go both inside and outside of the ship.

the device, which versions of military use, was first produced more than fifty years ago are also manufactured, has a flight range of 450 kilometers and develops a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour

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Unasur is ready for the elections in Venezuela

Unasur is ready for the elections in Venezuela -

The coordinator of the Accompaniment Mission of Union of South American Nations (Unasur) , José Luis Exeni said Friday that they have prepared the technical tools for collecting information for parliamentary elections on Sunday December 6 in Venezuela .

Specified next Sunday, will be present at the start of the elections throughout the electoral process and the closing of the polling stations. "We will be present to complete the verification and monitoring of the computerized system that requires the process"

he explained that the Mission Accompanying the Unasur will be deployed in different polling stations and then the results will follow in the subsequent audit of the fingerprint.

"we will be to ensure that the people voted and his vote was guaranteed, hoping that the day will conclude peacefully and the results are accepted, "he said.

he noted that the Mission to Support the Unasur" is made up of magistrates and technicians in the region "and will be deployed" in 11 states of Venezuela ".

explained that the report before the elections delivered made a detailed assessment of the meetings that have, in addition to the concerns that were already conversed with the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela, Tibisay Lucena.

Exeni made four recommendations to the Venezuelan people respect the electoral ban, which is Sunday's peaceful and orderly, and accept the election results. "This is a fundamental principle of democracy."

With respect to the participation of the national media and international media, Exeni said you have to give guarantees for the day is informed and the media do their work.

180 jihadists killed in northern Iraq

180 jihadists killed in northern Iraq -

At least 180 members of Islamic State (EI) died Wednesday in northern Iraq in air strikes led by the United States, who came to the aid of Kurdish troops to repel a major offensive of the jihadist group coalition, reported the Pentagon.
More than 300 fighters heavily armed EI launched at least three separate but coordinated attacks against Kurdish positions north of Mosul, controlled by the jihadist group Iraqi city attacks.
"it was the hardest blow that the EI struck this summer, and the 'peshmerga' (Kurdish fighters) defeated "today said Colonel Steve Warren, a spokesman for the US mission against IS in Iraq, in a televised news conference from Baghdad.
in a statement, Brigadier General Mark Odom, top US military commander in the northern Iraqi city of Erbil, said that "about 180" jihadist attackers as a result of the "bombing" of aircraft uS-led coalition were killed.
"These are the people that we can say we kill us. And I know that 'peshmerga' killed a significant number of them too, "Odom said, adding that the total casualties of extremists could reach" 300 to 500 "quoted the news agency EFE.
The bombing coalition took place for about seventeen hours and, among others, intervened warplanes United States, France, United Kingdom and Canada, finalized the brigadier general.
EI took control of Mosul in June 2014 and soon after announced the declaration of an Islamic caliphate in large areas it controls in Iraq and neighboring Syria.
attacks the coalition were made after US President Barack Obama warned on Monday the leaders of EI that "you can not hide" because they are the main target of the military campaign against the jihadist group.
in a statement from the Pentagon, Obama stressed that the strategy "continues to advance" with "a great sense of urgency," although admitted that the fight against the jihadists will remain "difficult".
According to Obama, the international coalition of 65 countries led by the United States and formed last year to combat EI is hitting "stronger than ever" jihadists.
Following the attacks of 13 November in Paris, which caused at least 130 deaths, and the slaughter of Dec. 2 in San Bernardino (California) perpetrated by followers assumptions of EI, which left 14 dead, Obama stood firm in defending his strategy against the jihadists.
while today, militant Iraqi Kurds repelled today a new attack fighters EI about 80km from the city of Mosul, reported Kurdish sources.
According to the Kurdish commander Rashad Kalali, in clashes in the region of Makhmour, which lasted several hours, killing at least 13 jihadists and a Kurdish fighter, while nine militants were wounded.
the region Makhmour, located 80 kilometers southeast of Mosul , suffered in recent weeks several attacks by the forces of EI, which were contained by Kurdish forces backed by aircraft of the international coalition led by United States.
More than three million Iraqis were displaced by the conflict since the mid June 2014 when the EI launched a large-scale offensive in the north and west of the country that allowed him to capture Mosul, the second largest city of Iraq and main stronghold of the Islamist group in the country.

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Dilma Rousseff ootorgó a large Christmas pardon

Dilma Rousseff ootorgó a large Christmas pardon -

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff , signed a decree that benefits the Christmas pardon a number of prisoners, including women who are mothers of minor children and the disabled, and could reach the former minister José Dirceu, imprisoned for corruption in the cause of mensalão.
Official Journal of the European Union (Official Gazette) today issued a pardon reaching a prey to purge sentences of up to eight years and are mothers of children under age 18 suffering from serious diseases.
Among those who benefit from the presidential pardon are also paraplegic and blind prisoners who have contracted these ailments then . to be condemned and provided they are backed by medical reports of the Judiciary
also among those receiving the benefit are those who today have completed a third of his sentence, if they are not repeat offenders; those convicted for period of over eight years to December 25 have reached 60 years of age and completed a third of his sentence, if they are not repeat offenders, and half if they are; and convicted that today, December 25, are 70 years old and have completed a quarter of punishment if they are not repeat offenders.
The decree clarified that may not enjoy this benefit the Christmas pardon those they have been convicted of torture, terrorism or drug trafficking.
by this pardon could benefit José Dirceu, the Workers Party (PT), the former strongman of the cabinet during the first government of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva , convicted of involvement in the corruption network called mensalão.
the Supreme Federal Tribunal (STF Court) considered that Dirceu was the "head of the illicit association" that commanded the mensalão, term and payment of bribes became popular monthly laws deputies to vote endorsed by the Executive.
According to the Globe Agency and the news site Folha, this Christmas pardon Rousseff qualify for Dirceu regain freedom. Previously their attorneys must submit an indictment to the Minister Roberto Barroso, the Supreme Federal Court.
Dirceu was chief of staff Lula until 05 when he broke the Mensalão for which he had to resign as fell the entire leadership of the PT.
with a prison population of more than 0,000 inmates, the Brazilian prison system faces collapse due to "endemic population", according to a report prepared by the United Nations in 2014.

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Agreement between North Korea and South, low tension

Agreement between North Korea and South, low tension -

North Korea and South Korea agreed during a series of marathon talks measures to address escalating tension that had left the two neighbors and rivals to the brink of armed conflict countries.

the measures detailed in a joint statement, included a very unusual gesture of Korea North, who "expressed apology" by the explosion of two mines this month maimed two South Korean soldiers guarding the border area.

Meanwhile, South Korea agreed to stop transmission North Korean propaganda count the communist regime through loudspeakers located along the border, a practice that had resumed -after a break of more than a decade in retaliation for the explosions of mines.

the speakers will be off tomorrow at noon, and at the same time North Korea will lift the "state of near war" declared last week by its leader week Kim Jong-Un , the statement added, according to the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

the two Koreas also agreed to work towards a resumption next month of separated families by War Korea (1950-1953), and hold official talks in Seoul or Pyongyang on a date to be agreed.

the agreement was reached during intensive talks in Panmunjom, a town on the border between the two countries, which had begun on Saturday night.

secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon gave his "warm welcome" to the understanding and expressed hope that encourages a dialogue between the two countries.

"I am very grateful that the agreement maintains a regular inter-Korean dialogue and hope that this will serve as a mechanism to effectively manage problems that may arise in the Korean peninsula, "said the head of the UN in a statement.

United States, which has 28,500 troops deployed in South Korea since the end of the war between the two Koreas, welcomed the agreement and attributed much of that success to the "tireless efforts" of the South Korean president, Park Geun-hye.

"We support the tireless efforts of president Park to improve inter-Korean relations, supporting peace and stability on the Korean peninsula," said the spokesman of the State Department, John Kirby, quoted by the news agency EFE.

"Now North Korea must act, and not only provide guarantees for its own military along the border activities," said Kirby.

the dialogue was held with the backdrop of a dangerous military tension, which last week led to a rare exchange of artillery fire across the border, with both sides raising the tone of his accusations against another and flaunting their military capacity.

the tension continued to rise even during discussions with South Korea and the United States carrying out mock raids and reports that North Korea had deployed two thirds of its fleet of 70 submarines.

"I hope that from now on, the agreement is implemented and confidence is strengthened through dialogue and cooperation to build a new inter-Korean relationship that meets the expectations of the people, "said senior South Korean negotiator, National Security adviser Kim Kwan-jin told reporters.

Just hours before president Park had insisted that his country would not stop issuing propaganda unless North Korea apologized.

North and South remain technically at odds since the Korean War (1950 -53), which ended with an armistice never replaced by a final peace treaty.

As a legacy of that conflict, the United States maintains 28,500 troops in South Korea to support the commitment of defend its ally in the event of an armed conflict occur with the regime of Kim.

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England: 40% supports dialogue over the Falklands

England: 40% supports dialogue over the Falklands -

A survey by the online journal revealed that 40% of its readers they showed favor of Britain "engage" with Argentina by Malvinas Islands after the controversy that began with statements in favor of dialogue Jeremy Corbyn , the leader of the Labour Party in England that is routed after the internal elections of September 10 lead it.

statements Corbyn were made in 1982, but regained strength a few days that the internal election of the main opposition party and the British conservative Prime Minister David Cameron is carried out in open opposition to Argentina's position even replicated by Pope Francisco - of "dialogue" between the two countries on the Malvinas issue.

at the time, Corbyn said that the Falklands war was a "plan of conservative" and "a waste of unemployed men who were sent to the Falklands to die for (the then British prime minister Margaret) Thatcher.

Two years ago, in an interview he conducted chain televisón BBC, Corbyn had manifested itself in favor of a "certain degree of co-administration" between Argentina and the UK, with the aim of resolving the conflict between the two countries over the islands.

As recorded by the daily Star, a spokesman for the leader he said yesterday that "it is no secret that Jeremy was a critic the Falklands War and urged a negotiated long-term solution. "

One of the opponents of Corbyn is Simon Weston, a former British fighters in the Falklands and who called" ignorant "their statements the daily Mirror, while considered his suggestion to share sovereignty over the islands is "silly to the extreme."

Interestingly, in the online article that reported statements of Weston, a survey is opened readers of the newspaper, of which 40 percent were in favor of a rapprochement between the two countries over the Malvinas

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The Pope asked the Church in Europe receive refugees

The Pope asked the Church in Europe receive refugees -

Pope Francisco today called "parishes, religious communities and monasteries" of Europe taking in refugees as before the Jubilee of Mercy gesture and announced that well they will do in the coming days, "the two parishes Vatican."

"Given the imminence of the Jubilee of Mercy, I ask parishes, religious communities, monasteries and shrines across Europe benefiting from a refugee family. a concrete gesture in preparation for the Holy of Mercy Year "argued the Pope.

"Let every parish, every religious community, each monastery, each shrine of Europe avails itself of a family starting with my diocese of Rome," said Francisco from the window of the apostolic palace of the Vatican during his speech after the Angelus.

Jorge Bergoglio recalled that God's mercy is recognized through human works "as already witnessed the life of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta", died on September 5, 1997, news agency EFE reported.

therefore expressly addressed the bishops and pastors of the Old Continent to ask them to comply with this request, "recalling that mercy is the second name of love: 'Everything they have done for the smallest my brothers, I'd have done. ' "

And to give an example, the Argentine pontiff announced that the + next days" also the two parishes Vatican will host two refugee families. "

Pope Francis addressed the program of the migratory exodus facing Europe to influence that "it does not say only: 'Courage, patience,'" but must offer these people real hope

. "Faced with the tragedy of tens of thousands of refugees fleeing death by war and hunger, and have undertaken a motion moved by hope, the Gospel calls us to be 'next' to smaller and abandoned. A will give real hope, "he said.

Malvinas: the new head of the Labor Party supports dialogue

Malvinas: the new head of the Labor Party supports dialogue -

deputy Jeremy Corbyn , the more leftist wing of British Labour and who had stated in the past in favor of a "certain degree of joint administration between Argentina and the United Kingdom" by the Falkland Islands, he was elected as the new secretary general of his party with almost 60% of the votes in the first round, reported party sources today.

his election as leader-and future candidate for prime minister in the primary formation confirmed the predictions of the polls, who initially gave him victory to his opponents in domestic politics . Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall

Corbyn, that the contest was presented to generate discussion -only got 35 nominations needed two minutes before the close of the registration period of June 15, will represent now the established power against which it has fought all his life.

his ideas left includes, in the practice of his speech, the renationalisation of public services, the appreciation of the welfare state, strong opposition against nuclear weapons, the abolition of the British nuclear submarine program Trident and a plan for the Bank of England to issue money to finance infrastructure and social housing, explained the agency EFE .

in its political career, which began in 1983 to win his seat in the House of Commons -for the London Borough of Islington North-, is the deputy who more times rebelled against the party line.

against the British imperialism

According to the website Public Whip , since 01 he has voted against the official Labour line more than 500 times, one of the most prominent their opposition to the invasion of Iraq in 03.

Corbyn, 66, is also the parliamentary allowances least claim in the House of Commons, where he participates in several groups in defense of human rights and Latin American causes.

Indeed, the campaign against Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet joined him -in 1987- his second wife, Claudia Brachitta exiled Chilean, who is divorced in 1999 and with whom he has three children.

also integrates numerous organizations of political activism, including Amnesty International, the Campaign of Solidarity with Palestine and the Campaign for nuclear disarmament (CND).

Their economic proposals, anti austerity, have supporters and detractors among economists, like the Labour Party itself, where followers of New Labour warned that drag them to the electoral annihilation of Labour.

"the Falklands war was a plan conservatives"

by the end of August this year, a survey by the online journal revealed that 40% of its readers in favor of UK "engage" with Argentina over the Falkland islands, after the controversy initiated by the declarations in favor of dialogue Corbyn were.

statements Corbyn were made in 1982, but regained strength a few days before the internal Labor Party.

at that time, Corbyn said the Falklands war was a "plan conservative "and" a waste of unemployed men who were sent to the Falklands to die by the then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Two years ago, in an interview he conducted chain televisón BBC Corbyn had manifested itself in favor of a "certain degree of co-administration" between Argentina and the United Kingdom with the aim of resolving the conflict between the two countries over the islands.

"it is a triumph of hope"

Just the news broke in Argentina, the president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner congratulated . Jeremy Corbyn for its achievement

"it is a triumph of hope," said the president and added. "it is also a victory for those who put politics to serve the people"

on the other hand, he acknowledged that Corbyn is a "great friend" of Latin America

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Pope Francisco came to the United States after visiting Cuba

Pope Francisco came to the United States after visiting Cuba -

Pope Francisco arrive this afternoon to the city of Washington where he will begin a five-day visit by United States including a bilateral meeting with President Barack Obama , a multitudinous Mass in the country's largest church and a speech to the plenary Congress.

Francisco arrive at 17 of Argentina to Andrews air Force Base, located in the state of Maryland, about 40 minutes from the capital, where he will be received by the US president and the first lady.

Upon his arrival, the Pope will travel to the Vatican embassy in northwest Washington, and start its official agenda tomorrow at the White House, where they will welcome about 15,000 guests and then hold a bilateral meeting with Obama.

After the meeting, Francisco travel a part of the city in the popemobile, visit the cathedral of Saint Matthew and close the first day with Mass at which he will canonize the Spanish Blessed Juníspero Serra at about 25,000 people.

on Thursday, the holy father will address the plenary session of the US Congress, will visit the church of San Patricio and charities in the area, and then leave for New York, where he will hold a two-day agenda will include a speech to the United Nations and a Mass at Madison Square Garden.

the pontiff concluded his five-day visit to the United States in Philadelphia, where the main activity will be the closing Mass of the World Meeting of Families .

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Iraq claims to have bombed the convoy ISIS leader

Iraq claims to have bombed the convoy ISIS leader -

Iraqi forces today bombed a convoy allegedly carrying the leader of the extremist group Islamic State (EI ) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , in the western province of Al Anbar, the military said that country.

a statement from the headquarters of Iraqi Military Operations reported that the country's army in collaboration with the Cell Falcons secret service, he attacked the convoy, which was traveling believe Al Baghdadi. In the attack, said the text, important leaders of the radical Islamist group were killed.

"According to precise information from the secret services and with the participation of the Iraqi Air Force, it was possible to carry out a heroic operation against the convoy of terrorist criminal Al Baghdadi, "said the statement, quoted by the news agency EFE .

he also explained that the bombing occurred when the convoy of jihadists vehicles traveling in the Near Al Karabela to participate in a meeting of leaders of EI, which was also attacked the place of rendezvous, where they killed and wounded several leaders of the group.

"still health status is unknown the criminal Al Baghdadi, who had to be transported in a vehicle, "the statement said, adding that later the list will be posted with the names of the dead leaders in the attack.

a security source Al Anbar told EFE that at least fifteen jihadists EI, including several leaders, were killed in that attack, which also wounded twenty.

the source added that so far is not known whether Al Baghdadi was killed or injured.

Iraqi troops fought a bloody battle with the US to try to regain control of the province of Al Anbar, after the group won its capital last May.

since June 2014, the EI controls the city of Mosul, the main northern Iraq, and has since moved to other areas of the country and Syria.

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Germany: Neo-Nazis arrested for attack on refugees design

Germany: Neo-Nazis arrested for attack on refugees design -

German authorities broke up a neo-Nazi group was preparing more attacks on refugee shelters in the state of Bavaria , in the south, the same day police warned of a possible increase in xenophobic attacks on asylum seekers and against their helpers.
a spokesman for the prosecutor of the town of Bamberg reported in a press conference that the racist group was dismantled consisted of eleven men and two women, aged 21 and 36, and stressed that all were arrested, as reported by the news agency EFE.
the official said that the prosecution was following the track of this neo-Nazi group and accused of planning to launch explosives against two refugee shelters in Bamberg in manifestation of far-right and anti-immigrant called by several organizations for Saturday.
also planned to attack and destroy a headquarters of leftist militants, according to the prosecution of Bamberg.
German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, warned one hour earlier during a visit to a refugee center that this kind of preventive operations seek to avoid "future crimes or attacks "as part of the wave of xenophobic violence that regained strength in the German country in recent months.
so far this year, more than 710,000 refugees and immigrants from the Middle East and Africa mainly came the territory of the European Union, according to Frontex, the European agency that deals with controlling the borders of the regional bloc.
most newcomers trying to establish themselves and seek asylum in Germany or the Nordic countries, where better opportunities exist working in southern Africa, a region still mired in a deep economic crisis.
in recent months the south of the country xenophobic attacks against refugees in reception centers in Germany occurred mainly in the east and where asylum seekers are housed.
the situation recently prompted the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, Nils Muiznieks, to warn the "rise of racism and intolerance" observed in the country and demanded reinforce measures repressive against them.
a 52 year old man stabbed in the chest an Albanian 31 years after insulting him and yell "foreign pig" in a regional micro linking the city of Münster with the nearby town of Havixbeck, in the state land of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the northwest of the country, according to the police and the local prosecutor's office.
Neither of the two institutions reported on the nationality of the perpetrator, but they reported that the discussion started within the micro and get off at Havixbeck, the older man stuck a knife in the Albanian chest, who was hospitalized but was not serious, the sources said.
This attack coincided with the disclosure of a confidential report by the Federal Office of the criminal National Police forecasting an increase in xenophobic attacks and attacks against asylum seekers and immigrants and any political and social reference to support them in Germany.
Local newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung and regional radio stations NDR and television WDR leaked document warning about the existence of an "ideological consensus" on a "spectrum of extreme right very heterogeneous" against asylum policy and management of the refugee crisis government of Angela Merkel.
Since the beginning this year, the Federal Criminal Office of the National Police recorded a total of 576 crimes with a clear right-wing extremist and xenophobic bias. This figure is more than double the previous year.
The weekend passed today Mayor-elect of Cologne and one of the main advocates of the policy of German asylum, Henriette Reker, was attacked and seriously injured the day before the election. According to police, the attacker had played in a neo-Nazi group.

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Judge Griesa added 49 demadas to orders vulture funds

Judge Griesa added 49 demadas to orders vulture funds -

The New York judge, Thomas Griesa , acceded to the request of vulture funds to add 49 other demands if carried forward against Argentina in US courts, filed by the bondholders called 'me too', bringing the total amount of the judgment becomes 8.000 billion.
in its decision, Griesa accepted the request to include 6,150 million dollars to the cause pari passu which, added to the failure of 2012 in favor of the plaintiffs led by NML, reached the total figure of 8.000 billion

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France: more than 0 dead, wounded and hostages

France: more than 0 dead, wounded and hostages -

More than a hundred people have died in Paris in a night of terror nightmare that will be hard to forget. The attacks, at least seven have occurred almost simultaneously with automatic weapons and explosives in areas crowded entertainment of the French capital way.

According to reports AFP , dozens of dead They occurred during a shooting that took place Friday in a restaurant in northern Paris. In addition, a series of explosions near the Stade de France took place simultaneously when the football match between Germany and France who attended the French president held François Hollande that has been evacuated.

Several attackers with assault rifles have staged seven shootings in different districts of the capital. The most serious occurred in the famous disco Bataclan , located at number 50 of the Boulevard Voltaire, where have died at least 100 people, according to police sources.

There have also been three explosions in the vicinity of Stade de France , which played a friendly football selections from France and Germany. Three people have been killed. Police speculated the hypothesis of a suicide attack. At least one of the blasts was caused by a gas cylinder that had attached metal parts, according to a person who saw the device before it exploded.

After the match, attendees the football game were invited to stay in the center of the field to prevent more victims by what was happening outside the stadium.

President Francois Hollande, who was in the stadium, has been evacuated by helicopter. It has been directed immediately to the Interior Ministry, which has established a crisis. At midnight, the President has declared a state of emergency throughout France and announced the closure of borders and the mobilization of more military forces in the country. (See: declare a state of emergency in France )

The attacks have coincided with the first day of the special police alert launched by the Climate Summit that will take place in Paris between 30 November and 11 December. Since Friday, and for one month, France has suspended the Schengen agreement and restored border controls.

French President asked the public not to be afraid

French President asked the public not to be afraid -

French President Francois Hollande summoned the citizens of their country not to "put on abeyance "their lives or give in to the xenophobic speeches, after the attacks that killed 129 people last Friday in Paris and sowed fear among millions.

" terrorists stole the lives of innocent people and also want to put on hold our own, but France remains a country with freedom, movement, culture, activity, a brave and dynamic country that does not surrender to fear, "he stressed the president to the mayors across France, meeting at the Palace Congresses, on the western edge of Paris.

"What would our country without its cafes, concerts, sporting events and museums? our duty is to continue with our lives," said Hollande, in a harangue directed Parisians and French general, who managed not overcome the fear caused by the slaughter of a few days ago.

the French president spoke to a packed auditorium of mayors-dressed with the traditional band tricolor with the colors of the national flag that identified and summoned help restore calm in the country, without being prisoners of speeches "xenophobic, anti-Semitic or anti-Muslim," the news agency EFE.

"They should not be tolerated (...) We must be relentless with all forms of violence," said the president, who also devoted a few minutes to renew their commitment to receive in the next two years to 30,000 refugees from the Middle East and Africa. "Because they are tormented by those who attacked us," concluded the president.

Shortly before the national meeting of mayors, Attorney General of France, Francois Molins, had reported that police had faced shots with another command Islamist bombers in the northern suburbs of Paris in Saint-Denis, killing two attackers dead, eight detainees and five policemen wounded.

from Saturday the French police have made hundreds of mass raids and arrested several suspects of being linked with the seven attackers blew themselves up Friday. According to media reports, two other attackers survived the night of the attacks, managed to escape and now are wanted in France and Europe.

Hollande reiterated today that the country is "at war with terrorist groups" as the State Islamic (EI), the extremist militia claimed responsibility for the attacks on Friday and defended his decision to extend by three months the state of emergency -similar to the state of siege in Argentina and to reform the Constitution.

Source: Telam